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Football, everything remained!

The passion that never dies, football!
Started on 3 July 2015 by bebero
Latest Reply on 26 August 2015 by bebero

Football, everything remained!

My past is not very happy.I had many difficulties, family, and during adolescence. Everything was difficult, many shortcomings and difficulties! But I always hope that it will be better.I tried to find myself in an activity that change the course of my life.
Since little I loved to knock the ball into the wall until I started to participate in football games with older boys. The sport that was like a rebirth for me, was like finding the calm.It was a very good period, we managed to find myself, football has become a lifestyle for me.
My dream has become, to progress, to become a trainer, and can work with a group of players, whether amateur or professional.

Waiting for the opportunity, and the team wants a coach, young and inexperienced.

My dreams:
Working with a professional team!
Let's get into a professional league!
Let's build a great team!
Let's get a coach known in europe!
To participate in the European Cups.
Winning a domestic cup / Europe.
And in the process will occur more!

Hey Bebe, first of all I'll be very interested in your story, because I know your potential and I think that this story will be a very nice one. Secondly I appreciate your work and don't listen to anybody's critics. Keep going and do your main job. Good luck mate!
This story will kick ass!!!
Looks good, I'll be following! :D
Nice start , good luck mate!
Thank you so much guys!

Kristiansund BK

I decided to go to Norway, for my first experience. A new culture and a different system from what I read, it will be a very pleasant experience, and I hope one thousand beneficial.
I hope you can evolve with these players and to reach notable performances.

My attributes are quite low, because my experience is very small.

The stadium is downtown, and I hope that this attention, and the public to be present at the team's matches.

The first conference!
It was a success, I tried to explain all my plans, and will follow the first Contactless with the whole team, for one month and a half we have to accommodate us.
I will try to see the strengths of the team, and which ones are weak.

Over 1 week!
After discussions with the team, I managed to know better the players, and I observe what I need more than the team.

Magnus Stamnestrø

It is a versatile player and that helps me, I hope to help the team.He is a young player, and a still unpolished talent.

Erlend Sivertsen

Another young man who has a bright future ahead, I hope to help the team a lot.

In the near future I'll post and transfers and tactics.
Like the look of this so far, good luck.

First contact with the market.

I had my first contact with the transfer market, we sought as much, and I tried to find the best solution.

Olivier N'Siabamfumu
A quarterback quite interesting, I hope to help me and support team to face pressures and demands.

Kazeem Ahmed
An exciting striker, I hope to help me with all that spare moment in a position comes, I hope to begin play holder.


I will try to create a triangle in front, and can attack as much. I hope to help me and the team to fold my tactics.

The beginning

We had four very important matches of preparation, the two teams traded much weaker, but with two more teams rated.
I was important matches, because I saw the team go, and we managed to establish a first 11. I hope you can make performance over time, and hopefully we can promote this season.

The most important matches.

Rosenborg BK

It was an interesting game, in which we managed to have many opportunities, even if the opponent is much more than us, and value and as individuals, we managed to make a good match, even if the final was a one goal difference.

Molde FK

With Molde, partnership and I've had a very interesting friendly match, unfortunately we lost, but the game was very exciting with many goals.

After friendly matches, we had a meeting, we set our goal. Then came the fire to debut week, many emotions and many press conferences. The team appeared a new player on the closing day of the transfer, I hope to help me, is borrowed, because we needed another player because certainly there will be injuries, but the players tired.
Eirik Ulland Andersen is the new face.
I hope to quickly accommodate and help the team as much.

With quick steps I arrived in front of the first official match, I talked to guys, and they think out of the field only to win.

It was a good match, I'm a little disappointed that we did not score more, but still good debut, I have not lost. Astept cu nerabdare urmatoarele etape, sper sa ma mentin, si echipa sa reuseasca sa marcheze mai mult.

Sweet tactic mate.

The first month the team!

It was a good month, we managed very good matches, we managed two draws in the last stages with the best teams in the division, aimed at winning the championship. I'm glad I managed to mark it long enough, and I do not receive more goals.

Erlend Sivertsen
Sivertsen, is in my opinion the player on Monday, managed to score twice in the left fullback position.

I am glad that we have not lost a match yet, and I hope to continue this series as much good matches.
I need to stay attack and defense as online, and maybe we see something good in cup matches where we wanted to get as far.


May more difficult!

It was a month that began very well, but unfortunately it ends quite badly for us. It was hard because the first problems emerged batch after many yellow cards and many injuries. The team played well, I can not reproach anything. But unfortunately it will be more difficult over time because there will be many gaps in the team.
I did one month with victories on the line, even if some were at the limit, but victory is always important.

Follow the next step, perhaps the most important match of the championship. A very difficult game at home leader, in the moment, the difference between us is only 1 point.
It will be a tough game that's for sure, but I hope his players were focused.

Andreas Rødsand

He managed to score 4 goals very important for the team, from patently offensive midfield position, I hope to maintain their shape and help me as much.

NM SAS Braathens Cup

A big news in the cup, I failed to Sarpsborg 08, so the first Contactless first echelon with a team will not take too long. There is less and we will have this great match, I do not know if I could do away with them, but I hope to have a great match.

Key Player
A very experienced goalkeeper who hope not to make a great match day with me. I hope you guys manage to score and make a good match.

A surprise hit my desk.

I have received a renewal of the contract already after the results quite good, and that makes me very happy.

Unfortunately that's bad news comes in the end of the month, when the last game of the month, we went to quite serious injuries, and lost two strikers.

I hope the month and it will be a success, and his team keep their shape.

Ouch at those injuries :/ Not a great month, but it's not the end of the world. :P

Our chance!

He arrived in this match those of Strømmen IF I managed to make a good match and we managed to win the game, although it was quite heavy.

But I'm glad I managed to win, so after acceasta match we managed to get the first position in the championship.
I talked to guys, and we hope to maintain our position as close to the top, and not lose position in the rankings.

A day match against Sarpsborg 08 arrived!
A very difficult game, but important! I had a meeting with the guys, and I told them that we have nothing to lose, to show them the fans who came to make the show worth it!

He started the match, and after just three minutes, and Mendy scored a beautiful exectuie from outside the area and left speechless on Duwayne Kerr.

Andreas Rødsand's turn came, to show us he is a valuable player and scored a beautiful execution, with a ball sent into the right corner, very difficult to remove by goalkeeper Duwayne Kerr.

So I led 2-0 at halftime, and it was fascinating to us. At the break I talked to guys, and I told them to stay focused on the game, and so we win.
We managed to mark the 2nd half as fast, and Mendy scored a double very important. Such score reached 3-0.

The end of the match was quite difficult because their experience was close to getting back match, and Martin Wiig managed to score 2 goals in 2 minutes very fast, but we managed to maintain and finish the game in our favor with 3-2.
Statistics show their dominance, but I'm glad I won, and I managed to produce a great surprise.

Best player of the match!
He managed two important goals, and managed to do a very good match for us.

The next opponent will be Byasen Toppfotball, which is in 3rd league in Norway.

He attended the game with Byasen Toppfotball, which was much easier for us as expected.

So after 90 minutes the score was 6-0. A match dominated from start to finish. I'm glad I managed to mark it so much, and I made such a match.

Statistics show dominance, I'm glad I was able to go further in the cup.

Best player of the match!
Erlend Sivertsen
Sivertsen, who was man of the match managed a goal and three asisturi was a very good match for us.

The next match will be in the company of the Tromsdalen Fotball!

June was a success, we managed 4 wins in a row, two in the cup and 2 in the championship, I managed to distance ourselves 2nd place, 4 points behind. I am very pleased with the team and everything is going very well! I am happy that I chose my first experience, after much harder my past, I chose to come to Norway.

Two months Success!

Two months have been great for the team, with many games, and a very important match for the cup, we can get to the semifinal. They appeared again injuries to the team, but we managed to overcome them, and those who took the field to replace them very well those missing.
A new player has appeared at the club because I needed a new striker for the team, I managed to bring Tremaine Stewart.
He had a very good debut, in which he managed to score two goals very beautiful. I hope to maintain their shape, and help me further.
I hope the team to keep their shape and do not lose touch with the podium.

NM SAS Braathens Cup

I had easy matches in the cup, and we managed a clear win 4-1, the next act will meet a ranked opponents better than my team.

I am pleased during team will follow once tough matches but still decisive.

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