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Football, everything remained!

The passion that never dies, football!
Started on 3 July 2015 by bebero
Latest Reply on 26 August 2015 by bebero

They came reinforcements!

We decided to sell the best scorer of the team, Luke James, the amount of 2.8m, the team are some minuses in attack but also in defense.
I tried to look for the most suitable players for my team, so I managed to get two strikers.

He is first brought, has great potential, I wish to confirm his loan, and maybe in the future to extend it. He had a very good debut with a decisive goal.

He is the second striker brought to the team, I want to help me, is brought on the amount of 350k, and some bonuses, 600k transfer reached, I believe that deserve to debut had 2 chances to scored very good.

In defense I did not get any better quarterback, more experienced, so you have to resist, and to maintain our good form.
I started competing against those in Barnsley, and we did a very nice match and we won 2-0. Next we have a very difficult game in the company of Arsenal.

Matches played!

It was a very good month, even if we started with a defeat, we managed to come back on.
Unal and Keane look like great finishers!
Some poachers there :P

A perfect accommodation!

The team began to move exactly as I wanted, liked football, on many occasions, and many phases of the gate. Many shots, and goals. Unfortunately in defenses problems occur because there are many injuries, I had to play 2 quarterback job, and midfielders like bands.
We had good games, but also games a little better, we had defeats to teams ranked much weaker than my team.
We had a very nice match with Arsenal (1st place in the premier league at the moment), it was a beautiful match, and we led 1-0, but problems and had their defense, and the match was between the people at Arsenal, the score 2-3.
I am happy, though I did a good match, and I succumbed easily to champions.

Matches played!

I hope the team, maintain good pace up! And get as many good results.
Damn! You went on a 5 game streak where you didn't win, although it picked up for you after. Damn you for not updating regularly, I missed this.

A sense of Deja Vu!

A sensational season, we managed to do a great surprise, and promote direct 2nd place!
I have a feeling of deja vu, because again I got the qualification following a match with Shrewsbury Town, as in the previous season when after a match with Shrewsbury Town we managed a direct promotion.
We managed to make very good matches on the final, I even managed to win a match at home to West Ham leader who has a great team with many talents.

Season Superlatives!

The best scorer!
Antoni Sarcevic
A sensational midfielder, who managed to score many goals, he came early in the season for 775k, and now his value has exploded to 4.8m.
GL 12
AST 11
AV RAT 7.22

Best passer!
Lewis Baker

A very good player who has managed many assists, and was able to help the team in critical moments. Unfortunately it is only on loan from Chelsea, who may no longer leave me to the team.
GL 5
AST 14
AV RAT 7.09

The best old player!
Laurent Ciman

It is the oldest player on the team, is 32 years old and I have one player who exceeds this age. He made very good matches in defense, even if sometimes he had some mistakes.
GL 2
AV RAT 7.28

The best goalkeeper!
Donovan Léon

A very good keeper just 25 years, managed to make appearances gorgeous and very well defended our gate.
APP 51
AV RAT 7.28

Forward team!
Hachim Mastour George Pu?ca? Will Keane Enes Ünal Judd Baker

Most have scored a number of goals near, I am happy for them, and that helped the team.

The best young!
Christopher Nkunku
At only 20 years, she turned did a very good season. He managed a large number of goals and assists, he having midfield position.
GL 7
AV RAT 7.26


A super season, I apologize for the absence, but I had a death in the family.

A great season! :D
Just read it for the first time, and I'm loving it! your writing is awesome, your graphics are outstanding, and overall just amazing! Nice season!
Jesus, West Ham had a breaking season. Basically Juve 13/14 to Roma 13/14 season. Both did great and the 2nd one pushed the 1st to their toes. Excited for how you do in the PL!

Preparing the trenches!

We are preparing for a difficult season, with many tedious and very important matches we set at the beginning of the season we aim to maintain in the first division. It is our first Premier League Contactless with, we hope to make a good figure.

It was a big surprise when I received the invitation to play the match against Major League Soccer All-Star. It was very important for us to see that we are invited to a game so important, boys were very happy.

The new reinforcements!

I decided to strengthen the team as much, and more talented player, but also experienced players, will follow many matches and fatigue will accumulate very quickly.

Samuel Eto'o

I decided to bring the old Eto'o for his experience and because it is a true legend of football, and deserves a glorious retreat, I hope my team to bring him the glory, triumph and retreat from my team.
It was brought free from Antalyaspor where he played the last four seasons. I'm sure it could be a good leader for the team, and that's what we really need.

Andreas Pereira

An increased interest in court player of PSV and Manchester United where he had eight seasons in which it was borrowed, not had a first team debut, I hope to become a player perspective.
It was brought to the sum of 105K, and currently has a much higher value.


A very talented player, who was raised from Porto, and Porto played only for B, my bet is certainly to be reserved at first, because it does not have experience of Premier League matches hard.
The amount for which it was made is 44k.

Dwight Gayle

A player who returns to my team after four seasons of experience at Crystal Palace, I decided to bring because it has pretty good quality, and predict that it will help me.
It was brought in for 850K.

Sebastian Kerk

A player who only played at SC Freiburg, managed to play and there is quite interesting qualities, it will be permanently reserved for now, until you gain more experience.
He was brought free agent.

Krisztian Tamás

A very strong player that I want to confirm, did not have a great adventure in a team, only small loans.
He was the player we offered the highest amount that 3.2m.

Jake Cooper

A player who has played only in Reading, a very solid player, that I want to do basic man defense.
His transfer 2.4M out of the accounts, but definitely worth it.

Carles Gil

A player with tremendous potential, but unfortunately did not get many chances, I concede enough time to revitalize and to become an inportant player.
His transfer cost me 180K.

Yannick Ferreira Carrasco

A very talented player with a real impact in the team in my opinion, is a very good player in my opinion and in the field hope to confirm this.
His transfer cost only 2.9m.

Graziano Pellè

A real talent this player has a very good completion, and I wish he can still at least 1-2 years of experience I hope to help me.
Bringing him to the team, it only costs 105k.

These are all brought to the team, plus extend his loan Mastoru and Jack Whatmough.
It was a successful campaign after the names of the players brought in, now hopes to confirm and help me to achieve the objective.

The first official match of the season was against the stars of the MLS team.
The game was intense, with emotions high, a full stadium, which clapping all the stars, and my team who did a very good match.

It was a very good match, we dominated, in which Dwight Gayle, was introduced at halftime and scored two decisive goals.

The rest of friendly matches!

The first stage of the championship!

Jesus, worst start (as in the fixture list).. Good luck though, with your keen eye for signings I'm sure you'll do well!

He started the "show"!

He began the show in the company of a very heavy and Arsenal teams. It was a very difficult game which saw same score as last season, but it was a very interesting and complicated game. A 2 stage was much more pleasant for us, we managed to win a match in front of own fans very imporntat against those of Tottenham Hotspur.

The team we have not transferred to anyone, just as players have gone to other teams on loan because they are young and they need games to grow as much.
Importantly money will come from TV rights, is very gratifying as it can try to improve staff but also the training base and junior team.

Matches played!
I am glad that the team fight for every game, for every ball in play. I hope to keep as competitive.
The curtain is pulled!

TOTTENHAM GET PWNED SON! Unlucky to lose against Arsenal, though .-.
Great Story so far!

Which Skin and Club Logo Pack do you use?
@TaroMisaki : Skin : FMTeam White, Logo, I do not know the name, because I have from FM13.

Our future!

A less good period because there were many matches at national and injuries occurred, and unfortunately our game suffered.
It was a difficult month with difficult matches, unfortunately we could get more match against Leicester.
I can not say I'm disappointed with the guys, even though we lost in the cup, and was eliminated. My expectations are much outdated anyway, I hope the team to recover and make the best possible matches.

The results of October:

I decided to start to pay attention and increased U21 team, and we tried to bring a few players here.

Adrian Gibbs

He is a talented player who comes from club academy, including a few that I kept the team.

Tshepo Mokgothu

He is a very talented player who comes from Platinum Stars unfortunately suffered an injury fairly quickly after it was borrowed, but I hope to recover as quickly as it needs to receive WP games.

John Shiels

It comes from Dungannon in Northern Ireland, has potential big enough, I decided to give loan to see how they were doing.

Eneko Arteaga

A player who came from Malaga, WP does not require but is still young for a debut. He needs as many matches to gain experience.

Stefan Edgar

A Canadian player perhaps most importantly young man who comes to the team, just come on the 1st, and then you will definitely leave on loan.

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