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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 July 2019 by Justice
Top of the league is brilliant to see! Thrilling game against Reading and a lot of goals being scored! Keep it up mate!
What a fantastic start to the season, championship beware ;)

Live For FM: Oh it's beautiful isn't it ;)

mgriffin2012: Who can't love a few goals here and there :P

ScottT: You spelled 'Champions League' wrong mate ;)
7 October 2018

Typical weather in England. Wind. Bloody cold wind as well. It was like being bitten by mother nature herself, oh well. I tucked my hands into my coat pockets, North Face jackets didn't half keep have nice pockets.

I was walking down Halifax Road, about to turn left onto Cemetery Road. I was heading to the headquarters of Horsfall Stadium, I had something to discuss with the Chairman.

It was Sunday - my only day off work during the week - yet I was still turning up to discuss footballing matters. No rest for the wicked, eh?

I knew that stadium development was ongoing, I'd seen the everlasting machinery that tore down the former South Stand to replace it with a new one. I wanted to request another thing, though.

With our Youth Academy hardly one of the best around, the greatest players to come out of that are Caner Dumlupinar - who has appeared in over 100 league games since the beginning of his professional career - and Roger Pursehouse. Pursehouse has been on two consecutive loan spells to Non-League Alfreton Town and even achieved icon status at the club.

But everyone knows that even though these players are decent, they are not up to standard. I had a chat with both Lewis Hayes, our Head of Youth Recruitment, and Joey Barton who has recently taken up the Under-18's Manager role at the club and they both agreed that the Youth Recruitment Networking budget needed to be increased to develop better players.

I entered the empty Horsfall Stadium at around three o'clock in the afternoon. I knew John Dean was here as he never got a rest. I walked down the corridor leading to his office. I knocked three times.

'Come in,' said Dean who was sat in his desk chair as I opened the door. 'Good afternoon, Adam, good to see you popping in for some extra work I see?' he winked at me.

'Haha, so it seems,' I said. 'I'm actually here to request an improvement to the infrastructure of the club,'

Dean tilted his head upwards, meaning he was now looking down on me. 'What may that be?' he asked.

'I was talking to people involved within the Youth Team this season - Joey Barton and Lewis Hayes, if you need reference - and they believe it is necessary to improve the Youth Recruitment Network at the club,' I told the Chairman.

'Hmm,' Dean seemed to sit back and relax as he processed the information I had told him. 'I and a few board members seem to think that the network is adequate for a club of our size at the moment,'

'Well that says it all, doesn't it,' I laughed at Dean's comment. 'Complete lack of ambition. How can it be adequate? We have sold millions of pounds worth of players, the profit is in the millions, give me a reason why we shouldn't be pushing our weight up here,'

I could see Dean shifting uncomfortably in his seat after that, a complete contrast of the relaxed man I saw when I walked in. 'Adam, I do take the club's best interests at heart when it comes to requests like the-'

'Lies. If you really wanted this club to progress, if you really wanted us to go far and beyond any other team then you would accept this without a seconds thought.' I told him.

'Adam, you're looking too shor-' I cut Dean off again mid-sentence.

I slammed my fists down onto Dean's desktop 'I'll tell you what, Mr John Dean, why don't you go have a chat with Mr Hayes, our Youth Recruitment Officer since I arrived here? He has been at the club since 2015 and has not seen a change in the network since he arrived in the National League North. We're now in League One. We're still getting shitty underwhelming youngsters bar an odd few. Treat your staff with some respect.'

John Dean sat completely still, as if my tirade had been like a gust of ice fired directly at him. 'Yes. We grant your request. The Youth Recruitment Network budget will be upgraded immediately.'

'Finally,' I smirked. A bit of common sense at long last. Thank you, Dr Dean.' The silence hung over the pair of us until I called it quits on the meeting, swiftly turning to my right and leaving the room. Job done.
Dr Dean is a legend <3
2016-04-24 09:47#229984 ScottT : Dr Dean is a legend <3
I love him really ;)

Following a 100% win ratio in September, we were brought crashing down to Earth again with three consecutive defeats at the start of October. However, the kick up the backside was apparently necessary as we replied with another three straight emphatic wins, two games 4-0, one game 3-0 as well as a scoreless draw to Bury at the end of the month. Our loss on penalties to Notts County in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy sees us out of a domestic cup competition until December when we enter the First Round of the F.A. Cup.

One month on we still lead the top of the table by a fairly large margin of five points. We seem to be destroying the league on goal difference, being the highest scoring team and the joint lowest conceding team in the entire league. This has helped us attain a goal difference of +23. The fixture against Luton Town in November will be pivotal in breaking away in first place, as they are the second highest scoring team and also hold the second automatic promotion spot. Luton were the League Two champions last season, stealing the title away from us by a margin of just two goals in the end.

It has been yet another fantastic month for the Australian forward who just cannot stop scoring at all. He has been played alongside Michael Lieblein for most of this month and has gained us many of this month's points with his five league goals this month.

Quite comfortably top of the league, hopefully you can extend the gap!
It is great to see you on the top of the league
Absolutely flying, get around you!
Justice: I'll be looking to do just that ;)

MJK46: Thanks man :D

Griffo: Let's all be a part of it :))

Bradford Park Avenue's home stadium Horsfall Stadium has today completed its most recent architectural work.

The construction work began all the way back in May, and since then the South Stand was ripped away from the arena to be replaced with a new stand.

This is the second time in the space of ten months that Horsfall Stadium has gone under the hammer during 2018.

Bradford Park Avenue fans have had to settle with a capacity ground of 2,758 as the stadium was under construction. With this in mind, the club became the only team in the league to average 100% of their stadium capacity with their attendance.

It will certainly be interesting to see if the attendances still sell out the stadium even with the all-new expansion. With Milton Keynes Dons arriving in West Yorkshire on Tuesday night, it will be the first time for the fans to test out their new stand.

The expansion has increased the seating capacity by 750, with the all-seater stadium now accommodating 3,750 spectators.

The ground is based on Cemetery Road, Bradford and has the potential to be expanded to a capacity of 7,000 when found necessary.
Great to see you filling the stadium before the expansion, often when I have played lower league football despite my success I have been unable to build the crowd...
Another flying month mate and the stadium expansion is fantastic, it'll be a Premier League stadium in no time at all :D
Strange to think that Bradford Park Avenue could be the team that all gloryhunters support in a few years :P

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