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The Path To Power

A story of true football romance
Started on 12 October 2015 by Justice
Latest Reply on 15 December 2015 by Live For FM
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Building Bridges


It was inevitable that news of Ralf Minge's outburst would reach the ears of Christian Schäfer. It took no more than a day, as Robert Schäfer informed the newly appointed manager. The news came as a shock to Christian, but he was not overly disappointed. He had expected some amount of disenchantment to affect people within the club, whether they be fans, players or staff, and did not allow the news to put him down.

Christian was a man of action and within minutes of hearing of Ralf's outrage, he had left his house and was making his way to Ralf's residence. He wasn't angry or sad, but he was not hopeful of swaying Ralf. He knew that he would have to make an incredible offer in order to bring one of Dresden's greatest ever player on his side. As he reached Ralf's house, he nervously knocked on the door and nodded anxiously as Ralf opened the door and allowed him in.

"Ralf, Robert told me of your outburst."

"I'm sorry that you had to hear about it, but you don't have any real managerial experience and that bothers me. It's not your fault at all, it's the fault of the club. With all due respect, there were far better applicants than you."

"I know I lack experience, but I'll never get any if I keep getting turned down for the same reason. I know that Dynamo is a massive club, being a fan myself. I'm not surprised that there are people upset with my appointment, I expected that. But I am so proud to be the manager of such a fantastic team and I will work my damn hardest for the club. But I need the support of the rest of the club to help me, I hope you understand that."

"Christian, I understand that loud and clear. But I just don't see how this could work."

"I want you in my team, Ralf. You're a very important part of this football club, and the fans adore you. If you want to see this club succeed, then I have a proposition for you. Will you be my assistant manager? I need a guy with your experience and knowledge of the football club helping me to achieve our goals."

"That is a generous offer, but I must refuse. I just can't work with an inexperienced manager, sorry."

"I'm sad to hear that. What do you plan on doing, if I may ask?"

"I think I'll have to leave the club, sorry Christian."

"So am I."

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Yes, Justice, no one wants to work with you.
If this is the kind of thing FM16 has in detail, I don't know how fast I can start a new story. That is a great twist, assuming it came from the game. Well done and a fine post.
Poor Christian, losing Minge on his first day! That's rough! ;)
Can't believe the Minge jokes will have to halt so early :(
Damn, no Minge. I'm sure you have an assistant librarian who can help you tho
The Minge Mobile is outta here!
Louis O., :(
tenthreeleader, sadly it is mostly fiction! However, I did offer him the role of assistant manager and he rejected that so I sacked him :))
C.J. Lippo, sometimes you just gotta let go of your Minge *sigh* :(
Jack, ikr! :(
Feliks, I'll just employ the local milkman ;)

Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Season One: Club Overview

Basic Info

Name: Lupa Roma Football Club
Location: Rome
Nickname: N/A
Founded: 2013
Estimated Value: €775k

Chairman: Alberto Cerrai
Manager: Antonio Benvenuti
Assistant Manager: Franco Cioci
Captain: Gaetano D'Agostino
Vice Captain: Stefano Tajarol


Stadium: Quinto Ricci
Capacity: 2,544 All-Seater
Location: Aprilia (just outside of Rome)
Under Soil Heating: No
Roof: No
Surface: Grass (Perfect Condition)

Corporate Facilities: Adequate
Training Facilities: Poor
Youth Facilities: Adequate
Junior Coaching: Adequate
Youth Recruitment: Average


Trophies Won: 1
Serie D Girone G x1

Club Legends


Last Five Seasons

2014/2015: Lega Pro Girone C - 13th
2013/2014: Serie D Girone G - 1st
2012/2013: Didn't exist
2011/2012: Didn't exist
2010/2011: Didn't exist

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An excellent opportunity to create some history :)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
8 yearsEdited

Season One: Club Overview

Basic Info

Name: SG Dynamo Dresden
Location: Dresden, Germany
Nickname: Dynamo
Founded: 1953
Estimated Value: €20M (Loan Debt: €4.4M)

President: Andreas Ritter
Managing Director: Robert Schäfer
Manager: Christian Schäfer
Assistant Manager: N/A
Captain: Michael Hefele
Vice Captain: Marco Hartmann


Stadium: Stadion Dresden
Location: Dresden, Germany
Capacity: 32,066 (21,011 seated)
Under Soil Heating: Yes
Roof: No
Surface: Grass (Very Good Condition)

Corporate Facilities: Average
Training Facilities: Average
Youth Facilities: Good
Junior Coaching: Adequate
Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic


Trophies Won: 14
GDR (East German Premier League) x7
GDR Cup (East German Cup) x6
German Division, North East -South x1
All Trophy History According to FM, I know they won more in reality

Club Legends

Hans-Jürgen Dörner
Ralf Minge
Hans-Jürgen Kreische
Matthias Döschner
Klaus Sammer
Reinhard Häfner

Last Five Seasons:
2014/2015: 3. Fußball-Liga - 6th
2013/2014: 2. Bundesliga - 17th
2012/2013: 2. Bundesliga - 16th
2011/2012: 2. Bundesliga - 9th
2010/2011: 2. Bundesliga - 3rd

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8 yearsEdited

Season One: Squad Overview

Name - Age - Position - Nationality - CA/PA
Michele Mangiapelo - 29 - GK - Italian - /

Nicholas Di Mario - 24 - GK - Italian - /

Danilo Pasqualoni - 20 - WBR/DR/DC - Italian - /

Alain Faccini - 23 - WBR/DR/AMR - Italian - /

Pietro Cascone - 30 - DC - Italian - /

Luca Locci - 23 - DC/DM - Italian - /

Marco Losi - 17 - DC - Italian - /

Alessandro Celli - 21 - WBL/DL - Italian - /

Lorenzo Silvagni - 20 - DM/DC - Italian - /

Alberto Quadri - 32 - MC/DM - Italian - /

Gaetano D'Agostino (C) - 33 - MC/DM - Italian - /

Lorenzo Cerrai - 21 - MC - Italian - /

Flavio Santarelli - 19 - MC - Italian - /

Marco Cane - 22 - MR/WBR - Italian - /

Simone Bezziccheri - 22 - AMR/MR/AML - Italian - /

David Di Michele - 39 - AMC/AML/AMR/ST - Italian - /

Alessandro Di Mario - 23 - AMC/ST - Italian - /

Marco Sfano - 26 - AML - Italian - /

Luciano Leccese - 32 - ST/AML/AMR - Argentinian - /

Stefano Tajarol (VC) - 33 - ST - Italian - /

Christian Massella - 25 - ST/AMC - Italian - /

Marco Neri - 33 - ST - Italian - /


All three of my tactics consist of 3-at-the-back formations, with wing backs on either side. My primary tactic has a midfield triangle with 1 DM and 2 MCs, and 2 STs. I want to control games with this tactic. I want to control the ball, while nullifying the opposition. The second tactic is far more creative, with 1 DM, 1 MC and 2 AMCs behind the ST, while the defensive shape is the same. This tactic is better suited for situations where creativity is required. The third tactic is certainly a defensive tactic, where every man defends. I don't need to tell you how important this could turn out to be.


With plenty of staff in the books, there's not much need to delve in to the job center straight away.

Key Points

We have a very strong midfield and plenty of strikers. These positions will prove to be our key areas over the course of the season.

We need to bring in a WBL and one more DC if we can. Defensive reinforcements would be welcomed.

There is plenty of deadwood to clear out. I don't particularly need wingers at all, while 5 natural strikers and 2 other potential strikers are just too much for me.

Previous Update: (Dynamo Dresden) Season One: Club Overview
Next Update: (Dynamo Dresden) Season One: Squad Overview[/spoiler]
I am really enjoying this and it is a very neat idea going two teams and stories at once. I can't wait until a Champions League Final someday
Just read through your earlier path to power(Vauxhall) story. Fantastic :)
#LuparomaforSerie A
Justice's avatar Group Justice
8 yearsEdited

Season One: Squad Overview

No. Name - Age - Position - Nationality - CA/PA


24. Patrick Wiegers - 25 - GK - German - /

1. Janis Blaswich - 24 - GK - German - /

14. Jean-François Kornetzky - 32 - GK - French - /

8. Nils Teixeira - 24 - DR/DL - German - /

7. Niklas Kreuzer - 22 - DR/WBR/DL - German - /

6. Marco Hartmann - 27 - DC/DM - German - /

5. Michael Hefele - 24 - DC/DM - German - /

18. Jannik Müller - 21 - DC/DM - German - /

4. Giuliano Modica - 24 - DC - Italian - /

29. Robin Fluß - 19 - DC/DM - German - /

20. Fabian Müller - 28 - DL/WBL/DR/WBR/MR/AMR - German - /

28. Niklas Landgraf - 19 - DL - German - /

17. Andreas Lambertz - 30 - DM/MC - German - /

21. Quirin Moll - 24 - DM/MC - German - /

31. Robert Andrich - 20 - DM/MC - German - /

36. Niklas Hauptmann - 18 - DM/MC - German - /

11. Justin Eilers - 27 - MR/AMR/ST - German - /

16. Jim-Patrick Müller - 25 - MR/AMR/ML/AML - German - /

38. Tom Hageman - 20 - MR/AMR/AMC/ST - German - /

15. Aias Aosman - 22 - AMC/MC - German - /

10. Luca Dürholtz - 21 - AMC/MC - German - /

34. Marvin Stefaniak - 20 - ML/AML - German - /

22. Sinan Tekerci - 21 - ML/AML - Turkish - /

19. Matthias Fetsch - 26 - ST - German - /

37. Pascal Testroet - 24 - ST/AMC - German - /

9. Tim Värynynen - 22 - ST - Finnish - /


We will look to play a high-paced pressing game, with a certain amount of attacking freedom. The 4-2-3-1 will be my preferred formation. It will provide the most creative play. When we need to get a bigger foothold in midfield, the 4-3-3 will be useful. When there's a greater need to score goals, the 4-1-2-1-2 will do.


I'll be looking to bring in an assistant manager and a few coaches to complete my staff team.

Key Points

We have a fantastic squad and we should definitely be challenging for the title this season.
We need at least one more high standard DC to strengthen our defence.
I need a bigger staffing team. This would prove to be vital to the club's future.

*NOTE* I am aware that the last four updates have been quite melodramatic but I did feel the need to include them so you readers would be able to see what I'm working with... This story will pick up its previous pace from now, I promise!

Previous Update: (Lupa Roma) Season One: Squad Overview
Next Update: World Cup Winner Joins Lupa Roma

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