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Sporting CP: Welcome to the Jungle

Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção e Glória
Started on 17 November 2015 by Murtagh
Latest Reply on 5 February 2016 by ninjaskill

Tondela 1-0 Sporting - Round 7 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Tobias, Jonathan, William, Adrien ( Matheus 64'),
João Mário ( S.Díaz 75'), Gelson, Iuri ( Mané 51'), Slimani

Wagner 82'

Desp. Aves 0-3 Sporting - 3rd Eliminatory Team
Ribeiro, Lopes ( Esgaio 78'), Ewerton, Tobias, Barbosa, Palhinha ( William 78'), Wallyson, Gauld, Gelson, Matheus ( Iuri 61'), S.Díaz

Gelson pen 21', Wallyson 35', Esgaio 87' Assists
Ewerton, Gelson, Iuri

Man of the Match

Sporting 2-1 Lyon - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Tobias, Jonathan, William ( Iuri 66'), Adrien,
João Mário ( Gauld 60'), Zivkovic, Mané ( Palhinha 74'), Slimani

Slimani 27', Mané 66'. Lacazette 90'+1 Assists

Man of the Match

Vitória SC 0-2 Sporting - Round 8 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Tobias, Jonathan, William, Adrien ( Wallyson 77'), João Mário, Gelson ( Matheus 51'), Mané ( Iuri 51'), Slimani

Esgaio 45', Slimani 79' Assists
Slimani, Jonathan

Man of the Match

Sporting 3-1 Estoril - Round 9 Team
Rui Patrício, Lopes, Ewerton, Naldo, Barbosa, William, Adrien ( João Mário 69'), Wallyson,
Gelson ( Zivkovic 79'), Matheus ( Gauld 60'), Slimani

Gelson 44' 48', Slimani 75.' Forte 49' Assists
Lopes, Matheus, Naldo

Zivkovic, 6-7 weeks

Man of the Match


(A) 0-1 Tondela - Primeira Liga, Round 7
(A) 3-0 Desp. Aves - Taça de Portugal, 3rd eliminatory
(H) 2-1 Lyon - Champions League, Group Stage
(A) 2-0 Vitória SC - Primeira Liga, Round 8
(H) 3-1 Estoril - Primeira Liga, Round 9

Primeira Liga Awards

Ricardo Esgaio was third in Player of the Month. The young right back of the Lions, who came from Sporting's Academy, played 2 of the 3 Primeira Liga matches this month, and scored a goal, in Guimarães.

Primeira Liga Table

1 - Sporting, 22 Points
2 - Vitória FC, 22 Points
3 - Benfica, 20 Points
4 - Porto, 19 Points
5 - Belenenses, 17 Points
6 - Nacional, 14 Points

Taça de Portugal Draw

Sporting will play away again in the 4th eliminatory of Taça de Portugal. The Lions will travel to Madeira to play against Primeira Liga side, Marítimo.

Next Matches

(A) vs Lyon - Champions League
(H) vs Porto - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Marítimo - Taça de Portugal
(A) vs Atlético Madrid - Champions League
(H) vs Benfica - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Ajax - Champions League
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited

Rui Patrício, 10 Year Saint

Rui Patrício, is often called São Patrício (Saint Patrício), by Sporting fans.
In the next month, it'll be the 10th birthday of Rui Patrício's debut. It happened in 2006, November 19th, in Madeira against Marítimo.
The then 18 year-old goalkeeper, saved a penalty in his debut, keeping the 1-0 win to Sporting. This save could have been decisive to the title win, but during the season Sporting would suffer a hand goal, that would lead to a 1-0 defeat, taking away the point Sporting needed to win the title.
After ten years, Rui Patrício is not only still at Sporting, but is the main goalkeeper for the Lions for the last 9 years, since he won the place with 19 years old, in 2007.
A coincidence of football, is that exactly 10 years later, in November 19 of this year, Sporting will be back at Barreiros, Marítimo's stadium, this time for a cup game.
Rui Patrício will have the chance to play 10 years after his debut, in the stage that saw him for the first time with Sporting's main team.
The legendary goalkeeper have already stated that he would love to take a victory out of Madeira again, as he did 10 years ago.
I love a one club player, congratulations to him!
Griffo: I feel the same :) Thanks for your support man.
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited

Lyon 3-2 Sporting - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Tobias, Jonathan, William ( Paulista 45'), Adrien ( S.Díaz 45'),
João Mário, Gelson, Mané ( Iuri 67'), Slimani

Slimani 69', S.Díaz 75'. Calleri 1', Esgaio og 2', Lacazette 9' Assists

Sporting 1-2 Porto - Round 10 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Ewerton, Jonathan, William, Adrien ( S.Díaz 77'),
João Mário ( Wallyson 88'), Gelson, Matheus ( Iuri 55'), Slimani

Slimani 14'. Kelvin 70', Aboubakar 77'

Marítimo 3-1 Sporting - 4th Eliminatory Team
Rui Patrício, Lopes, Naldo, Tobias ( Gelson 76'), Barbosa, Palhinha ( Slimani 45'), Wallyson, Gauld, Iuri, Matheus ( Mané 59'), S.Díaz

Iuri 56'. Marega pen 5' pen 84', Rudy 27'

Atlético Madrid 2-0 Sporting - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Tobias, Jonathan, William, Adrien ( Gauld 45'),
João Mário ( S.Díaz 68'), Gelson ( Matheus 45'), Mané, Slimani

Mertens 3', Godín 55'

Fans criticize team

After 4 defeats in a row, Sporting fans have shown their unhappiness with the team's season so far this year.
Yesterday's match in Madrid was only the last drop of water, on an already full glass. Sporting lost to Atlético by 2-0, and was losing since the third minute.
Of course, this defeat for itself wouldn't bother the fans, as the only consequence was of Sporting's falling for second place in the Champions League classification, even so, Sporting have qualified for the Round of 16, due to the result beetween the other two teams last night.
But even with the qualification guaranteed in the Champions League, Sporting seats on a very unconfortable chair at the moment.

The Lions have dropped from first to 4th place in Primeira Liga just because the home defeat against rivals Porto.
Sporting follows Vitória FC for 3 points, Benfica for 1, and has the same points as Porto, although the blue-and-white team seats in the third place because of goal difference at the time, and the Dragons have so far also the advantage in direct confront against the Lions.
If this wasn't bad enough for Sporting, the Lions will receive Benfica in the next match for Primeira Liga, and the fear of a defeat has made Sporting fans come out to the street to ask for much better things from the team in the next matches.
Sporting has also lost the supercup this year, on a 3-1 loss to rivals Benfica, and was just eliminated from the Taça de Portugal, losing 3-1 in Madeira, against Marítimo.

Sporting 2-0 Benfica - Round 11 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Tobias, Jonathan, William ( Wallyson 70'), Adrien,
João Mário ( Gauld 60'), Gelson ( Iuri 60'), Matheus, Slimani

Slimani 44', Iuri 70' Assists
Gelson, Matheus

Gelson (1 week)

Man of the Match

Sporting 1-1 Ajax - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Ewerton, Barbosa, William, João Mário ( Palhinha 53'), Iuri, Gauld, Mané ( Matheus 75'), Slimani ( S.Díaz 53')

Iuri 33'. R.Zivkovic 15' Assists

Man of the Match


(A) 2-3 Lyon - Champions League, Group Stage
(H) 1-2 Porto - Primeira Liga, Round 10
(A) 1-3 Marítimo - Taça de Portugal, 4th Eliminatory
(A) 2-0 Atlético Madrid - Champions League, Group Stage
(H) 2-0 Benfica - Primeira Liga, Round 11
(H) 1-1 Ajax - Champions League, Group Stage

Primeira Liga Table

1 - Vitória FC, 26 Points
2 - Sporting, 25 Points
3 - Benfica, 23 Points
4 - Porto, 22 Points
5 - Belenenses, 20 Points
6 - Nacional, 20 Points

Champions League Final Table

1 - Sporting, 10 Points
2 - Atlético Madrid, 10 Points
3 - Lyon, 9 Points
4 - Ajax, 5 Points

Taça da Liga Draw

Sporting will play the Group Stage against Braga, Arouca and Estoril.
The winner of the group will go on to the Semi Final where he'll play against a winner from one of the other 3 groups.

Next Matches

(A) vs Nacional - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Boavista - Primeira Liga
(H) vs Vitória FC - Primeira Liga
(H) vs Belenenses - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Braga - Taça da Liga
Very nice work on this piece and a very deserving SOTM candidate. You do a very nice job mixing history with game save. A tip of the cap!
tenthreeleader: Oh man, thanks so much for those kind words :)

"Vitória FC is candidate"

Sporting's coach, Jorge Jesus, have said in an interview that the outsiders, Vitória FC, from Setúbal, are candidates for the title.
The experienced coach believes that the leaders of Primeira Liga at the moment can win the title at the end of the season.
Considering as a fact that the "big 3" will still loose a fair amout of points during the season, Jesus doesn't see reason for Vitória to not enter in the fight.
Vitória FC have been leader since the 10th Round, when Sporting was beaten at home against Porto, and rose to the first place, with two points ahead of Benfica at the time.
After another match, and at the end of November, Vitória is still 1 point clear to the now second place team, Sporting.

Nacional 2-0 Sporting - Round 12 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Naldo, Jonathan, William ( Wallyson 61'),
Adrien ( Matheus 61'), João Mário ( S.Díaz 61'), Iuri, Mané, Slimani

Agra 17', Cafú 89'

Missed Penalty
Adrien 47'

Boavista 0-2 Sporting - Round 13 Team
Rui Patrício, Lopes, Balanta, Ewerton, Jonathan, William, Wallyson, João Mário ( Gauld 56'), Gelson ( S.Díaz 79'), Mané ( Matheus 56'), Slimani

Wallyson 51', Vinícius og 78' Assists
Gelson, Matheus

Man of the Match

Sporting 1-0 Vitória FC - Round 14 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Ewerton, Jonathan, William ( S.Díaz 67'), Adrien,
João Mário ( Wallyson 59'), Gelson ( Iuri 59'), Matheus, Slimani

Slimani 19' Assists

Red Card
Jonathan 71'

Man of the Match

Slimani goes to CAN

Lions striker, Islam Slimani, will go to 2017 CAN to play for his National Team, Algeria.
Slimani will then be out of an very important time in the Lions season. Slimani will go to Africa in January, and won't be back until around mid-February.
Slimani have scored 15 goals, in 22 matches this season, including an hat-trick.

Sporting 1-1 Belenenses - Round 13 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Balanta, Ewerton ( Tobias 45'), Barbosa, Adrien, Wallyson,
Zivkovic ( Iuri 66'), Gauld ( S.Díaz 76'), Mané, Slimani

Slimani 25'. Camaná 75' Assists

Braga 0-2 Sporting - Group Stage Team
Ribeiro, Lopes, Naldo, Balanta, Tobias, Barbosa, Palhinha, Wallyson, Gauld ( Mané 72'),
Gelson ( Iuri 72'), Matheus ( Zivkovic 72'), S.Díaz

Wallyson pen 23' 71' Assists
Tobias, Lopes

Man of the Match

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