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Sporting CP: Welcome to the Jungle

Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção e Glória
Started on 17 November 2015 by Murtagh
Latest Reply on 5 February 2016 by ninjaskill
Hello man, great story anda great start/first half of the season. I saw that you got good results against strong teams sometimes using 4-4-2 with Teo and Slimani. Could you show your 4-4-2 tatic please? Cause my 4-4-2 isn't doing very good at Sporting.... good luck mate
Great two victories man
PGA6: Hey, thanks a lot. About the 4-4-2 tactic I always change a lot. But I guess this is the way I do it more "automatically". Still, I change stuff every game I think. If William Carvalho is back from injury, I use him in front of the defence, and Adrien/J.Mário in midfield, if is still injuried I use like that. Hope I can help, good luck ;)

SooruSooru: Thank you very much for all your support :)

William Carvalho signs new contract

Sporting's star, William Carvalho, have signed a new deal.
The portuguese defensive midfielder is one of the favourite players of the Lions fans, and is called by them as Sir William Carvalho, or King William Carvalho.
This is the third season by William in the first team at Sporting, and the 23-year-old is being watched all over Europe by great teams that expect counting on his services for the future.
The contract deal was reached now with Sporting to extend the link beetween the two for the next 5 seasons.
The contract will end in 2021, and the release clause of the old contract that was of €45M will not feature into the contract. The new contract will not have a release clause.
William Carvalho and Sporting agreed on a contract in which the talented midfielder will receive €384,000 a month, becoming the highest paid player of the Lisbon club. Also, making him the highest paid Sporting player in the history of the club.
After the announcement of this new contract, the portuguese sport press affirms that Bruno de Carvalho, Sporting's president, will take priority in the negotiations in view of a new contract to Sporting's midfielder João Mário, that have just seen a €24M PSG proposal for him being rejected. Some other sources affirm that the new priority will be Adrien Silva, that has also seen an PSG offer for him being refused, although this one was in the last summer.
Yes! That is great work! That boy will continue to grow and grow, well done on getting him tied down :D
Jack: Yes, I hope that now a lot of the interest on him fades away from other clubs. But well, he is secure here by now :)

ppfarias1: Obrigado mano, fico feliz que gostes. :D

"We're not selling"

On an interview to Sporting TV, the club's president, Bruno de Carvalho, said that Sporting is not interested in selling players in this Winter transfer window.
After many news stating that some of the most important Sporting players might be leaving the club already this transfer window, the Sporting's most important man came to public to deny this reports.

Some of the most notorious news would be the portuguese newspaper, "Record", news about the departure of William Carvalho, João Mário and Teófilo Gutiérrez in this month, so the club would improve it's deficient financial situation.

Bruno de Carvalho got right to the point, - "We have one objective this year: be portuguese champions!" said the president to the club's channel, Sporting TV.
"Our financial restructuration throughout the last two years, have worked, and worked well. This year we were able to reach the Champions League knock-out rounds, and that was also important for our financial situation. With that, we know exactly what we want now, - the title - and we will keep our players for the rest of the season."

Sporting's president also showed his confidence in the players and staff: "We have the best team in Portugal. Our Academy is one of the best in the World, and we are taking advantage of that. It's really important to have this players in the team that know what Sporting is, and how great is it's history for more than a 100 years.", said the president before speacking about Jorge Jesus, - "Jorge Jesus and I are just very similar. We love our jobs, and we love this club. Jorge Jesus is the best coach in the World, and we're very happy to be able to bring him home. We believe we will be very happy for many years at Sporting".

About the league classification and the Champions League draw, Bruno de Carvalho, said that the work done this year is shown in the classifications, and against that nobody can protest.
Great ambition from the club :D
Jack: That's Bruno de Carvalho :D Going against the ruining direction boards of the club in the last years.

Sporting 5-1 Tondela - Round 19 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Vlaar, Ewerton, Jefferson, William, ( Paulista 70'),
João Mário ( Adrien 67'), Zivkovic, Mané ( Matheus 70'), Teo, Slimani

Zivkovic 3' 72', João Mário 35', Teo 42', Jones og 69' Baldé 90' Assists
Mané, Zivkovic(2), Paulista

Man of the Match

Sporting 3-0 Oliveirense - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Naldo, Balanta ( Vlaar 31'), Jonathan, Paulista ( William 80'), Aquilani, Gelson ( Zivkovic 80'), Bryan Ruiz, Matheus, Montero

Montero 11' 49', Gelson 44' Assists
Aquilani, Jonathan

Man of the Match

Sporting 3-0 Arouca - Round 20 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Vlaar, Ewerton, Jefferson, William, Adrien ( João Mário 75'), Zivkovic,
Mané ( Gelson 61'), Teo ( Montero 45'), Slimani

Slimani 23', Mané 34', Gelson 70' Assists
Esgaio(2), Mané

Man of the Match

Balanta's Injury

For the second time in a row, Balanta returns to the pitch just to leave it with a new injury minutes after.
This injury cicle started in the end of 2015. Balanta would get out of the fields for 2 weeks, until he could return.
But, once he did, he only had 26' in the match and had to be substitued, just to know he would be out for another 10 days.
He returned again, in the match against Olivierense, but once again, the destiny had a cruel surprise prepared for the Sporting's centre back.
After 31' on the pitch, Balanta was again substitued, - curiously by Vlaar again - when he suffered a new injury.
This time, Balanta wasn't so lucky. The medical report states that the colombian man will need a recovery that will go from 3 to 4 weeks.
A very bad start of 2016 for Balanta, that had won his place at the center of the Lions defence upon his arrival, in the Summer.
Balanta has already said to the Sporting fans that he would be back stronger, and more ready to face the big challenges that lie ahead.

João Mário signs new deal

Sporting's midfielder João Mário have signed a new deal with the Lions until 2020.
The portuguese international have declared his happiness with the new contract in his facebook page.
"I'm very happy to announce that I extended my contract with Sporting Clube de Portugal for the next 5 years. Go Sporting, always together" - wrote João Mário in his social network page.
The new contract celebrated yesterday, made some changes upon the last one. The release clause of €60M was removed, and there's none in the new contract.
Also, an obvious raise in the player's earnings was negotiated with success. João Mário will receive a salary of €130,000 per month.
The portuguese sports press states that this is a proof of Sporting's new approach to the future, where, as Sporting's president said, the future belongs to the ones that feel the club. João Mário is one of this players - he arrived at Sporting with only 10 years old, and was for long years one of Sporting's Academy biggest hopes. Today this new mentality of Sporting's president feels more than ever a reality, and it's expected other news in the next weeks or months regarding new contracts signing.
Doing a good job of keeping players which is vital! Good job! :D
Jack: Always thankfull for your support :D

"Success before Work, only in the dicionary"

William Carvalho, one of Sporting's captains, expressed in public his happiness about the season until this moment.
"We work everyday to perform well when getting into the pitch. I dream about becoming champions with this shirt, and we all are on the same boat at Sporting. Success before work, only in the dicionary, and here we all know that." - said the portuguese international, that signed a new contract with the Lions just some weeks ago.
"I'm very happy with the new contract, it would be a matter of time until we would reach an agreement, and I'm now focused in the next match against Benfica. Is a very important match, if we lose Benfica will only be 5 points behind, and we don't want that to happen."
Answering to a question about the last matches against the Lisbon rivals William stated - "Each derby is different from the last. It was amazing to win the Supercup and beat them by 3-0 in Alvalade, but the defeat for the Taça still bothers me. We are focused in winning this game. We know is a hard task, but we're confident in our quality and work".
Regarding the interest of great european clubs William was quick, - "My dream always was to play at Sporting, and that's what I'm living nowadays. The future nobody can guess, but I'm living my dream, and I believe I'm going to do that for much more time".

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