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The Great North American Revolution

Started on 18 January 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 26 February 2016 by MJK46
Loudoun Soccer Club October Recap
Sunday November 1, 2015

October saw Loudoun Soccer club improve a bit. In the six matches the club would finish the month with a 3-1-2 record in both league and cup play. Arnold's Army is now tied with Queens Park for second place with 21 points. LSC is seven points behind league leaders Staten Island united.

Loudoun began the month with the First Qualifying Round of the National Amateur Cup. Hosting the Shawnee Sting the club would go on to a 2-0 victory. In this match the visitors were out played and out matched. With this victory the club would move onto the next round. Hosting Enid Soccer club of Enid, Oklahoma the team saw their amateur cup dreams come crashing down. The team would lose 1-0 in a very lazy match for them.

Seeing as the club is no longer involved with the US Open Cup that gave them more time to focus on league play in October. Despite going a 2-1-1 record the club is now tied for second. The biggest positive for the club is that striker Mikael Forssell returned to the lineup against the Reading Revolution. It has been a very sub par month for him as he hasn't scored in all competitions since that return. As expected the teams only loss was to Staten Island in a very close match.

November will be a busy month for Arnold's Army there will be six matches all in league play. Once the team finishes off with the match in Philadelphia against the Ukrainians the club will embark on a two month winter break.

There are transfer rumors out there that Kevin Arnold has been going after Free Agent Blake Smith.The 24 year old hasn't been with a team since Montreal released him before the season began.
Just caught up with this, some great stuff! Didn't realise there was another Portsmouth :P
2016-02-12 08:25#225922 Jack : Just caught up with this, some great stuff! Didn't realise there was another Portsmouth :P

Haha and just like the one in the UK it is a major shipping port
Loudoun Soccer Club November Recap
Tuesday December 1, 2015

It was a very successful month for Loudoun in the Colonial Premier League as they went 4-2-0. At the end of 2015 the club is now in second place 11 points from league leaders Staten Island United.

It was a month for Mikael Forssell as he finally broke out of his slump from October. In the six matches he scored a total of five goals. In the matches against Portsmouth and Manhattan the Finn scored two goals in both. His other goal came during the 4-0 beating of Delaware. Another player who was extremely on point this month was winger Paul Scully. The 28 year old scoredthree goals during the month.

There will be no competitive matches for the months of December and January as Loudoun Soccer Club will be in winter break. During this time the club will rest up and starting January 1st the transfer window will open. Other than that the club might be playing a few friendlies in January to get ready for the final few months of the season. Arnold's Army will return to the Loudoun Soccer Park on February 6th to kick off the second half of the season against IFK Maryland.
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
7 yearsEdited

Personal Log #2

December 23, 2015: Hamilton, Virginia

I've got a secret.
It's on the tip of my tongue, it's on the back of my lungs.
And I'm gonna keep it.
I know something you don't know.

That's right, there is something nobody knows except me, my wife and someone else. At the end of my contract I am leaving the Loudoun Soccer Club for a new team. You want to know why? Well I will tell you.. The board is stubborn as hell and will not help with anything. Yes I know our status is so low on the US System but our owner is loaded with cash and will not help with what we need. Seriously this club is just falling apart. With the transfer window opening I have a very bad feeling we could lose our best players again and the board won't do a thing.

Ok so time to change the subject........................................................

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Despite the issues with the club I couldn't be happier this is my wife and my first Christmas together as a married couple. It's pretty cool how she is by my side with how crazy the management is. haha. A few days ago the club had a Christmas Party and that was pretty cool.

Now I would like to talk about the system as the USSF is in the half way point of the first season of the new system. I really like it, having a chance to travel for cup matches is pretty cool and getting to go to places in the country I have never been is amazing. My biggest complaint is the transfers. Seriously US Club Soccer needs to stand up to the USSF on this as the turn over is too great in this level. Back i n the first window we lost all major players and it looks like this will happen again.

So that is enough for now. 2015 has been awesome and I can't wait for the second half of the season and what 2016 brings.
Winter 2016 Transfer Round Up

Below is the summery of the Winter 2016 transfers for the club.



You're leaving?! Wow! Some decent transfers there, though ;)
2016-02-13 09:18#225967 Jack : You're leaving?! Wow! Some decent transfers there, though ;)

yep I always intended this club as a short term thing plus they are in so much debt the ownership is not helping or giving me a contract. Plus I've gotten offers from a few higher up clubs. You will see the thing about higher ups in the next update.
Lower League Manager starting to turn heads
ByESPN STAFFf February 23, 2016 at 5:30 PM
Loudoun Soccer Club's Kevin Arnold during a match against Staten Island United

On a cold and bone chilling evening 40 minutes outside the nations capital there is a team and head coach preparing for their next match. Despite the bad weather the club is focused and seem to be in a motion where the cold is not bothering them. Their head coach Kevin Arnold looks on.

Kevin Arnold is not your average field general but part of the product that the new US Soccer system has made. The 29 year old who is married also has a full time job working in the mapping industry. Arnold has to balance his work, family and coaching all at once. "It is a hard thing to do but luckily in all three fronts people have been supportive this season", said Arnold.

Currently his club is in second place with the additions of a few ex Major League Soccer players. This has caught the attention of clubs higher up in the system. One owner said that "Despite his age he (Arnold) has that it factor in coaching and I think he could be a top coach despite being so young."

During the winter break Arnold was approached by local USSF Eastern Division side Northern Virginia Royals. "When they called my I was very honored but felt it wasn't the right move for me, I want to finish this season with Loudoun and go from there." said Arnold about their offer. In recent days he has been contacted by several clubs including two from the USL divisions. Arnold said, "It is awesome having USL Clubs after me but I am not old enough or mature enough in the coaching game to go professional."

The biggest concern about Arnold is his clubs discipline record. Most of his players are leading the Colonial Premier League with an outrageous number of yellow cards. A few owners agreed by saying he might be a good head coach but needs to learn how to control the players actions.

Arnold looks to become one of the more known head coaches in the country as he is slowly rising to the top. We will see how he and others like him will do in the coming years.
A bad disciplinary record is the hallmark of a good manager in my opinion. Probably because I get extraordinary amounts of bookings. Let's see where you can go.
2016-02-13 15:00#225977 Louis O. : A bad disciplinary record is the hallmark of a good manager in my opinion. Probably because I get extraordinary amounts of bookings. Let's see where you can go.

I totally agree you need a tough and aggressive team in order to win. If my team finds weak guys who dive and cry they will get them to wise up lol
Loudoun Soccer Club February Recap
Tuesday March 1, 2016

The start of 2016 has been good for Head Coach Kevin Arnold. First last month he adds three players with MLS experience and then in the following month going 3-1-0 in league play. Loudoun Soccer Club is still in second place 11 points from league leaders Staten Island.

2016 started off right for the club as they would host IFK Maryland. During this match the three new arrivals; Smith, Borchers and Brovosky made their debuts. It was also big for Brent Richards who scored his first goal. Richards signed with the club back in August but had been out due to a long term injury. The big match was against Staten Island and it was a hard fought 2-2 draw.

The team is sad to report that two major injuries occurred during the month. During the match against Staten Island both Blake Smith and Mikael Forssell went down with various injuries. They are both expected to return in March.

The March schedule looks like this.
Unlucky with the injuries, still doing well though. How far off Staten Island?
2016-02-13 16:15#225981 Louis O. : Unlucky with the injuries, still doing well though. How far off Staten Island?

11 points
Loudoun Soccer Club March Recap
Friday April 1, 2016

It was a perfect month as the club went undefeated in the month of March. Since head coach Kevin Arnold changed tactics back in February the club has been more explosive in scoring. This was seen in March as they scored 15 goals. The key to this month was the play from 19 year old strikerMax Grieg. During the month he scored six goals.

The club has now set for a place in the promotion playoff at the end of the season. They still can get the top spot of the league as they have narrowed the gap on Staten Island.

Our next edition of the Loudoun Soccer Club month in review will be at the end of the season in May. The reason for this is that May will only have two matches so we felt that having both months together would not be a problem. Loudoun will kickoff this final stretch of games tomorrow as they host DC Stoddart at 7PM.

The April/May schedule looks like this.

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