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FC Groningen - Regencity

Getting the CL with regens
Started on 5 April 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 2 November 2017 by Michael
The plot thickens maaaaan ;)
Well you mind using that 2000 to pay me back?

8 pm in the hospital.they wanted me to stay the night, so I agreed. I could use a calm evening with nobody bothering me. I started watching the Jerry Springer show reruns on my laptop, until I heard a knock on my door. I looked up, and 3 guys were standing in my room. Nicely dressed in Gucci suits, and clearly criminal as they didnt seem to friendly. "Hell, I cant get any day off."

"No you can't, " Said the middle guy, "I'm Maximiliano Adriatico, head of the Sicilian Maffia, andwe took care of the guy 2 rooms down." Great, I thought, more powerhungry people. "and what is your business with me. You may already know my reputation of being a pain in the ass of everyone who tries to control me, and that if you want to control me, you'd better give me some leadpoisening now, or ill give it to you later." Maximilano laughed. "We arent here to control you. we are here to assist you. After this small hiccup by the board, we decided we are gonna buy the cup at the end of this season. You will get a payraise and a free hand. We know you know how to do deals, and we know you made this club a possible goldmine, and we just want to take a cut n the share." I was thinking about this. A takeover could be handy, no more silly boardpolicies, and just me doing whatever I want.

"Well, before I say we have a deal, what is this gonna cost me, and what is this gonna gain me?" I said with a voice which was drenched with irritation. Max threw me a box, packed like a present. "Open it". I opened it and saw a 2cm long piece of meat, like a peanut, just slightly bigger. it was a literal dick in a box. "from who is this?" I said up loadly and shocked. "Well, lets say your friendly kidnapper Rat wont be making little rats anymore. You'll see a youngster tomorrow, he is our price for this agreement." Maximiliano said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

Introducing Jacopo Capriulo, part of the Sicilian Maffia:

Excellent work Mike!

Things are going to get mysterious...
Better take care of him, or I'm coming after ya, Capire?

It was nice being aside the trainingsfield again. Although still a bit shaken up, I was back and that's what counts. The players were happy to see me, as they shouted multiple times. "Welcome back boss" "Nice to see you back here" "Gonna play with us again?" I saw huge improvements in their game, and I was sure tat i could play with the youngsters all day long and still be able to challenge for the title.

A car drove up, a modified Ford Focus, with spoilers, and hearing the sound of the motor it wasn standard, nor was the exhaust. Lewie Roberts stepped out, and said: "Hey Mike, Come over". Iwalked towards him, and he seemed eager to share some news. "You know how Liverpool is bugging you for all your staff? And how much Im a Liverpool fan?" I always knew it was obvious. The times he was talking about Jurgen Klopp like he was a gift send from the heavens, or how the players seemed like such hotties always thought of me that he was either bisexual or a Liverpool fan. "Well, what's the news you got to share?" Lewie almost was bouncing off the floor from excitement; "Klopp called me, I can work with him as a youth-coach"

I was happy. after promoting with my youngster, he had a tough time in the top flight. "As long as you don't try to steal my guys, and I sure as hell gonna visit ya. you owe me a pint of Guinness for that promotion." "Yeah. Red till im dead.", Said Lewie "Btw, do you know why firetrucks are red?" Why the hell would he talk about that? "No, Lewie, tell me." "Well," Started Lewie "Firetrucks have 4 wheels and carry 8 men. 4 + 8 = 12. There are 12 inches in a ruler. Queen Elizabeth was a ruler. There was once a ship named Elizabeth that sailed the seas. Fish live in the seas. Fish have fins. People from Finland are called Fins. Finland and Russia had a war a long time ago. Russia has red on its flag. And that's why they're red. Cause they're always russian around." I laughed. this was 100% Lewie.

No Russian around, lets add a fin ;p
That joke hahaha, if only Lewie was this funny *cough*
2016-04-20 15:57#229821 ScottT : That joke hahaha, if only Lewie was this funny *cough*

you wot m8.

All I saw was players. Young players playing football. There were some talented players here, but not like some of the players over at Groningen. When I was over there, there were some amazing youth players. The likes of Greco, Ouattara and more. I felt they lacked a feature though, so I called Michael to come over to the Kirkby Training Academy to tell him. He arrived when I was just finished for the day, so perfect timing there! "Hey dude." Michael shouted out to me. I saw him, then jogged over to where he was standing. "Hi, thanks for coming here. Let's go inside, shall we?" I replied, and we went inside the Academy.

I was looking at the team that he had set out, and it was clear he lacked any sort of Right Back. I had found 3 lads, one Croatian, one Finnish, one Serbian, who I felt would suit his team very well. "So we have Rak, the 19 year old fella, Kortelainen, the Finnish lad and the oldest one of the lot, Kaurin.
I then loaded up FM 15 to show Michael what they looked like according to the most realistic football sim in the world. He was impressed. "Fair play, I'll take a look and I'll make a judgement!". Then, there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I shouted. "It's the American Lawyer guy." Said the secretary. "Tell him to GTFO, now." I responded. Then, he broke the door down. "Oh, the non-funny guy, is it?" the Lawyer said. "You think you're so cool, huh?" I responded, and produced a punch that Muhammed Ali would have been KO'd by. The Lawyer fell flat, and my response? "Meh, I think you're the joke here."

Rak -

Kaurin -
That Italian looks too baby faced to be in the mafia ;) Loving these regens
Michael's avatar Group Michael
8 yearsEdited

It was pretty hot. Not only the temperature outside, but also Svetlana besides me in her bikino, tanning and giving me full view. "Could you grab me a beer, its thirsty weather." I reached for the freezer which was just outside my reach. Standing up, I heard her say "There has been some mail for you inside"I dropped of the beer, and went inside.

I saw a letter sitting on the table, and opened it. Dear Mister de la Parra, You dont know me, bt you soon will. Next Saturday you will be driving with us towards the FC Twente match and we will have a talk. Bring a pen with you, as you will sign some contracts. Greetings from Nigeria. What the hell was what I was thinking. I checked the leter if there was an address somewhere, but it seemed to be hand delivered, as there was no postage stamp on it. I decided to make a call towards Archer: "Hey Alex, caan you give this house some extra security, I got a strange letter, and I want to make sure I dontget any surprise visitors." No sooner after I finished that sentence I heard a load bang, I saw dust, and ducked under the table. A car drove into my house, and a man bleeding behind the wheel, who looked a lot like Ellen DeGeneres said "Run, they are coming, you have 30 seconds" before passing out.

I ran towards the backyard, grabbing my jacket with papers and carkeys on the way. Svetlana stood there, shocked "What Happened?". "No time to explain, quick, towards my Audi, we got to make a run." I grabbed her arm, and dragged her out of the backyard towards the audi standing there. I stepped in, started the car, and drove off. They finally found me...

Introducing Emilio Nunez, the Mexican prodigy

Right. Here I were. Groningen, Holland what a shithole. Nothing compared to the big lights of Newcastle I mean c'mon man. I was asked to come here by some dude called Michael, no idea why but never mind, now just to find him... Fuck me, could have arranged a meeting place or something, I'm having to pace around the town center looking for him, idiot. All of a sudden I heard some rather strange sounding man shouting, I couldn't exactly make out what he was saying at first but as he approached me closer I heard the name 'Scott.' This must have been the dude. "Aye? That's me," I said confused, I mean I weren't sure who the hell he was. "Hey, I'm Michael, sorry for forgetting to tell you where I were," he said shaking my hand. "It's all good man!" I replied, secretly I was thinking what a fucking radgie, I mean what normal person doesn't tell you where to meet them in a random place? "Let's go inside and talk about why I summoned you," Michael said putting his arm around me and walking into a Cafe.

"So I know what you're thinking, why am I here and what do you want me for, correct? Well, I need you for an assignment. I need you to get me a player. Not just any player but THE player who will take my club to the next level." I was just trying to keep a straight face while he spoke, I found his voice too funny and why me, christ. "Well.. ok?" I replied, I mean what else could I say. I was just too confused to say anything else really, what does he expect me to do, just find a random guy walking on the street who's the next Lionel Messi? Fuck me.

"I have employed the help of Lewie, my assistant to help you on this task, ah! Here he is now, hey Lewie sit down," he said to a small guy who looked around 18 at most. "This is Scott, the guy I was talking about who will be helping you in finding the next big star, yeah?" He looked at me rather blankly, "Hey," he said whilst giving me a dirty look. I weren't having that tone of voice at me, "Who the fuck do you think you are mate? Don't speak to me like that." He laughed and walked out whilst staring at me as he did so. "Hmm.. strange of him," said Michael, "he's never usually like that." I walked out of the cafe, grabbing my coat that I'd brought with me and paced out, "I'm after him..."

Who knew that at that moment that would lead to two things. The first, the obvious fight and the second, the meeting of the next star. That fight though, oh I'm telling you that lad had never been hit as hard. The blood were pouring from his head as he cried in pain, what did he expect? You can't speak to a Geordie like that, it's in my blood. Fucking Howay. Well, there was a dude on the corner trying to get money from passers by as he performed skills on the corner, that was my chance. He was brilliant to be fair to him, so I approached him, "come with me mate, you're about to sign for Groningen", I really was this desperate. But, I knew he'd be good.

"Mike, here you go. I found him, performing skills on the corner of the street, he's sick! Trust me, sign him." Mike laughed and gave me a look, "You haven't seen him play though, really?" He was doubting me for sure, "Just take the chance," I said. He looked at me again and thought to himself before coming to a decision. "I did see you myself earlier, you were great. Fuck it you're signed." The guy smiled, Turkish he were, Murat his name he said. "I kind of have something else to tell you as well.. lets just say I attended to matters with Lewie," I smirked. "Oh fuck sake, Scott."

Ahahahha Mario Rak and Milan Kaurin my favourites :P Love the story,keep going!!!
Michael's avatar Group Michael
8 yearsEdited

We were racing on the A28 southbound, being chased by 2 black BMW, reachingspeedof 220 km/h. Svetlana was by my side, the fear was easy readable of her face "What the fuck is going on Michael?". "Not now svetlana, I got to drive. I arranged a welcoming party 60km suth, and even with these speeds I need to outrun them for nother 20 minutes."

Just when we were passing Assen, I heard gunshots, and my backwindow flew out. "Svetlana, duck!" I screamed out as our windshield was impaled by a duck who tried to pass my car. At least I knew what we will have for dinner this evening. I decided to have an even heavier right foot, and raced the car up to 240. Those guys behind me didn't screw around. coming closer and closer to the A37, which I needed to take, traffic became to a sandstill, except the outer most left lane. I raced besides completel stopped cars with 160 km/h, and i saw my welcoming commity in front of me. I slammed the brakes, drove into a gap at the right side, and saw Stamitas launch the bazooka he had shouldermounted.

Svetlana and me stepped out, shattered glass all over our legs. She stepped towards me, and gave me a backhand to the face. "Thats for putting me in danger". After that she kissed me: "Thats for saving my ass in the end. Now you gonna tell me why those guys were chasing us." "Well, I decided to boycot the Russians, and after i kidnapped his son so he could have a vacation, Putin doesnt lke me so much. It may be time to shut him up for good. Maybe Timmy has some extra space at his condo."

Introducing a Greek regen who made the cut:

The ending hahahahah

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