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Overthrowing an Empire: One Yellow Wall at a time.

It is time for the bullying super power that is Bayern Munich to be overthrown for good and here is my journey to do so.
Started on 23 May 2016 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 13 September 2016 by BeanyUnited
League winners and now Champions League winners! Great season mate congratulations!
@LFC Thanks a lot mate! Massively happy with this season :)
Delighted you've won the Champions League mate, fantastic achievement!
@mgriffin2012 Thanks dude! Very happy with how this season went :)

End of season awards and stats

Winning the Bundesliga and the Champions League, has to make 2016-2017 arguably one of the best seasons in Borussia Dortmund history as they won the Champions League exactly 20 years after their last one.

In terms of the league, Dortmund dominated, they only lost a handful of games all season and won the title with a month left to go. But the reality was it was a foregone conclusion with three months to go, Bayern Munich were catching Dortmund, but the reigning champions were not slipping up enough for Munich to realistically make a push at the title.

Season statistics for key players and new signings

End of Season Awards

I personally would have liked to see Mkhitaryan winning the fans player of the year, but all three of them were worthy winners so Reus is hardly a shock decision. It is nice to see Jorge earn plaudits such as signing of the season after his first season and of course Julian Weigl won young player of the season yet again.
Great job winning the CL Dortmund are the best in Germany and Europe now. Well done
Thanks a lot dude :) Hopefully we can continue in Europe! Heck back to back Champions Leagues?? Why not!
You've won the Bundesliga back to back how about next year you make it three in a row and back to back Champions leagues whilst throwing in the German Cup ;) Great season mate!
Three words: What. A. Season!
@LFC Hahahah if I win the treble I may as well retire my manager there ;)

@Griffin Thanks a lot dude! Europe saw lots of stressful moments, when we blew those two penalties to win the shootout I thought we had blown it for good! Hopefully a strong summer transfer wise can lead to European Supercup, German Supercup and further success!

It was my first day back at the club for three weeks, the party after the Champions League lasted a lot longer than the two days we told the press. Seven days later, I was passed out on Marco Reus's sofa. It was a messy week, but these players deserved it!

I gave them an extended break of eight weeks, to rest, recover and just generally enjoy themselves. I however, had work to do so only gave myself two weeks on top of the week long party.

I was sat behind my desk, cup of tea in one hand, a pen in the other. I planned things out rather oddly I must admit.

I planned out tactics for example, by writing down my ideas on paper, then sketching out formations and diagrams of movement on the whiteboard, before finally calling in my staff to discuss ideas.

Today however, I had rather more sombre things to work out, in footballing terms that is. I was noting down a list of 10 players, I believed would thrive in my style of play and could successfully replace the departing Gündoğan. City were yet to bid for the German international, but news from the players agent suggested that a bid was imminent. I needed a replacement lined up to make sure the fans were content.

I finished my list of 10 players and turned to another list I had made earlier. Xabi Alonso was superb last season, but at 35 he is going decline, I want him to be the first rotation player on the pitch when I am resting players. But he won't be able to start every game at that age.

There was several names crossed out, one or two with ticks indicating good player, following scout reports, but there was one player who I had furiously circled several times.

He was the man I was going to bring in to replace Alonso I decided, my Gündoğan list was handed over to my secretary who dutifully typed up a copy and faxed it to my scouting team. Great, I thought, the reports will be back on my desk in several days, with multiple reports on each player.

I called in Steve Walsh and several of the backroom staff, to discuss the player I had decided upon. As they arrived, I handed them all photocopies of the immense scout report I had been handed on this player.

"So, we all agree that he will be a sensational signing? I know for a fact I can get the money for him?" I told the men in front of me. They all nodded in agreement, mentioning his current ability being among the best in the world and his young age meaning he will only improve. Of course the wages will have to be negotiated but that is a given with all big name players.

"Ok good." I said after we agreed to press ahead with the transfer, I phoned the board directly and told them to start the process of negotiating for the player. I handle contract talks, but the transfer is dealt with by the board. I relay who I want, the board duly push forwards.

Just as I returned to my chair, Steve again popped his head around my door. "Boss, as expected the bid for Gündoğan has come in, City have met his £59 million release clause, he will be a City player within a week."

Dortmund receive club record fee for İlkay Gündoğan

In a move that has hit the footballing world, Borussia Dortmund and German international central midfielder, İlkay Gündoğan, has agreed to join Manchester City after the English club agreed to pay his £59 million release clause.

It had been rumoured for several weeks that Gündoğan was considering leaving the back to back Bundesliga and currently reigning Champions League holders, for a move to England. But the move appeared dead in the water, after the players agent claimed that Gündoğan had in fact signed a new deal at the club.

Instead the player will be packing his bags and off to Manchester City, who finished fourth in the Premier League last season.

Gündoğan has been an integral part of Joshua Bean's first to seasons at the German club, the midfielder played an instrumental role in allowing the pace of Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and Reus wreck havoc on the defenceless sides that they faced.

But something that will also be missed greatly, was the experienced partner he provided for Julian Weigl. Who in two seasons under Bean has captured the accolades of; Young Player of the Year twice as well as German Player of the Year in his very first season.

Dortmund, under Bean's guidance have become notorious for keeping all in comings and out goings silent to the press, but a few rumours are circulating that an unamed player is meeting with Bean tonight to join the club, in a big money move.

However, it is believed that this player was already a transfer target, therefore he is not thought to be a replacement for Gündoğan but more likely, a player in a different position.

Who that player is, is yet to be seen.

Joshua Bean has been unable to release a full statement as of yet, but he did tell our press officer that.

"I am honestly not surprised that this mouth has occured, it has been in the grapevine for several weeks now. Gündoğan expressed a strong desire to play in the Premier League and we knew that entering a release clause of £59 million, would make certain that we received a fee we believe to be fair for the player. I personally and the club also, wishes him all the best and thanks him for the tremendous few seasons he has had here and all the has contributed towards our Champions League winning side."

Borussia Dortmund fans will of course be devastated that they have lost one of their key players, but the fans spokesmen did have this to say.

"While it is with heavy hearts we have to see one of our favourite players depart the club, the fee we have received from him, as well as the terrific commitment to our club means we will not be holding anything against him. As for replacements we have full faith that Joshua Bean and the board will find the appropriate man.
I wonder who the new boy could be? I'm feeling Sanches or Pogba???
@LFC As always some big movements from me in the transfer window coming up!

Dortmund snatch Rúben Neves away from Manchester City

Manchester City arguably boasted the best midfield in Europe when they could boast; İlkay Gündoğan, Rúben Neves and David Silva to cap off their three man midfield.

Instead Borussia Dortmnd invested every single penny of the İlkay Gündoğan fro four hours ago, into signing the Portuguese midfielder who enjoyed one stunning season at the Manchester based club after a £40 million move last summer.

At just 20 years old, Neves has been sold for a combined total fee of £97 million. A truly staggering fact, but one that doesn't seem unfair when you take into account the ability and even further potential ability of this youngster.

Manchester City fans quickly took to social media and radio call ins to lament their despair that they allowed the youngster to leave, some even going as far as to say that since the money is the same, it is realistically a straight swap for Neves and İlkay Gündoğan and the German side came off on top.

Last season, our pundits and experts assessed Neves as having an average rating of 7.50 last season, for a man so young that is truly exceptional.

Joshua Bean released the following statement about the incoming Portuguese wonder kid.

"I am beyond delighted to have secured the signature of, in the eyes of my chief scout, my assistant manager and in my own personal opinion, one of the hottest talents in Europe at this moment of time. I have shown with the introduction of players such as Weigl and Jorge, that if possible, I like to invest in youth regardless of where they came from. Neves hasn't even started to hit his prime yet and he is already one of the best holding midfielders around, I am excited to have him in the famous yellow strip of Dortmund and I know he can contribute instantly."

Bean also released a seperate, much shorter statement to clarify about how the transfer for Neves came about.

"I want to make it clear to the fans, that the transfer for Rúben Neves was in the pipeline for quite some time and I am happy to only be paying exactly what we made from İlkay Gündoğan, meaning financially we are just as strong as ever. The replacement for İlkay Gündoğan has already made some fast progress and it won't be long until we are announcing another midfield signing."

It is believed that Neves penned a five year contract, on £130,000 a week and will be an immediate start for the German and European champions, he also has a minimum fee release clause of £84 million, deterring any potential bids from sides next season.

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