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Overthrowing an Empire: One Yellow Wall at a time.

It is time for the bullying super power that is Bayern Munich to be overthrown for good and here is my journey to do so.
Started on 23 May 2016 by BeanyUnited / First Post
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Oh wow! Great signing and for a great price! Im sure Neves will do you wonders. Him and Weigl is a great young midfield pairing.

Dortmund see yet another mass exodus under Bean

Joshua Bean in just two seasons has won; the Bundesliga twice, the Champions League and the DFB-Pokal.

A major reason as to why Bean has great success in making sure his squad is full of motivated and happy players? Every summer he allows the dead wood, the unneeded and the unhappy players all to depart and that is exactly what he has done again, ranging from youngsters not being given new contracts, to former first team players being sold on.

Those that were not offered contracts

Those that were sold

The mass exodus of players caused quite a stir among the media circles of German football, none of them went as far as to claim they were key men, of course, even the most deluded of journalists could claim that I pondered.

But it did surprise me how the press still scrutinised over every move I made. I have just won the Champions League and I am still criticised for apparently not getting that extra two million for a player that wasn't even on the subs bench most weeks?

That baffled me.

But I didn't care about what they had to say. I was more than content with how my side was shaping up, Neves was the one missing piece of the jigsaw before Gündoğan left, meaning I only needed one starting player. The rest of my team were proven, heck they have just won the Champions League and Bundesliga!

Depth was needed of course, so I knew I needed another attacking winger and a goalkeeper. For as cheap as possible as well. Only the winger will be getting half decent game time, the keeper needs to be cheap and be happy to only play once every six weeks or so when Rulli needs resting.

The winger must be cheap but also good enough to be a first team player for most Bundesliga sides. Any injury to Reus or Mkhitaryan and he will be straight in the side, as well as playing whenever the two players need resting.

As it just so happened I knew exactly who i wanted, Manchester United reserves goalkeeper Sam Johnstone who is nearing the end of his contract, wowed my scouts with his shot stopping ability. I told them to not compare him to Rulli as there is only one winner, but instead to keepers in the weaker teams. The feedback was all positive.

I made the call to United myself, as Louis Van Gaal had recently retired so the board was going to be tied up. I asked to speak to Sam and his agent, I was able to strike a deal there and then. £10,000 a week, the agreement that he will not be annoyed with sitting on the bench and a free transfer. I was happy with this.

Next was the winger.

Last night, news broke that Galatasaray S.K. winger Bruma, who was for some reason, unable to secure himself a place in the starting XI, despite being far and away good enough to be a regular starter.

I sent Steve Walsh to go into the office of Michael Zorc, the clubs director of football and ask him to push ahead with the negotiations. From day one here, me and Michael agreed strongly that all big signings I take up no matter what and then I can dish out other transfers to him to negotiate and secure.

He was a master and what he does, one of the best, I knew that I was going to get Bruma and I asked Michael to keep it below ten million.

As I left Michael to his work, I went back to my desk. I picked up the phone and dialled the number I had been given, calls from Germany to Italy cost a fortune but this player was worth it.

The phone run and rung and by the sounds of things I was going to have to leave it to the more routine method of sending an email, but at the last moment the phone was answered.

The voice at the other end was heavily accented Italian, "Hello Joshua."

Of course the secretary had told him that I was to be calling, so it was no shock that he knew it was me instantly.

"Hello, Mr Massimiliano Allegri. I think it is about time we spoke about one of your players."

Thirty minutes, I placed the phone down and smiled. My oh my, I am good at this. I placed the phone back on its holder and went to speak to Michael who wasn't even working when I walked into his office.

"Don't worry Josh, was an easy negotiation. Bruma is ours for £8.5 million. How did it go with Juventus?"

"I've got the man I want" I smiled as I shut the office door behind me.

Borussia Dortmund stun the footballing word with record breaking transfer

Joshua Bean promised fans, that his recently crowned Champions League winning side, will be able to replace İlkay Gündoğan and they will do so in empathetic fashion.

When Bean stated after the signing of Rúben Neves was not in fact a replacement for Gündoğan, but just a mere improvement on another position, fans were preparing for a big name signing.

But no one would have predicted that this statement was to be released out of the blue, confirming a transfer that no one knew anything about, as Bean has been able to do so often in his tenure as Dortmund manager.

"It is with the greatest of pride that I can confirm that Borussia Dortmund have agreed a five year, £155,000 a week deal with Juventus midfielder, Paul Pogba. The former Juventus and current France central midfielder is highly rated as one of the best players in the world, in any position. Our scouting team worked day and night, tirelessly for several weeks, analysing every single part of his ability and re watched hours upon hours of game tape, to all come to the agreed opinion that he was to be signed no matter the cost. Pogba was a player I wanted desperately, but due to the money being demnaded for him I had to make sure he was going to be the best player this world has seen grace the centre of midfield. It is for that reason we have broken the transfer record and purchased this player for £108 million, some immediately, some spread over the next four years. I look forward to the fans getting to witness yet another truly world class player, gracing our turf."

The footballing world has been left in disbelief, when any player goes for more than £50 million, it brings about a huge amount of discussion from pundits from every corner of the footballing globe. But for Borussia Dortmund to smash the former fee believed to be between either Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. That is some illustrious company for the 24 year old to be among, but he has already won numerous titles during his time at Juventus, being an integral part of the side that has dominated domestically for so long now.

As of July 2017, he has 44 international caps and 10 goals, again not bad at all for a 24 year old central midfielder.

Dortmund fans have crowded in the streets surrounding their stadium, to try and catch a glimpse of the player, as it is believed he will be arriving at the stadium later today, for his official club photos.

It is a huge move from Joshua Bean and Borussia Dortmund, but one more thing the press are asking. Has this already dominant side, just become unbeatable?

Last season, saw Bean shore up their German champions entire defensive line and a new goal keeper, which quickly made them one of the top defensive sides in Europe. He already had Aubameyang, Reus and Mkhitaryan as a front three, scoring goals galore.

But now with a central midfield of Rúben Neves in a holding play maker role, Paul Pogba as an attacking box to box midfielder and Julian Weigl pulling the strings, distributing passes all over the pitch. Bean has built a very, very young but very, very strong side and it will be hard for anyone to stop them.

Borussia Dortmund are on the verge of overthrowing the Bayern Munich tyranny on German football for a very long time. The rest of Europe should prepare quickly.

Bloody hell, Paul Pogba for a world-record fee :O Dortmund are taking over the world and nothing is stopping them!
@Jack Due to back to back league wins, a DFB-Pokal win and Champions League win I have brought in A LOT of prize money and until now, my wage bill was not even in the same league as the likes of Munich so = more transfer money. Also Pogba was about £60m up front and the rest over 48 months :) These mass exoduses the press slate me fore ain't so bad now ;)

Borussia Dortmund transfer window review

The transfer window slammed shut just hours ago and the dust settles on another huge window in terms of business done. In this article though we will be assessing the success and maybe failures of Borussia Dortmund's transfer window.

Bean signs two more squad players

Joshua Bean completed two more signings after the record breaking signing of Paul Pogba, the signing of Scottish striker Leigh Griffiths who played for Scottish champions, Celtic before the European Champions took him off their hands.

Bean was able to strike a deal for a measly £6.25 million on a £20k a week contract for three seasons and adds pace and finishing ability, to his rotation options between Aubameyang and Shane Long. It is believed that Griffiths will be the new second choice, replacing the 30 year old Irish striker Shane Long, but Long will remain in the first team squad. The Scotsman made 127 appearances for Celtic, scoring an impressive 81 goals in the process, showing his proven goal scoring ability.

Bean had this to say about his new striker.

"It is great to sign a player with experience of regular games for the Scottish champions, as well as playing 30 games in European competitions. I am excited to see him play with the likes of Pogba, Reus and Mkhitaryan around him."

To compensate for the sale of Neven Subotić Joshua Bean, invested a meagre amount of £3.5 million in Dutch centre back, Douglas. The centre back is well known for being extremely industrious, as well as physically strong. Bean knows full well he will be his fourth choice centre back, but as he is on less wages than Subotić was, Bean can be happy he is saving wage room as well keeping his squad strong.

Bean sanctions the loans of several young stars

Every single one of these players have been loaned to feature regularly in either the first team or the under 19's in the case of Peter Blähser. Bean explained the decision to loan out a player to another youth system, was because he is also able to train with the first team more than he would at Dortmund, therefore inreasing his experience.

Borussia Dortmund: A successful transfer window?

Below is the overall transfer history of German and European champions, Borussia Dortmund, throughout this window.

As you can clearly see, they spent £185 million compared to gaining £97.5 million in transfers themselves. But after analysing the prize money that the club has earned of the last two seasons, as well as only a very small number of Dortmund players being on contracts in excess of £100,000 a week, it means that Bean is able to put everything solely towards transfers.

The Pogba deal is worth as a whole £108 million, but only £60 million came out of this years transfer budget as the other 48 million is spread over 48 months, as it so happens. That of course equals yo would think £1 million a month, however the agreed terms state that they pay less each year, meaning the first year, next season, will be the hardest hit.

When it comes to buying players, Dortmund now have two of the best midfielders in the world from this window and they will play alongside Julian Weigl who at the age of 21, soon to be 22, he has won; 2016 Players Player of the Year, Players Newcomer of the Year, named in both the Players Team of the Year and the German First Division Team of the Year.

As you can see he is an exceptional talent so the midfield three is going to be beyond scary.

Defensively their side are the best in Europe accoriding to stats. They had the second best defensive record in the Bundesliga last season, conceding 20 compared to Bayern Munich's 19. Dortmund then only conceded five goals in the Champions League last season, in 13 games. Making a total of 25 goals in both the Champions League and Bundesliga.

As for their strikers and attacking midfielders. Well one stat says it all, Aubameyang was the leagues top scorer with 21, Mkhitaryan was second with 20 and Marco Reus was third with 19. Not bad at all.

It would appear, thanks to this transfer window, Joshua Bean has arguably built the best team in Europe and it will have to be seen if anyone can stop them, year in, year out.
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3 yearsEdited

The players were on the floor, panting for breath heavily, much like dogs who have sadly been left in a hot car. It was the hottest day of the year so far and I knew the chance to beast the players to their limits in this weather, was too good to miss, it would give me a true handle of the fitness of my players.

I never expected my men to be machines who can run non stop for 90 minutes, there were some managers who actually expected that from their players! Madness in my own opinion, but everyone has their own methods.

As the players lay collapsed on the floor, I knew I would stop here and allow them an early and extended break, before bringing them out to resume training, perhaps with some light contact five a sides.

But that could be decided in a minute, I walked back to my office, as I always did when I liked to assess the past few weeks.

Some managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson, said he only ever looked forward. But I never got that, I always believed looking back allows you to learn from mistakes and better yourself.

I scanned over the highlights of all six matches we have played in pre-season so far.

4-1 against Spartak Moscow, 0-0 against Panathinikos, 1-2 against Celtic, 5-0 against Helmond Sport, 3-0 against Trabzonspor and 3-2 against Braga.
I was very happy with these games, of course I would prefer six wins from six, but I was able to rotate the teams a stupid amount over these past few weeks, Shane Long has gained some more match fitness after an odd ankle injury while he was on holiday.

But in the next weeks we had the German Super Cup but also the UEFA Supercup. It was supposed to be the biggest fixture in European football, no one treated it that way. But, the UEFA Supercup carried more weight than say the DFB-Pokal, I was desperate to get my hands on it.

To be UEFA Supercup holders... Would mean we will solidify our authority in European football and put down another benchmark to show the other sides, that we are back this season even better than last.

Of course being Champions League winners, we were the favourites, where as Sevilla will be the underdogs, a label that suits them just fine.

It was finally time for the five asides as I waltzed back onto the training field, as I have been every day since his arrival I found myself watching Pogba in awe at his technical ability, I knew with him in my side, another Champions League trophy was far from out of the equation.

Just at that moment, the former Juventus man launched a screamer into the top corner and I couldn't help but admire his arrogance as he jokingly 'dabbed' with Weigl, Reus and Fellaini.

We were going to win next week, the German Super Cup next week against Wolfsburg I was sure of that, but in a few weeks the UEFA Supercup.

I could not wait for that.

Pogba! So technically in a way i was right about you signing him ;) Great few updates bro! Keep it up!

The German Super Cup approached, it was my second one in as many years. Sadly we lost to Bayern in the first one, while the Super Cup is no more than a slightly more competitive friendly, it is always good to get some silverware under your belt before a season.

At the very least it provides some confidence and momentum!

I woke up on the day however and I felt just as nervous as I did on the morning of the DFB-Pokal final two seasons ago, this summer it would be Borussia Dortmund VS Wolfsburg in the final of the German Super Cup.

My team of course, won the Bundesliga and Wolfsburg beat us on their way to winning the DFP-Pokal. So revenge was wanted today, I could't wait.

We arrived at the Volkswagen Arena, at around four PM, the match didn't kick off for another four and a half hours but I wanted my men to take in the hostile atmosphere from the Wolfsburg fans, as they were oddly allowed to play the match at their own home ground.

The pre-match training went without a hitch and before I knew it the final was underway. It was like the opposite to the Champions League final tactically. I took the role of the aggressor as Manchester United did, where as Wolfsburg too up our idea of counter-attacking.

Sadly that wasn't where the similarities ended. The game was very, very tedious. Wolfsburg were starting to wind me up, but I didn't let this change my sides tactics.

I just had to laugh, here I was, fuming at a style of play another manager is using, when the same tactic got me a Champions League trophy!

Extra-time came and went and the dreaded penalties were awaiting us, German sides are always great penalties, we were about to prove that.

Penalty, after penalty, after penalty was taken successfully by both sides. If it wasn't for the scoreboard I would have lost count. 9-9 so far, not a single miss, the fans were cheering every penalty regardless of who scored it. They were enjoying a spectacle.

Me and Dieter Hecking just stood side by side. Managers of opposing sides, sharing the drawn out process of a penalty shoot-out that will render one team defeated.

10-10. The goal keepers were next.

Wolfsburg were the first penalty takers, so it was Diego Benaglio who stepped up first. He didn't seem nervous as he ran up to strike the ball.

If only his spot kick portrayed his coolness, the ball was sent flying wide of the post, so far wide in fact, that the linesmen behind the goal was actually able to stop it himself.

Advantage Dortmund, Dieter Hecking patted me on the back and told me "This has been a great shoot out, what better way than a keeper to win it!"

I watched as Rulli calmly slotted the ball straight down the middle of the goal as Benaglio dived the wrong way. The sea of yellow behind the goal erupted as Dortmund won a second penalty shoot out in a short space of two months.

I shook Hecking's hand before offering my commiserations. When the dutiful actions were out of the way, I jogged on the pitch to celebrate with my players.

Of course the celebrations weren't massive, but a trophy is a trophy right?

Well that is how I looked at it. There were six trophies on offer for my side this season; German Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, World Club Cup, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and the Champions League.

Well we have one, make that five to go.

Hope you thrive on the post UEFA glory, as in real life, players who participate in Club World Cup after the Super Cup suffer major burnouts which make a season ending tough.
@Rui Ruoti I agree, the German Super Cup is just fine, just a tough pre-season, the UEFA Super Cup is obviously of a higher level! Then the World Club Cup around December, fingers crossed for no injuries!

Dortmund's pre-season review

The pre-season for German football sides has officially finished as of today, next week they will all feature in the first round of the illustrious DFB-Pokal trophy, the first round is unlike any other major domestic cup competition first round.

By the time the major players are in the FA Cup for example, most lower league sides bar the Championship have already been dispatched.

In Germany however, you see teams with the stature of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, travelling to sides who aren't even professional football clubs and while the games are often nearly double digit wins for the Bundesliga side, it provides the minnows with a day out they will quite literally never forget.

Borussia Dortmund, have enjoyed what can only be described as a successful pre-season.

With new players, joining throughout the duration, they all seemed to bed in perfectly with each other, with the likes of Paul Pogba instantly gaining a mutual ability with Neves and Weigl.

Bean was also able to rotate his side, to extreme lengths, meaning he got a true handle on his squad, as well as getting them all fit for the coming season.


Sam Johnstone was a very surprising highlight for Bean and his side, it is obvious to anyone with a footballing brain, that Johnstone is not going to fight Rulli for the starting spot, but what the former Manchester United player showed this pre-season, will be a positive for all fans.

Some fans, were worried that he did not have the ability to play in the Bundesliga, so if Rulli was to get injured or suspended, they would struggle to keep clean sheets. However, Johnstone played some great 45 minutes spells throughout the pre-season, showing off his aerial prowess, his shot stopping ability and his command of his area.

A big highlight was how quickly Neves and Pogba have intergrated into the sides, with midfielders and strikers, there is always a chance that they don't fit the style of play of their fellow players as quickly as you might want. However these two major signings, are not one of those players, as they have appeared to settle into the team almost as if they were part of this side for many years.

Of course the biggest highlight of pre-season is the penalty shoot out win over Wolfsburg, in the German Super Cup, meaning that Bean and his side get their hands on yet more silverware. It will also mean a bit to them personally as Wolfsburg knocked them out of the DFB-Pokal semi-finals last season, in a hard fought 1-0 win. So Bean got some form revenge over Wolfsburg.

My personal summary

It was great to win the Super Cup, especially against Wolfsburg t gain some little slither of revenge. But what I am most pleased at his how the new signings have integrated themselves, but also, how every single first team player has come back fully fit, not needing any extended breaks.

It meant our pre-season could go unhindered as well as letting me rotate my squad as much as I wanted.

Next up with have a minnow in the German Cup 1st round and then the UEFA Super Cup, but of course due to the stature difference, expect an update on the Super Cup and not the first round of the cup!


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