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Rebirth of the Emerald Isle: The Dublin Project

Started on 9 June 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 27 June 2016 by Griffo
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As many of you remember I had two pretty good databases/stories that involved the Republic of Ireland in past FM games here. These have been so much fun playing and telling the story that I felt a FM16 version would be good.

This database made Ireland revert back to the season way that the majority of Europe operates under. Well I have done it again and this time it is more improved and that it pretty much mimics the current Scottish system. You will see later on what I am talking about.

Here are the links of the previous stories to catch you all up on this.
FM14 story
FM15 Story

Authors note: I will be using a few of the opening post from the previous two stories to kick off the story. They will be updated though with some changes.

Well this story will be club focused and you will see updates from all over the place. I will have updates form the point of views of ownership, coaching staff, players and fans. You will see the usual media type of post as well. Even there will be post from the FAI and League offices.

Without further adieu.......................Let's get this party started!!!


  • Not lose to a Northern Ireland club in any competition
  • Develop top players and keep them in the nation
  • Become the number 1 club in the world
  • Qualify for Europa League
  • Qualify for Champions League
  • Win Champions League
  • Win Europa League
  • Win the CWC
  • Win Champions League in Dublin
  • Become a top 10 league in the world
  • Become the number 1 club in the world
  • Become the best coach in the league as well as my nationality

Trophies and Awards


Good luck mate should be an interesting follow!
Good luck, it's party time!
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FAI Press Release for 05/16/2014

The Football Association of Ireland is proud to announce a historic change to the structure of football in the country. Starting in the Summer of 2015 we will be changing the calendar for football. For the past several years the country has operated on a Spring to Fall schedule.From 2015 on The League of Ireland will be operating on a Summer to Spring schedule.

"In order to compete with the elite clubs in Europe we need to be on their level, by changing the calendar we feel this will be one small step towards a brighter future."-Paddy McCaul, president of the FAI.

Having Ireland move to the common calendar will assist in creating a better and brighter future for club and country. One day we hope to be a league in the same conversation as some of the well known leagues through out Europe. The development and retention of Irish players is the number one goal. Also to provide a chance for the national team to be competitive year after year and have a higher chance of qualifying for the World Cup.

Goals and objectives of this plan:
  • Qualify for the 2018,2022 and future World Cups on a regular basis
  • Develop youth and keep them in the country
  • Develop the League of Ireland so clubs become competitive in all European Competitions
  • Globalize the Irish brand of football

For this the 2015 champion will be decided in a tournament that will run from March 2015 to May 2015. All other cups will be continued as usual. Please stay tuned to for more information pertaining this ground breaking announcement.
Change is for the best here i think :P
Good luck!
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New Structure Announcement

1 July 2014

This past February we made one of the most important announcements in FAI history. The announcement back then was about a change in the direction of football in the country. After months of meetings we have finally came up with a system that will launch Ireland to the top. Each league will have one automatic promotion with a playoff to determine the other spot.

The League of Ireland Premier Division will have twelve teams facing each other three times each until the league splits in two and each team will play each other one more time to determine the European qualification places.

Bellow is the league structure made up of four divisions known as the League of Ireland. Below the LOI is the Irish Lower Leagues. The Lower Leagues will not be a part of the LOI System except for possibly Irish Division 4, that is still to be determined. The three winners of the Province Premier Leagues will face off in a playoff to determine a participant with the last placed team in League Two.

If you haven't noticed we have been working closely with the Scottish Professional Football League in creating this system. It was the best possible system that we could incorporate and it has been really successful for them.

SSE Airtricity Premier League (12 teams)
SSE Airtricity Championship (10 teams)
SSE Airtricity League One (10 teams)
SSE Airtricity League Two(10 teams)
Irish Lower Leagues Levels 5-9

All cups will be the same as once before. The FAI Cup now is expanded to 90 teams, all teams from the top 5 divisions and the winners of every major league under. Next the EA Sports Cup will include all 42 clubs of the League of Ireland. Next is the FAI Umbro Intermediate Cup, a cup where the 30 clubs of the Championship, League One and League Two face off against each other, the two champions of the fifth division will also be apart of the competition. Finally the President's cup will continue to be the Irish Super Cup.

Competition Dates for 2015/16 season

Airtricity Premier League 01/08/15-21/05/16
Airtricity Championship 08/08/15-30/04/16
Airtricity League 1 08/08/15-30/04/16
Airtricity League 2 08/08/15-30/04/16
Irish Shield 31/07/15
FAI Cup 15/08/15-21/05/15
EA Sports Cup 01/08/15-13/03/16
FAI Intermediate Cup 25/07/15-10/04/16

Youth Football

On the youth side of things the U19 Elite and Premier Divisions will feature the 42 clubs that are members of the League of Ireland. They will also be competing for the Coca Cola Junior Cup. With the expansion of the youth program in the republic teams will have a better chance in finding the talent that will assist in the growth of football. Their season will run between August and April.


On 26 May the board of directors of both the FAI and League of Ireland along with representatives of each club came together in Dublin to ratify a new constitution of the future of the sport in the country. With this the way we will see football in the country has been radically changed. Here are a few of the major bylaws that were passed during the convention.

For more information please visit
Good luck man, will be following. looks good so far, be interesting to see what relation those girls have to the story :))
Totally changing the domestic scene, interesting!
ImDonkey We will see haha

Griffo Yeah and I hope that it can attract better players and keep the Irish youth in Ireland

A Businessman's Dream

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Patrick Lynch and I am a 33 year old business man who loves his sports. Soccer has always been a passion of mine and I have had dreams of being involved with the sport somehow someway and this is the perfect opportunity, to run a club. Yes being rich and running a club these days is seen as a sin against “modern football” but I don’t care as I actually care about the club and not using this as a toy like many others.

Like I said owning a football club has been one of my biggest dreams and something that I have always wanted to do. Now that I struck it big with my business I feel it is time to do something big. I want this club to become the envy of the Emerald Isle.

What has gotten me to this point is I am a proud Irishman who hates seeing all of our best players move abroad and that it seems that the domestic league is no longer anything special. I am glad the FAI has finally got their heads out of their asses and changed things.

It was one of those cool summer evenings here in Dublin as I am getting prepared for a very important meeting with The Dublin County Board of the GAA. I am here to propose something so radical that they might run me out of the city. I have been a supporter of Dublin GAA since I was a little kid and even to this day I have helped donate to this club and make sure it is the best of all 32 counties in Ireland. Maybe that will help with getting this idea passed.

I arrive about 15 minutes early to collect my thoughts as I will be meeting with the counties board of directors and to be honest I am very nervous. I hope they will support this. While waiting I look over my notes on what I will be presenting, I feel ready. A bit later it is time to make my presentation.

Here is part of the transcript of what I had presented:

During the meeting they kept asking why don’t I front the bill and create a club myself, well I could do that but I want to be the pioneer in bringing the GAA and FAI together. I know it is a long shot but hell you got to start somewhere.

Well surprisingly the members of the board though that would be a good idea and that they will discuss this with the main GAA. I hope they do accept this and that we can start something big. I have in mind a few people that I would like to be members of my board. Hopefully I can hear something soon and that we can get the ball rolling on this project.
Great update! Looking good so far

The Start of Something Big

It is mid-October and time is starting to run out. I have been communicating with the Dublin GAA board nonstop about my little project and things are going good but my god it is taking a long time. Apparently the FAI set a deadline for this upcoming May to announce what clubs will be part of the League of Ireland outside of the current clubs in the two divisions.

We need to get our application in by December if we want to be in the LoI if we can’t make the deadline, it is the lower leagues. The thing is I don’t care what division we are in as long as this club can operate. If somehow it is rejected then it is time to do everything from scratch. I really do not want to have that happen as the partnership with the Dublin GAA will make life easier.

Anyways I am here at another meeting on the progress. These are starting to get very annoying and I am starting to get frustrated, it is the same thing every week, I guess this week is different. I was informed that the GAA had accepted our proposal and will allow the Dublin GAA to operate a soccer team. Apparently we are not the only GAA side to ask for this to happen and they are only going to give a limited amount of licenses to allow soccer as part of the clubs or boards.

It is time for us to come up with a club name and all of that. I want to avoid the club being called Cumann Luthchleas Gael Dublin and I want something very unique that jumps out and gets us noticed. The good thing is that we already have a logo as we will be using the Dublin GAA crest. The colours will be what they use, Sky Blue and Navy Blue.

I now have a lot of work to do and I need to do it first. First thing I need to do is hire a manager.
Nice to see they agreed with you to create a club or it would have been a very short story :P
Exciting stuff, new manager on the way too!

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