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Born and Bred: Colchester United

Started on 14 March 2017 by ScottT
Latest Reply on 31 August 2017 by De Magere
Jack- Knoyle is brilliant and what we need for sure, it gives Brindley competition when he returns too!

Justice- I expect them to benefit the squad for sure, fantastic players.

MJK- Which one? ;)

Dover loan Doyley

Out of favour defender Lloyd Doyley has exited The Weston Homes Community Stadium this morning after joining National League side Dover Athletic on loan until the end of the season.

The 34 year old joined Colchester in the Summer under the management of John McGreal who later left and was replaced the 'unexperienced' Paddy McLaughlin, who later made his intentions clear that the Jamaican had no place in the squad for the rest of the season. Since, the Irish manager made the decision to actively seek for a destination to run out the rest of his contract, which expires in under 6 months time.

Dover, who are sat 10th in the National League and 5 points off the playoff places, will pay 40% of Doyley's wages as part of the deal. Athletic manager Neil Young said the following as he announced the deal, "Lloyd is a fantastic defender and will help us in our quest of chasing those playoff places. He has been very unlucky in past few years with a number of injuries although we hope he can keep stay healthy for the rest of the season."

"We look to turn over a new leaf, last season we reached the playoffs in just our second season at this level, under Chris of course. Since I've come in changes have been made at the club as we try to move on and push for promotion once again but ensure the job is done."

"We needed an experienced head and Lloyd is the perfect man for the job. It's been very clear that his time is over at Colchester, which is a blow to him mentally of course but come what may he knows he has game time here."

Another man has left Colchester on loan also, Cameron James has joined Gateshead, also of the National League on loan and Alex Wynter makes a trio of loans to Non-League sides as he goes to Tranmere Rovers. McLaughlin stated that the deals are 'best for the club' and 'will provide them with the game time they need.'
Thank God for that, I could tell that Doyley was spreading some negativity across the squad but thankfully he won't be bothering the other lads until he comes back. Should see him out until the end of his deal at Colchester, as well as save a bit of money on his wages too!
Jack: He was so it's a benefit to get rid of him and we won't ever see him again, his deal is out soon and that won't be getting renewed for sure.

J – Jack
M – Michael
K – Kevin
B – Balik
C – Charlotte
JW – Jim White
J: Welcome to FM Scout Transfer Deadline Day where we will cover all the day's action of transfer deals as the window closes at 11pm tonight! We have our team sent out across the country as we expect a lot of action here tonight.

JW: That is very true Jack! A Deadline Day wouldn't be right without me so I thought I'd come along, -whispers- nothing to do with the money offered at all.

J: -laughs- Of course Jim, now let's head off to Blackpool and Bloomfield Road where we'll join Balik.

-Cuts to Balik, who is standing outside the ground unaware he is on air-

B: A Danish pastry and a coffee please, yes. Hey, did I ever tell you the time I burnt a guys face on a BBQ?

J: Err, Balik? You're live!

B: Yeah, he hasn't come back since- oh fuck! Hello Jack and audience... Yes, we are at Blackpool where the business has been conducted very early on in the day here. Carlos Edwards has joined on a free whilst Lee Williamson has joined until the end of the season from Championship outfit Burton Albion. I'm Danish and know fuck all about the two, so don't ask for anymore information... Back to the studio!

J: Thanks... very much Balik. Well Jim, what do you make of the deals?

JW: Two very good signings from the Seasiders but I have to say with them I believe they're preparing for another season at this level. The two simply aren't, in my eyes, good enough for League One football and with them currently sat in mid-table I think they're just content with that finish. The positive signs are still there though, two solid signings. Also in my very unbias view... OYSTON OUT!

J: OYSTON OUT! OYSTON OUT! OYSTON OUT! Now that's said... Shall we head off to Colchester and meet the wonderful Charlotte. Charlotte are you there?

C: -Applying makeup to her face- Fuck sake, I still can't believe they dragged me out of bed so early to report on crap all at Colchester it's a joke. I could be at home eating Belgian chocolate or whatever but no, I have to stand in like 4 degree cold for the next god knows how long!

J: Will anyone ever be prepared for a report? CHARLOTTE HELLO YOU ARE LIVE!

C: -Talking through gritted teeth- Hello and good afternoon to everyone I am stood in the FREEZING COLD HERE IN COLCHESTER for you all to REPORT ON NOTHING. Actually, screw it I'm out of here. This is a joke I'm going back to bed and enjoying my day with some chocolate. Nothing to report.

J: -shaking head- Someone will have to replace her... anyway...

JW: More deals have happened over the course of the hour in League Two as the tally has been taken to 11 deals. We'll begin with Barnet who have brought in the striker Tom Rosenthal from Rotherham for the next five months and also Spurs midfielder Zenon Stylianides also.

J: One in, one out at Carlisle as Lee Ashton departs to Annan and Greg Taylor arrives from Sunderland until the end of the season. Nathan Doyle has joined Grimsby on a free after being released by Luton Town and Josh Dacres-Cogley has joined The Hatters also on loan.

JW: Leyton Orient who are struggling at the bottom end of the table have loaned in Barnsley winger Ryan Hedges, who has previously had spells at Yeovil, until the end of the season as they look to turn around their horrible form and finally Layton Ndukwu has left The King Power Stadium to join Notts County for the remainder of the season whilst Stevenage have brought in Dutch full back Dennis Dengering on a free transfer.

J: We've checked to see if he's ready and he is... so we'll head to Kevin who joins us in Doncaster.

K: Good evening, yes evening! The time has gone by very quickly today as we approach the deadline and behind me you'll see the reception door is constantly being opened and closed yet no deals have been made here at The Keepmoat. Obviously Liam Mandeville left to join Hull City earlier on in the window for a fee that could rise to £1.1M but it doesn't seem that he is going to be replaced. However, I feel like something could be in the works here so expect to hear back from me.

J: We actually got through a report, that's a bloody miracle!

JW: -laughing-

J: It wasn't that funny...

JW: No, look at the breaking news. -harder laughing-

J: Excuse the very unprofessional laughing.. Stefan Broccoli-

JW: -trying to keep the laughing contained- Sorry.

J: ...Has joined Barnet until the end of the season from Newcastle, a very surprising move there from Barnet as they have pulled off another very good deal today, I would say they are the winners of the day today for sure! Only ONE hour to go until the window slams shut let's head off to The Keepmoat again to meet Kevin for the latest.

K: I have been told that nothing is happening here tonight and I can head off home, so I might just do that!

Doncaster fan: COME ON THE ROVERS! -jumps on Kevin's back- LET'S GO MATE!

K: It appears someone has made a bit too much to drink-


K: I think it's better if we go back to you in the studio..

Doncaster fan: GWARN JIM!

J: It seems you have a fan there, Jim.

JW: I have lots of fans, unlike you.

J: Shut up, I have loads mate.

JW: Hmm, of course.

J: -punches Jim and gathers papers straightening them- Well the window is about to close-

-11pm strikes-

J: And there we go, Deadline Day is over and as is my job here at FM Scout. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.
Trust Balik to be.... Balik
Great story and I am still shocked Doyley has left. What a player
I'm in love with your story so far mate.... I'm very hyped :D
Balik has to be Balik, hasn't he? Very nice writing though... seriously, as I said earlier, you're better than fucking J.K. Rowling mate <3 ;)
Justice- I tried to portray him the best I could... ;)

Redvee- Doyley is awful nowadays sadly!

Jim- Thanks mate, I wish that was true because I'd be rolling in the money in that case!
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT
3 yearsEdited

January Results

Colchester United - Cheltenham Town

Colchester United - Carlisle United

Newport County - Colchester United

Exeter City - Colchester United

Colchester United – Wycombe Wanderers

League Two Table

Seems that month was a "success"... Keep this up and you'll be promoted in no time :D
Congrats on achieving safety!
Soooo um, I still didn't get my coffee and pastry.... But great run, shame on the lose vs Wycombe
Only just seen the Deadline Day update and what a read that was :)) Representation of Balik was spot on in my opinion, and I'm looking forward to the assault charges Jim White will press :P

In terms of the monthly update, what a turnaround! Great performances from the lads - coincidentally as Doyley leaves (aka I was right :) ). Keep it up buddy!
Jim- Thanks mate, we need to keep it up for sure since some of the teams in mid-table are slowly making their way up the table!

Justice- That 50 points mark in sacred ;)

Balik- You don't deserve it that's why ;)

Jack- I'm glad everyone liked the representation of Balik haha. I'm sure Jim wouldn't do that, he's too kind.. ;) Doyley was the problem for sure, got to keep the harmony in the squad!

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