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Born and Bred: Colchester United

Started on 14 March 2017 by ScottT
Latest Reply on 31 August 2017 by De Magere

September Review

Colchester United - Exeter City

Colchester United - Blackpool

Barnet - Colchester United

Colchester United – Accrington Stanley

Crawley Town - Colchester United

League Two Table


Aston Villa - Colchester United

Doing great in the league man
Some strong form in the league mate, which at the end of the day is arguably more important than a cup run even if the performance was storng versus Villa!
MJK- Thanks mate, we sure are.

Griffin- Aye I agree, the main aim is promotion back to League One at the first attempt.


The title really is the word I'd use to describe the past month of September as we have really progressed together as a squad, dropping just 2 points in the league from 15. Kicked started with a 2-1 win against Exeter, who were a tougher task than expected. We took a two goal lead into half time but throughout the second half they really put the pressure on and when the game came it seemed likely a second would follow, however we just about kept Paul Tisdale's at bay.

Next followed another home game to Blackpool, who were relegated alongside us last season. They have continued their protests throughout the season and perhaps it's been playing a part in the mentality on the pitch as they were continuing to struggle in the new season. We went on to win 1-0 after a lote goal from Sean Murray but we simply weren't good enough up front. It's evident we are missing Chris Porter and the chopping and changing we are having to make due to injury is having a slight affect. I can't complain though, three points at the end of the day.

We then travelled to Barnet for our first away game of the month. One of the sides who are predicted for the drop this season, they have a lot to prove to the doubters and thus far they simply haven't been good enough. Yet, they took an early lead as the deadly John Akinde found a breakthrough after some lax defending. Bradley Fewster found a quick reply, his first goal this season which was good to see. He is someone predicted for a bright future, he just needs to find some confidence and that should be the start of that I hope.

Brennan Dickenson would make it 2-1 but ultimately at half time we would go in level as our defence once again collapsed and allowed Jack Taylor to get inside the box and place the ball home from close range. Kurtis Guthrie would come on at half time due to the injury of Fewster and would in fact be the goalscorer to ensure we left with maximum points after a wonderful effort from range hit the underside of the bar and in.

Next up was the historic night mentioned previously against Villa. To reiterate it was a night that no Colchester fan will forget, we went into the game huge underdogs despite wins over Cardiff and Middlesbrough in previous rounds and the story behind our journey to this round was described as 'magical' by many pundits. In the end, as seen in a previous update to this, we went on to lose 4-1 but took an early lead that sent ripples away Villa Park. We'll look back on this game with fine memory, despite the end result.

We then got back into league season with a game at home to Accrington Stanley, a side made famous due to an advert in the UK in which featured the line, 'Accrington Stanley, who are they?' 'Exactly.' Please, watch it on YouTube it's a great advert. Anyway, adverts aside they were a tough side having finished in the playoffs last season, a shock to many a football fan as well as their own. An extra time defeat would mean they remained in the league for this season.

Sean Murray was clearly in the goalscoring mood, he couldn't be stopped and went on to score his third goal in four games as we took an early lead. Accrington, known for the passion and resilience put into the club from the board, fans and even manager John Coleman, would turn the game right around with goals from Sean McConville and then Shay McCartan with 6 minutes to go. However, Bradley Fewster who made a return from his injury sustained against Barnet would score an injury time equaliser and ensure we would be taking a point from the game.

The month was wrapped up with a tough test to Crawley Town, a side who had not been the most stable club in recent years. They enjoyed a meteoric rise from the Conference to League One with a famous FA Cup game to Manchester United slotted in the middle of the back-to-back promotions. But as the money began to dry up, the club plummeted and would soon be relegated and last season would go on to finish 20th in the league.

Today was a difficult game as mentioned and it would be – both sides couldn't force a way through and the only opportunity in the game would be a late one in the 92nd minute as the ball found it's way through to substitute Kurtis Guthrie who, similarly to the previous game, meant we would find a goal in stoppage time but instead of leaving with just a point, we would pick up an extra two and lift ourselves into the automatic promotion places going into a busy October.
Good job getting in the promotion playoff zone
Is it too early to start singing, we are going up? ;)
MJK- Thanks mate, hopefully stay there from now!

Griffin- Perhaps... though it's up to you. ;)

Cold Sweat

I was coming home from the Crawley game when I checked my phone to see a text from Crystal saying 'I have news when you get here.' I panicked briefly, thinking the worst but then composed myself and thought it was just perhaps some little minor thing that may have occurred whilst I was leading Colchester to another three points over the afternoon. Oh how I was proving my doubters wrong, I can't hide how happy I am about doing that thus far.

It was playing on my mind as we got closer to home – I think it's just human nature to assume the worst of situations and it proved so here, maybe it's just me. The squad mostly live around the Colchester area so we all take the club bus to the ground and depart from there, I much prefer to be with the players because we can share a joke or two and enjoy ourselves to make the time go by. I'm a people's manager and I've said that from the start – it's always a huge plus to be able to get amongst the lads and join in with the jokes and be a friend as well as a authority figure.

All journey home all I could hear were the laughs as Sean Murray was being teased over a few texts exchanged between him and his apparent new girlfriend. His phone was taken by one of the boys who came across the messages and hadn't let up since. Luckily, Sean was a great guy and usually would be dishing out this sort of banter so it was good to see him getting it for once. Regardless that text from Crystal was still on my mind and so I texted a few friends to try and take my mind off it.

We arrived back at our own ground and so I got into the taxi ordered for me to go home and meet the inpending news. I went through the door and Crystal looked at me with a little sad look and told me to sit down before doing so herself next to me. "So I got some news... I wanted to tell you straight away but I needed to make sure it was right before I did." The panic through my body was something else, I was rooted to the part of the sofa and a cold sweat was going down my body. "Tell me..." I stammered out. She laughed and half screamed out, "I'm pregnant!" All I could do was look in shock but deep down I was as happy as she were. We hadn't been together long but we both knew this was something we both wanted.

"I can't believe you had me worrying like that," I said to her, "The whole way home I was in a state of panic thinking something had happened or even worse you were going to end our relationship or something else. I really don't know what was going on and then you hit me with that news, Jesus don't do that to me!" Crystal laughed, "Well I didn't want to tell you over a text did I? That's not my style, you should know that."

The rest of the night went perfectly, we were both still overjoyed with the news and she shown me the little pregnancy test kit she used with the confirmation on it. My mum was informed straight away, I couldn't not tell her else she would have found a way herself and gone crazy for me not informing her. Mum was good at that, there would be no possible way for her to find something out yet she would somehow do it. We did the same for her parents, who to be honest are fantastic people and are very much like her daughter in the same way they are kind-hearted people.

To think how life has changed so suddenly really does show that it can be changed in a matter of moments with no explanation at all and it's a challenge to see whether you can handle what's thrown at you. It's a boxing match where you have no protection and you're getting the punches and jabs flying at you. Some may say we're naïve for doing this so early, but some would say it was love at first sight. With that cringy line out the way, I head off for October's games ready for what's ahead and as for Crystal? She'll prepare for eight long months, shame.

Author's Notes

This update is very much the start of some off the pitch 'storylines' that was an idea thought of by watching too many soaps (blame my girlfriend) and it just adds more realism to the story I feel since I will leaving out the perhaps... unrealistic stories portrayed by the soaps and make it more interesting. You'll see what I mean in the near future.
These little stories are a good idea, keeps a good flow to the story and above all: you're a great writer so you can pull it off ;)
Damn dude I thought she was going to tell you that she was leaving for a dude in Paris haha. Nice write up and it is nice too see the personal life of a manager.
Jack- Much appreciated ;)

MJK- Hmm, that would have been a twist and a half...
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT
7 yearsEdited

A Different View

The days go by during this pregnancy and I can't help but be haunted by the past experiences I've gone through in the past. I sit down writing this with candle light beside me, looking at Patrick across the hall on one of his days off the training ground, knowing some dark things that I cannot ever forget.

The tale begins back some years ago when myself and my older sister Megan were strolling beside the beach, I was nothing than a naive teenager whereas she was becoming a strong and independent woman who I was very much in awe of. She was something special to me, she was a person I had always connected with and we had such a tight relationship growing up. I couldn't have wished for anything better – between her and my parents it was a really tight family unit and the day things would change would kill me.

It was a late evening, the sun was setting seemingly behind the lush blue waves hitting the shore and calmness rung out. A summer's night, a slight breeze with so little thought of life and we were stress free. I remember the words she told me, 'Crystal, you know I love you don't you?'

'Of course I do,' I questioned her, why did she need such reassurance after the day we had together and the fun we had.

'I'm going to go away for a little while, a little break with some friends. Don't worry, I'll keep in contact with you, yeah?'

'Um, yeah sure.' I told her, with little thought to the original words she told me.

Who would have guessed from a conversation like this my whole life would change before me, in a matter of hours.

The memories came flushing back, she was telling me how she dreamed of having a relationship with the boy of her dreams and having a child in her arms. It's all she ever wanted after the poisonous affair she was involved in with her ex boyfriend, who cheated on her behind her own back. She was left questioning herself and the roles reversed from the many years I felt the same, instead I was helping her through the dark times.

The dark times are what we call the days where she would question her purpose. This whole relationship and the fact she was cheated on made her feel worthless, rejected and unappreciated. I couldn't understand why she felt this way, but why he would do this to her too. Megan was a beautiful person, on the inside and out, she had blonde hair that matched a perfect smile. I was jealous of her, everything about her, she would tell me I was being silly and to accept myself for who I am and to look in the mirror and realise I am something special. So to see the tears roll down her cheeks most nights, knowing the trauma she felt hit me deep.

After many months, she was helped by the support of the whole family who taught her to be strong. We as a family always had one another and this was a perfect example, nothing was going to come between us and break us apart. That's what makes this whole situation the more upsetting...
FEel like this story is taking a more sinister turn mate, just hope the results don't go the same way!
Hollywood called mate, said they wanted Scott T to direct their new blockbuster ;) All seriousness, I'm captivated by this story by you mate, keep it up.

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