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Matteo Koning - A Dream.

The story of Matteo Koning, once a great winger now struggling to get into the coaching area of football.
Started on 10 July 2017 by De Magere
Latest Reply on 30 August 2017 by mgriffin2012
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Two very well written posts man, this story is getting better and better and a good month for AZ too!
A late push for European qualification?
A decent month there, a shame about the Willem II result. Matteo and AZ are showing signs of progression!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

April 2017/2018

Matteo Koning

Heading in to the final month I'm happy how it's going here in Alkmaar. Results are coming in, although I feel we still struggle from time to time. Hopefully next year we will move forward and winning matches that we are supposed to win instead of drawing them allot.

Positive about my future here, I really believe we can win the title next year. But first focusing on our last game vs Ajax and then the battle for Europe.



0-0 vs FC Groningen (H). 08/04/2018
AFAS Stadion, Attendance: 13,660 (Away: 330)

With our million dollar signing Ghezzal send of in the '42 minute, happy with the draw. Hopefully he will score more then he get cards.

Kasper Larsen, 7.4/10 - FC Groningen

2-4 vs Almere City (A). 13/04/2018
Yanmar Stadion, Attendance: 2,864 (Away: 143)

Crazy, crazy match. Going up 0-3 within the half our mark, I thought we are cruising trough this. Almere got 2 back ('47 and 59' minute) and with Luckassen getting a red card in the '74 minute I thought we are going to give away the points. But Rodney Kongolo sealed us the deal by scoring the 2-4. Both Dos Santos and Kongolo got a goal and a assist.

Dos Santos, 8.6/10 - AZ Alkmaar

1-1 vs PEC Zwolle (H). 22/04/2018
AFAS Stadion, Attendance: 16,412 (Away: 240)

Really frustrating match. By far the better side, but only getting one point from it. And who's cores a absolute screamer for them? Levi Garcia, the man on loan from AZ to gain Eredivisie experience. Yeah..

Hopefully we will bounce back, because there is a chance of us playing PEC in the playoff for Europe.

Garcia, 8.1/10 - PEC Zwolle


mgriffin2012 - Thanks, I'm trying to improve myself everyday! Next year is gonna be amazing with more reports, news, match analyses, ect.. !

Justice - We qualified for the play offs. Number four wil play number 7 and number 5 plays number 6. Winner plays each other in 2 matches. Winner goes to the third qualifying round for Europa League. We are still in this!

ScottT - Real shame, but I'm certain we will get there in the end. Moving forward is the only way.

Previous Update: #27 March 2017/2018
Next Update: #29 AZ victorious in the battle of Amsterdam
Damn it Levi!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

AZ victorious in battle of Amsterdam


In a real goal thriller, AZ was victorious against Ajax. Winning it in the last seconds, AZ can go in to the Europa play offs with a good form. Securing the fourth place on the final day, they avoid playing against Feyenoord and PSV and will play number seven PEC Zwolle. Ajax is done playing and finished third.

AZ came out flying in the Johan Cruijff Arena, putting pressure on Ajax and trying to dictate play. It played out well in the first 20 minutes of the game. With a goal in the '14 minute from non other than Dos Santos, AZ was cruising. But Ajax wouldn't be Ajax when they grabbed possession and dominated from there on out. AZ struggled and it resulted in a fantastic 20 yard strike from Andre Andre.

AZ learned from there mistakes against Feyenoord and let Ajax play there game for the rest of the half and focus on the counter attack. With Haps retaking the ball on there own half, he played it on to Ghezzal. Who dribbled past two Ajax players before giving it back to Haps, who was running down the left and to surprise Onana with a smart ball between the goalkeepers legs.

Being 1-2 up in Amsterdam, AZ showed there ability to adapt in game and to learn from mistakes made in the past. Letting Ajax win the battle for possession only to set up your own players perfectly for the chances that will come.

But Ajax came out super hot in the second half. With Cerny scoring the equalizer it was Ajax's game. Dominating, without creating many chances Ajax became tired around the 75 minute and AZ took full advantage of that. Releasing a last offence to take home 3 points.

Ghezzal receiving the ball on the edge of the area, Ajax was in trouble. Dancing around the defenders all game long and already on 1 assist, he was looking for the opening for the shot. But it wasn't the goal he found, in a brilliant move it looked like he was gonna shoot, but he played it off to Hateboer who was making a run on the right. Receiving the ball, Hateboer smashed it in tot he top corner to make it 2-3 in favor of AZ. Celebrating with the traveled fans and players, and the staff.

When the referee blew the whistle, it wasn’t the fourth place that Matteo achieved to accomplish, it wasn’t that he will face PEC Zwolle instead of Feyenoord or PSV. It was the brilliance that he led his team adapt in game, winning away from home, in Amsterdam, in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Staying undefeated in 6 games against Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV, AZ looks on fire.

With the next 2 games against PEC Zwolle, while Feyenoord play PSV. We are exited how his team will play against a team that wants to play on the counter and AZ needs to take control. They showed they can do it in some matches this year, but overall on the counter they where the better side.


Justice - We have to face him again, twice!

Previous Update: #28 April2017/2018
Next Update: #30 First playoff match ends in a draw
A fantastic win there, hopefully we can continue this good run you're on!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

First playoff match ends in a draw


AZ really needs to push on and improve if they want any chance of qualifying for the second round of the playoff. At home, they couldn’t do anything against PEC Zwolle who was defensively almost perfect. With a away goal for Zwolle, Matteo really needs to think of something for the return match in Zwolle.

Struggling from the first minute, AZ didn't look themselves. The visitors took full advantage off that problem. PEC let them have the ball land looked fort he counter. It worked out, because in the ’20 minute Allessandro Bastoni could easily go towards Piet Velthuizen and score the first goal of the game.

AZ trying to make a quick equalizer, PEC created another 2 chances to make it two already, but they failed to do so. AZ Had one good opportunity with Ghezzal just shooting wide of the target but that was it fort he first half. PEC was cruising at this point. Already score dan away goal and AZ that couldn’t create anything, it couldn't go wrong for PEC.

In the second half AZ came out with a different formation with Wout as a real targetman that needed to link up the play and play a more kick and rush. Trying to confuse the Zwolle defense with one target and multiple players like Ghezzal and Dos Santos moving freely around Wout.

And it did his job, by Wout holding off 2 defenders, Ghezzal and Dos Santos creating space for Fred Friday to make it level in Alkmaar. With a brilliant move he got passed Schenkeveld and put it into the back of the net. It was the perfect response by the Alkmaar side tot here poor play in the first half.

After that it was anyone’s game, but AZ where in control. Creating a handful of good chances, it wasn’t to be. It ended in a draw and AZ was the most luckiest. With a even score, AZ have some hope, although PEC has the away goal. It’s going to be one hell of a match when AZ travel to Zwolle.


ScottT – Fantastic way to end the Eredivisie season, now trying to get that Europa ticket!

Previous Update: #29 AZ victorious in the battle of Amsterdam
Next Update: #31 AZ trough to second round on awaygoals
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

AZ trough to second round on away goals


In another even match-up, AZ managed to go trough on away goals. Despite hitting the woodwork twice, Dos Santos and Weghorst cancel out Unal’s double strike. AZ now face Feyenoord in the final of the playoff for European football.

In another even match, AZ managed to hold on. Starting in the same 4-2-2-2 formation like the week before, they managed to control the game more than a few days ago. But it was non other then Enes Unal that would open the score for PEC Zwolle in the MAC3PARK.

Dribbling past Debuchy like it was nothing, he opens up space fort he shot and Piet Velthuizen had no chance stopping it from the Manchester City striker on loan. After that AZ fired a numerous of shots , but couldn't create a single clear cut change in the first half. Going in to half time with a 1-0 lead, PEC looked like the could upset AZ and Matteo and still ending there season in a failure.

But non other then the man who is really accelerating under Matteo, Dos Santos made it level just after half time. Hitting it at 25 yards out, Mickey van der Hart had no chance in saving that one. Another brilliant performance from the forward. Getting that crucial away goal, AZ where not in a better place. Still, with this score it would go to extra time. But only 3 minutes later it was PEC who took another lead.

Getting the lead over AZ fort he third time in 2 matches, Unal was there to punish Debuchy for his poor performance. Not a surprise as Debuchy can’t seem to find his form in Alkmaar at all. Making the task for AZ even harder to progress, as they need to score another goal. But with PEC on fire, it was never going to be easy. Surprising the Netherlands and AZ with there performance.

Only to fall to AZ, conceding for the fourth time after going up, Wout Weghorst scored a header in the ’66 minute to make it level again in Zwolle. With 2 away goals, AZ would go trough if the scores remain the same. And for the first time in two matches, PEC needed to make the play as AZ could counter them on there own turf. That is exactly what happened.

Failing to make it 3 for the Alkmaar side, despite hitting the woodwork twice It ended in a draw. PEC couldn’t make the play, in the end there plan worked for 156 minutes. Real shame to fall 24 minutes until the final whistle. PEC is done for the season, finishing seventh on the table and losing in the first round of the Europe play off.

AZ will face Feyenoord, who won 4-0 on aggregate against PSV. Winning both matches two goals to zero. With Feyenoord on form and AZ struggling to win matches, it’s going to be two hell of a matches. Will AZ recover just in time for the final clash or will Feyenoord save there season by going to Europe next season?

Previous Update: #30 First playoff match ends in a draw
Next Update: #32 First round K.O. for AZ?
No doubt you have a big big game ahead of you, good luck!
Just about squeezing through! Good luck in the next round/game.
Great to see you making progress in the Play Offs and looking like securing European football
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

First round K.O. for AZ?


Feyenoord did some good business in the first face off match for Europe. Winning 0-2 in Alkmaar, they have a solid lead. AZ on the other hand can look at there attack for failing. With a even match, Feyenoord scoring two came as a blow. Allot of work to be done for the return.

With Haps to tired to play, the young Melle Springer needed to fill in the gap that Haps left. Being injured for most of the season, Matteo responded with getting van Nieff, who can’t seem to find his form in Alkmaar.

Starting slow, the first 10 minutes the teams waiting for each other to make the first move. And Feyenoord did just that. In the ’15 minute Yura Movsisyan escaped from Melle Springer and rushed to Velthuizen, scoring the first goal of the game. With a well placed shot, he suprised Velthuizen at the far post. Trailing already, AZ had a bigger challenge. Remembering the game in the Kuip, Feyenoord can play on the counter like no other.

With both teams having some chances in the first half, nothing really exciting happened. Really holding each other from scoring, it was a boring game. Tactic wise it was a great match from both managers, getting there squads ready to compete against each other. And they did just that by keeping each other out of play. With Feyenoord being the luckiest by a good move from there striker

AZ tried to came out flying like they did in other games at the first whistle, but it was Feyenoord who surprised AZ on a razer sharp counter play by Dirk Kuyt and Yura Movsisyan, with Movsisyan moving the scoreboard fort he second time in the match, making it 0-2 for the Rotterdam squad.

AZ tried to come back with some good chances for Fred Friday and Weghorst. But with Ghezzal coming off injured and the Japanese player Okugawa, with his first first team spot under Matteo under preforming it wasn’t the game for AZ.

After the final whistle you saw the dissapointment. With a solid fourth place on the table, saving the season just a little. Qualifing for Europe would be the cream on the cake fort he squad and Matteo. Feyenoord on the other hand, won there third game with two goals to zero in the playoff in a row. Looking ready as ever for the play offs, with AZ struggling this hard. We can’t see them coming back in a sold out Kuip in a few days.


Justice - The biggest in my career, by far!

ScottT - I need it now..

mgriffin2012 - Off all teams Feyenoord are blocking my way.

Previous Update: #31 AZ trough to second round on awaygoals
Next Update: #33 AZ pull off miracle
Not the most ideal result, but you still have ninety minutes to salvage victory!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

AZ pull off miracle


AZ pulled of the imposible. Turning around a two goal difference suffered from the first leg, they won 0-4 in De Kuip and secured Europa League qualifiers for themselves in the next season. For Feyenoord a disappointing season ends.

Trailing two goals down, AZ knew what to do. They did just that, dominating possession and chances, Feyenoord couldn't even play there game. With Ouwejan at left back, van Nieff covered a midfield role that suited him just fine.

It all payed off in the '25 minute, when Dos Santos scored the first goal of the game. Causing a little bit of panic in the Feyenoord squad, who taught they where settled to play there counter game. And just when Feyenoord taught they could come back in it after a fantastic strike from Locadia, AZ hit them on the break.

This time it was Fred Friday who scored. Scoring in the '37 minute, before the break AZ got it level on aggregate. Blowing Feyenoord with heavy knees into half time, AZ looked invincible.

Feyenoord got a good half time speech, as AZ controlled the game but couldn't get the same chances like in the first half. Feyenoord positioning very well, offered there attacking chances to cover. Hoping AZ would get tired and then grab there chance.

Only to fail do to a terrific strike from substitute Mats Seuntjes. Fresh of the bench he hit Feyenoord on the counter to score AZ's third goal of the game. Lifting them over Feyenoord on aggregate 2-3. Feyenoord needed to go in pursuit, but can they after getting 3 blows already.

It was Yoel van Nieff who got revenge on his poor performance since joining AZ, scoring on a perfect counter attack the fourth goal. Doing what everyone thought was impossible. Winning in de Kuip and winning with enough goals to qualify for Europe next season.

Feyenoord left with no title and no European competition next season. They have enough to think about, but there form was fantastic in this play off. The sad part is that you need to preform 4 matches instead of 3. AZ was lucky to found there flow in the final game where it all came down to.

Still, with 2 draws, 1 defeat and 1 win, Matteo has lots to think about for his squad. Climbing up the table with good results, but for the title there needs to be lots more work to be done. For now, it's all perfect in Alkmaar.


Justice - We did just that, the perfect game for us!

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Next Update: #34 May 2017/2018

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