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Roselynn LeFleur -Time to shine-

An underwhelming female footballer on her quest to make a name for herself in the mens game
Started on 2 July 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 27 August 2019 by Jack
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It was the night, this is what 9 months of hard work, determination and more all lead up to, the final game of the season. I was on the bench as I always was. Deservedly so, I wasn’t very good at all, which is putting it mildly. Everyone knew I made the team to make sure my sister didn’t leave Portland to play for a different college.

I was used to it, she got the talent, the spotlights and the fame, meanwhile I was just there. I spend most my hours on the bench, analysing the game, which I actually did love. My analysis would go straight to my sister in order for her to get better. Like my mom would always say, every good striker, needs their younger sister. While she always said that to comfort me, to some extent it was true.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. Like I said, it was the night of the game. We would match up against North Carolina. North Carolina was simply said the best side there is, they had some incredible talented players in their line-up. I prepared better than ever before, watching hours upon hours of footage of North Carolina.

I would always look for weaknesses in the opponent's team and then tell my sister. It was a match made in heaven and I enjoyed, it made me feel needed.

The crowd was getting bigger and bigger, filled with some parents, some college kids and maybe even the occasional scout, not that that mattered, I wouldn’t play anyway.

We started quite decent, but lacked the final pass. It was a very encouraging start, which we kept going for at least 15 minutes. That was when it went downhill, North Carolina managed to get the upper hand, resulting in 2 quick goals to make it 2-0 after 25 minutes. They had us beat physically and tactically. The sheer dominance of North Carolina kept us pinned down. Frankly enough, we were happy it was just 3-0 going into the half-time break.

“We weren’t that poor, just keep playing the way you are, and goals will come” coach Franklin encouraged. I laughed it off, a bit too loud. An angry coach Franklin turned to me and screamed: “You have a better idea, LeFleur.” I stepped back, scared of his reaction. It went silent for 2-3 minutes until my sister encouraged me to speak up. “Actually I do, we keep giving space to their number 10, she gets the ball and runs through our defence like it’s nothing.” I suggested playing a different, a higher, defensive line, to limit the space between midfield and defence. While also playing a wider system, to exploit the width of the pitch.

Coach Franklin laughed it off, saying I have no tactical awareness and shouldn’t speak as I’m not good enough to. I sucked up his comments, not thinking too much about it. The second half started, we kept playing the same way as we used to, despite my comments. We were set up to fail.

5 minutes into the second half we were close to conceding a 4th, I tried convincing the coach one last time. Things got heated, I may have screamed some stuff I shouldn’t have, same goes for coach Franklin and I swear that I was hit by a water bottle as well. “Get off this pitch, you’re not worthy of this team, LeFleur.”

I went to the dressing room, picked up my car keys and went to the car. I took a drive to nowhere, listening to the radio to the inevitable loss of my sister. I wasn’t really paying attention for a good little while, until I heard something interesting, a substitute, an attacker off for a defender. The exact sub I suggested to coach Franklin.

It didn’t take long before it paid off. Just short of 70 minutes we scored a first, 3-1. Still, not interested in the game I started to get myself some food in a local diner. I ordered some food and was staring into the distance.

“Could you turn it up, please.” I heard from a man at the bar. “There’s Maddie LeFleur with her goal, it’s 3-2 now, can Portland still do it, 8 minutes remaining.” I looked up and moved my plate to the bar sitting next to the man. He noticed the fact I was wearing a kit and asked me about it, which lead to me, explaining the situation. In all honesty, at that moment I thought he was right, he did it, it’s 3-2 now and the momentum is on our side.

“LeFleur, LeFleur, LEFLEUR, it’s 3-3 in the dying seconds, Portland has done it.” At that point I should’ve been happy, I was happy for my sister, but I was mad, mad at myself, I shouldn’t have questioned coach Franklin. The final whistle blew and penaltys were going to be taken. Miss, Miss, Goal, Goal, Goal, Miss, Goal, Miss, Miss. 2-2, one final penalty for us. Ofcourse it was my sister to step up, she always had nerves of steel. “LeFleur coolly slots it home, Portland win!!!!!” I went back to the car and rushed to the car. I drove like a maniac to be at the field as fast as possible.

I arrived at the field and saw coach Franklin talking to a local news reporter. Ofcourse there were a lot of congratulations, but he was also asked what changed the game. He explained as calmly as he possibly could, what he changed and why he changed. I couldn’t perfectly catch what he said, but I understood enough, he took the glory of me. The one time I deserved to be in the spotlight, the one time, the chance was stolen. I dropped what was left of my drink went to the car, smashed a window and started crying.
Not a fan of Franklin taking the credit of LeFluer's genius at all. I expect she'll extract her revenge someday, when she's celebrating success as a coach herself. ;)
Great to see you writing, will be following with interest!
Unlike most members of the team, my sister and I spend our night after winning the championship at the hospital, as it turns out, it’s not a good idea to punch a car window. At the very least I wasn’t strong enough to break my hand, but some nasty cuts were the result of my anger. I left the hospital a few hours later and as we were walking back to the car, my sister turned to me: “Why did you think it was a good idea to punch a window Rosie.” I didn’t reply. She asked her question again, and again, and again, until I finally answered: “Could you please stop talking for a second, you’re pissing me of.” Maddie was surprised by my response and stopped the car. “We need to talk about this Rosie, first you lash out against coach Franklin, then you suddenly leave the pitch and then I find you in the car with a bleeding hand and a broken window. What’s wrong.” “Are you stupid or just oblivious” was my response. Maddie got angry with me and started screaming at me, without any result.

Time has passed on, and we were still on bad terms. It was two days later and things were still heated between me and my sister. Maddie kept trying to pull me towards her, while I kept pushing her away. Obviously I know my sister wasn’t the one that I should be mad at, but she was the easiest target.

I cooked up some food and started eating, watching some football in the progress, like always. Maddie was upstairs doing something. I was close to finishing my dinner when the phone rang. A man started talking quite fast and enthusiastic, which was why I didn’t understand him at first, after a while I understood he was working for the USSF. As soon as I figured that out I was on my way to Maddie.

“You’re talking to Roselynn, not Maddie, I'm her sister.” I kindly explained, to which the man surprising said: “Good, that is the one I need.” Shocked, I wasn’t able to speak a word for what felt like an eternity. So the man continued his story, he attended the game and saw my argument with coach Franklin. He asked around and figured out the tactical move wasn’t coach Franklins, but mine. After a while I bluntly asked him why he did call me. “I’m sorry, I totally forgot, the USSF wants to speak with you. We will fly you and your sister out to Chicago tomorrow morning and want to speak to you this friday.”
Coach Franklin needs to stop picking on women and pick the right tactics! Great work!
Interesting developments! This could be the break Roselynn/Rosie is holding out for.
Good start mate. Glad to see a story from you and I look forward to seeing how it goes.

Starting a story in America...where have I seen that before ;)
A secretive end to the update. What do they want to talk about?
“Come on Maddie, faster, we’ve got a plane to catch.” “Calm down Rosie, you have more than enough time.” She was right, but I had to be there on time, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. That’s what I hoped at least, because I didn’t know if it was legit. I’m taking the 50/50 that someone from the USSF was waiting for us in Chicago and not a serial killer.

We got in the plane and during the entire 4-hour flight I was smiling, ear to ear, as if I were 5 years old. That smile faded as soon as we landed, we expected to be picked up at the airport, but that wasn’t the case. We sat there, waiting, seconds fading into minutes and minutes fading into hours. That was what it felt like at least, it probably was 5 minutes at most we had to wait for.

An older tall man and a smaller much younger girl came flying through the terminal, knocking over multiple suitcases in the process. “We’re so sorry. The traffic was horrible getting here.” the girl apologized. “No need to feel sorry, you’re here that is what counts.” I replied. The man introduced himself as Mr. Jones. He was the same person as the one I spoke on the phone.

He continued: “Chloe, these are Roselynn and Maddison LeFleur. Roselynn, Maddison this is Chloe Foster.” We were slowly walking out of the airport and saw an SUV waiting for us. Mr. Jones helped us put our suitcase in the car and sat down with us in the SUV. “Roselynn, we didn’t fly you out here for no reason. Look, we as USSF want to change the future of American soccer. We’re going towards the facilities of the USSF and give both of you a tour.”

We drove up to a massive building surrounded by multiple fields as well. It was surreal, the beauty to me was unmatchable. ”Welcome Roselynn, follow me and I’ll walk you through the entire complex.” I was at a loss for words close to the entire trip, the facilities were beautiful and the surroundings were fantastic.

We went back inside to what seemed like an office, some beautiful pieces of American soccer history were immortalized in this tiny office. I had to sit down, next to Mr. Jones, with Chloe behind us. We were told by what seemed like a secretary to wait for someone to arrive. Me, Mr. Jones and Chloe were talking for a little while, until someone opened the door. “So Tom, this is your new prodigy.” he said, looking at Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones nodded.
“Isn’t she a bit young and inexperienced to work here?” the man asked. Mr. Jones replied: “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the fullest confidence this is the right person for the job. If we want to revolutionize our reputation in the game, we don’t just need the best young players, but also the next generation of world-class managers.”

“Could you please escort Roselynn out of this room, Chloe. Mr. Jones and I need a word.” Chloe walked up to me and helped me out of the room, we went into the hallway where Maddie was sitting. “What did they say Rosie?” she asked. “I- I- I don’t really know.”

Half an hour later I was asked back in the office. The man, whose name I still didn’t know, was sitting behind the desk, with Mr. Jones behind him. “Roselynn, I’m not here for small-talk or something like that. I’m offering you a job.” “A job, what kind of job.” I replied. The man answered: “You know Tom, he is kind of like a scout for potential members to improve our federation. He seems to really like your style.” Tom smiled and added: “You’ve got a bright future ahead of yourself kid, I really believe so, that’s why we want you to become a manager for an American youth side.” I was overjoyed with this chance, when my joy settled down I asked which team I’d be managing.

“We want you to manage the Under 20s National Team” Mr Jones told me. “The Under 20s Men’s National Team that is.”

A huge opportunity awaits, should she choose to accept.
An amazing opportunity for such a youngster. Assuming she takes the role it will be very interesting to see how she fares in a very intriguing role.
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2019-07-04 20:43#258409 ImThatSybGuy : “Come on Maddie, faster, we’ve got a plane to catch.”
Well that's one way to open an update.... :P

In context, it is an incredible opportunity for young Roselynn. I wonder if she takes it.
“Excuse me, what?” were the words I spoke out, no gratitude, no happiness. I was shocked to say the least. “We want you to manage the team, starting July this year, until then you can get settled here and be able to attend some classes for coaches.” Mr. Jones explained. “We know this is quite a lot to process, we’ll give you a week to think about it all.” Normally in these kinds of situations, I would think for it for a while, but this was different. “There’s no need, I refuse?” I said. Mr Jones told me “Why don’t you read your contract first by yourself, before you decide.”

I took his advice, took the contract with me, and went back to my hotel room. I read the contract, re-read it at least 20 times. One year, a contract for one year, that’s all I had to convince I have what it takes.

Someone knocked at my door, Maddie. She walked into my room and saw something was on my mind. “What’s the problem, Rosie?” she asked. I didn’t reply, Maddie kept asking me, until she was basically begging me. “I got a job offer.” I finally told her. I could see the excitement on her face. She kept asking me questions, she wanted to know everything there was to know, that’s what she’s like. Some time later I allowed her to read the contract.

Time slowly passed on, until Maddie broke the silence: “This is great, what an opportunity, Rosie.” She kept rambling on for a while, until I interrupted her: “I’m not taking it.” Maddie was paralysed by the shock. “What do you mean, you’re not taking it. Rosie, this is a great chance. You know how many people would want this job.”

I wanted to reply, but Maddie interrupted me, before I got further than ‘But’: “I know what you’re thinking, you don’t know if you can pull it off. You know I’m right. But let me tell you, if there is someone in the world that can do it, it’s you, take it Rosie, show them what you’re capable of.” She was right, I thanked her and called Mr Jones. “I’ll take the job” I told him.
Rose will make a great coach, if she believes in herself.
Siblings should always help one another and that's a lovely moment between the two sisters. Maddie will be supportive of Rose all the way, even if she does have her doubts. I hope she shines in her new job!

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