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Roselynn LeFleur -Time to shine-

An underwhelming female footballer on her quest to make a name for herself in the mens game
Started on 2 July 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 27 August 2019 by Jack
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And hopefully Rose will LeFleur-ish with all of her future endeavours.
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20 October 2019
As the Canadian national anthem started I put the hand on my chest, not realizing I was in fact representing the other side. As I slightly panicked I saw Chloe bursting out laughing behind me.

Of course I couldn’t hear the end of that during the entire game. 90 minutes long she kept teasing me with what happened earlier. It would have been a lot more awkward if we managed to lose the game.

Luckily enough, despite being very close, we did manage to grab the win. Perruzza got Canada firing 8 minutes in. Before Akinola managed to cancel out the Canada goal. Gianluca Busio grabbed the 2-1 soon after, which would also be the half-time score.

Ayo Akinola grabbed his second soon after the restart. Despite trying to overload our defence, Canada didn’t look like scoring at all. That is until a fluky corner was scored minutes before the final whistle by Reid. 3-2 would be the final score in a hard-fought match.

24 October 2019
“Congrats, you didn’t manage to screw up the national anthems this time.” whispered Chloe, who kept teasing me over my tiny mistake, throughout this game as well.

Not only could she enjoy making fun of my pain and embarrassment, but she would also enjoy a wonderful display of football by us. Akinola got us started in the 14th minute, before a Haji double made it 3-0 before the end of the first half.

We kept going where we left off in the second half, where Carleton,Furrlong and Servania would all score one to secure a 6-0 win over Haiti. Despite the 6-0 scoreline, we did struggle to create a lot of chances. The difference in quality helped us beat Haiti, but improvement could and should be made.

Manager's thoughts
A hard-fought victory over Canada and an easy victory over Haiti shows the quality we have and how well we do against two of the arguably better sides. Both goals we did concede were unnecessary and due to a lack of concentration. Those goals can’t be conceded if we want to win the tournament. Despite the 9 goals we scored, we did struggle to create a lot of chances. The difference in quality helped us beat Canada, but improvement could and should be made.

CONCACAF U-20 Championship
As the tournament was fast approaching we’d enter the final stages of our preparation. We would open up against Saint Kitts and Nevis, before meeting the US Virgin Islands and Martinique. Then we’d face off against our best opposition in Curacao, before finishing the group against Saint Lucia.

Of course, we should be able to progress, but the fact only one team makes it through makes it tricky. Therefore, we can’t afford to slip up in any game.
Two excellent results and Akinola seems to be on good form heading into the U20 Championships. The US should get through the group with little to no problems, you would think. Best of luck to Rose, regardless.
Two good results there, Canada came close but you ensured a victory, which is the important thing. That group should be won with ease and hopefully none of those opponents pose any threat to Rosi and her team.

1 November 2019
We kicked off our start in the tournament with a game against Saint Kitts and Nevis, arguably the weakest side in our group, which also consisted of Saint Lucia, Curacao, the US Virgin Islands and Martinique.

I felt confident going into the game and wanted to have a solid start to the tournament. As per usual we took control of the game, resulting in two quick goals in the 15th and 16th minute. If the game wasn’t decided at that point, Gianluca Busio scored the 3-0 in the 28th minute. The Italian-American midfielder received the ball at the edge of the box and smashed it in the far corner.

After the break we showed our speciality once again and got a quick goal. Three minutes in it was Andrew Carleton who scored his second of the game. Andrew Carleton would also grab his third and score the final goal of the game with a bullet-header in the 78th minute.

3 November 2019
Our second game would be against the US Virgin Islands. The country, which is ranked 192nd in the world did well to deny us any great chances. That would be until the 25th minute. Philadelphia striker Jamie Peterson broke through, beat the last defender and made no mistake in the following one on one.

As soon as the deadlock was broken, it got a lot easier for us. We doubled our lead through an Ayo Akinola penalty. Siad Haji would score the third goal and Brandon Servania would score just before half-time to make it 4-0.

Once again, the US Virgin Islands defended well from kick-off. In the 60th minute the game was completely wrapped up. Defender Robb Furlong scored from a corner. Two minutes later the score was 7-0. Right from kick-off after the Furlong goal it was Siad Haji to collect the ball in midfield and help Servania get his second of the game.

Once again we managed to put pressure on our opponents from their kick-off and that resulted in Akinola getting his second as well. The Toronto-striker grabbed his hattrick minutes later with a powerful volley just inside the box.

Siad Haji broke through soon after to decide the final score. 9-0.

5 November 2019
After the dismantling of the US Virgin Islands, we would line-up against Martinique. Despite fatigue kicking in, because of the tight scheduling, we managed to dominate once again.

LA Galaxy youngster Efrain Alvarez was in superb form as he scored 4 times. He wasn’t the only one to score a hattrick as Ayo Akinola grabbed his second hattrick of the tournament. Siad Haji and substitute Francisco Ruvalcaba both got one goal. Once again we kept a clean sheet and thus the final score was 9-0 again.

7 November 2019
After two massive victories, we would line-up against Curacao. Despite beating them 6-0 in a friendly before, they were easily our biggest competitors in the group. They showed how tough they were to beat in a very fierce match that ended with 7 yellow cards.

As we were heading into half-time, right-back Bryan Reynolds grabbed a goal to give us the lead. We managed to double our lead in the 72nd minute through Ayo Akinola.

In what ended up as a routine victory, we unfortunately lost Robb Furlong thorugh injury. The 17 year-old defender had to leave the pitch on a stretcher. A little while after the game, it turned out the FC Delco player had torn his knee ligaments and would not feature again.

9 November 2019
Despite already qualifying we wanted to beat Saint Lucia as well. Midfielder Brandon Servania had to take Furlongs spot in defence as we tried to make it 5 wins out of 5. Servania’s defensive partner, McKenzie, scored his first goal of the tournament to make it 1-0. Soon after Busio got a chance from 11 metres to make it 2, which he did.

Ruvalcaba, Haji and Akinola all got goals as well, resulting in a 5-0 half-time score. Defenders Luc Saunders and Matthew Real both managed to grab a goal in the second half, before Mullarkey got Saint Lucia a consolation goal. Ending our group campaign with a 7-1 victory.

Manager's thoughts
32 scored, 1 conceded speaks for it self. However, fatigue is kicking in as I was able to see in both the Curacao and Saint Lucia game. The injury of Robb Furlong is very tough for us, apart from being one of our few defenders, he has shown to be a massive threat from set pieces. Akinola with 8 goals is of course our best performer, but the question is: Will he do it against better opposition.
Can't believe the US conceded a goal, an absolute disgrace and Rose needs to consider herself lucky to not to have been sacked on the spot. ;) Jokes aside, a fantastic set of results that highlight the significance of the US in comparison to their opponents. Regardless, to score so many goals and dominate in each game like you did shows fantastic ability. You can't afford to underestimate the opposition and that certainly wasn't done in any of these games. Well done.
Dominant results, really stamping your authority out to the rest of the world. Nice work!
13 November 2019
After the first round was done, we qualified alongside Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, El Salvador, my country of birth, Canada and favorites Mexico. We would be divided into two groups of 3 and the strongest team will play the final and qualify for the U20 World Cup as well, making the stakes very high.

We were drawn into group A, where we would play against Haiti and Canada. The teams we beat in preparation for the tournament itself, so I was feeling confident.

15 November 2019
First of all we played Haiti. We started quickly getting ourselves a penalty in the 8th minute after Akinola got brought down. Akinola would step up himself and did manage to take advantage and score. We kept going and a quick double from Torres and Haji got us 3-0 up. Andrew Carleton scored his 4th goal of the tournament, to make it coincidentally 4-0 before Haji’s second secured a 5-0 lead just before half-time.

Inside 10 minutes into the second half Busio and Akinola scored the 6-0 and 7-0. Before a late Ruvalcaba goal got us up 8-0. To continue the trend it was Carleton to score the 9-0. Our third 9-0 victory already.

19 November 2019
Once again we would line-up against Canada. After winning our first tie 3-2 and given our form we were favorites. The game was said to be a very interesting tie with great football. That didn’t happen at all. Both teams hardly created anything until it was the tournaments top scorer Ayo Akinola to score the game-winning 1-0, 15 minutes before the end of the game.

While we could celebrate a place in the final and the U20 World Cup, we did see Mark McKenzie picking up a yellow card in both games, resulting in a suspension for the final.
Akinola is certainly inserting himself as the go-to man for goals. An excellent result against Haiti is followed up, importantly, in a hard-fought victory against Canada. McKenzie's suspension and therefore absence from the final is a blow. Hopefully this won't affect the squad too much in the final.
Cool read so far! International U20's an interesting place to start, can't wait to see what life has in store for LeFleur!
Making it to the final is a great achievement and one that LeFleur should be proud of! Hopefully you can go all the way even without McKenzie available.
“Welcome everyone to this live coverage of the final of the CONCACAF U-20 Championship. This is Alexi Lalas and joining me to provide the commentary is 202 time international and former goalkeeper Hope Solo.”
“Thank you, Alexi. I’m so excited to see this match today. I’m expecting a lot from both sides.”
“So am I. First of let’s talk you through the teams. Let’s start with Mexico. Mexico seems to be lining up in a 433. What do you think of Mexico’s team?”
“They’re a talented group of players, but I feel like we should win this game. We’ve been the strongest side throughout the tournament, and we should beat Mexico. One thing I have noticed is De la Rosa on the bench. He has been one of the better players this tournament and has been key for Mexico. It’s weird to me, why bench him in the final?”
“Same can be said for the USA. Ayo Akinola, top scorer of the tournament is benched. LeFleur seems to be focussing on defence by the looks of things.”
“That’s understandable. McKenzie is suspended and Furlong injured, leaves a gap in the middle, which can be exploited by Mexico.”

“And we’ve kicked off. The final is under way. Hope, we haven’t talked enough about Roselynn LeFleur. She has been a controversial appointment to say the least, but she has done well so far, hasn’t she.”
“She has to be fair to her. I had my doubts in all honesty, but she has shown a very clear tactical plan, which at times lack with female managers, and she has done well to transfer her ideas and tactics to the players.”
“Completely agree with you. I was skeptical at first as well, but I’ve seen a manager with potential so far. A manager who wants to win at all costs, which is a beautiful thing to see.”
“Yes definitely. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up managing the USWNT at some point.”

“17 minutes in, not a lot has happened so far.”
“I feel like the US is keeping a lot more control this game, compared to others.”
“Completely agree Hope. It might be due to the missing center backs, but it has made the side scared to attack, but have a lot more options with regard to passing. With both center backs helping the midfield in order to create space. Mexico has been having problems dealing with the play of the US.”
“Just as we’re talking Busio is through on the right. Cross coming in. Torres with a header. What a save.”
“Fantastic reflex from the goalkeeper, great change of pace from the US, first real chance is a fact.”

“Free kick Mexico. Sánchez behind the ball. Reynolds heads it clear. Into the feet of Busio. Busio, Busio, past one man and another. Down the left-wing.”
“Great piece of skill there from the skipper, Alexi. Fantastic control from Busio.”
“He’s still going, Busio, on the left side this time. Get’s past a third. Cross coming in. It’s a lor cross. GOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL. USA 1 Mexico 0.”
“Fantastic counter attack. Busio with the run. Ruvalcaba with the pace to keep up and a fantastic finish. Wonderfull stuff.”

“As the first half is finished we go into the break with a 1-0 scoreline. Fair score, Solo or not.”
“Yes, we’ve been dominant. The goal was very welcome. Chances are hard to come by, but the best chances have been for us.”
“15 minutes played so far, the US are on the attack. Busio to Servania. Now with Kim, Kim to Peterson. That’s a foul.”
“Yes definately. Peterson tried to get past García, but he clipped him. Foul every day of the week. Yellow card might be harsh. Free kick at a great place.”
“Peterson will be taking it himself. Peterson, Peterson. What a goal. Into the top corner, wonderful stuff from Jamie Peterson.”
“This might be the fatal blow for Mexico. They’ve shown very little so far, they seriously need to turn it around and I don’t see it happening in 20 minutes.”

“That’s a foul. Jesus Pérez. He has seen yellow before, and he will see it again. Red Card. Mexico down to 10.”
“Dumb foul to make, very unnecessary, and he’s putting his teammates in such a bad place with 6 more minutes to go. Surely it can't go wrong now.”

“Game is slowly coming to an end. The US still in control as Reynolds has the ball on the right. Cross coming in, gets cleared. Falls into the feet of Busio. Busio plays it to the side to Haji. Haji at the edge of the box. What a strike! It’s 3-0. Wonderful strike by Siad Haji and if you were in doubt before, you can’t be now. The US will win this.”
“Again poor defending from Mexico. Rookie mistake to clear a ball like that. Basically asking for trouble.”

“Throw in for the US, deep in Mexico’s half. Ball with Reynolds now. Reynolds with the cross. Finds Carleton. Carleton heads and it’s in. Peterson gives the ball a little more speed in order to beat the goalkeeper 4-0.”
“Once again poor defending. You can’t concede three goals from crosses. That is just poor defensive skills from Mexico.”

“Fantastic display in the second half is leading the US to glory. Hope what are your thoughts about the game.”
“At first I felt LeFleur was too cautious. No desire to create chances and it was very boring. But once that first goal came. You had not a single moment of doubt, the US were in control and didn't look like losing any time. Wonderful.”
“We’re going to go to the stadium where we’ll have an interview with Roselynn LeFleur.”

“Roselynn, congratulations on this remarkable victory.”
“Thank you, we played a great game today and got the victory. I’m incredibly proud of everyone here, they all worked so hard for this and this is their reward.”

“You seemed to adapt well to the missing of your two central defenders, what made you decide to go with Servania and Real in defence?”
“The choice wasn’t that hard. Brandon (Servania) already played there, after Robb (Furlong)’s injury and Matthew (Real) was in my opinion well suited to play alongside him. Ofcourse it might’ve been awkward for them at times, but we did well to make sure they felt comfortable.”

“Despite a comfortable victory, there was a change in tactic today. Why was that?”
“Like I explained, we need to make it as comfortable for Brandon and Matthew as we could and I felt like trying to control the middle was the best way to do so. Luc (Saunders) and Bryan (Reynolds) are two attacking full-backs and could easily fill the void on the sides as well.”

“You chose to bench Ayo Akinola today, why?”
“With the change of tactics, some players had to leave the starting eleven. Unfortunately Ayo (Akinola) was one of them.”

“Thank you for your time and, once again, congratulations.”
“Thank you”

And like that comes an end to the tournament. A wonderful experience and one I will cherish for years to come. However, we will need to focus in order to prepare for the World Cup.

With 11 goals, Ayo Akinola was named top scorer as well as best player, beating teammate and captain Gianluca Busio as well as left back Matthew Real. Conceding only one goal helped Trey Muse not only keep the most clean sheets, but also the award for best goalkeeper. Surprisingly enough, top assister was one of our players as well. Luc Saunders grabbed 8 assists along the way and tied with Columbus Crew and Costa Rica youngster Wilbert Solorzano.
A great first piece of silverward for Rosie to pick up! I am sure, in the future, there will be even more to come!
Well done, Rosie. The first of many accolades, I'm sure!
Rose is really starting to see her team grow into a beautiful flower.

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