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Roselynn LeFleur -Time to shine-

An underwhelming female footballer on her quest to make a name for herself in the mens game
Started on 2 July 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 27 August 2019 by Jack
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Certainly aren't short of goalscorers in this side, even when you lose! However, as Scott says it is the defence that definitely needs a tightening up sooner rather than later.
14 September 2019
The end of my first adventure as manager just ended. I went back into my apartment in Chicago and laid down in my bed. Enjoying the peace. The last few days were quite hectic: Four flights, two matches, extreme Colombian heat and more. It was nice to be back home, if I could even call it my home. Despite the fact I lived there for a little while already boxes were scattered throughout the living room, simply because I didn’t have the time.

It surprised me how hectic international management truly is. I always thought it was having a week or two of work and then simply watching some football matches. I always thought it was such a simple job, I was wrong. I can’t count how many flights I’ve had in the last two months in order to watch matches. The simple truth was, I had to do the same thing once again.

We had a very important few months coming up, with four friendlies in October to fully prepare for the North American U20 championship in November. A start was luckily made and I could take things a little slower.

21 September 2019
After spending a week in order to settle in I had a little over a week to get my squad together. However, I was content with the games we had, despite the Colombia result, and wanted to keep the squad together as much as possible. I had a few games lined up to watch to see some potential players and look at some players who made my first squad again.

24 September 2019
The nightmare of every international manager. Your star player unavailable for the matches coming up. Haji Wright got an ankle injury and would therefore be out of the squad for both the 2 friendlies coming up and possibly even more upcoming friendlies. I didn’t know how to feel, Wright was easily our best player in the Chile game and was one of few to actually play well in the Colombia game.

Unfortunately for me things went south from there. I started to realize that more players were unavailable. With my squad to be confirmed in a week I had to really tinker with the squad. As much as I wanted to keep the squad together and as more time passed on, the more I realized I wouldn’t be able to.

3 October 2019
After days of traveling watching football matches and scouting players, the time has come. I had to send in my squad of 23 players for the upcoming friendlies.

The big missing name in the squad must be Haji Wright, the Schalke striker (currently on loan at FC Magdeburg), suffered an ankle injury and is ruled out. Another big miss for the squad will be Auston Trusty, the central defender, who formed a couple with Philadelphia Union teammate Mark McKenzie in the earlier friendlies. He was pulled out of the squad by his team after just recovering from a minor knee injury.

Philadelphia Union is still the main supplier of players of the side with 3 (tied with FC Dallas), just like last time. The majority of players play their football in the United States, with only attacker Pierre da Silva and midfielder Ayo Akinola playing outside of the United States.
We will line up to play Panama first, before heading to Willemstad for the clash against Curacao. The Curacao match will be an important one for us as we play them in our U20 Championship campaign as well. Despite the fact both games are away from home, we will be favorites for both games.
A shame to see such a key play in Wright missing out. But hopefully some other players can step up and cause you a pleasant headache for future selections.
Whilst it is disappointing that standout players are absent from the squad, it is a great opportunity for other players to come in and stake their claim. This should be the prime opportunity for some members of the squad to make an impact.

9 October 2019
After a few days of training it was time the start of our preparation for the upcoming tournament. We had flown to Panama two days earlier and had a very casual build-up to the game. The pressure was almost unnoticeable, for the players, who still knew a place in the squad for the upcoming tournament was at stake. As well as for me, my first game in charge was gone and I could take the time to prepare for the tournament in a nice pace.

This squad would also be the squad for the upcoming Curacao game, before I had to decide on a 20-man squad for the tournament as well as the friendlies against Canada and Haiti. All of these teams were potential opponents in the tournament as well, so I could really feel how we compared with these sides.

We lined up against a tough Panama side which fought for every ball. Despite the fantastic work ethic Panama showed, the difference in quality was simply too big. We started off controlling the game, like we usually do and that resulted in a great Roberts goal after 17 minutes. We kept in control throughout the first half, creating great chances along the way. Despite the dominance we showed we went into the dressing room with a 1-0 scoreline.

We continued the second half in the same manner resulting in a quick Cannon goal. The left-back made a fantastic overlapping run and placed the ball in the far corner to score the 2-0 and secure the win. That would also be the final score as Panama failed to make anything happen.

12 October 2019
After the Panama game we went straight to Willemstad to prepare for the game against Curacao. Enjoying the hot Caribbean sun we would play the side we would face in 4 weeks as a group game in the tournament.

We played in the same manner as the Panama game. Resulting in a third minute goal, once again it was Cannon who managed to get himself on the score sheet. The same Cannon also got the liberating second goal in the 42nd minute as we kept pushing for the second, but were unlucky not to do it earlier. While it was looking like we would go into the break with a 2-0 lead, Pierre da Silva got a surprising 3rd goal, as his shot from distance curled in the top corner.

As the second half started we picked up where we left off, as Curacao was looking beaten already. There was therefore little surprise that Torres got himself a goal, rewarding himself for how well he played. It looked like 4-0 would be the final score for a long time, until we got a penalties seconds before the end of the 90 minutes. Substitute Reynolds was brought down by a clumsy challenge and Cannon stepped up and managed to grab his hattrick. As if it weren’t enough, Reynolds managed to grab himself a goal seconds before the final whistle, showing why I should start him.

Managers thoughts
The games showed a massive improvement compared to my first two games in charge. Instead of a total of 8 goals conceded, we now managed to keep two clean sheets. Limiting Panama to one shot total and Curacao to three. Despite 8 goals scored, we need to work on our finishing. We created a total of 68 shots and scoring a goal every 8.5 shots is in my opinion an average we shouldn’t want.
The goals continue to flow and the defence has clearly been tightened with back-to-back clean sheets. Impressive! Confidence will definitely be up there after these victories.
Two games, two wins. Can't overly argue with that. The US seem to be heading in a positive direction with Rose in charge.
A good rebound after that Columbia match. Rosie has got her system across to the side it looks like!
That defence has really been sorted out! The goalscoring has not been affected either. Really good direction here.
14 October 2019
As a few players returned to their club, I kept a group of players together, who all were selected for the matches against Panama and Curacao. Picking the squad was very hard, some players were unavailable, due to club duties and some players were unable to feature due to injury.

Despite being declared fit again Haji Wright won’t make the squad again, as FC Magdeburg made him unavailable for selection that was the case for most foreign clubs and thus the reason why Pierre da Silva, one of the few to make the squad on both occasions isn’t in the squad.

The most surprising inclusions might be Philadelphia Union youngsters McKenzie and Real. Despite both featuring a decent amount for their club, both players were allowed to go represent their nation. Real and McKenzie both featured in both previous squads and are therefore the most experienced players in the side.

All players are playing in the American football leagues, with most playing their football for a MLS academy side. Juan Pablo Torres who picked up a knock late on in the Curacao game, has received medical clearance and therefore features in the squad.

Due to a 20-player limit for the tournament, I made the decision to only call up 20 players for the friendlies. That way I could clearly see what is the weakness of the squad and what should be focused upon. As well as finding out how well we match up against two potential opponents.
It's never ideal when clubs prevent you from calling up certain players, but best of luck to Rose with the squad she has available to choose from.
An interesting decsion from Rosie to limit herself to a set amount of players, but one that has some strong logic to. A shame that some key players like Wright aren't able to be called up but I guess thats the problem and something to get used to as an Under 20s manager. Looking forward to seeing the result against your rivals in Canada.
This upcoming game against Canada was really special for me as I was born there. The fact that I was born in Canada isn’t something I mentioned all too often growing up. My mom was a Canadian-American and my dad was American. I grew up in Montreal, where I was born as well, but I moved away when I was two. Leaving Canada was never the plan, but after my dad got killed in a car collision, my mum couldn’t keep living there anymore.

So, me, Maddie and my mother left Montréal for New Jersey. My mom worked what seemed to be all day, just so she could provide for me and my sister. We grew up in a poor neighborhood, violence all around us. Luckily our fortunes seemed to turn around. My mother married a really sweet man and got a child with him, our younger half-sister Amanda. However, John (my step-father) got really sick when I was sixteen. Slowly but surely John lost his strength and with him a piece of my mother died as well.

Heartbroken, my mother lost everything in a year time. After John passed away, she lost her job, her house and was close to losing us as well. We moved back to Canada, in a small town close to Montreal. Maddie was looking to give up her dream of studying to help my mother provide for me and Amanda, before getting a scholarship to play football in Vancouver. I never blamed her for taking that chance, but I was jealous of her. I always hoped to one day get a letter for a scholarship. That day did come, as I went to Portland and got reunited with Maddie, who joined days after me.

I never really tell people about my past, it’s not a nice story, but it’s my story. I’ll always be grateful for the way Canada helped us with everything. Which is why I’ll always have a soft spot for the country and always say I’m a Canadian-American. The respect I have for my mother is why I always kept her maiden name as my name to always keep a piece of her with me. I always feel proud to be a LeFleur, resilient and iron-willed, like my mother.
A slightly more depressing update this time. Losing two important people is an incredibly tough thing to go through. For both Rosie and her mum it would of been tough, but the family bond will certainly have helped get them through.
A beautifully detailed story there. It's understandable why Rose is proud to be a LeFleur and would be reluctant to change her surname, something which is part of her identity and not just a surname, I feel.

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