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Roselynn LeFleur -Time to shine-

An underwhelming female footballer on her quest to make a name for herself in the mens game
Started on 2 July 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 27 August 2019 by Jack
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January 2019
A little while has passed since our victory. We had a little while to go before the World Cup as well. I was kind of in between everything. The MLS didn’t start yet, so I couldn’t really attend a lot of games to scout for potential players and we had two months left before our first few friendlies. We did find out a little earlier we would play Venezuela and Colombia once again.

The perfectionist in me wanted to prepare for the games, especially the game against Colombia after losing 6-0 the first time, but I really couldn’t motivate myself to. I spend most of my time at home, not really doing anything noteworthy.

That’s when the phone rang. It was Chloe calling, she explained how she was called earlier with the opportunity of an interview. An interview with me, they wanted to ask me about the recent successes I had. Without a single doubt I accepted, this was a fantastic opportunity for me.

A few days later I would meet two journalists, a relatively old man and a much younger woman, Charles and Abby. I met them in an old, almost completely abandoned office just outside of Chicago. I was guided by an older woman to a very nice room. A few minutes later Dana joined me in the room, followed by Charles not long after.

We all sat down. I had just a cup of terrible coffee in front of me. Abby had a laptop, while James had a notepad in front of them. We started with some small talk before the interview started, having a really pleasant conversation.

Things turned when the interview started. Charles started off with the question I least wanted to hear: “Do you think you were employed because you’re a women?” I was visibly disgusted by the question and replied: “What does that have to do with my achievements, you know, what you wanted to ask me about?”

Charles grinned and said sarcastically: “Everything, do you think we really care about that tournament. You beat some farmers. What an achievement, congratulations.” I was completely stumped by Charles’ comment. In the corner of the table I saw Abby slowly distancing herself from Charles and slowly nodding her head, ashamed by Charles’ comments.

“Excuse me, this is a disgrace.” I told Charles. “What is? I need to make news. Winning that terrible tournament isn’t news. The fact that we have a female manager, that stuff sells.”
“So you didn’t really care about the tournament, why did you tell me you did?”

We kept going like this for a little while, until Charles said: “We don’t care about you as a person, you’re not important at all. That tournament didn’t matter, it wasn’t important at all. The fact is, you’re a woman in the male footballing world that’s what matters. Do you really think we’d be interested in speaking with you if you were a man, because no we wouldn’t. Your hiring is solely because you’re a woman. Nothing more, nothing less. Do you understand that or do I need to say it again, you dumb bi-”

Before he could finish his sentence, I picked up my cup of coffee and threw it in his face. “Don’t you ever dare speak something like that again. This interview is over.” as I left the building.

Meanwhile, it started raining, I walked off back to the metro, to go back home. A few more streets were left to walk, when suddenly a car stopped next to me. As the tainted window went down, Abby revealed herself. “Get in the car.” she said. I got angry with her, calling her every possible curse word imaginable. “Your angry, I understand, I’m angry too. I quit. What Charles did was terrible and inexcusable. The things he said crossed a line. I’m sorry”.
Standing up for herself! So she should. What an absolute piece of scum Charles is.
Charles is clearly an out of date boring old man, who can't see Rosies potential. Winning any tournament is a great achievement and thankfully Rosie seems to of found a new ally in Abby.
15 March 2019
In preparation for the World Cup we were going on a South American tour again. First op we’d play Venezuela, a side which was unable to qualify for the World Cup. Losing all their games in their group in the South American U20 Championship, Venezuela finished bottom in their group.

The second game would be a replay of my 2nd game in charge. This time we would host Colombia, the only side at this point who I lost to. Unlike Venezuela, Colombia did manage to qualify. Colombia finished runner-up in the same tournament, after narrowly making it out of their group, which also featured Venezuela. Colombia went on to finish 2nd in the final group, behind Brazil on goal difference.

As these friendlies are scheduled during the international break, some players who were unavailable before, are available again. The squad also include 7 new youngsters: Halfill, Rivera, Gonzalez, Scott, Keita, Bassett and Balogun.

21 March 2019
The start of our preparation of our World Cup campaign was disappointing. Despite being considered heavy favorites, we failed to beat Venezuela. We started off poorly and failed to create chances. It could easily be considered fluky as we scored the 1-0 with our first real chance.

The 1-0, scored by Amon, who came back into the squad for the games, was also the scoreline we would have going into the second half. Venezuela managed to completely turn the game around, putting us under a lot of pressure. It was in no way undeserved as they grabbed the equalizer after 51 minutes. Despite us getting back in control of the game, we failed to create clear cut chances, resulting in a 1-1 draw.

25 March 2019
After getting beat 6-0 last time we played Colombia, we were the ones to host the South Americans this time, determined to grab a win. The determination was shown as a quick Haji goal got us started strong. Despite numerous chances for us, 1-0 would be the half-time score.

The second half didn’t change much, we were in control, limited Colombia to a handful of chances and resulting in one goal again. Edwin beat his own keeper 76 minutes into the game. With the own goal, Edwin would decide the final score, as we beat Colombia 2-0.

Manager's thoughts
Despite a win and a draw, we need to do better. We conceded quite a few chances in both games, despite controlling the pitch. We need to able to get more goals from our chances, because the lack of efficiency we've shown in these games could cost us against better sides.
Certainly an improvement on the result last time against Colombia and hopefully the positives drawn from that result can put you in good stead for the campaign ahead.
Ahh you didn't concede 6 against them this time...Improvements but as Rosie said, need to do even better to when the challenges get tougher!
26 April 2019
As most big leagues around the world are slowly ending, my time to shine is finally here. Today was the day that could influence my entire future. The group stage draws for the World Cup. Among the qualified sides were some incredible teams. Brazil, Germany and Spain among sides like Belgium, Colombia, Argentina and Portugal as well.

Despite the level of some teams, I feel like we’re destined for great things. I believe in our chances to make an impact on the biggest stage. 24 teams would be matched up in groups of 4. We were one of the first sides that were picked. Group B is going to be our group. As teams slowly take their place in their group, the second team was ready to be put in our group. I looked closely and, unfortunately, I saw Spain written on the small piece of paper.

“Didn’t want to see that one” I told Chloe, who sat next to me, writing down everything that happened. As the second round of the draw closed, 12 teams were remaining. A much weaker 12 teams were left, with only Argentina and Germany as tough teams. After Ecuador got drawn for group A, our 3rd team would be known, Egypt.

“Thank god, we didn’t get Argentina or Germany.” I said. Germany would be the 3rd team to get drawn into group D. As the final round was upon us, I looked over to Chloe. Of course, she had everything written down, which teams were drawn and thus, which were left. I looked at her notebook and saw a lot of sides which made me happy. Fiji, Syria and El Salvador among others. Of course, I knew it was the World Cup and anything could happen, but I rather play them then Argentina.

As the final draw was happening, I looked, the man who was responsible for the draw opened the ball, Argentina. Of course, Argentina. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Getting Argentina would be the worst possible thing and I see the chances of qualifying decreasing very fast.

4 May 2019
“That’s it, I can’t go back now. This is the squad.” I said to Chloe who was looking at me with a lot of interest. “You sure you made the right choice.” she responded. “It doesn’t matter now, I would’ve loved to take more players with me, but this is it.”

It was hard for me to make a decision, there were so many players who deserved to get in, but rules are rules, only 21 players could accompany to, what would be my and some of the players’ biggest moment yet. The World Cup.

The team did feature 15 players who played for me before. With Ramirez, Price, Yarbrough, Kroenke, Scott and Richards not to do so. Although both Yarbrough and Richards made the squad for the Venezuela and Colombia game, failing to get game time.

By far the biggest surprise is the exclusion of Toronto striker Ayo Akinola. Akinola, who scored 20 goals in 25 and was crowned top scorer at the CONCACAF U20, was dropped due to lack of performances for FC Toronto’s first and second team after coming back from a small knee injury.

With the exclusion of Akinola it will be Siad Haji and Andrew Carleton to step up and score the goals. The wingers scored a combined 23 goals before and were also key in our CONCACAF U20’s win.

In preperation for the World Cup, we did manage to schedule one friendly. New Zealand, who didn’t manage to qualify ahead of Vanuatu and Fiji, will be our opponents.

19 May 2019
With 6 more days to go before our opener against Egypt, we would play New Zealand. The game was important to get some fitness, find our first eleven, but we can’t afford to get unnecessary injuries.

Luckily enough no injuries were among us as we beat New Zealand 3-1. Continuing our tradition of grabbing early goals, Siad Haji got us started 2 minutes in. The San Jose winger doubled the lead soon after with a fierce strike from the edge of the box.

Despite continued domination and some great chances, including finding the woodwork twice, we went on to the break leading ‘just’ 2-0. 10 minutes into the 2nd half Quinn got a red card for a two-footed challenge. 67 minutes in it was captain Busio to score the 3-0, before Jones decided the final score 2 minutes later, 2-1.

21 May 2019
The World Cup is slowly coming closer and closer. We just landed in Bialystok, Poland, where we would play our first game, Egypt. A must-win game if we want to make it out of the group. A few days of training are upon us, before we start our journey to become the best in the world.
A tough group there with Argentina and Spain but trust in Rosie to lead her side well!
Certainly not a kind group, but you never know what to expect at a World Cup. The exclusion of someone as influential as Akinola is a huge surprise. It's a big decision from Rosie... could it be one she later grows to regret? Thankfully, the team will be heading into the tournament off the back of a positive result against New Zealand. Their failure to qualify really surprised me over the two sides who did get through.

25 May 2019
We had the luck to be starting against Egypt. Not that Egypt is a weak side by any means, but this is a winnable game for us. Like always my plan is to start in control, limit Egypts possession and chances as well as creating enough ourselves.

We started off in control, dominating the Egyptians right from kick-off. It did take us a while before we created our first chance. Haji hit the woodwork after almost 20 minutes of play. The second big chance also fell to our side. A long-range effort from Busio was just about saved by the Egypt goalkeeper.

Soon after we did manage to score. A Mendez corner came swinging in, found the head of Mark McKenzie and the Philadelphia Union defender found the net. Soon after we scored a very similar goal to double the lead. A Mendez corner from the same corner came flying in, this time finding Rob Furlong who nodded it in to put us 2-0 up.

There was still a lot of fireworks to come as Egyptian-American midfielder Remy Hassan got himself send off for a two-footed challenge. Things went from bad to worse for Egypt as Andrew Carleton grabbed the 3-0, seconds before the final whistle.

Whereas the first half was full of excitement, the second half wasn’t. We continued to pass the ball around easily, but hardly created any good chances. We were content with the fact that we were winning 3-0 and Egypt couldn’t get themselves going, settling for a 3-0 loss as well.

28 May 2019
Despite being heavy underdogs, we decided to come at Spain full force, resulting in a lot of early chances. The American storm did lie down after the first 15 minutes and slowly but surely Spain started gaining control. Resulting in a Spanish opening goal after 40 minutes. Borussia Dortmund youngster Sergio Gomez had a lot of space and found the bottom corner with a great strike.

Both sides seemed content with the 1-0 scoreline before half-time and both were looking for the half-time break. Therefore, it was quite a surprise when Abel Ruiz was able to send Riqui Puig through on goal, making no mistake and calmly putting it past Trey Muse.

Despite being very even, we were down 2-0 at the break. The American storm did come back to start off the second half, resulting in a Roberts goal, just 24 seconds into the second half. We didn’t stop there and kept trying. It was Spain however who got the best chance. 66 minutes into the game it was Abel Ruiz who was brought down in the box by Rob Furlong. Ruiz stepped up himself, looking to make it 3-1. Trey Muse had a different idea as he dived the right way and stopped the penalty.

The missed penalty was the confidence boost needed for us and it showed. Haji did what couldn’t be done earlier as he managed to get his head on a Saunders cross, beating Barcelona goalkeeper Pena at his near post.

Both sides were pushing on for a late winner, and one did manage to get it, unfortunately we weren’t the ones to do so. Substitute Ballesteros got the ball after a scramble and didn’t hesitate for a second, scoring the 3-2 with just 5 minutes to go. The exciting game slowly lost its excitement as Spain didn’t try to create, while we failed to create.

31 May 2019
After a win and a loss, it was Argentina we would play next. A draw or loss could potentially see us qualify as best 3rd place, but we wanted to win.

The game was exactly what you expect, both sides could do with a draw and neither side want to lose. So the game was stale from the very first second. We controlled possession had a few half chances. Argentina had a few dangerous counters, but never looked like scoring and that’s the entire first half summed up.

15 minutes into the second half things haven’t changed, as we were cruising the most anti-climactic 0-0 draw possible, until a Saunders cross found the foot of substitute Balogun who volleyed it in. With 20 minutes to play, everything changed. Argentina felt the urge to attack and as the clock continued to tick, Argentina got more and more desperate.

It was no surprise that it would be a counter-attack that helped us seal the game. After Rojas turned a Balogun strike into a corner, it was Richards who got his head on to the Mendez corner, making it 2-0 with minutes left to play. Things went from bad to worse for the South Americans as Balogun doubled his tally and made it 3-0 deep in added time.

2 June 2019
We ended up 2nd in our group with 6 points, below Spain who collected 7. Argentina who had 4 did manage to get themselves qualified as best placed 3rd. The draw for the 2nd round would see us being drawn against Ivory Coast.

The fact that Ivory Coast made it out of their group was quite a surprise. Ivory Coast managed to get a second place in group F, which included Belgium, Mexico and Brazil. Belgium got out of the group with 3 wins from 3. Brazil was the surprise of the group stages, failing to get a point and finishing last. Mexico did just about edge Syria as 4th best 3rd place and got themselves qualified as well.

Manager’s thoughts
Getting out of this group was surprising, the way we did it even more. We weren’t outclassed by Spain at all, and we dominated Argentina. Ivory Coast is a draw which gives us a chance of qualifying, but they have shown to be a really capable side, beating Brazil and losing very narrowly against Belgium.
Well done to Rose on an excellent group stage campaign. She has navigated the team through a very tough set of games and has been rewarded with one of the more kinder draws she could have won, personally. Very surprised to see Brazil's omission from the knockout stages. It certainly opens the competition up that little bit more.
A really unbelievable result against no doubt an impressive Argentina side, as well as marginally falling down to Spain. Onwards to Cote d'Ivoire! ;)
Good to see qualification into the 2nd round. Ivory Coast are a side you should be beating however, their performances in the group show you can't underestimate them. Good Luck.
4 June 2019
If you would’ve told me beforehand that we’d play Ivory Coast in the 2nd round, I would’ve taken it, no question about it. However, the fact that Belgium struggled against Ivory Coast and that Ivory Coast beat both Brazil and Mexico with relative ease worried me.

Their key-players are undoubtedly Verona winger Abdoulaye Traoré and PSV striker Sekou Sidibé, who already scored a combined 5 goals in the tournament already. However, Traoré, who was the teams top scorer, misses out due to fitness issues. A big loss for Ivory Coast.

Despite the fact that it happens on such a regular basis, the American storm from kick-off surprised Ivory Coast. It surprised them that much, that not even 100 seconds into the game, Siad Haji got us up 1-0. Mendez found him on with a through ball, resulting in a lot of space for the San Jose winger, who did what he needed to do as he got us the go-ahead goal.

The American storm didn’t lie down however. Haji found an overlapping Saunders, whose first-time cross found Balogun. The Arsenal striker, who managed to get himself in the starting line-up after his brace against Argentina, headed the ball in, doubling the score after just 10 minutes.

The 2-0 gave us the confidence to control the match from that point forward, Haji came close with a header not much later. Carleton looked like scoring the 3-0, but his effort was cleared off the line.

As the second half started, all you could question is, what would be the final score? Ivory Coast looked beaten and we kept cruising. It was Haji who hit the woodwork after 15 minutes of play and looked close to scoring again.

Suddenly Ivory Coast seemed to get confidence again and started a late effort to get back into the match, however a couple of decent Muse saves and a fantastic defensive effort from Furlong and McKenzie denied Ivory Coast to ever get the 2-1. Meaning we win the match against Ivory Coast and move on to the Quarter Finals.
The quarters await! Good to see another win against an Ivory Coast side who have had some good wins this tournament already.

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