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FM20 Story Hub

Started on 28 October 2019 by Justice
Latest Reply on 3 November 2020 by bigmattb
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FM19 brought with it plenty of thrills and spills and now the FM20 season is nearly upon us! With FM20 comes a new range of stories for us all to follow and indulge, while the opportunity for new writers to break onto the scene is here. The uptake in stories over the past year has been phenomenal, with the latest 'golden era' of story writing looking like lasting for a long while.

To demonstrate just how much the story section has grown, here is an interesting statistic. The FM18 season saw just ONE story break the 100 replies count. The FM19 season, on the other hand, witnessed an incredible TWENTY-ONE stories breach that milestone. The uptake in long-lasting stories has been superb and we are very proud to be part of a community with a growing story-writing base. Hopefully it will continue to increase, with your help.

As with last year, this Hub will be a great place to check on links to useful guides or resources that you can use for your story, as well as a way to check up on Story of the Month and Story of the Year winners for the season.

While the Story of the Month and Story of the Year competitions can be fun and competitive, they are not the be-all and end-all of story writing here. I've always found that the best way to get the most enjoyment out of story writing is to write your story in a way that you would like to read it. If you can enjoy reading back your story, then it is a good story for you.

Us staff are always open to suggestions, compliments and criticism. Please feel free to contact us at any time, although I can't promise we'll be awake at 3am :P

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Story of the Month Winners

November 2019: TSV 1860 Munich: Die Löwen | Griffo
December 2019: TSV 1860 Munich: Die Löwen | Griffo
January 2020: Ipswich Town - Bringing Back The Glory Days | LittleLaney11
February 2020: Arjen Robben - Emperor In Eindhoven | Aaron
March 2020: Parma Calcio 1913 - An Italian Journey | tedbro20
April 2020: Resurrecting Palermo | FMBlake
May 2020 (shared): A New Era in Dutch Football - Vitesse | tedbro20
May 2020 (shared): Conor McDonald: The Student | Jack
May 2020 (shared): Pierre Pellegri: The Pink Panther | Justice
June 2020: [FM20] Rising Above The Past - An 1. FC Union Berlin Journey | Zed
July 2020: Blagoja Trpevski: A Worldwide Journey | J_ames
August 2020: Blagoja Trpevski: A Worldwide Journey | J_ames
September 2020: From Winnipeg, with love. Memoirs of a football manager | bigmattb
Looking forward to it, going to try my best to make at least 10 years.
Looking forward to this. Will be giving it a go getting into the top ten :)

Story of the Month - November 2019 Winner

The opening Story of the Month poll of the FM20 season has produced a winner who has come back from the past to dominate the poll. The winner of the first award of the season previously found critical acclaim with mega-stories 'Truro City: All The Way From Lemon Quay (FM14)' and 'Toulouse: La Cité Des Violettes (FM16)', while also impressing with 'Brescia Calcio: Leonessa d'Italia (FM19)'. This time around, it was his story 'TSV 1860 Munich: Die Löwen' which has stolen the headlines.

Congratulations to Griffo for winning the first edition of the Story of the Month award for the FM20 season! Onwards and upwards for our resident Aussie story-writer! Hopefully December shall produce more stories of the high standard which was witnessed throughout November, with the poll littered with quality.
Thanks everyone, appreciate it

Story of the Month - December 2019 Winner

An enthralling poll has come to a dramatic end, with one person just sneaking into the lead on the final day! Commiserations to second placed JohnWarrington, your tireless posting streak has kept readers on their toes. However, it is Griffo who retains his crown by winning the poll with a one-point margin (6-5). You are the final champions of 2019, with 2020 now underway!
Congrats on the win Griffo!
Thank you to those that voted for me :)

Story of the Month - January 2020 Winner

We have our first champion of 2020! Congratulations to LittleLaney11 who absolutely smashed it with his Ipswich story! He collected 6 of 12 votes, earning him top spot for the first month of the calendar year. Bravo, sir!
Thank you so much to every one who voted for me for Story of the Month. Is a true honour that so many of you have enjoyed my story this past month, but no fear as there is still a lot more to come from both the story and myself!

Story of the Month - February 2020 Winner

Just like before, this poll went right to the wire. Littlelaney11's consistency aided him in his defence but we have a new winner in an old face. A big congratulations to Aaron, a long-time member here, who gathered 5 votes out of 16 to just about snatch the title. Well done!

Story of the Month - March 2020 Winner

It was a month to remember for debut writer tedbro20 who's excellently-written Parma story grabbed at the heart strings of readers around the world. Congratulations on the victory, bro, you're the real MVP of March!

Story of the Month - April 2020 Winner

A turnout of 21 votes is our highest of the season, and I believe our largest turnout for a Story of the Month poll in more than 3 years! It was hotly contested by two as Griffo and FMBlake battled it out for top spot this month. With 42.9% of the votes, your champion for the month is FMBlake! Congratulations! You've now set the benchmark!
Well done FMBlake, congrats mate!

Story of the Month - May 2020 Winner

It was tense, it was tight, it was nervy. It's been a crazy month for stories with plenty high-flying, and a voting turnout of 20 showed just how popular stories have become. In the end, it was a three-way tie for top spot. Congratulations to Jack, Justice & tedbro20 for winning the prize this month! It was a month that deserved multiple winners, and probably deserved more than three winners, but these were the three that racked up the most votes!

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