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Ipswich Town - Bringing Back The Glory Days

A Football Manager 2020 Story
Started on 31 December 2019 by LittleLaney11
Latest Reply on 31 March 2020 by Justice
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As the new year rolls in, I see it fitting for myself to indulge in my first story on FM Scout. For this, I will be taking the Ipswich Town manager’s position, which would have been obvious through the title, and my profile pic of Sir Bobby Robson.

Little about me. My name is Thomas Lane, and as previously eluded to, I am a long-suffering Ipswich Town fan (dreaded.) I’ve watched 21 years of mediocrity bar the first few years, which I was too young to remember, and 1 or 2 seasons sprinkled in for fun. However, as everyone on this site knows, Ipswich have fallen into their worst state in a very long time. 63 years without 3rd division football, and here we are relegated with one of the worst performances in Championship, one of the worst chairmen, and one of the best PR managers in the game. Tactically, meh? Promotionally, top notch?

We spent 18 years in the Championship, the longest serving side until that fateful season last year. But in all honesty, I can see this relegation being exactly what we needed. Big Mick gave us hope and overachieving for 3 years, then stagnation and crude gestures for the next 3. Hurst gave has hope, then abysmal management, and finally Lambert has given us togetherness, but constant rotation to annoy every fan around.



Right, back to the reason we are all here. What are we trying to achieve? How do we aim to do it? How quickly will Marcus Evans sell up? Okay that last one is a bit far-fetched.

Win or promotion from League One
Have a laugh at the shoddiness of the Trophy
Win or promotion from Championship
Win the Premier League
Win the Carabao Cup
Win the FA Cup
Get back into Europe
Win the Europa League
• Win the Champions League
Develop youth facilities to the max
• Try and win the U23 Premier Division
Try and win the U18 Division One
• Reach managerial status to be recognised alongside 2 of England’s greatest ever managers, the pride of Suffolk, Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson



Sitting on my couch at home, I sat patiently for the news all Ipswich fans had been waiting for. What was Marcus’ choice? Lambert In or Lambert Out?








Paul Lambert has been sacked by Ipswich Town chairman Marcus Evans, after he failed to avoid relegation from the Championship last season. Lambert leaves Ipswich having taken over from previous manager Paul Hurst in November of 2018, lasting only 7 months in the job, in which he struggled with the almost impossible task of keeping Ipswich Town afloat after they had picked up 1 win in 16 games under Paul Hurst.

Ipswich Town chairman Marcus Evans has put out a statement after the dismissal: “It is with a heavy heart that I announce the departure of Paul Lambert from his position as Ipswich Town manager. We all know how difficult and downright embarrassing this season has been for Ipswich, and we will do everything in our power to get this club back to where it belongs. I would like to give my thanks to Paul and his team for everything they did last season, but myself and Lee O’Neil believe that it is time for a new man to take the helm. We want something to change, and we want to act fast and get this contract over the line, as we look to announce the new manager in due course. Thank you.

So, there we have it. Lambert is out. In all honestly, I was surprised when I saw the news. It was a sinking ship the moment he stepped in the door. He did the best, but his time has now passed, and Ipswich Town need a new man to step up and take to the hot seat.


In a sensational turn of events, Ipswich Town have appointed ex-manager George Burley as their new boss for this upcoming League One season. Burley was infamous for being known as Ipswich’s most successful manager of the last 30 years, and is looking to bring back some of that old magic he had in the 90s.

“I am absolutely delighted to be back at Portman Road. I love this club with all my heart, and I want to see it back where it belongs. I took them to the Premier League, and I want to do that again. A lot has changed since I’ve been gone: a new chairman has arrived, and I’m delighted to be working under Marcus Evans. Loads of new faces in and around the club, maybe we’ll have to look at some of my favourite personnel from back in the day.

There are some really talented players at this club, especially in the academy. I know about utilising youth players, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented youngsters in my day. Kieron Dyer, Matt Holland just to name a few. I want this club to go back to what they were known for, having one of the best youth academies in England.

I look forward to getting back out there on to the touchline once more, and show everyone that I have not missed a beat. Thank you all for coming, and I look forward to seeing you all throughout the season.”

Wow! There we have it, George Burley comes back to Ipswich Town once again. I loved him as manager, even though obviously I was only 2-3 years old when Ipswich were in the Prem, but he brought such vibrancy to the club. Let’s see how he gets on in his first job in 7 years.
Good luck!
2019-12-31 22:39#264542 Justice : Good luck!
cheers !
Good start to the story here, best of luck on your journey
2020-01-01 04:40#264555 Griffo : Good start to the story here, best of luck on your journey

Thanks Griffo, much appreciated



George Burley begins his first day back in charge of Ipswich Town, having been away for 17 years. Looking at his profile, you can see where Burley excels as a manager. 18 in Technical, 19 in Working with Youngsters, and 20 in Youngster Knowledge. Back in the day Burley was keen to develop the youth, and that’s exactly what he will be doing this season. Apparently, he has told Marcus Evans that he will have at least 1 academy player in the squad for every game, so lets see how that progresses.


Looking at the squad Burley is dealt with for this season, you can see that on paper this team should be too good for League One, but with the amount of injuries already in play on the first day of pre season, it could be tough for Burley to put a set team together, especially with the first transfer window disabled for more realism.

Looking for key performances this season from the likes of Flynn Downes, Andre Dozzell and Jack Lancaster to show Burley that he should put his faith in the kids.


According to FM, Emyr Huws is our best player this season. On paper I would probably agree, someone with such talent when played in the right position, but his issues with injuries may be a cause for concern this season, so monitoring him for the first few months could be key


One of the key issues at Ipswich right now is the injuries. You saw it a lot under Big Mick, we’d have about 8-9 long term injuries a season because he pushed them to their limits, and beyond. Burley has to settle with 4 fairly long term injuries right now. Jon Nolan has a torn calf, he’ll be out till September. Nsiala has pulled his hammy so he’ll be out till October, and both Sears and Bishop have problematic ligaments. Don’t expect them till the new year


Pre Season wise, Burley has to tackle his way through 5 friendlies before the big games begin. A customary tie against the U23’s starts first, but then the real tough fixtures arrive. Home tie against CSKA looks very tasty, and very dangerous at the same time. Two trips to Belgium follow before a return to England to face newly promoted League Two side Salford.


The Club vision is key to Burley’s success early on at Ipswich, and Evans has made it challenging. Automatic promotion is the aim this year, and hopefully that can be achieved, just depends on our fortune with injuries. Anyone who knows anything about Ipswich knows that we are not a cup team. Like at all. Winning at least 3 ties to achieve that should be fun, watch us get booted out to Chelmsford or something.
Club culture wise, under 22’s and academy development are the key objectives. Play entertaining football is necessary, after 10 years of hoofball

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This might be some kind of record, but exactly 6 hours into George Burley’s reign as Ipswich Manager he has already seen a player pick up an injury. Danny Rowe is out for 3 weeks so he’ll miss most of pre season. Not the best sign for Burley considering he is unable to sign any players this window. Fortunately however Emyr Huws has returned to training so our ‘best player’ is back for pre season.


Looking at the squad Burley is dealt with for this season, and with the injuries we are dealt with, which is now up to 10, a more narrow formation looks the best bet. I went with a diamond because it suits our players much more than a wide formation, but we will look at a wider set up once our wingers return to fitness. Starting XI wise, this is what I believe to be our best 11. Injuries to Bishop and Nolan are annoying as they would be nailed on first teamers in my opinion, but I’m happy with what Burley is working with for this first few months.


Good start to pre season from the boys, few too many yellows for my liking, but ill take a win. Good to see McGavin getting on the scoresheet for the U23’s. very good player who may be looking at first team this season.



Thank god we don’t play with wingers, another injury to add to the list. Edwards now out for a few weeks


What a result! Did not expect that to happen, but I will take it every day of the week.

Real shame about this result as they only scored in the last minute, but on to the next one I guess

I’ll take a draw from that game, very helpful to see who we will be working with on the opening day

Solid win in a tough game away at Salford, glad our two kids got in on the goals. However, it does come at a cost.

Real shame that Downes is out for the beginning of the season. Been really good throughout Pre Season.


I’d give it to Luke Chambers for pre season. He’s been really solid all month long, putting in some good performances against CSKA and Union SG.


August is a busy month for us, 7 games including a Carabao Cup tie with Southend. Going to be tough against Sunderland and Peterborough, but lets see what we can do.



October 8th 2002. The last time George Burley led Ipswich Town on to the pitch. A 3-0 loss to Grimsby that day caused Burley to be sacked as manager of Ipswich Town, and 17 years later he prepares for his first competitive game back. The destination is Burton, who have been yo-yo-ing between leagues for the past 5-6 years. Currently they reside in League one for the second consecutive season, as they look to push on from their 9th place finish last year.

Burton will prove to be a tough test for Burley as they are a stubborn side to face especially at the Pirelli, famously getting all the way to Carabao Cup semi final last year, before getting trounced by Man City. Nigel Clough has been in charge for 4 years now, and will be looking for a return to the Championship this season.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Draw

Interesting group for us to tackle this year in the Leasing.Com Trophy, but I feel like even with the rotation that will be enforced, we should be able to get through the group pretty comfortably.



Going into the game, Burton will be without John-Joe O’Toole for the game this afternoon. He suffered a broken foot in pre season, and is likely to be our for a while.

Ipswich on the other hand are quite thin on the ground, with numerous injuries still plaguing the squad for this opener. Long term absentees of Teddy Bishop, Freddie Sears, Toto Nsiala and Jack Lancaster are still a long way away from action. Jon Nolan has resumed training but this game will be too early for him. Flynn Downes is our after sustained an injury against Salford, and Will Norris will be out of action for a month with a twisted ankle. Also, after collecting a red card on the last game of the previous season, Luke Chambers will be unavailable for this afternoon.

BURTON: O’Hara, Brayford, Nartey, Buxton, Hutchinson, Akins, Edwards, Fraser, Quinn, Templeton, Boyce. SUBS: Garratt, Wallace, Broadhead, Sarkic, Sbarra, Daniel, Dyer

IPSWICH: Holy, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Donacien, Kenlock, Skuse, Huws, Dozzell, Judge, Jackson, Norwood. SUBS: Wright, Wilson, Edwards, Keane, Ndaba, Garbutt, Georgiou


Really disappointed with this result. I know that on paper it’s two fairly evenly matched teams, but when you have 4 clear cut chances you really should be putting at least one away. Burton only had 1 clear chance and Broadhead put it away. The absence of Flynn Downes really cost us this game, so hopefully when he returns it will be a massive boost for us. Vincent Young put in a very good performance despite the defeat, covering a lot of distance off the ground up and down the right.
Firstly, welcome! Great start so far and I look forward to reading more. Certainly an interesting appointment given his time away from management, but Burley will be keen to turn back the clock and achieve success with his former side. Burton are always tricky opponents at this level and with a number of injuries, it's a result to learn from rather than be too disappointed in, personally.
ScottT - Much appreciated. The era of George Burley may have been 20 years ago but his ethos remains the same. Burton seem to be a bogey team for me this year on FM, hopefully I can get my payback in the second half of the season with a fully fit side.
Not the most ideal result against Burton but it's only the beginning! As you said, that trophy group looks very winnable and should allow you progression on that front. Hopefully you can turn that first result against Burton around and start spanking teams!
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After Burleys first game back ended in defeat, he returns home to Portman Road as Ipswich take on big boys Sunderland in the second game of the Sky Bet League One season (still can’t get over having to say League One!) It will be another tough test for Burley’s side, but hopefully he can come through his first home game with flying colours.



+ Bold Player Name indicates Key Player

Ipswich will be jubilant with the fact that Luke Chambers has returned from his one game suspension, as they didn’t look particularly comfortable against Burton in central defence. The long term absences are still in play, but will be motivated by the news that Nsiala and Downes have joined Jon Nolan in small training sessions.

For Sunderland, they will be without Laurens de Bock who has a pulled hamstring, and a late fitness test will be required for Aiden McGeady who is doubtful with a tight groin. Sunderland will be confident after their victory last week against Oxford, so Ipswich will need to be careful.

IPSWICH: (4-1-2-1-2) Holy, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Skuse, Huws, Dozzell, Judge, Jackson, Norwood. SUBS: Wright, Donacien, Edwards, Keane, Wilson, Garbutt, Georgiou

SUNDERLAND: (4-2-3-1) J McLaughlin, C McLaughlin, Willis, Lynch, Hume, Leadbitter, Power, Dobson, Gooch, Maguire, Grigg. SUBS: Burae, Flanagan, McGeouch, McNulty, Watmore, Ozturk, O’Nien

Truly shocking. 27 shots to their 5, 12 shots on target to their 2. Don’t think I’ve seen George Burley get so angry at his players before. Yeah it’s Sunderland and all that, but you can’t play them off the park and come away with nothing. Wouldn’t want to be in the dressing room if I was playing today.




Carabao Cup tie up next, as Ipswich host fellow League One side Southend at Portman Road.

As is the same for Ipswich as they begin their cup exploits this season. The board are looking for the second round, so they will need to overcome Southend tonight. The only extra absentee is James Norwood, who picked up a briused shin in training so will miss today’s game but will be back for Peterborough.

For Southend, Mark Milligan is still out with a groin strain and Tom Hopper is still recovering from his cruciate ligament damage, but should be back fairly soon. A 1-0 win over Blackpool means Southend are the form team for this game.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Holy, Vincent-Young, Donacien, Chambers, Garbutt, Edwards, Skuse, Huws, Georgiou, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Przybek, Woolfenden, Rowe, Simpson, Wilson, Ndaba, Dozzell

SOUTHEND: (3-5-2) Oxley, White, Shaughnessy, Lennon, Bwomono, Ralph, Hyam, Mantom, Hamilton, Humphrys, Cox. SUBS: Seaden, Demetriou, Ndukwu, Kelman, Hutchinson, Ridgewell, McLaughlin.

Horrible. Absolutely horrible. How do we lose that game. 25 shots to 3, 15 on target to 1. I honestly don’t get it, I really don’t.




3 games. 3 defeats. One of the best squads in the league. Dominate every game. Never score. Not sure what more needs to be done for this team to win, onto Peterborough I guess.

Neither team has any form this season, with both sides losing their opening two games, so this is real chance for one of these two to step up to the plate. Peterborough are without Niall Mason and Joel Ward with a thigh injury and ankle ligament damage respectively, and will be looking to bounce back from their 3-2 defeat against Oxford.

Ipswich on the other hand will be boosted by the return of James Norwood, but as expected in life. The sky is blue, water is wet, and Emyr Huws gets injured. 3 weeks out. However, Jon Nolan has returned to first team training, so could be fit for Bolton next Saturday

PETERBOROUGH: (5-2-1-2) Pym, Bennett, Kent, Knight, Beevers, Butler, Reed, Boyd, Maddison, Toney, Eisa. SUBS: O’Malley, Blake-Tracey, Thompson, Clarke, Tasdemir, Copping, Kanu.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Holy, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Dozzell, Skuse, Edwards, Judge, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Wright, Donacien, Garbutt, Norwood, Wilson, Rowe, Rowe, Georgiou

Much better. Still a bit worried by how much we dominated and still allowed them a goal from 2 shots on goal. But, I will take all the positives from that, much needed victory over a very good side in some poor form




Games come thick and fast in this league, up next is AFC Wimbledon as we look for our first home point of the season

No change from Peterborough squad wise with everyone still injured, however Flynn Downes has now joined Jon Nolan in full training, who himself played for the U23s to get his fitness back.

Wimbledon are also in a bit of a rut injury wise, with Scott Wagstaff, Michael Folivi and Marcus Forss all absent for Wimbledon. They are performing above expectation this season, currently in 3rd with 2 wins from 3.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Holy, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Skuse, Dozzell, Edwards, Judge, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Wright, Donacien, Garbutt, Norwood, Wilson, Downes, Georgiou

WIMBLEDON: (5-1-2-2) Trott, O’Neill, Kalambayi, Nightingale, Delaney, Osew, O’Reilly, Sanders, Hartigan, Forss, Pigott. SUBS: Tzanev, Guinness-Walker, Wordsworth, Wood, McLaughlin, McDonald, Roscrow.

More embarrassment again. 24 shots to 1. Still can’t score properly. No idea what’s happening with this team right now




Up next is Bolton away, on paper should be comfortable but we know that we can’t score to save our life, so should be interesting.

Bolton will be without Josh Earl for this afternoons game, but he is the only absentee for Bolton. Stuck at the bottom of the league, minus 12 points is always going to be tough, and they have only made up 3 of those so far.

All the same once again for Ipswich, with good news coming through that Will Norris has resumed full training, and may be fit for Shrewsbury at home next Saturday

BOLTON: (4-1-2-3) Alnwick, Emmanuel, Hobbs, Wright, Boon, Bridcutt, Murphy, Lowe, Verlinden, Buckley, Murphy. SUBS: Matthews, Brockbank, Crawford, Brown-Sterling, Weir, Edwards, Dodoo.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Norris, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Downes, Skuse, Edwards, Judge, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Holy, Donacien, Dozzell, Norwood, Garbutt, Rowe, Georgiou.

What’s the point.




The final game of the month sees Ipswich host Shrewsbury, as they need to start picking up wins at Portman Road.

Only the long term absentees are away from the Ipswich First Team right now, with everyone else slowly returning to full fitness

Shrewsbury have a injury issue of their own, with 4 players doubtful for today’s game: Josh Laurent, Ro-Shaun Williams, Ollie Norburn, Callum Lang. Shrewsbury are a very inconsistent side, like ourselves, and sit in 12th place.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Norris, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Skuse, Downes, Edwards, Judge, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Holy, Donacien, Garbutt, Norwood, Ndaba, Dozzell, Roberts.

SHREWSBURY: (3-3-3-1) O’Leary, Ebanks-Landell, Beckles, Pierre, Love, Vincelot, Giles, Thompson, Edwards, Goss, Cummings. SUBS: Murphy, Walker, Whalley, Okenabirhie, McCormick, Barnett, Rowland.

No talent. No fight. 7th game in a row dominated, still sat on 1 win. Not sure what can be done to fix it right now.



In a month of horror performances, the only stand out player was Alan Judge. Two very good goals against Peterborough set us up for a positive month, but it’s a shame 10 other players couldn’t help him out on the pitch each game.



Not good enough I’m afraid, nowhere near the level we should be playing at. Should be up near the play offs by now, but doesn’t look like anything is going to change. Need a strong September.




JUSTICE - I was hoping to be spanking teams by now; and I am in the game, I just can’t put the ball in the back of the net. Hopefully September turns around


Burley’s first competitive month in charge of Ipswich Town has not been plain sailing. 1 win from 7 games, dominant performances that are not turning into positive results. Some tactical tinkering is needed for Burley to keep his place in charge of Ipswich Town, and hopefully September will be better than August.



September begins with a Leasing.Com Trophy match for Ipswich to tackle, as they host Crystal Palace U23’s at Portman Road.

Ipswich will be desperate to get back to winning ways as the entertain Crystal Palace U23s in the Leasing.Com Trophy, and will be boosted by the full returns of Jon Nolan and Flynn Downes. No new injuries or suspensions, and who knows if Burley will rotate or try and get a comfortable victory to kick start the season.

For Crystal Palace, who knows what they’ll be doing for this game. Could we see the odd first teamer, or will it be a full academy side to tackle the League One outfit.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Holy, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Garbutt, Dozzell, Skuse, Judge, Georgiou, Jackson, Norwood. SUBS: Norris, Wilson, Downes, Roberts, Scott, Rowe, Keane.

PALACE U23: (4-1-2-3) Webber, Thisleton, Bryon, Woods, Mitchell, Boateng, Kirby, Pierrick, Lokilo, Robertson, Street. SUBS: Jacob Russell, Jude Russell, Smith, Addy, Rak Sakvi, Mensah, McGregor

A perfect start to the shoddy competition, but a win is a win. Had to play a strong team just to try and get some confidence in the players. Finally Jackson has scored a goal, and good to see our two CBs getting goals




Back to League action as we travel up north to face Rochdale at Spotland in the midst of the international break. Who will be away?

For Rochdale, they have been dealt a kinder hand for the international break, as only Rhys Norrington-Davies is away with Wales. Paul McLaughlin and Paul McShane are still out injured. Rochdale are 1 of only 2 unbeaten sides in the league this season, but have 5 draws from 6 games

The injury curse for Ipswich is slowly dying down, with Emyr Huws and Toto Nsiala back in training, but they will be without usual absentees Teddy Bishop, Freddie Sears and Jack Lancaster, whilst Janoi Donacien and Anthony Georgiou are away with St Lucia and Cyprus respectively

ROCHDALE: (4-1-2-3) Sanchez, Keohane, O’Connell, Magliore, Done, Ryan, Camps, Rathbone, Pyke, Dooley, Henderson. SUBS: Lillis, Williams, Morley, Gillam, McShane, McNulty, Wright.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Norris, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Garbutt, Downes, Huws, Edwards, Judge, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Holy, Wilson, Dozzell, Roberts, Skuse, Rowe, Norwood.

2 wins in a row! I’m a surprised as everyone else right now. Had to do it the hard way, coming from behind to beat an unbeaten side, but that’s the spirit this team needs to show. Norwood’s first competitive goal in an Ipswich shirt as well, so I’m very happy.




Finally secure a 2nd league win of the season away at Rochdale, but we need to start picking up key points at Portman Road, so hopefully that can be done against Doncaster

The double wins over Crystal Palace and Rochdale has brought some unseen life back into the Ipswich Town players. The returns of Janoi Donacien and Anthony Georgiou will be a big boost, whilst the fitnesses of Jon Nolan and Toto Nsiala are slowly reaching peak performance levels

Doncaster will be without Rakish Bingham and Marty Blair for this trip to Ipswich, and will be looking to end their poor run of 2 defeats in 3 with only 1 win all season.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Norris, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Skuse, Huws, Edwards, Judge, Keane, Jackson. SUBS: Holy, Donacien, Downes, Norwood, Garbutt, Dozzell, Roberts.

DONCASTER: (4-1-2-3) Dieng, Daniels, John, Baptiste, James, Whiteman, Coppinger, Gomes, Taylor, Sterling, Ennis. SUBS: Lawlor, Wright, Blair, Greaves, Sadlier, Halliday, Kiwomya.

Not sure if I can be bothered any more if I’m dealing with 1 attack against me resulting in a goal, whilst having 30 shots, 20 on target with 7 clear cut chances, and still only draw the game.




Still without a home win the season, we travel away to MK Dons as we look to bounce back from a poor game against Doncaster.

MK Dons have had an impressive start to life in League One following promotion last season, as they sit 5th in the League with 4 wins from their first 7 games. They will be without Jordan Moore-Taylor for this game after he suffered a crucible ligament injury earlier in the season

Another up and down time for Ipswich as they look to secure another away win, but will be hampered by the suspension to Kane Vincent Young for this game.

MK DONS: (4-5-1) Nichols, Poole, Cargill, Walsh, Lewington, Agard, Reeves, Boateng, Gilbey, Dickenson, Mason. SUBS: Moore, Brittain, Houghton, Healey, McGrandles, Williams, Nombe.

IPSWICH: (4-2-3-1) Norris, Donacien, Woolfenden, Chambers, Kenlock, Downes, Huws, Edwards, Judge, Jackson, Keane. SUBS: Holy, Wilson, Skuse, Norwood, Garbutt, Dozzell, Roberts

Perfect response to the Doncaster game, Will Keane coming up clutch with two goals. Kenlock did go off however with a broken foot, so he’ll be out till December at least.




10 games up in the league as we travel away to Gillingham, trying to make it 3 away wins in a row.

Gillingham are currently in woeful form and on paper are the worst team in the league, as Bolton have picked up 9 points this year but still sit below them. They will be without Stuart O’Keefe and Thomas O’Connor for this game, and will be looking to stop the rot.

Ipswich will be boosted by the return of Kane Vincent Young who is back from suspension, but will now have to do without Luke Woolfenden who replaces him on the naughty step. Myles Kenlock has joined Teddy Bishop, Freddie Sears and Jack Lancaster on the physios table.

GILLINGHAM: (4-4-2) Bonham, Fuller, Jones, Ehmer, Oglive, Marshall, Byrne, Lee, Ndjoli, Hanlan, Jakubiak. SUBS: Walker, Hodson, Willock, Charles-Cook, Cisse, Tucker, Mandron

IPSWICH: (4-2-3-1) Norris, Vincent-Young, Donacien, Chambers, Garbutt, Skuse, Huws, Edwards, Judge, Jackson, Keane. SUBS: Holy, Nsiala, Downes, Norwood, Nolan, Dozzell, Rowe

3 away wins in a row now, much better than what we started with. Will Keane is such a clinical finisher I must say, playing him up top on his own has worked wonders. Another dominant performance, just need to start showing dominant score lines. Defence frailties are still evident, need to start cleaning that up.




The final game of the month sees Ipswich host Tranmere, as they currently sit 7th in the league, 5 games unbeaten.

Ipswich head into this final game of September with the same squad from the last game, bar the return of Luke Woolfenden from suspension, and the 1 day injury to Will Norris, forcing Tomas Holy back between the sticks.

Tranmere are performing very well back in League One this year, but will be without Kieron Morris and Morgan Ferrier this afternoon. A brilliant 5-2 win over Burton Albion last weekend puts them in high spirits.

IPSWICH: (4-4-2) Holy, Vincent-Young, Woolfenden, Chambers, Garbutt, Downes, Huws, Edwards, Judge, Jackson, Keane. SUBS: Wright, Nsiala, Skuse, Norwood, Donacien, Georgiou, Roberts.

TRANMERE: (4-2-1-3) Davies, Woods, Nelson, Monthe, Borthwick-Jackson, Potter, Danns, Maddox, Wilson, Blackett-Taylor, Hepburn-Murphy. SUBS: Sinclair, Caprice, Ponticelli, Payne, Perkins, Ellis, Mullin.

Another home game, another dominant performance, another horrible result. Only saved by Emyr Huws’ wonder strike late on. 70% possession with 20 shots, hate playing at home right now!



If this guy wasn’t playing up front I don’t know where we’d be. With Jackson and Norwood struggling to even get into the games, Will Keane has been a shining light in September, and is on the verge of getting an international call up to Ireland. Guess the league recognised his form as well, as he won the League One Player of the Month award for September, and George Burley was runner up to Blackpool’s Simon Grayson for Manager of the Month.



Much better. 7th spot after two months of football is a good place for us to be, so let’s try and push ourselves into the play offs.



After disabling the first transfer window, the period for buys and sales has begun. In September however, there has only be one outgoing. Adam Przybek has joined Dulwich Hamlet on loan until the end of the season. Should get him some first team exposure.



One of my goals at the beginning of the save was to develop our youth facilities to reach the max it could possibly be, and to also try and get our youth teams to win the Premier Division in their respective U23 and U18 divisions. It would be nice to see them be looked at as the best youth sides in England, and that’s the goal. Currently, the U23s look in decent shape, 4th in Division 3. Zak Brown and Armando Dobra the brightest sparks. Our U18s however, are smashing their Division 2 league, with 4 wins out of 5, with Lewis Reed picking up 7 goals in 7 games.



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