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An old face in a familiar place

The Newport County Dynasty
Started on 6 November 2010 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 21 October 2011 by joannes3000
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The final scoreline is deceiving because this was a more hotly contested match than the 3-1 finish. We got lucky in the early goings with Kieron Johnson attempting and netting an ambitious lob from just outside of the box. We were then on the beneficial end of a bit of scrappy play that led to a penalty shot that Johnson drilled home for his second goal. Nick Bartley then had his work cut out for him as Croatia mounted a steady attack. In fact, this was the first time in quite a while that we lost the possession battle over the course of a game. Croatia pulled one back in the 81st minute to set up what looked to be a nerve-wracking push to the end. Jon Steel put the game out of reach one minute later, however, when James Jones set him free with a brilliant through ball.

For those that have been keeping tabs with this story, our date in the finals with Mexico doesn't come as much of a surprise. They are the 11th ranked country in the world and I always see Mexico well represented when I'm looking for transfer targets. They will undoubtedly have the backing of the crowd as they are the host country, so we will have it all to do when we hit the pitch against them.

The day of the game is upon us and I'm excited for the players to get onto the pitch. This will be our toughest opposition yet, and it comes at the biggest stage of the World Cup - the finals. I like my chances against anyone at any venue, but this will be a hard fought game. Here is the starting eleven for Mexico:

Wow, they have quite a team, will be a tough challenge, GL!
Come on England!!!
mexican regens on your game must all have trained at barcelona as youth players, there all quality!!!

I don't know how we did it, but frankly, I'll always take being lucky over being good. I expected an uphill battle over an impressive Mexico team. They were the defending World Cup champions and the game was in their home country.

What I didn't expect, however, was that the referees would take to the home side early and often. Of the four yellow cards issued, all four went against us. None was more horrible than a yellow on David Halls. He went to play a ball, got to it cleanly and cleared it, but the AMC took a dive and Halls got carded. Beyond that, our team was whistled for 19 fouls. The opposing team? They got whistled for five.

Even with all that working against us, it was Jon Steel that silenced the home crowd in the 33rd minute. Steel made the most of the opportunity presented when starting poacher Mark Phillips went down weeks ago. With our team struggling to build momentum, it was our defense once again that was rock solid in front of a dominant Nick Bartley in goal. Mexico outshot us 15-8 and had 3 shots on target to our two, but Bartley and the back line were up to the task, keeping a clean sheet. It was the defense that kept us ahead with that razor-thin 1-0 lead that had me going to defensive tactics for the first time in a long while; then Ryan Nelson began the celebration early with an insurance goal in the 83rd minute.

With the World Cup on my resume I'm running out of things to do. A quick check to the Hall of Fame reveals that I've climbed up to third. The goal there is obvious. Reach the #1 ranking in the Hall of Fame before thinking of retirement.

The post-World Cup firing frenzy revealed three countries that wanted my services and they were all big names - Italy, Spain, and Brazil. And while all three of these jobs are tempting, I'm going to stick with England. Our World Cup victory helped us rise to the #2 global ranking, behind only Brazil.
I'm not sure if you've followed my "revenge of the bloods" story, but I feel we're pretty close in our club-situation. How is your youth-setup by now? Have any youngsters worth mentioning come through your own ranks yet? How is the stadium-situation, what's your avg attendence? Will you be needing a new stadium any time soon? It sounds like you're running out of motivation a bit as well, so I'd like to present a goal/challange for you - winning a treable with ONLY homegrown players in your own stadium (one named after you), maby you could set the number to five or so depending on the time you plan spending on your game until FM12... I'll be trying it myself and it would be nice to see someone else try the same!
yeah the home grown thing is great for motivation, im currently trying to win the premier league with west ham using only english players, in my third season just finished 3rd and 7 points behind the winners. I used west ham because im hoping to recreate england winning the world cup in 66 with basically just west ham players again :D
# joannes3000 : Here you go.

Please remember that the 80+ total was for all competitive games that season - League, Cup, Continental. I wish the history tab would show that entire breakdown instead of just league stats. :(

And lastly, here is his biography.

mate no striker scores that many goals without help from a program like FMRTE or something trust me i know. I once used FMRTE for a season to see how much it can actually effect a save and believe me it can effect it ALOT. Plus if he is that good how on earth to did u get him for free shaktar will have never allowed for his contract to have run down like that and if it did and he is THAT GOOD the real 'top guns' man utd, barca, madrid, milan, inter, juve, liverpool, arsenal,chelsea, man city would have offered him a contract and most likely a more lucrative one than yours joining one of them instead. Don't worry i have seen the screenshot where it says he earns $165,000 per week and i must be crazy to think that is too low of a contract offer. However, you play in the game with the dollar currency i play in the pound currency and that is only £100,000 per week and messi in my save earns £185,000 thats $295,000 dollars per week. since he scores that many goals and is so highly rated if barca can give messi in the game that much money they surely would have offered a player they could heave got for free a lot more since he is better than messi (in your save that is)

this is not me hating on this story i like it a lot but i just want to get a few facts straight if you could prove you have not been using a program like FMRTE or justify how he scores the amount he does then i would be very happy
have sat here and read most of this for last couple of hours and all though this is a great story im afraid to say no one is this good at this game you are cheating somehow surely so i agree with gambino your chaeting just admit it.

never the less i love the blog keep it up !!!
guysguysguys... you have to remember that he was only 23 when he was picked up... and it's most definetly possible to pick up great players on a bosman... I've brought in many players who are regarded super-stars this way, Messi being one of them... As far as the goalscoring goes I've had a 19-year old score 70 in a season, so for a well-rounded mature player like Caca to get a couple more is incredible, but certianly not impossible... As far as the wages go it's easy to keep them down as long as you extend the contracts with atleast a year to go and you get him for a good price att the start. For example, in my 'Revenge of the Bloods'-story where I've got top-of-the-line-players on every position, nobody in the intire team makes €100k/w or more... so for Caca to make £165p/w is very realistic...
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12 yearsEdited
I have used some of the best tactics you can create in this game and the most goals i have got out of a player was 60 ( Javier hernandez, man utd using onox 4-3-3 tactic) and that was only done one time in one season. I used the same tactic for my palermo save and in the year 2023 i had a player with better stats that caca and he did'nt pass the 60 mark.

I am not lying about the players stats being better than caca why would I. Unfortunately I had to re install windows on my pc and accidentally forgot to backup my files so lost everything so no screen shots. This does not mean am lying why would I, I enjoy the story never the less but if you are cheating I would like to know.

Also i was told by a friend that using fmrte you could make young regens who technically should not be footballers because of their stats being so low into wonderkids and wanted by every club. His history screenshot makes me think that you turned this regen into a wonderkid back when he was 15 (some regens are as young as 14) and since he was in brazil could not sign him till he was 18, so you waited not bidding because no point of spending money on someone you would not get for another 3 years. I think this because he was averaging ratings 8.60 a season for 16-17 year old that is unheard of no matter what league they are in. I think shakter beat you to his signature beacuse i think they bidded for him a year or 6 months before his 18th birthday. this explains why you did not get him and also why he cost $37.5 million dollars the only 2 brazilian wonderkids i know are worth that much in the game are neymar and ganso (paulo henrique) and thats only because they were put in the game as wonderkids as they were always in the news during the summer transfer window before the release of fm 2011. Neymar never usually gets bought until he gets older like 23-25 and his price goes down a bit, it goes down instead of going up because he is older and clubs do not think santos's valuation is realistic because his stats are not all that great. However, ganso is a masterclass i will recommend him to anyone.

Am only saying this because at first he was averaging a rate of 6.40 a season and scoring considerably less then suddenly his rating shoots up to 8.60 that is very high messi and ronaldo don't even get that high they ony have mangaged 8.10 in my games. Also he started scoring a lot more goals.

if u are not cheating then am sorry and if it is just the tactic that you use may you tell me what it is so I can also try it out and bring back the results to see if it really works

Finally in reply I3nnart mate unless you do not have worldclass player and do not manage a elite club at least 2 players should be earning more than 100,000 per week in a team you manage no matter the currency. when i signed ganso from santos he asked for wages of 117,000 pounds per week, obviously i would not agree to that so i splashed a lot of money to his agent and his sign on fee both ending being 4.2million pounds and lowered his wage to 57,000 pounds per week. this did not last long as after his 2nd season he asked for increase in wages so i agreed a wage of 125,000 pounds. This is the same for every world class pplayer in the game, messi, ronaldo, aguraro, pastore, modric and so on

If you have elite players, players that are world class and other big clubs are interested and they do not earn more than 100,000 per week than I can only think of FMRTE as you could agree with a player to the wage he desires the as soon as he signs his new contract making him happy you can lower his wage back down to your desired amount and this will not effect his happiness possibly for another 2 seasons. Like i said i have tested out FMRTE for one whole season. A game should not be played like that because then it is not a game just something you control knowing the outcome.
Reading the last few posts in this topic have actually made me laugh.

I will let joannes explain about most of it but I have to say, no its not impossible to have a player play that well and score that many goals in a season and its also not impossible for a player of Caca's quality to be acquired on a free transfer. I myself have had 'world beating' players sign on free transfers (Ganso & Neymar being 2 of those players) and when you sign someone on a free they tend to ask for less wages so they can get back into playing football.

I have used the tactics that joannes uses in his story and I admit the results were not as good but the players seem to play a lot better in every game I have used them in, especially when using them in lower leagues or with lower rep teams in top leagues.

And about the FMRTE being used...I too have used it in games, to either check players hidden stats or to look at other information on him, and I agree that it does ruin some of the experience of playing the game but I think joannes is the kind of person that would want to miss out on that experience.

Oh and something I forgot to mention, it is very possible for a player of Caca's ability to reach those attribute levels whether its from playing games or from training programmes, but after the amount of years that he has been at the club and under joannes management I'm not surprised he is at the level he currently is.
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12 yearsEdited
If i said it was IMPOSSIBLE to score that many goals in a season then forgive me but in my experience it will be extremely hard to get that many goals from a player in one season and i have worked with better players then him, messi and ronaldo being only some.

you laugh at my post yet it is hard to see how a player who averaged a rating of 6.43 suddenly get seasonal ratings of 8.60 in a short period of time (all this whie still in brazil between the age of 15 to 18. Strikers usually get the top finishing ability at about 21-24 at 18 it can be good but as good as some of the top world class players i don't know it would be very rare to get a regen that good. Also i have not said it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a highly rated player on a bosmon free transfer but to get a player of that calibare is also very rare, the best player i have got on bosmon free is eden dezko from wolfsburg in my palermo save he use to average about 40 goals a season a very good return. Looking back i could say it is possible he could have got him from shakter on a free transfer without using FMRTE because of newport was a better club in the top league in the world so caca let his contract run down on purpose to leave to newport or any other club like barca or madrid.

finally I also did not say it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a player with caca's abilities you failed to remember that i have said i have acquired players that have better stats than caca and still no huge goal count of 80+. Again as i said i wish it is true that he hasn't used any third party programs for help. Lets see what joannes has to say about this whole thing.

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