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Training Schedules

Started on 6 January 2011 by exibizarep
Latest Reply on 11 June 2011 by staito0792
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Evening all,

First time user of this particular site and I am impressed!!

I have been looking for a training schedule as I just cannot seem to get my head around training on this edition. I have noted that there are a couple within the download section of this site, but there doesn't seem to be any feedback on how they have worked for people.

Can anybody recommend a particular training schedule that has worked well for them?


hello exibizarep!

i've been tryin out the schedule made by halbarad, the last one on the list, and it has been workin out ok! Although i dont have any screenshots to show you my players progress, if you are familiar with the Tug's training schedule for 2010, you're absolutely love this one, they are very similar!

if i had to advise you, i'd say the last one on the list, made by halbarad on 2010/11/08!

an alternative method to measure the quality of those schedules is to look for the person who made them, and look for how long they've been playing fm, this way the ones who've been playin for long should be more experienced!

cee ya, keep FMing!
oh, and one more thing!

has obvious, you should try to sign the best staff possible for every aspect of the trainig, since the schedule performance is deeply afected by staffs performance!
I have to recommend my own schedules My Super Schedules :D They're highly effective and theres a diverse collection of schedules for improving different attribute sets, the only drawback is that with them been intense only "professional" players (hidden attribute=10 or higher)are happy with them. If you only want hardworking professionals at your club these are the training schedules for you.
I would of course recommend mine. It works really good. Full Time players Youth players and Part Time players.
I wouldnt use anyone's training and would focus on the players in your team and what training they need the most. I have a schedule for GK, FB, CD, MC, MRL, FOR and PRESEASON and do the same with the youth one also. I never dish out heavy overall traininng always make sure its med and I use individual training to focus on the areas that each players needs to improve - if they dont need to improve a specific area I dont give them any intividual training. When the players stats show red thats a good indication that its time to switch training to those areas that show red but always keep there playing area up high like defending if there a defender etc..
I haven't got a clue how to choose a specific training schedule and don't change it from the one that the club already has when I joined

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