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Arsenal - Road to glory

My campaign towards the throphies
Started on 23 April 2012 by ejay
Latest Reply on 8 June 2022 by Moppy666
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@craborumtoon awesome that someone has downloaded and trying out the save, have to say that you have done it better than I have in that game, so kudos for that! Also hope you wont have to struggle with injuries as i have had to. And thanks for the kind words, appreciate it :D

More injuries

Yet another set of injuries has struck the club, the strike of Wagner will be a tough one to get trough, very glad Lucio can play CAM, beginning to wear thin on player who can play in this position.

Player Name: Uwe Wagner
Current date: 25.09.2019
Date injured: 21.09.2019
Injury: Strained knee ligaments
Returning to light training in: 33 days

Player Name: Sergio Solaberrieta
Current date: 25.09.2019
Date injured: 18.09.2019
Injury: A bruised rib
Returning to light training in: 1 days

Player Name: Tom Duboc
Status: On loan
Current date: 25.09.2019
Date injured: 19.09.2019
Injury: A sports hernia
Returning to light training in: 30 days

Bumpy start of the league

Has been a bumpy start of the league with many results that has surprised me, big teams stumbling already, dropping points around where they shouldn't. Every team in the league has dropped points with Manchester United maybe as the biggest suprise has dropped 7 points in their 5 games so far.

As for my own team there has been some good performances in front of goal, have tried to enroll Lucio up front without as much luck as i would have liked, so with Wagner off with injury he is going to get a place as AMC where he has managed to pick a couple of great goals from already.
The better news is that Dick is continuing alongside Wilshere to shine, snatching 4 goals so far he stands as top scorer so far in the team. The only performance that beats him is Wilshere who has capped 3 goals and mastered 3 assists so far, things are looking good, just need to glue the defense shut and we will be very hard to beat.

Premier League
Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United
West Brom 3-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Blackpool
West Ham 0-5 Arsenal

Serious trouble

Bad news is brought to me by the physios when they tell me James dick will be out for a long time after the game against Q.P.R. where he had to be taken off towards the end of the game in terrible pain. This is the toughest injury news the club could get as Dick could have been the one to become top goalscorer this season with excellent performances so far, he will truly be missed on the pitch.

Player Name: James Dick
Current date: 01.10.2019
Date injured: 28.09.2019
Injury: A torn calf muscle
Returning to light training in: 82 days
Iv'e done okay with injuries actually - the only two are wagner and gervihno. Lucio is incredible as well - better than dick at this stage.

Hall of fame

Here you have my hall of fame, the players who have shown excellent performances and deserve to be brought out into the light. All the stats will be from when I took over Arsenal to the present, witch for reference is 26th October 2019. The statistics is from competitive games played for Arsenal.

Player name: Eden Hazard
Period in Arsenal: 11/12 - present
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Games played: 334(32)
Goals scored: 72
Assists: 141

Player name: Jack Wilshere
Period in Arsenal: 11/12 - Present
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Games played: 236(70)
Goals scored: 90
Assists: 70

Player name: Abel Hernandez
Period in Arsenal: 14/15 - Present
Position: Striker
Games played: 147(35)
Goals scored: 115
Assists: 37

Player name: Marek Hamsik
Period in Arsenal: 16/17 - Present
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Games played: 115(24)
Goals scored: 47
Assists: 49

Player name: Theo Walcott
Period in Arsenal: 11/12 - 16/17
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Games played: 225(32)
Goals scored: 97
Assists: 64

Player name: Robin van Persie
Period in Arsenal: 11/12 - 18/19
Position: Striker
Games played: 186(80)
Goals scored: 121
Assists: 115

Story of the year

There is now a vote out for what is the best story written this year here on FMscout and I am lucky enough to have been nominated for it. So click the link under here and go vote for the story you think is the best one this year. I'll be back with an update of my story later tonight.

Another great set of posts Ejay. I've voted for you and fingers crossed you win, left a little comment too.
I'm going to download the saved game and give it a crack until Friday when FM13 comes out.
ejay's avatar Group ejay
11 yearsEdited
@Nikleson Thank you very much! Is very much appreciated. Have fun with the game save and let me know how it goes, is fun to see how others do.

Games around the league

Now I wanted to do a post where you could get a more complete view of how my league is at the moment, because I feel there is something very strange going on with many of the results here, for example Manchester United is underachieving very much compared to what they did last season. But firstly I'll go trough my own games so far.

Premier League
Arsenal 2-0 Q.P.R.
Burnley 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Aston Villa
Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool

Carling Cup
3rd Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland
4th Birmingham 0-3 Arsenal

Champions League
Arsenal 2-2 At. Madrid
Basel 1-0 Arsenal
Slavia(Sofia) 0-6 Arsenal

Been a sketchy run in the Champions League so far for me, with being in 3rd it is all up to me to finish the other half of the group games with flying colors and hopefully flying goals trough the oppositions net, because this has shown itself to be a very hard challenge to overcome so far.

Now I am going to switch over to other teams around the Premier League to show you how my bug contenders are doing at the moment, as you can see on the league table there are some teams struggling more than others when it comes to the big ones. And just as a little fun fact i came across, West Ham hasn't won a single game in over 30 games now, think they are gunning for a record.

Will be using some codes to show what competition the games are played in.
PL = Premier League
CC = Carling Cup
CL = Champions League
EL = Europa League

Manchester United
PL Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool
PL Arsenal 0-2 Manchester United
PL Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City
PL Wolves 0-2 Manchester United
PL Manchester United 1-0 Stoke
PL Chelsea 2-1 Manchester United
PL Manchester United 3-0 Blackburn
PL Birmingham 0-2 Manchester United
PL Everton 1-0 Manchester United

CC Everton 2-1 Manchester United

CL Espanyol 1-0 Manchester United
CL Manchester United 3-0 Dinamo Moscow
CL AC Milan 1-0 Manchester United

PL Blackburn 0-1 Chelsea
PL Chelsea 4-2 Birmingham
PL Sunderland 0-0 Chelsea
PL Chelsea 1-1 Everton
PL Tottenham 4-2 Chelsea
PL Chelsea 2-1 Manchester United
PL West Brom 1-2 Chelsea
PL Chelsea 0-1 Blackpool
PL Chelsea 0-1 Q.P.R.

CC Chelsea 2-0 Southampton
CC Q.P.R. 0-4 Chelsea
CC Chelsea 1p-1 Stoke

Manchester City
PL Everton 3-0 Manchester City
PL Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham
PL Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City
PL Manchester City 4-1 West Brom
PL Manchester City 5-1 West Ham
PL Q.P.R. 1-3 Manchester City
PL Manchester City 5-1 Burnley

CC Sheff Wed 0-0p Manchester City
CC Scunthorpe 0-2 Manchester City

EL Brøndby 1-2 Manchester City
EL Manchester City 1-0 Brøndby
EL Maritimo 1-3 Manchester City
EL Manchester City 4-0 Udinese
EL M- Tel-Aviv 1-1 Manchester City

PL Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal
PL Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham
PL Tottenham 5-0 Wolves
PL Stoke 1-0 Tottenham
PL Tottenham 4-2 Chelsea
PL Blackburn 0-0 Tottenham
PL Tottenham 2-2 Birmingham
PL Sunderland 1-1 Tottenham
PL Bristol City 1-0 Tottenham

CC Accrington 1-3 Tottenham
CC Tottenham 4-0 Ipswich

CL Tottenham 3-0 Stuttgart
CL Stuttgart 2-4 Tottenham
CL OM 2-0 Tottenham
CL Tottenham 4-1 Celtic
CL Tottenham 4-2 Standard

There is currently a vote going on to find the "story of the year". I have been so lucky to be nominated for this, you can go and vote for your favorite story by clicking the link below.

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Spaniards makes a pull

Interest from Spain has been shown after Carlo Ancelotti left his seat at Real Madrid to go to Manchester City. The Real Madrid board has decided to give me an offer at the hot seat in the prestigious club with a transfer budget of £400,000,000 and a wage budget of £4,4M per week. Sadly for the Spaniards I have declined their offer and decided to stick with the club in my heart.

When it comes to the games played for the club there is one man who has stepped back up again after remaining in the shadows of James Dick, Abel Hernandez is back in his spot and making his paycheck a pleasure to sign after 12 goals in 10 matches. He is truly a star at the club and it will be a though call on who to play when Dick returns from his injury.

Premier League
Newcastle 4-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 4-1 Bristol City

Carling Cup
4th Birmingham 0-3 Arsenal
Qtr Arsenal Vs. West Ham

With having scored in every game in the Premier League so far I am more than pleased with how the offense is working, just take a look at this golden goal from Wilshere in the video under, trust me, its a gem!

There is currently a vote going on to find the "story of the year". I have been so lucky to be nominated for this, you can go and vote for your favorite story by clicking the link below.

What loyalty to the club and the cause to turn down a 400m transfer budget, good on you. My brother once managed Real Madrid and he got his budget up to 1bn.

Keep up the good work, fingers crossed on you winning the story of the year. Plus, I started your saved game last night, one game in and all good. I must say though that you keep mispelling two words. Your Norwiegan is better than mine and your English is brilliant but thought you'd like to know that in English it's 'Tough' not 'Though' and 'Through' and not 'Trough'. Not criticising you at all just wanted to help you out :-)
What a goal from wilshere - he also scored a 25 yard gem for me in your save against Newcastle (THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!). I won that game 3-1. Keep up the good work - you deserve to win FM Story of the year - I voted for you.:)))))))))
@Nikleson Thanks again for the confidence! When it comes to my spelling on those words, is some words i keep misspelling, yes, try to catch them, but is hard to catch them all, hehe.

@craborumtoon Thanks to you too for the vote, take a look at the goals in this post here, some more gems of goals for you to look at.

Goal galore!

What a month when it comes to goals! Been some real beauties this month with snatching all 3 spots in the top 3 goals of the month. Can't say I have seen this before, rarely get on this list at all, maybe a goal of the year is in the horizon?




There is currently a vote going on to find the "story of the year". I have been so lucky to be nominated for this, you can go and vote for your favorite story by clicking the link below.

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11 yearsEdited

Champions way

The Champions League group stage has come to an end and it has been a thriller with Arsenal lieing in 3rd place with one game left to play.

At. Madrid 1-1 Arsenal

It was a nervy game against Basel with it taking 81 minutes before Hamsik managed to put one in the net and with the push the goal gave Lucio suck in and poached in the second goal of the game sending the Gunners trough to the next round in Champions League.

Arsenal 2-0 Basel

With ending up behind At Madrid the club will be seeded 2nd, meaning in the upcoming draw I can meet the following teams:
Manchester United
Paris Saint-Germain

Big teams that has been knocked out of their Champions League group:
Real Madrid
AC Milan

Now over to the Premier League, been a great set of performances that has lead me to end up in the top spot, having scored goals on goals Arsenal have separated themselves from the heard of the big teams since the others seem to be struggling this season. Blackburn and Sunderland has overdone themselves with being in the fight for a Champions League spot for next season, big kudos to them for being there.

Premier League
Manchester City 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Wolves
Stoke 0-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea

As for other news, here you have a short good read!

There is currently a vote going on to find the "story of the year". I have been so lucky to be nominated for this, you can go and vote for your favorite story by clicking the link below.

Easily the best FM story I have ever read. Hats off to you sir!
@goldengoat Thank you! Really appreciate it.


We have reached January and games are rolling on, Things have gone very well, except for one upset that you will see and understand. Courtois managed to get 400 minutes of clean sheet, witch is an impressive feature if you ask me. Now on to the games.

Premier League
Blackburn 0-2 Arsenal
Sunderland 2-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Birmingham
Arsenal 2-0 Everton
Arsenal 0-1 Tottenham
Manchester United 1-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 West Brom
Blackpool 0-2 Arsenal

Carling Cup
Qtr Arsenal 4-0 West Ham
Semi Arsenal 4-1 Hull
Semi Hull 1-1 Arsenal
Final Manchester City Vs. Arsenal

Now that both Abel Hernandez and James Dick is back from injury I have a luxury problem now that Lucio is in incredible form and running for being top scorer this season with being 3rd in the league, only 2 goals away from the no 1 spot. Will probably stick with Lucio and have my other wonderboys on wait until his form drops.

January Transfers


am pleased to announce a newcomer in the red and white jersey, Jorginho has come from the Brazilian side Corinthians for a fee of £13.75M. The 20 year old is a signing for the future as well as a backup for the current defending squad, he surely has the talent to feature for the side, but he is still young and has much to learn. A talent that is willing to work and will be appreciated by everyone in the stands when his time comes.


The time has come for the veteran to move on from Arsenal to seek out a final glory in his career, with a fee of £2M, Koscielny has made a move to Blackburn where he will see out his career.

Continuation FM13

As you might have figured, I am going to start a story on Football Manager 2013 eventually, planning on finishing up this story first for all of you reading. But thought it might be fun to get some input from you guys, if you have some ideas for what you would like to see me do on a new story. I am still going to go for Arsenal, at least that is what I am planning on doing so far, but if there is something you have thought would be nice to see in one of my stories I would love it if you told me.

There is currently a vote going on to find the "story of the year". I have been so lucky to be nominated for this, you can go and vote for your favorite story by clicking the link below.

Why not try an Arsenal game in the style of Arsene Wenger and dont spend more than £15mill on a player etc.

by the way you got my vote for 'story of the year'

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