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Arsenal - Road to glory

My campaign towards the throphies
Started on 23 April 2012 by ejay
Latest Reply on 8 June 2022 by Moppy666
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At first glance, Moussa Coulibaly would be the best choice as your first-choice keeper in another season - considering he is younger than Courtois, and also, he has toppled Lloris & Mandala and gotten his first cap. The only reason I'm a little concerned about Moussa is because he has a 'Tendency to Punch' rating of 19, which I don't like my players having. Other than that, he is my choice.
Also, Moussa Coulibaly is an awesome name to pronounce.

Season 7 Review

That's it, the season is done and finished, if you want to go and see who is in my team you can go ahead and look HERE.

Things could have gone much better this season, not exactly pleased with the final part of the season. Before we go there, lets take a look at the transfer activities I was involved in:

£2.8M Robert Dziewicki Lech Arsenal
£52M Javier Pastore PSG Arsenal
£5M Francesco Picchi Inter Arsenal
£400K Alan Slinley St. Johnstone Arsenal
£3M Gökan Sayar Besiktas Arsenal

Out:(the noticeable players)
Free Joel valencia Arsenal Free Transfer
£1k Kieran Gibbs Arsenal Wolfsburg
£20M Theo Walcott Arsenal Barcelona
£6M Alex Song Arsenal Inter
£2.5M Ln Fee Iker Muniain Arsenal Juventus


Sparta Prague 0-5 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Real Madrid
Millwall 9-0 Arsenal
Colorado 0-2 Arsenal
New England 0-3 Arsenal

Premier League
Barnsley 0-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 Burnley
Newcastle 2-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Birmingham
Arsenal 3-1 Blackpool
Wolves 0-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea
Everton 2-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-1 Manchester United
Ipswitch 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-0 Stoke
Sunderland 1-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa
Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 West Brom
Q.P.R. 0-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool
Arsenal 0-3 Manchester City
Arsenal 6-1 Swansea
Arsenal 7-1 Barnsley
Burnley 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
Birmingham 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Wolves
Blackpool 0-2 Arsenal
Chelsea 2-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Everton
Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Ipswich
Stoke 0-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Sunderland
Arsenal 4-1 Tottenham
Aston Villa 2-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Q.P.R.
Liverpool 3-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Manchester City
West Brom 1-1 Arsenal
Swansea 1-1 Arsenal

After a long struggle and a form drop at the end of the season I had to see Manchester United take the title away from me, truly sucks, hopefully the board sees that I have done the club good and isn't kicking me out the door. Now is just to look forward to next season to kick some ass there.

Champions League:
GroupWolfsburg 3-3 Arsenal
GroupArsenal 2-0 Rangers
GroupArsenal 5-0 Sparta Prague
GroupSparta Prague 0-4 Arsenal
GroupArsenal 2-0 Wolfsburg
GroupRangers 2-4 Arsenal

1stCSKA Moscow 0-4 Arsenal
1stArsenal 2-0 CSKA Moscow

QtrOM 2-3 Arsenal
QtrArsenal 2-0 OM

SemiJuventus 1-0 Arsenal
SemiArsenal 0-1 Juventus

Juventus deemed a tough opponent, they previously beat A.C. Milan out of the cup 7-1 on aggregate, so was well aware of that it would be s damn hard struggle to get trough them.

FA Cup
3rdArsenal 3-1 Blackburn
4thBlackpool 1-5 Arsenal
5thNorwich 1-3 Arsenal
6thArsenal 3-0 Wolves
SemiChelsea 1-2 Arsenal
FinalLiverpool 1p-1 Arsenal

Here was the cup where I was supposed to take my one title this year, but as I have learned throughout this game is that Liverpool is a damn good cup team. The game went to penalties and that proved that my team truly sucks at penalties, with missing 4 out of 5 penalties the shootout ended 1-2.

Carling Cup
3rdArsenal 3-0 Colchester
4thArsenal 1-2 Aston Villa

Next I will look at who is leaving the club and who I will be looking at signing next season, will bounce some ideas here before I make my decisions, so hope you will let me know what you think.

Season 17/18 stats

Name AAGames AAGoal(s) AAAssist(s) AAAv Rat
Hernández AA42(4) AAA24 AAA11 AAA7.21
Wilshere AA52 AAA24 AAA19 AAA7.53
Niang AA10(19) AAA14 AAA3 AAA7.17
Gervinho AA28(9) AAA9 AAA13 AAA7.34
Hamsik AA35(9) AAA9 AAA18 AAA7.24
Duboc AA14(7) AAA8 AAA5 AAA7.19
Hazard AA42(3) AAA8 AAA12 AAA7.24
Sliney AA8(6) AAA6 AAA3 AAA7.50
Pastore AA25(5) AAA6 AAA4 AAA7.03
van Persie AA7(14) AAA5 AAA9 AAA7.12
Muniain AA15 AAA4 AAA0 AAA6.79
Dick AA2(3) AAA3 AAA1 AAA7.16
Estrada AA4 AAA3 AAA1 AAA7.28
Koscielny AA29(2) AAA3 AAA0 AAA7.13
Vermalen AA29(3) AAA3 AAA1 AAA6.88
Ramsey AA15(16) AAA2 AAA6 AAA7.08

Season 8 - Transfer talk

New season coming up, that means a new window for shopping is coming up. So now I thought I could take a look at some transfer targets, some possibilities I have around the market, feel free to let your opinion be said, some help I never say no to, especially after a trophy-less season.

I have already gone trough my GK thoughts, but can take them on here too, to give the whole picture.

Goalkeeper targets

With Szczęsny leaving this window, a solid goalie is desperately needed and the wallet will be opened for this one. Have set my scouts on the hunt and here are what i believe is some very good options to take a look at:

Defender targets

On the defending side, I would love to upgrade it some, are some very stupid mistakes too often in my opinion.
Some of these guys here would surely do an impact on the game now that I an getting some older players in defence:
Bacary Sagna: 35 years old, contract expired
Laurent Koscielny: 32 years old
Thomas Vermaelen: 32 years old
Domenico Criscito: 31 years old
Nicolas Otamendi: 30 years old
Yanga Mbiwa: 29 years old

Midfield targets

On the midfield I'm not so sure I need much reinforcements, with youngsters coming trough the ranks here showing great potential, just take a look at the season stats and you have your proof on that. But still, want to show whats out there approximately in my price range.
(Nicolás Gimenez is expensive, but had to put him here)

Striker targets

Don't really have any targets in this position, have no use for a new striker this season.

Haven't gotten my transfer budget yet, but have a feeling it will be enough. Shout out what you think I should sign, would be of great help to me.

Pre season 2018

Pre Season is underway and to say I am very pleased with how it went, have a look for yourself.

Pre Season
Arsenal 1-0 OM
Colorado 0-3 Arsenal
Millwall 1-6 Arsenal
Palermo 0-6 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Juventus
Tianjin 1-2 Arsenal

My next update will be about some exciting new signings, so be on the lookout for the update!


Today I am excited to be able to bring the news of new signings to the club. Here we have some exciting talent that will surely make an impact on the season ahead.

Thibaut Courtois

I am pleased to announce that Courtois has joined the ranks at Arsenal. This talented goalkeeper is expected to bring a new level to the game and will take over the number 1 spot in the team. At a transfer fee of £25M this is quite an expensive transfer for a goalkeeper, but he surely looks like he will be worth the money even tho only time will show if that is a fact.

Uwe Wagner

The clubs new young talent, coming to the club for a fee of £12M will be seen in the Arsenal attacking lineup this season, being able to play every position up top he will be a tough one to control on the pitch. Will be exciting to see this man in action.

Alberto Martinez

This £12.5M regen of 20 years of age shows prospect of being a huge talent, with potential the club surely will be able to use in the future. With the players versatility he will prove a valuable resource when times of injuries may occur.

Other transfers in

Are more smaller transfers also coming in, this is part of the clubs future plans. A set of players we all hope to see reach their potential as soon as possible.

Transfer out

Having some big transfers out this season. Combined, all the transfers coming in to the club, £56M was spent. But when you look at the pricetag of the players leaving, it adds up to £75M in income, leaving a profit of £19M just from the transfers alone. Coming close to the end of the transfer window, the club still has a transfer budget of £72M available if the need is to rise.

£45M Javier Pastore Arsenal FC Bayern
£10M Iker Muniain Arsenal Genoa
£9M Wojciech Szczesny Arsenal Porto
£7.5M Tiaguinho Arsenal Internacional
£2M Shaun Brookes Arsenal Q.P.R.
Ln fee £1.3M Luis Estrada Arsenal Villareal
Ln fee £575K Remco van de Kamp Arsenal Elche
Free Emmanuel Frimpong Arsenal Free transfer
Free Bacary Sagna Arsenal Free Transfer
Free Kyle Ebecilio Arsenal Free Transfer

Season 8 - Start of the season

Now the season has kicked off and my new boys are starting to make an entrance. First lets go trough the game so far.

Premier League
Arsenal 1-1 Wigan
Aston Villa 1-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City
Burnley 1-3 Arsenal

Even tho there has been a goal conceded every game I will say that Courtois has preformed decent these games, has come away with an average rating of 7.00, not too shabby considering one goal let in in every game so far.

Uwe Wagner has settled in the team very well, with 4 assists to his name already after four games he is turning out to be a very valuable player for the team capping of an average rating of 7.80

With my other players there are some standing out already here too. Hamsik has capped 3 goals and 1 assist while Wilshere and Hazard both have gotten on the scoresheet 2 times.
amazing story mate B)
@ victoras15 Thank you

Champions League Draw

ejay's avatar Group ejay
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Season 8 - Youngster on a roll

The season is truly rolling on now and my 19 year old forward, James Dick has stepped up when his fellow players in his position has been injured and/or rubbish, capping off 9 goals in 6 games, including 4 goals so far in the Champions League group. Proving to be a five star player so far, this one is definitely a keeper.

Premier League
Q.P.R. 0-2 Arsenal
Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 Wolves
Arsenal 5-1 Swansea
Blackpool 1-2 Arsenal

Looks like Manchester United it the team to beat this season too, with lots of goals so far my defense will have to be solid for when I meet them. Pleases me to see Manchester City and Chelsea are struggling, less rivals to worry about, at least so far.

Injury blow

Have has some injury blows now, nothing the team cant handle, but puts some of my starting 11 on the stands.

Current Date: 10.11.2018

Player Name: Uwe Wagner
Date injured: 27.10.2018
Injury: A pulled hamstring
Returning to light training in: 11 days

Player Name: Murphy Bongumba
Date injured: 27.10.2018
Injury: A sprained ankle
Returning to light training in: 14 days

Player Name: Tom Duboc
Date injured: 7.11.2018
Injury: A sprained ankle
Returning to light training in: 25 days

Player Name: Hugo Ferreira
Date injured: 16.10.2018
Injury: A fractured wrist
Returning to light training in: 11 days
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10 yearsEdited

Season 8 - Season stats

The season has been on for some months now and things have happened. What has been pleasing for me to see is my young players really stepping into the game, showing me what they can do and that they are contenders for awards in the league. But first lets take a look on some other stats.

With me recently playing Manchester United and losing to them by a single goal I have given them some points on me, was pretty much overrun in the game, so was a fair result even tho it was immensely frustrating watching those goal fly fast Courtois. Chelsea is truly struggling with their game and their manager has been sacked and no replacement has come forth. Also had a game against them recently and struggled much more than i woul have liked to, but managed to put a last goal towards the end witch sealed my victory.

Individual stats

These stats clearly shows some players truly stands out, Manchester United's Cavani has gotten a rocket up his ass so far, capping off a great set of goals and an amazing average statistic.


Here is my prize and gems, the reason to be proud of my team, my youngsters have capped of some great performances these months, not taking with the last month now since there was no awards coming my way, but with these 3 monthly awards i have to say that these boys are going to be featured in my squad many times in the time ahead.




28 December 2018

So I am back again now, games have been played and all is good! Currently in 2nd place after 19 games, right behind Manchester United who has a 3 point advantage on me at this time. My upcoming games aren't the hardest ones, but I have stumbled against smaller opponents every season, so got my fingers crossed that the team will pull trough and kick their ass.

But firstly now, as I said, games have been played and here they are for you to look.

Premier League
Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham
Arsenal 2-1 Birmingham
Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn
Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Everton
Arsenal 2-0 Norwich
West Brom 2-2 Arsenal
Stoke 1-1 Arsenal

As you can see, there are some great games here and some I really just want to overlook, but simply can't. The result against Manchester United as I have picked up on my previous post wasn't very pleasing. Also the two last games I have put up here was frustrating to say the least, dominating games where I let trough stupid goals, seemingly it seems to become a trend, letting in goals in matches, isn't many clean sheets for Courtois. Going to try to reduce the speed one nudge more, should perhaps give me more control in my possession game.

Carling Cup
3rdPreston 2-e3 Arsenal
4thArsenal 3-1 Everton
QtrArsenal 1-0 Leicester
SemiArsenal Vs. Blackpool

The team has really struggled trough some of these games, but have switched out my entire first 11 against Preston and Leicester, so a bit of an excuse there, but shouldn't have been a problem none the less.
Other teams that are still in the Carling cup is Manchester United and Swansea.

When it comes to my Champions League games, my plan is to go trough them when i have finished all my group stage games, can reveal no that it has gone very good so far.

Jack Wilshere

Wilshere has simply been outstanding and is getting credit for that now. Even tho this credit comes from the World Cup he has played in now it is still a big acknowledged of him.

Just to put some simple stats in for what he has done for the club so far in the season: 12 goals, 5 assists and 4 man of the match awards in 21 games is pretty darn good stats for a winger in my opinion. Also has an average rating of 7.21.
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3 match magic!

Was no need to worry! The last 3 games now have been magic, topping off a total of 18 goals in 3 matches.

Premier League
Arsenal 5-0 Newcastle
Wigan 0-5 Arsenal
Arsenal 8-0 Aston Villa

The goalscorers:
5 Marek Hamsik
4 James Dick
3 Jack Wilshere
3 Uwe Wagner
1 Nicolas Otamendi
2 Own Goal

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