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Poll: I want Football manager 2013 to be improved...

What we woud like to see better in FM13, please comment.
Started on 15 May 2012 by amass909
Latest Reply on 23 July 2012 by hazzi07
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fm13 i want it to be improved by ..... (1084 votes)
amass909's avatar Group amass909
11 yearsEdited
What would we like better in fm13 please comment.
ReTalking Retired players into playing again
Face packs all ready downloaded for every one
get the German international squad
every team liscensed
Visible personality attributes.
Facepacks for everyone & proper German national team
Should do board meetings every month or week to talk about issues and beg for more transfer budgets lol
in fm13 it should be having a good 3d engine+graphics even if the game will be bigg
Facepacks and full team licensing
Board meeting every month
Talking retired players into playing for a bit longer

Also make it more realistic in the sense of going to grounds away from home

A prime example of this is in my save i played against AC Milan at the San Siro
No pressing of the ball
A deep backline
No real pace to the counter attacks
And won 5-0

Now correct me if im wrong but;
Are most big away Champions League nights not intimidating for players, cause ive been to a few grounds and got shivers down my spine from the fans
Are Italian teams really that bad?
AI Managers constantly make the wrong decisions in tactics against different teams, why not set a difficulty level depending on how challenging you want the game to actually be? (Maybe Easy - not realistic, Normal - Some similarities to real life in tactics, Hard - very much like real life and will challenge even the best of tactical geniuses, Very Hard - May become your biggest nightmare or your best achievement in your life the most realistic difficulty to real life where the game take into account past form of the teams that are playing in their last ten games in real life at the start of the game etc...)

Anyway less rambling and moaning hope you all get some idea put into this post and see if we can send it of to SI for suggestions
Would love for the managers jumping jobs would be realistic, cant say they are in my game.

Being able to copy names of players, so you can paste them in forums etc.
More takeovers by company's on clubs for example (sheik Mansour: Man City)
i don't like CA or Pa because every player shouldn't have a limit of what there capable of
so i don't want CA or PA cause i don't think its relistic
#51997 amass909 : ReTalking Retired players into playing again

+1 sounds cool
Make pre and post match press conferences more interesting, they are truly boring.

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