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Poll: I want Football manager 2013 to be improved...

What we woud like to see better in FM13, please comment.
Started on 15 May 2012 by amass909
Latest Reply on 23 July 2012 by hazzi07
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fm13 i want it to be improved by ..... (1084 votes)
I DO HAVE a suggestion. why not make the atributes of the players higher. instead of 20, why not 50? that would give a lot of more range!
Trophy Cabinet would be cool !
Injuries are very illogical. Almost every match at least one player is injured for about 2 - 3 months. Transfers are also illogal, i have already voted for it. And one of the most important ones is the wage demands. A player who takes 20.000 pounds wants 50.000 or 60.000 pounds during the contract renewal. There are also somethings that have to be changed but these are the most important problems for me.
there are no problems with injuries at all. it all depends on your fitness coaches. how hard you do training etc...
with all these complaints people are making sounds like everyone wants the game to be super easy ?
I always choose the highest quality fitness coaches (4,5 or 5 stars) and my training is at medium level. Also other teams' fitness coaches are very bad but their footballers don't be injured as much as mines. I don't want super easy game, just want to play a game which is "close to real".
I have this idea...

based on "more attributes" i.e. one on one finishing, tight and whatnot... why not have Finishing a main attribute, and, "Tight finishing, one on one, turn and shoot, ..." as sub-attributes, so that, when you look at the attributes page, it looks like it does now, but when you hover over "Finishing" these 4, 5 attributes pop up.

Although... to be fair, aren't those already special moves?

I don't know...
Tight finishing shouldnt be an extra attribute . That just goes down to a player's composer and technique that the player has
Also talking with players is so illogical. Are the all managers always threat the players in the real life? "I am your manager and if you don't agree with me, it would not be better for you..." Is it a mafia game? All talking options are agressive. It should be fixed.
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[color=#E9B96E][/color]on handheld why do you have to disable all the other leagues to get all of the players in the league you chose
but when i only choose one league all the other league's players are gone
can't i just have all the players while enabling all the other leagues
i don't want it to be easy but i want some players
for example
when i manage arsenal i want gibbs and giroud but when i enable only the english league i lose giroud but when i enable four leagues i lose gibbs
why can't i have all of the players
why do i have to disable all the other leagues to get some but enable all to lose some and get some
does the PC version have all of the players
In a few words - A lot better game then FM2012.
As many others said, more realistic transfers.

1: Computers get their transfer bids accepted for considerably less then you.
2: IE: Paulo Di Canio feels the both of us can become friends... Can we have that option then? For friends and enemies?
3: I would like more jobs, I know it's called football manager and all, but what do we use the money we get for? some guy before me suggested to become an owner of a club, thats a totally brilliant idea, it's better, in my opinion, then buying a house etc etc etc.
4: More realistic matches: IE, Skill moves, more realistic Shooting/Passing, and please, the goalkeepers. One time, my shot was going slightly wide, the goalie pulled it to him, and then when he was about to save it, it went in the goal.
5: More facilities, we get things like money from fan sales etc etc, then why not we have a factory + fan shop or something? Like you can also build stuff such as a Hotel?
6:Good and Bad Reputation: This is a weird idea, but why not good and bad reputation? Good reputation gives you a better chance of having a takeover, staying in the job whilst the takeover is completed, bigger players coming to your club for less if the reputation is high enough, and bad reputation does the opposite for all that, you get good reputation for winning games, leagues, cups etc, and bad for doing the opposite, getting relegated, losing out early in the cups etc.
I think when you apply for a job you should have an interview with the board or owners and you should be able to say what your vision for the club is, like you think this club could win the league within 3 years and you should also have the option to work with a director of football.

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