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Poll: I want Football manager 2013 to be improved...

What we woud like to see better in FM13, please comment.
Started on 15 May 2012 by amass909
Latest Reply on 23 July 2012 by hazzi07
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fm13 i want it to be improved by ..... (1084 votes)
I don't want to be a spoiler guys, but this suggestions will probably go to FM 2014 or 2015. The SI crew already planned their features around 2 years or 1 year or so before the release. BUT i want to join in so I say make a more interactive press conference and talking to the press. :)
there is two things I want improved
1 Visa's since when do you struggle to get a visa for an american to move to britain to play football? or New Zealand or other ex British empire places?

2 Negotiating with Staff is nigh on impossible i.e. I have had a scout who wanted silly amounts compared to my budget so I offered him e.g. 300 p/w but he wouldnt budge to his lowest 325 for the sake of 25?

Come SI lets be a little be more realistic on these 2 very frustrating problems
I don't like the fact that I need to pay 30 million for Marko Marin in the game, but Chelsea only paid 8. I don't have the slightest idea how to fix it, but, more often the not, the selling club asks for ten times the "value of the player". For example: Andreas Herrera is worth 6 million. I shouldn't have to pay 40 to get him... it gets a bit ridiculous
One small irritating issue I think could be cleaned up easily: keep an assistant's evaluation of a player out on loan on record. when you arrive at a new club with players out on loan, you can't get an evaluation of loan players, and you can't ask for a scouting report on them either so for planning purposes these players are almost a black hole.
More options on interacting with bored, for example - i got offered a huge amount for a particular player who i wanted to keep but the board took it out of my hands and sold him - i was livid, i would have loved to give the board an ultimatum like "if you sell him, i quit" sort of thing.
Also more interaction with players who keep getting yellow and/or red cards where you can tell them that they've got to control that side of their game, an example being - i usually fine or warn players who get sent off, but the last two i appealed and now i have three players who are concerned about the lack of discipline in the club.
There are plenty more but i can't think or them right now.
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More freedom with finances, that you can spend your transfer budget elsewhere if the board refuses to for example upgrade your training facilities, at least have the option to make that money available when the board say there is no money for it at the moment.

And yes, i 2nd that with having the possibility to talk to a player for the cards he has been picking up.
Sort the bloody goalkeepers out, some of what they do during the game is just unbelievable and totally unrealistic and an absolute wind-up which will often end up with the opposition scoring. Mainly it's from when a defenders slides it back and the keeper always dramatically hits the floor and parries the ball about 2 yards away straight to an attacker, it just makes no sense?!
The tactical lines back, I miss them, made tactics have an extra element :/ Also more licenses and generally improving in depth on the conversation, media, and 3-d engine.
The main things I want to be be improved are:

1) the stupid fees you have to pay, especially for youngsters as I had real bêtis asking 27.5million for a kid what were only 16.

2) new questions in the press talks as they always ask the same bloodly questions and I always give the same answer

3) the players need to learn that your the manager and accept it as they always argueing with me that I'm mistreating a player coz I transferred listed him
Getting some kind of input in Stadium expansion would be cool, kind of like LMA
Hi guys,
I personally believe that Football Manager 2012 is a decent game and with a few major adjustments I believe that FM 13 will be a great game.
First of all the range of attributes could be improved such as defensive heading, attacking heading, angle finishing , curling free kick , power free kick, short passing and long passing. Etc
Another aspect of the game I would like to see improved is being able to control the kits, the sponsorships and the stadium (being able to increase ticket prices when in debt or lowering when there's not enough fans in the staduim or the type of playing surfaces such as short cut grass for a passing game or a high grass cut for when you are hoofing the ball forward).
I would also like to see a proper board meeting where the board asks you questions on how you doing and if you need help and the financial situation of the club which you could reply in many ways.
A third aspect of the game I would like to see improved would be the match engine system as for me that is mediocre. Also the fans and the title race, playoff chase and the relegation battle should be more in the news and the news could be improved through misquotes and argue nets about the manager.
Also the interviews are pretty awful so they should improve that by using an number of new and different questions and also quotes from players saying how bad you are. The media should also either like you as you answer all the questions honestly and try to help you by bigging you up in newspapers or they should hate you and try to get you sacked when you're having a hard time in the league.
Lastly the players should do interviews and say controversial things in their interviews and the fans should chant songs.
Finally the warm up and war down schedules should be sorted by you such as jogging then high knees etc. Also you should see the training when it simulates and you should be able to do practice matches, shooting training, pace training and other training especially when having trialists so you can see the training and the results at the end.
I know this is a lot to ask for but it would make it a stupendous game in my eyes. Maybe have different difficulties as well

Ps don't add chairman or be a coach otherwise its not Football Manager is it
Oh oh... I forgot about this.

Bayern has an obscene loan debt at the beginning. Perhaps you could ask the board to pay off it instead of a massive transfer budget you get after a few seasons...
Thought of something else that really annoys me - about 80% of the news items are stuff that i'm not interested in, for example - If say i have chosen England, Belgium, Holland and France as playable leagues and i subscribe to the newsgroups, i don't want to be seeing that Abdul Abulbul has transferred from Bongabonga United to Cannibal City for £35,000 or that Matabele Rovers haven beaten Lion FC to win the Tanzanian Cup.

Another thing, in my game i am in the year 2023 and have won everything possible at club level yet i never get offered the England job, this time it has gone to a total newbie that i've never heard of taking his first managerial job - like that would happen for real!

Also i would like to be able to offer a player without him knowing about it, so if no one wants him then he can just get on playing without the "unhappy" icon coming up against his name.

Another thing, the positions that a player can or can't play needs to be looked at, like an attacking midfielder who can't play as a normal midfielder E.G. he plays as an AM/L but is unsuitable for ML, that's stupid, also i bought a player who is a WB/L and retrained him to be a ML even though it kept saying that he would be useless in that position - he's now the best winger that i have seen!

Right, better get off the caffeine or i could be here all day!
#52274 _Man_u_barmy_army_ : The tactical lines back, I miss them, made tactics have an extra element :/ Also more licenses and generally improving in depth on the conversation, media, and 3-d engine.

when FM brings those back then FM will be awesome again and i would probably die playing FM. hence why they don't have it because its a health risk.
I think football manager 2013 should make several changes

they should change the transfer player like gotze cost like 80 million which i think is way too much also some transfer policy is not good.

we should be able to buy clubs and sell them control the club like transfer and wages also manage the club at the same time.

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