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Andriy Shevchenko: From Hero to Hero

Read or be impaled by a flying shuriken
Started on 5 December 2012 by Glenn T
Latest Reply on 21 December 2012 by Glenn T
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11 yearsEdited


I unfortunately lost my Liverpool save, and in process, my story with Jamie Redknapp, now in 2016. My main computer broke down (again) and I am having to use a different computer to play Football Manager now. The saved game could not be extracted from the old computer because of it breaking down and now I have to start an entirely new save/story. This time, I will take the persona of Ukraine legend Andriy Shevchenko, who played for clubs like Milan and Chelsea, and go on to manage struggling.... well, struggling who? You'll find out. In this story, I won't be able to use Football Manager screenshots so I hope my writing will do the work for you readers instead. Whenever I try to take a screenshot on FM with this computer, the screenshot turns green and splits into two. Don't ask me how. Lastly, let's all take a moment to mourn for my Liverpool save, something I was quite enjoying.


Season One: 2012/13

Prologue: Enter: Andriy Shevchenko
Episode 1: From Politican to Manager
Episode 2: Opportunity
Episode 3: Mark Hughes: Sacked!
Episode 4: Andriy Shevchenko: Shock Appointment
Episode 5: Queens Park Rangers
Episode 6: The Squad
Episode 7: And So it Begins
Episode 8: The First Training Session
Episode 9: Shevchenko Meets the Press
Episode 10: Talking Tactics
Episode 11: The Debut of Andriy Shevchenko
Episode 12: Up and Away to North America
Episode 13: Traore is a Saint
Episode 14: Departures Abound
Episode 15: The Revolution Begins
Episode 16: Transfers and Friendlies
Episode 17: First Signings: Bringing the Samba
Episode 18: The Second Debut of Andriy Shevchenko
Episode 19: August: Injuries, Losses Everywhere
Episode 20: September: Luck's Run Out
Episode 21: October: Improvements
Episode 22: November: Back to the Top
Episode 23: December: Powerhouse... Almost!
Episode 24: World Award Winners 2012
Episode 25: The Halfway Point
Episode 26: One More Brazilian
Episode 27: Troublesome Teenager
Episode 28: The Arrival of Michael Owen
Episode 29: Across London
Episode 30: January: Rise of the Rangers
Episode 31: February: Unbeatable
Episode 32: March: London Rivalries
Episode 33: FA Cup Semi-Final: Fight to Win
Episode 34: April: Up the Table
Episode 35: FA Cup Final: The Finish Line
Episode 36: Aftermath
Episode 37: May: Finishing the Season
Episode 38: 2012/13 Round-Up
Episode 39: 2012/13 Premier League Awards
Episode 40: Negotiations Stall: Shevchenko set for QPR exit?
Episode 41: New Contract: Signed!
Episode 42: 2012/13 QPR Awards

Season Two: 2013/14

Episode 1: The New Season: Starting Fresh
Episode 2: New Faces
Episode 3: The Next Michael Owen
Episode 4: The Clearout
Episode 5: QPR complete double swoop
Episode 6: The Return of Joey Barton
Episode 7: New Staff Member
Episode 8: The Friendlies
Episode 9: The Next Leighton Baines
Episode 10: Community Shield: Pre-Match
Episode 11: Community Shield: Back on the Pitch
Episode 12: QPR: Home for the Outcasts
Episode 13: August: A Good Start
Episode 14: September: Cup Challenge
Episode 15: October: European Strength
Episode 16: November: Struggle
Episode 17: Sky Sports: Shevchenko's Targets
Episode 18: Pride of Ukraine
Episode 19: December: Shortage
Episode 20: The Lure of Bilbao
Episode 21: Shevchenko: "I will not leave"
Episode 22: January: Downward Spiral
Episode 23: February: European Climb
Episode 24: March: Mixed Form
Episode 25: April: End of the Adventure
Episode 26: May: A Disappointing Season
Episode 27: 2013/14 Round-Up
Episode 28: 2013/14 Premier League Awards
Episode 29: 2013/14 QPR Awards
Episode 30: Trouble at Loftus Road
Episode 31: The Ultimatum
Episode 32: The Fans
Episode 33: Committed

Season Three: 2014/15

Episode 1: Deadwood
Episode 2: Makeover
Episode 3: International
Episode 4: New Job
Episode 5: Ireland
Episode 6: The Boys in Green
Episode 7: The Staff in Green
Episode 8: Friendly: The Squad vs Turkey
Episode 9: Back to Club Business
Episode 10: Preparing for the Season
Episode 11: Captaincy
Episode 12: Irish Debut
Episode 13: August: Unbalanced
Episode 14: 2014/15 QPR Squad
Episode 15: Youth
Episode 16: Return
Episode 17: The Wonderful World of Free Transfers
Episode 18: September: Unbeaten Run
Episode 19: The Irish: August & September
Episode 20: Debutant
Episode 21: October: The Climb Continues
Episode 22: November: The Climb Down
Episode 23: The Irish: October & November
Episode 24: Team Meeting
Episode 25: December: Sacked!
Episode 26: World Award Winners 2014
Episode 27: Chase
Episode 28: The Next Chapter
Episode 29: The Board: Josu Urrutia
Episode 30: Athletic Bilbao
Episode 31: Team Athletic
Episode 32: Spanish Debut
Episode 33: Recruited
Episode 34: Overhaul
Bad luck Glenn.....if you are ever bored, you could Czech out my story!! :)

Can't wait to find out where (and whom) you are managing....
Glenn, I'm sorry to see the Jamie Redknapp story going down the drain. However I'm pleased to be able to be here for the start of a new story from one of my favourite posters on FMS.

Enter: Andriy Shevchenko

Full Name: Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko
Date of Birth: 29 September 1976
Country of Birth: Ukraine
Playing position: Striker
Occupation: Politician, retired footballer

Former clubs
1994-1999 - Dynamo Kyiv: Apps 117; Goals 60
1999-2006 - AC Milan: Apps 208; Goals 127
2006-2009 - Chelsea: Apps 48; Goals 9
2008-2009 - AC Milan (loan): Apps 18; Goals 0
2009-2012 - Dynamo Kyiv: Apps 55; Goals 23

International career
1994-1995 - Ukraine U18: Apps 8; Goals 5
1994-1995 - Ukraine U21: Apps 7; Goals 6
1995-2012 - Ukraine: Apps 111; Goals 48

From Politician to Manager

"Argh... I've had it with this shit!" I stood up and brushed the accursed documents off the table, while still holding the phone in my hand.

"Andriy, you've only been in this job for a week, and you're already thinking it's shit?" The voice on the other end teased.

"Shut up," I replied in annoyance. "It's completely boring! I have no idea why I signed up for this, and turned down the Ukraine manager job. It would have been more fun than whatever these things are. It's all Greek to me."

"Greek on Ukrainian documents? That doesn't make sense."

"You know what I'm talking about."

"Hahaha, right. What's your next move then?"

"I'm resigning."

"That was quick. I told you that you wouldn't last long in the job, but you refused to believe me."

"Well, you going to help me look for a job, aren't you? You are my agent."

"I WAS your agent, Mr. Shevchenko." I groaned as I heard him chuckle. "But alright since we've known each other for years. It would be impolite of me to turn my best friend down."

"Yeah, right," I snorted.

"So you are looking for a coaching position at a club then?"

"No, actually, I want to be a manager."

"A manager?"

"Yes, in the Premier League."

"In the Premier League? Don't be stupid, Andriy... No Premier League team would take an unproven manager. Sure, you were one of the best players in world football, but I wouldn't be hiring you as a manager if I was the owner of a Premier League club. I think it would be best for you to try your hand at coaching first."

"Good point, but still. Ukraine wanted me. Obviously they see something in me," I grinned.

"That's because you were an Ukrainian legend. It won't be so easy getting such a job in the English Championship, much less the Premier League. But... if you really insist, I'll look around for you."

"Thanks Vlad!"

"Anything for you Andriy."


"Hey Andriy, it's me Vlad."

"It's you, obviously. I got your contact saved on my phone, and besides, your cheeky voice is impossible to not recognise," I chuckled.

"Heh, that's not the first time I've heard that. Anyway, last week you told me you were gonna quit politics and look for a managerial position right?"

"Yep, that's right. As a matter of fact, I've resigned."

"I know that, it's all over the news!"

"Yes, and I'm in England now, practicing my coaching skills at Chelsea for a short while. I plan to move my family over once I've got a job here."

"Ah, that's good then. I've found a Premier League team willing to employ you as a manager."

My agent's words made my heart skip. A Premier League team willing to employ me as manager! Various possibilities ran through my mind swiftly like a train, as I thought of all the Premier League clubs with a vacant managerial position, or clubs with under-fire managers.

"Th... That's brilliant."

"Yes, it is!"

"What's the club?" I honestly couldn't give two shits about who the club was. As long as it was a Premier League team I wouldn't mind taking over the reins at the worst club in the league, the ones destined for relegation, the ones that look like they wouldn't have a shot at winning the title for another thirty years or so. But it would be good to know.

"Queens Park Rangers."
Ohno Glenn you've taken the bait of the poison challice!!

I really hope it works out, rather you than Redcrapp ;) I look forward to following this and seeing how you get on.

Good luck!

Mark Hughes: Sacked!

Mark Hughes has been sacked as manager of Queens Park Rangers, after only being at the club for half a year.

The 49-year-old was appointed as manager on the 10th of January after the sacking of former boss Neil Warnock. Although Hughes and QPR successfully avoided relegation, it was pretty much by dumb luck, after the Hoops lost to eventual league winners Manchester City on the final day of the season, only to be kept up by Bolton's 2-2 draw against Stoke, which saw them relegated by a point instead of QPR.

Owner Tony Fernandes has obviously not taken kindly to that and despite public statements claiming he was fully behind the Welshman, he has taken the decision to sack him today after discussions with his board of directors.

"We will be announcing a new manager within the next 24 hours," Fernandes promised. "We have already lined up a replacement for Mark. The QPR fans just need to remain patient."

Managers that have been quickly linked to the vacant post are Harry Redknapp and Rafa Benitez, both incredibly experienced in the management job and conveniently unemployed. However, the two have distanced themselves from the hot seat at Loftus Road.

Prior to his sacking, Hughes had already signed various players for the club, going on a spending spree, and it will remain to be seen what his successor will do with them.

Andriy Shevchenko: Shock Appointment

Andriy Shevchenko has been appointed as the new manager of Queens Park Rangers.

The 35-year-old Ukrainian resigned from being a politician two weeks ago after only a week in the job. Shevchenko spoke to Ukrainian media after his resignation, "It just doesn't suit me as a person and I think now I might be looking for a non-playing football role." The Ukraine legend, who retired from the professional game at the end of Euro 2012, notched up 111 caps for his country's national team and played for clubs like Milan and Chelsea.

He was then spotted in London a few days ago.

QPR confirmed the news on their website.

"Queens Park Rangers are delighted to announce we have employed the legend that is Andriy Shevchenko as our new manager here at Loftus Road as a replacement to Mark Hughes. Andriy has been looking for a job in management and we are only too pleased to give him the opportunity after hearing about him through his agent. The board is aware that Andriy does not have any coaching or management experience and thus have given him a one-year contract and expect him to keep us in the Premier League throughout his contract. There are no risks and the fans do not have to be worried. We are all confident that Andriy can do a good job here."
Looks great. I will follow.

Queens Park Rangers

Full Name: Queens Park Rangers Football Club
Founded: 1882
Ground: Loftus Road, White City, London (Capacity: 18,360)
Owner: Tony Fernandes
Chairman: Tony Fernandes
Manager: Andriy Shevchenko
League: Premier League
2011-12: Premier League, 17th


Top training facilities
Adequate youth facilities

Affiliated Clubs

a Glenn qpr story ;D defo worth folliwng as i will be doing, good luck mate!

The Squad

nice start mate will be following the story is well wrote and easy to read nice work
Glenn T's avatar Group Glenn T
11 yearsEdited

And So it Begins

"Hello Andriy!"

I looked up. Tony Fernandes seemed jolly and enthusiastic. I smiled and nodded, before taking a seat on one of the chairs. This was the boardroom, the meeting room where all the important board directors got to sit at whenever there was a meeting. Right now, the only people present were Tony, me, and two other guys I'd never seen before.

"Welcome to Queens Park Rangers," said Tony, as he extended a warm handshake.

"Thank you very much," I returned it.

"It's great to see you reporting early on your first day of work," Tony grinned. "The players don't report for training until lunchtime, but I thought it would be a good idea to schedule this meeting before that to discuss about your appointment here at the club."

"Ah, yes," I nodded.

"Well Andriy, first thing's first, meet your assistant manager, Mark Bowen, and the club's director of football, Mike Rigg. You will be working closely with the two of them during your tenure here."

I rose from my chair to greet the two. "Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Andriy Shevchenko."

"We know who you are," Mike chuckled. "It's impossible not to!"

"I watched you at Euro 2012," Mark shot me a thumbs-up.

I laughed sheepishly and sat down back in my chair.

"So Andriy, we will first discuss the transfer budget. Mark Hughes has already bought in a ton of players so we will not be handing you the same transfer budget we handed him. It will be up to you to decide what you do with his signings, but of course, if you wish to sell any of them you will have to wait for six months until the January transfer window. It isn't really fair to ship off the summer signings two weeks after we bring them in before giving them a chance to prove themselves."

"Yes, I understand," I nodded.

"What kind of players do you think you will need?"

"I don't know," I admitted. "Not until I see the squad in training and evaluate them."

"Ah, right. Anyway, for this transfer window we are willing to hand you 5 million, and with this you are expected to keep us out of the relegation zone. We want to move forward, not backwards into the Championship. I've put in a lot of faith in you so I hope you can repay me with results."

"We won't be playing in the Championship next season," I assured the chairman confidently. "I'm very sure we have the quality to stay up. With maybe a few tweaks to the team, I think I'll be able to build a top-table squad."

"That's very good to hear!" Tony was delighted. "It's good to see you have so much confidence in yourself and the club. Now, let's move on to the staff. The board and I feel that we should give full authority to the manager so you are free to hire and sack anyone you want, including your assistant Mark, and of course, Mike," the Malaysian gestured towards the two men behind me, who looked down nervously.

"I won't be sacking any of them," I stated, more of an assurance to the two men. "I think they'll do a very good job for me. I think I might look to get in a few of my own staff though. But Mark and Mike are definitely staying."

I heard Mark breathe a sigh of relief behind me.

"Alright, now that's all settled, I think maybe you should go and grab a bite in the cafeteria. The players will be arriving soon."

"Thank you, Tony," I thanked the man politely, and he returned it with a bright smile and a nod.

You are reading "Andriy Shevchenko: From Hero to Hero".

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