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Zenit: Take 2 For Maradona

Started on 5 January 2013 by JasonRM
Latest Reply on 3 February 2013 by The FM Rookie
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Another larger deal from Diego Maradona, a huge coup. It's reported that he has signed Derby AMC Will Hughes for just 4.8 million pounds. The English Youngster is one of the greatest young talents in the game but struggled at Derby last year. He hopes that a move to Russia will help his career development, and Diego Maradona believes he can be star at Zenit.

That is a lot of top signings you have there! I'd say you will become European Champions with this squad in no time! :P
Woah, I think that he is one of the first English to join the lands of cold Russia! Hahahahaha! I'm doing a press conference on our affiliation though :P! Nice signings.
August Update

August was a very good month for Zenit St. Petersburg. A strong start to the season, and some fantastic transfers. This month we had 6 Russian Premier League Games.

Our first game was against Krasnodar. They never really threatened our hold on the game and I couldn't have hoped for a better start to the season. We started the game off with a head ball goal from vice captain Bruno Alves in the 20th minute. We scored again in the 36th minute with Vladamir Byrstov. They pulled one back in the 50th minute, but 2 goals from Alexandr Kerzhakov in the 79th and 89th minute finished the game off for us.

The next game was against Amkar. The spectators witnessed a dull game, with only one goal, that coming from a powerful Alexandr Kerzhakov strike in the 26th minute. This gave us 1st place in the league.

The third game this month was a fixture against Tom, a side recently promoted. Another easy game for us, at a very relaxed tempo that allowed for complete dominance. Another Kerzhakov goal in the 12th minute gave us an early lead, while a Shirokov penalty doubled that lead in the 59th minute. Danny put one past the keeper just 8 minutes later, with a good bit of skill outside the box before hitting the ball into the upper corner of the net. Axel Witsel would then finish the game in the 81st minute with a calm finish in the 81st minute.

Our 4th match this month was a huge fixture against Russian rivals Rubin Kazan, who ousted up 4-2 in the Russian Super Cup. We went out onto the pitch energized and excited and it payed off 2 minutes into stoppage time (1st half) when Alexandr Kerzhakov slotted it past the keeper on a breakaway. The game was later to be put in the books when Vladimir Bystrov lost his marker and sealed Rubin's fate by beating the keeper. A huge game for us continued our unbeaten run of form in the Russian League.

Our 5th game this month was a disappointing fixture against perennial title contenders Anji.We just did not click this game, and that was evident in the 33rd minute expensive striker Samuel Eto fired the ball past our keeper. Eto would score again in the 49th minute, and would complete his hat trick in the 51st minute. Alexandr Kerzhakov would score a consolation goal, but that's all that would amount too. We still retained the top spot in Russia though.

Our last game this month was against Sibir. We redeemed ourselves today with a fabulous showing here against this last place squad. Our first goal was from Alexandr Kerzhakov in the 2nd minute. New signing Bruno Ecuele Manga would score his first competitive goal for the club in the 8th minute. The last goal of the game came just 2 minutes later, with Axel Witsel powering the ball past the keeper.

We made three signings this month.

The first was Diego Rocha, a Brazilian Striker that I grabbed on a free. The Striker was willing to come on very little wages and will be a backup while he starts to fulfill his potential. Hopwfully him and new Brazilian Wellington Nem can form a great partnership.

The next signing was the 28 year old Mexican Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican came for 7 million pounds and will be first choice from here on out. Considering Goalies peak when they are older, this is a great signing. The board arranged this transfer for me.

The third signing was youngster Will Hughes from Derby. The Attacking Mid may be my best signing this month. The young Englishman provides exceptional skills on and off the ball, but struggled at Derby. I believe that here he will become a star. The first step for him though was to move back to England and West Brom for a year on loan. He will benefit from first team play there.

Here is an overview of all my signings this window. (Sorry Guys, before I said the I bought Nem for 11 mil when In actually it was 12.5 million pounds.

Here is the league table through 7 games. We are still in 1st place on Goal Differential over surprise contenders Kuban.

Our Player Of the Month is........

Alexandr Kerzhakov. The Russian striker pocketed 7 goals this month, In only 6 fixtures. He also had 2 assists, a total of 9 Goals Created in only 6 matches.
Kershakov! Nice results, but don't care about the Anji result, they have a great team and endless cash lol!
September Update

A great month here for Zenit, we had some real quality results and we went undefeated. This month we had 6 games, 3 Russian Premier League Games, 1 Champions League Match, and 2 Russian Cup Matches.

Our first match this month was a tough fixture against CSKA Moscow, a tough physical side. The game started off really poorly for our squad as we gave away a penalty in the 6th minute that was saved by Malakeev, but the rebound was easy pickings for Rasmus Elm and we were down 1 nil. In the 35th minute though, Portuguese Winger Danny worked his magic and fired the ball into the side netting to equalize. There would be plenty more chances for our squad but none found their way into the back of the net and the game would end 1-1.

Our second game this month was in the Russian Cup against Mashuk. I told the boys to take It easy and unfortunately, they made the game a little more exciting then It should have been. The first goal was in the 2nd minute, when Hulk gave the team a quick lead. Another goal followed in the 23rd minute when Danny slotted it past the keeper. The game was not over though as Vladlen Koloskov bashed the ball into the back of the net from the top of the box in the 36th minute. Alexandr Kerzhakov lengthened our lead just before half time though. The last goal of the game was to come from Koloskov once more in the 49th minute but It was nothing but a consolation goal in the end.

Our third game this month was a Champions league Match against Sparta Prague. Our first Champions League match under me was not a disappointment as in the 23rd minute veteran Tomas Hubschman would score in our first Champions League Goal. He would follow the goal up in the 35th minute with a finesse past the keeper. Another goal would follow in the 77th minute when Alexander Kerzhakov would slam the ball into the upper corner. The game would end that way.

Our 4th game this month was against perennial relegation contenders Terek, we played well and It was a simple win for the club. Alexandr Kerzhakov was the first to score in the 37th minute when he beat 2 men before slamming the ball past the keeper. He finished his brace in the 51st minute when he pounded the ball in from a narrow angle to end the scoring.

The 5th game this month was an awful match against Shinnik in the Russian Cup. My players were exhausted from a tough schedule and injuries were not kind to them. Danny, Axel Witsel, and Anyukov, and Bruno Ecule Manga were all injured and we were down to 9 men in extra time when they scored a disallowed goal. We would bring the game to penalties and eventually slip by 3-1. A lucky game.

Our 6th and last game was against Rostov in what was to be a tough encounter for exhausted players. An exciting goal in the 7th minute was assisted by the goalkeeper, Ochoa. More physical play continued but no ball was put past either keeper and the game would end 1-0.

The league table through 9 games has us in front of the pack with 22 points. 2nd place Kuban has 19

Our player of the month is........

Alexandr Kerzhakov. The Russian had another fabulous moth and leads the Russian Premier League in goals (7) and in average rating (7.89)
Great going so far Madrista! Another league title for Zenit and Maradona? :P
No update until Sunday at the fastest as I will be out of town and without my computer. Thanks all for reading and commenting. :D
JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
7 yearsEdited
October Update

A tough month for us as our brutal schedule continues. We did however contine an undefeated run in the league. After the lost to Anji, we have not lost a game. We had 7 games this month, 2 Champions League Matches and 5 Russian Premier League Games.

Our first game this month was against Greek Side Olympiakos in the Champions League. Coming off a big win against Sparta Prague, I thought that this match would be a easy 3 points for our worn down side. I however was proven wrong. Axel Witsel gave us an early lead in the 15th minute when he chipped the ball over the keeper to start the match. Olympiakos would equalize in the 48th minute with a Kostas Mitroglou finesse at the 18. The game would produce no more goals in we would leave Greece with 1 point.

Our second game this month was against 2nd place Kuban in what was to be an important test for the squad. It didn't start well when Tomas Hubucan left the field. Ivelin Popov would take advantage of that when he beat the keeper from the 6 yard box. At half time, I told the boys to play with an attacking mentality. We dominated the start of the half when disaster struck. key playmaker Axel Witsel was sent off for a poor tackle. Then finally, a corner came across to the top of the Kuban Box. Bruno Alves then directed the ball into the side netting to equalize. We would leave Kuban with an important point that kept our tired squad at the top of the league.

Our third game this month was against Dinamo Moscow. Finally, we had some rest before the game and we did not disappoint. Lazovic would find the back of the net in the 3rd minute after a beautiful Axel Witsel through ball. The 2nd goal would come in the 56th minute when Hulk got on the scoresheet by blasting the ball in on a breakaway. No more goals would come and the game would end 2-nil in our favor.

Our next game was against harmless Krylja Soveotv in the Russian Premier League. We got off to a great start when Konstantin Zyryannov powered the ball past the keeper in the 3rd minute. We would double our lead with a Hulk finish in the right upper corner in the 15th minute. The next goal would come from a corner as Bruno Alves once showed his heading and finishing ability. The 4th and final goal came just before half time when Hulk once again scored on a breakaway. A great game and 3 points away.

The 5th game this month was the inevitable clash against Bayern in Munich. We were not expected to win and Bayern asserted their dominance by destroying us in the midfield. The first goal came in the 41st minute when Daniel Van Byuten beat our Defense and slotted it past Ochoa. Mario Gomez went on to score 2 disallowed goals before he went down in our box. Bastian Schweinsteiger would then convert the PK to sent us back to St. Petersburg in despair.

Our 6th game this month was against Lokomotiv Moscow in the Russian Premier League. This was a really frustration game where a win was in our reach but we failed to protect our lead. The game started off very well for us when Kanunnkiov was played a through ball and capitalized on the goalies mistake of coming out to late. Bruno Ecuele Manga, the new signing from Lorien would make it 2-nil off a headball. Lokomotiv then cut the lead in half in the 69th minute when Torbinsky finessed it past our keeper. Our lead would evaporate three minutes later when a Dame N' Doye goal put three points out of sights. The game would end 2-2.

Our last game this month was against Spartak Nalchik, a newly promoted side. We started the game off with a fabulous finish from Hulk in the 11th minute, in which he beat three men on route to the net. We would then proceed to score once more in the 36th minute with a Zyryanov finish. We would end the scoring in stoppage time for the first half when Alexandr Kerzhakov, who has been quiet this month, slotted the ball through on a breakaway. A solid 3 points away.

The League table is posted below. We have 33 points in 14 games, 7 more points than second place Anji. Kuban have been slowly sliding down the table.

Our Player of the month is.......................

Axel Witsel. The 24 year old Belgian has really developed into a great play maker and had 4 goals in a limited amount of game time.
Superb run goign on here! It looks like you will win the league again. What are your expectations for the Champions League?
To reach the quaterfinals. It seems king of ambitious as I am probably going to draw a good team in the 1st knockout stage but I can hope :P
November Update

Another pretty good month. Still undefeated in the league since the Anji game. We had 6 games this month, 2 Champions League matches and 4 matches in the Russian Premier League.

Our first match this month was against Spartak Moscow in the Russian Premier League. The match was pretty boring on the whole but it started fast with a Emanuel Emenike goal in the 24th minute to put us down 1-0. The 2nd and last goal came in the 69th minute when Vladimir Bystorv volleyed the ball from the top of the box into the side netting. The game would produce a couple more chances but none were converted and the game ended 1-1.

The second game was a hugely anticipated rematch against Bayern Munich in St. Petersburg. I told the boys to play rough and not to let talents such as Arjen Robben and Franc Ribery slip into the box. The tactic payed off in the 22nd minute when Axel Witsel volleyed the ball past Tom Starke from the top of the box. Mario Manduskic immediately replied with a goal of his own, he ran by 2 defenders before slotting the keeper on a breakaway. Then, in the 43rd minute, Axel Witsel moved himself to the PK spot and received a pass from Hulk before beating the keeper. The cheers at the end of the game in St. Petersburg were louder than New York City on the 4th of July. Final Score, Zenit 2, Bayern 1. This told me that even with a tough tie, we can still win in big situations.

The 3rd game this month was against Krasnodar. This is one of the more pitiful results of my tenure here at Zenit. We really should have won. The 1st goal came in the 11th minute from Marcio Abreu. Axel Witsel would equalize in the 52nd minute with a finesse from the PK area. Once again Krasnodar took the lead when Siarhay Kislaik blasted the ball past the keeper. Alexasdr Kerzhakov would then come and secure a point with a tap in at the top of the 6. The game would end 2-2.

The next game was a more relaxed game against Amkar. We started the game off with a bang with and Alexander Kerzhakov goal in the 8th minute. Kerzhakov would double our lead and his goals this game with a blast from the corner of the box in the 29th minute. Kerzhakov was not done though. He came right back in the 36th minute and beat the keeper on a breakaway, a great day for him as he secured a hat trick. The game would end 3-0 as there was not much action left after Kerzhakov finished his hat trick.

The next game was an awful game in the Champions League against Sparta Prague, who we beat 3-0 last time. The game started off great with a Alexandr Kerzhakov goal in the 2nd minute. Kerzhakov followed that goal up in the 13th minute to secure a brace. Before Kerzhakov's second, Danny also put a goal past the keeper in the 6th minute. The game looked to be all but over already but a Sandro goal in the 42nd minute gave Sparta one last chance. The continued to play well and in the 58th Milan Baros cut the lead to 1. Finally, in the 84th minute, the goal another came from Milan Baros to secure a point for Sparta prauge. We left Prauge unhappy.

The last game this month was against Tom away. We started the game quickly with a Alexandr Kerzhakov goal in the 21st minute. Wellington Nem doubled our lead in the 69th minute. Our hold on the game was tight although our very own Lukovic cut our lead in half in stoppage time with an own goal. The game was fairly boring and we dominated for all the game.

We are still in 1st place in the Russian Premier League with 41 points. Second place Anji has 35 points and has a game in hand.

Our player of the month is.....................

Alexandr Kerzhakov. The Russian Striker is back in form and is atop of the match rating (7.79) and Goals (16) charts for the Russian Premier League. He scored 7 goals in just 5 games and had 2 assists this month.
December Update
An OK month, our unbeaten run continues. This month was shortened and I will not play another game for the next 2 months according to the crazy Russian Schedule. This month we had 3 games, 2 Russian Premier League Games and and a Champions League match.

Our first match was uneventful against 6th place Rubin. The game had many chances but none were scored, although Alexandr Kerzhakov hit the post. We controlled the match as evidenced by our 25 shots but the game would end nil-nil.

Our 2nd match was an exciting game against Olympiakos. Win or Draw and were through to the round of 26, lose and we go home. The game started off horribly for them as they scored 2 own goals, by Greco and Carroll. We made it 3-0 in the 21st minute when young Center Back Bruno Ecuele Manga scored another one of his famed head ball corners. The game turned into a rout in the 38th minute, when another own goal was scored, by Pablo Contreras. Danny would find the net again for us in the 59th minute with some great skill outside the box before drilling the ball past the keeper. Lastly, Alexandr Kerzhakov scored in the 89th minute to secure passageway into the Knockout stages.

The draw is below. We received Fc Porto, a great draw as we missed the biggest powers in Europe even though we came 2nd in our group.

Our 3rd match was a crucial title contenders match against Anji away. Our previous fixture against them at home resulted in a 3-1 loss with Samuel Eto starring. The game was a draw up until half time when I told the team to play more attacking. It didn't pay off when Jucilei received a through ball on a breakaway and scored with an unstoppable shot. The game looked like It would end that way but in the 92nd minute Alexandr Kerzhakov received a brilliant ball form Zyrananov and curved It passed the keeper to secure a huge point away to keep us at the top of the league.

Here is the league table, we are still in first with 4 points over 2nd place Anji. We've played 20 games so far, we have 10 more games left. The schedule is crazy in Russia and we have a 3 month break from league games now. The next update will be for March.

Our player of the month is..............

Danny, the Portuguese winger played some great football and contributed with a goal and an assist this month.
No games for two month!!! This is great, you can do almost 10 friendlies :P

Great story m8 ;)
Mid Season Press Conference

Diego Maradona-DM

J: Diego, on an overall scale, how do you feel about you performances so far this year.

It's been very good, we've played some good football that has kept us at the top of the league. The signings have been great with Nem and Ochoa and Hubschamann all getting first team football and playing well.

In the league specifically, where do you think the improvements need to be made?

We need to step up a little against bigger sides, especially away from home. We've struggled a bit when we are up against Anji, a big 3-1 loss at home and then a pretty lucky point away. The draw with Rubin did not help and we also drew against Kuban away. In those big games, we need to relax and score more, Kerzhakov and Hulk need to make the game less stressful by just finishing their chances.

Since your loss against Anji, you have not lost a game. How does that make you feel?

I'm really proud of the team for getting some important results when not at full strength or health and being a gritty team.

What do you think your best result was this year?

Definitely the big win at home against Bayern. We had a early lead, they fought back and equalized but Axel Witsel would proceed to secure 3 points for us with a great goal. The game had hghe importance in the group and for me as I realized we could beat any great, wealthy, Western European team here in Russia.

Do you still think reaching the quarter finals in the Champions League is a good goal for your squad?

I beleive that this squad should definitely make the quarter finals and maybe even go all the way to the semis.

Reports are In saying you made a complete overall of the staff here at Zenit. Are you willing to comment on the matter?

Yes, It needed to be done. The scouts here were just not top quality and the new scouts from my regime will hopefully give me a better player pool to look through and find more high quality youth prospects.

Do you agree that Jeremy Pauker is one of the best managers in England with Norwich?

Yes, I'm a huge supporter of Jeremy and his tactics are genius. The Norwich squad must be very motivated and It looks like Norwich could become one of the best clubs in the world for a long time.

What do you think about Jeremy's ambition to become manager of Real Sociedad?

I think it's a great idea. It would really give Jeremy the chance to show that he is one of the best of all time. La Liga is a different challenge from the EPL with Barca and Real Madrid of course but I beleive he will thrive there and have more success then I did.

Lastly, do you think you will be very active in the Winter Window, which has just opened?

Not unless our scouts find some very quality youth prospects, no. We don't have a lot of money and no first team caliber players will be brought in at the moment.

Thank you for your time Diego.

Thank You.

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