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Ajax- Total Football

An Ajax Story
Started on 16 February 2013 by JasonRM
Latest Reply on 27 March 2013 by Jer
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The History of Ajax

Ajax was founded in Amsterdam on March 18, 1900. With five national championships (1931, 1932, 1934, 1937, 1939), Ajax was the most successful Dutch team of the nineteen thirties. In 1955, professional football was finally permitted in the Netherlands. Ajax achieved their first Eredivisie championship in 1957 and again in 1960.

Johan Cruijff played at Ajax between 1959–73 and 1981–83, winning 3 European Cups; his #14 is the only squad number Ajax has ever retired. Cruyff came back to manage the
club from 1985–88.

Ajax won the championship in 1966 and 1967, scoring a record breaking 122 goals including 33 from Johan Cruijff, and again in 1968, and reached the European Cup final of 1969 against AC Milan. In 1969–70 Ajax won the Dutch league championship, winning 27 out of 34 games and scoring 100 goals.

The 1971 European Cup final saw Ajax beat Panathinaikos 2-0 with goals from Dick van Dijk and Arie Haan. Ajax completed the treble of European Cup, Dutch National Championship and the KNVB Cup in 1972 before adding the Intercontinental Cup. In 1973, Ajax won a third consecutive European Cup and another Dutch championship.\

The departure of Johan Cruijff for FC Barcelona in 1973 signalled the end of this period of success. In 1977, Ajax won their first domestic championship since 1973. Johan Cruijff returned to the club in 1981, with the club producing some talented youngsters in the mid-1980s such as Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard.

Cruijff returned in 1985 as the new manager and Ajax ended the season with 120 goals, of which 37 were from van Basten. Ajax won the '87 Cup Winners Cup and reached the final again the following season. Cruijff departed prior to the second Cup Winners Cup final and with most of the 80's stars such as van Basten also leaving, Ajax once again declined.

Managed by Louis van Gaal, Ajax won the 1992 UEFA Cup. Dennis Bergkamp scored six goals in the competition and was the top goalscorer in Dutch football in 1991 and 1992.
Ajax won the UEFA Champions League 1994-95 and the league title. The season saw an unbeaten run in the national league and the final season for Frank Rijkaard, while striker Patrick Kluivert came off the bench to score a late winner to beat AC Milan in the final of the Champions League. Ajax went on to beat Brazilian side Grêmio on penalties to win the Intercontinental Cup. The following season, Ajax lost to Juventus on penalties in the European Cup final.

However, the subsequent period saw the departure of manager van Gaal along with an exodus of many key players including Clarence Seedorf in 1995; Edgar Davids, Michael Reiziger, Finidi George, and Nwankwo Kanu in 1996; Patrick Kluivert, Marc Overmars, and Winston Bogarde in 1997; Ronald de Boer and Frank de Boer in 1998; and Edwin van der Sar and Jari Litmanen in 1999.

Hey guys, my last attempt at a story! The actual writing will start soon and the story will be written in multiple perspectives. I hope you enjoy :D

P.S. Michael, don't hate me :P
The Managerial Candidate

I still remember the glory days as a player and manager. I loved and still love football. Back in the 80s, with Ajax, it was the best. Total Football. Complete fluidity. Back then, Ajax ruled the world. We declined shortly after and I retired and became a manager, with Barcelona. I thought football was over for me though. Then, I turned the television on.

Frank De Boer has been fired by the Ajax board for poor results in Europe. There has been speculation that Pep Guardiola could be tempted to move to Ajax. Also, There has been speculation that Ajax is also interested in old club legend Frank Riijkaard

I turned of the television. They thought me, Frank Rijkaard would go manage Ajax. What a laughable idea. Would I do it though? I'm not sure
Good luck, gonna read this :D
Wonder how long it's gonna be before Michael deletes this story :P Just kidding, good luck with Ajax :D
Jeroen Slop's (Chairman) POV

I couldn't wait for the call. It was all but done. Soon, we would have the new manager of Ajax.


Hello, Mr. Guardiola

Hello Mr. Slop. I've called to say that I will not be signing the contract to become the manager of Ajax.

What! Why?

I believe that Ajax is not a great side and the only player capable of playing on a World Class level is Christian Erikson. Also, Ajax does not have the finances of a top class side and the staff are mediocre at best. The Youth System is good, but not as great as it used to be. Simply put, Ajax aren't good enough for me to manage. I think going to Bayern will be the best move for me and I have already begun talks with them.

I'm going to hang up now, because obviously you don't know anything about football or Ajax and you shouldn't even be considering coming here, because you will not get a job at any position.

(hangs up)

What a disaster! Pep Guardiola, what an evil name! Who will be coach now? Hey, maybe I should give Frank a call.
Franks's POV


Hello, who Is it

It's the Chairman of Ajax, Jeroen Slop

Hi Mr. Slop, why are you calling?

I'd like you to meet me at the Ajax facilities in 30 minutes to discuss the future of the club.

I don't know why I should be talking about the future of your club, but I'll meet you there, I guess.

(hangs up)

What was that all about? Are they really looking into hiring me?

(At the Ajax facilities)

There's Mr. Slop!

Hi Frank

Hi Mr. Slop, how are you?

Let's skip the small talk. As you know, Frank De BOer, our old coach was fired recently for poor performances in Europe. We need a new coach.

I thought It was all but confirmed that Pep was coming to Amsterdam.

No, he backed out. Anyway, Frank, you seem to be the perfect fit for the club. Here, we're focusing on youth and building a Champions League caliber squad. We'd really like if you could come here and manage the club to glory, back to the old days, when we played the greatest football in the world. You can bring back total football. Just sign here.

I can't believe It, he just asked me to be the manager of Ajax, I can't refuse.


Fabulous, training will start tomorrow, and you can evaluate all the players we
have here currently.

So, the manager is revealed! All the dialogue will be in color from now on, so that you won't confuse thoughts and speech.
Good luck in Ajax, Madrista :)
Very nice team
Good luck Madrista, will be following :)

P.S. Don't worry about Michael :P
Hey guys, sad update. The story will be stopped for a while, as my FM is not working. Whenever I start playing, it brings me to a first time setup page, where it says installing. It never finishes. I've tried reinstalling the game, but nothing is working. My game is completely legal, but I don't know what's happening. For now, I will be a storyreader instead of a storywriter
That's some very sad news :( Although I do love me some POV :P Hopefully you can get back in to it soon as you are a great writer!
That's sad Madrista :( I hope it restarts soon though :)
Too bad Madrista, it has happened me too several times. And for me it helped that I removed save game compression after that zero corrupted save files. You should try it see if it helps.
Ahhh that is a shame. Don't let this unfortunate incident put you off trying again soon.
Press Conference

Hello lafs, we're back here at sky sports with an exclusive interview with formal Barcelona manager, and new Ajax Managerm, Frank Rijkaard.

Journalist: Blue
Frank: Red

Hello Frank, welcome to the show! First question, how does it feel, being manager of AJax?

It's great, I remember playing some of the best football in my life at Ajax, and I want to try to recreate that as a manager.

What are your goals this season?

I want to win our league, win the dutch cup, and get to the group stages of the champions league and finish third or higher.

Looking at your squad, who do you think are the star individuals?

The whole team is great, but 2 players that really stand out to me are Christian Erikson and Toby Alderweireld. Christian is a smart player who can dribble and pass with exceptional skill at the age of just 20. Alderwerild is the leader of the defense,a great mental beast, but a player who can also tackle and pass the ball very well.

What business will occur in the transfer market?

Well, I've been given quite a large sum of money, around 9.75 million pounds, and I'm going to look to spend It on a full back, as the ones we have currently at the squad are not meeting requirements at the club.

What do you think about the youth facilities at the club?

They are incredible, and I'm looking to bring in some great youth players for the future.

Press Conference Over

Hey guys, I've got my FM up and running and have downloaded a ton of graphics. Facepacks, Logopacks, Dutch League Kits, and a new skin. Thanks all for reading and . Gameplay will finally start in the next update.
Great to see this story back, Madredista! Love Ajax and Eriksen, so I'll be following!

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