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Ajax- Total Football

An Ajax Story
Started on 16 February 2013 by JasonRM
Latest Reply on 27 March 2013 by Jer
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Donatt-Thanks mate, hope you enjoy the story

Liverbird-Hopefully never, :P. Thanks for reading

Murtagh-Thanks for reading, really looking forward to Ajax and their total football style.

Blue-I'll try not to worry, but It's tough :P. Anyway, Thanks for reading :)

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excited to see where you take Ajax!!!
Very nice to see the save is back Madrista :)
Good luck, I'm sure you will do good in Ajax

Welcome back to Premier Soccer of RTE. We interrupt your daily programming with a transfer. It seems that Manchester United midfielder Anderson has moved to Ajax for a fee of about 4.7 million pounds. When asked about this transfer, Ajax coach Frank Rijkaard said "Anderson is a talented player, a real smart midfielder who can fill the central midfielder role at Ajax. I'm really looking forward to having here in Amsterdam and having him play some great football" Manchestter United coach ALlex Ferguson was less confident that this transfer would work out for Ajax. Alex told reporters today that Anderson was a terrible and lazy player and that he would not succeed In Amsterdam. Anderson joined Ajax as a key player and Ajax beat the likes of Everton and Newcastle for his services.

Preseason Update

A good preseason for me, Frank Rijkaard in my first stint at Ajax. We played really well against the poorer side, knocking in 3-4 goals per game and scoring goals in a creative manner. We struggled against Shaktar and Chivas though, 2 better sides where we conceded 3 goals in 2 games. Ajax always seems to dominate possession, maybe thanks to my 4-2-3-1 tactic attacking tactic. Our next game is against huge rivals PSV in the Dutch Super Cup


I've made 2 signings so far, both first team players, in Anderson and and right back Brice Dja Djedje. Anderson will be in the center midfielder role as a deep lying playmaker, where he can control the game. Anderson is a pacey player who can also pass very well, and I think he could be one of the best players at the club for a long time. Djedje, a pacy right back, will be played in the wing back role. I over payed for this guy, 12.5 million pounds, because I desperately needed a Right Back and other options would not accept a move to Ajax.

Our player of the preseason is.............

Viktor Fischer, a hugely talented youngster. Fischer scored 2 goals in 3 games for a 7.43 average rating.

Guys, more updates coming in different POV's soon :)
A fan's point of view
Fan 1:
What a great time of year for Ajax, I went to the game against Tuggen and saw absolute domination. The team moved the ball around Tuggen with ease and scored goals at will basically. This Ajax team looked like they were having fun. The new formation strikes me as being a little more fluid and attacking than the old one. This year, I think we might have some great success in Europe. Frank Rijkaard is obviously a genius, snagging Anderson for such a low price. He scored a brilliant goal against Chivas too. PSV won't stand a chance against the new Ajax

Fan 2:
Frank Rijkaard, what a terrible manager. Yeah, he played nice football against the reserves, but when It came down to the real test, Chivas and Shaktar, he got 1 point out of 6, and he was lucky to get even that. The signings were not that great. Anderson is over rated because he played on Man U. and this other guy DjeDje is definitely not worth 12.5 million pounds. We should of kept De Boer, and I see misery coming up for the Dutch Super Cup with that awful 4-2-3-1 formation.
JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
11 yearsEdited
August Update

An ok month for us, with a loss to PSV in the Super Cup on penalties. It was an unlucky match for us, as we scored 2 disallowed goals while dominating possession. I'm not worried though. We had a good start to the league campaign, with 3 wins and a draw. The defense was solid, giving up just 2 goals in 4 games. I'm really happy with our offense as well, and I can see both Anderson and Erikson being great offensive players in the future. Unfortunatley, PSV has won all their games and Is in 1st place. Also, we drew a tough champions league group, with Arsenal, Juventus, and Gladbach.

Our Player of the Month is.......

Ryan Babel, who scored 4 goals in the 5 matches we've played so far.
Director of Football's Point of View

Frank has been ok as manager. I'm really disappointing in him for the loss against PSV, we must beat our rivals, and If Frank can't do this, he must be removed. The other results are great though, with only the one draw to Twente. I think this is mainly due to the 4-2-3-1 which seems to score a lot of goals. Anderson and Erikson play really well together in the middle, and I can see them being great players for the club, but I don't approve of the signing of the right back, DjeDje ,for 12.5 million pounds. There must be some better right backs out there for cheaper than that. I will hold Frank in higher regard if he gets through his Champions League group. Plus, we must win the league, or he's gone.
I like the different points of view, it's a nice touch :)
Unlucky against PSV in the Supercup, but good start in the league! Keep up the updates mate!
Pretty good start, but I'm confident you'll improve :)
Im loving this story, great to see you criticize yourself using the chairman/fans, keep it up !
September Update

An alright month for the club, we took 3 out of 6 possible league points and progressed to the round of 16 in the Dutch Cup. Our first match was a thriller against Groningen, where we came back to win 2-1, a thriller for the club. The next game was our first champions league game, Gladbach. Winning this game would take a bit of the pressure of the team for the games against Arsenal and Juventus. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, a bore 0-0 draw. We went through to the next round in the cup with a comfortable 2-0 win. The real test this month was against Vitesse, who had the player playing the best football in the Dutch League, Wilfred Bony. We dominated the game, but had scoring problems and Bony got one of the 3 goals for Vitesse that gave them a win. Thankfully, DjeDje has been playing good football, and the board are impressed with him. Right now, we are 4th in the Eredivisie, with a game in hand over the league leaders, PSV.

Our player of the month is...........

Enzo Perez, an Argentinian AMR I signed from Benfica on Deadline Day for just 5k. Now, he's worth 4.2 million pounds and has 3.5 CA. Perez scored a goal and had 2 assists in the 4 games this month and is starting every day for the club.
Enzo Perez's point of view

This is the life, Benfica thought I was terrible, they let me go for 5 thousand pounds. Now, here at Ajax, I'm starting and playing well. My manager, Frank Rijkaard told me that I would play as an Inside Forward, and that I'd start to get goals immediately. In my first game, I scored the winning goal against Groningen to lead our team to a crucial 3 points. I played so well in the next couple games, grabbing 2 assists, that Frank named me player of the month for the club. The club on the whole needs to play better though, we definitely need to beat PSV to have a chance at the title. What I'm most excited about though, Is playing Arsenal in a couple of days. I'm confident that we can turn around our form, but some other players, including Christian Erikson disagree, and their morale is starting to lower. Now, I'm off to training.
Unlucky against PSV in the Supercup, but good start in the league! You should play De Jong, Fischer and Andersen more as they develop to one of the bests! Plus, irl Van Rhijn is a crucial player at Ajax. Give him a chance! I recommend for you to renew Alderwield's and Babel's contract pronto. Anyways, keep up the updates mate!
October Update

An up and down month for our side really. We played brilliantly against Arsenal, scoring 4 goals and giving up none. Another great league game came against Zwolle, where from the 80th minute on, we were playing with 10 men. We still managed to win 3-1. The next game was uglier, where another one of our players got sent off in the 10th minute, and their side took advantage of that and wrecked us 4-1. We played our hearts out to earn a point in Italy against Juventus, where the team could have won if not for a fluke Simone Pepe goal. In the next game, our side had a 2-0 lead over Heracles, before we blew it when another player got sent off just after half time. We would get just 1 point from that game. Lastly, we had an easy cup game, where we won 4-0. Maybe, that will propel us into some good results next month. Right now, we stand in 4th place in the Eredivisie.

Our player of the month is.....................

Enzo Perez, the 5 thousand pound man scored 4 goals and assisted 1 in the 6 games we had. He also won Man of the Match in the Cup Game

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