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Chris Kamara - Saviour of The Saints

Kammy couldn't do it at Fulham, but can he do it at Southampton?
Started on 9 March 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 27 December 2014 by SimichC
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You sir, have been given the gift of my 600th comment.

Top of the league? :O What is this treachery?!
2013-05-26 15:53#105314 Arvind : You sir, have been given the gift of my 600th comment.

Top of the league? :O What is this treachery?!

It's the best treachery ever! And yay, I got Gavrind's 600th post :))

Le Tissier's view

"We've had another good month here at Southampton, and as always I am here to give you a run through it. First, we had the Norwich game, which was very interesting to watch because we sent out what was basically a reserve team, and it showed we have a strong squad, not just a strong starting XI. Unfortunately, Maya Yoshida and Jay Rodriguez were forced off with injury. We then got a good away win at Middlesbrough, an interesting one for Kammy! The game against Q.P.R. was annoying, because we know we are a better side than them but we couldn't beat them, and we had 2 goals disallowed. We need to show that we are not a newly-promoted team, but a title-challenging team, and we are currently both. We need people not to underestimate us, to show us some respect."
Like the Le Tissier view. Intresting :) Keep up the good work in the league
Wouldn't it be good if they did underestimate you? You could rob them when they aren't looking :P
@BeanyUnited: Thanks Beany, I'll try to!

@Arvind: Man United would hate it if they were treated as a small club wouldn't they? And since Saints have proved they're not a small club, then why should they be treated as one?
Le Tiss speaks the truth. You need to stop being underestimated as you sit in that prestigious 1st place! Nice update :p

'Have Southampton moved on?' asks Spurs boss

Tottenham manager Manuel Pellegrini has posed the question of whether Spurs’ opponents on Saturday, Southampton, are really a big club. The Saints are top of the league table with 26 points from 11 games, 3 more than Arsenal who occupy the 2nd place. Spurs, who appointed Pellegrini last season following André Villas Boas’ departure, lie in 6th, behind Balckburn who, like Southampton, were only promoted last year. In an interview leading up to the game at St.Mary’s, Pellegrini was asked whether Southampton should be top of the table. He replied:

“We’ll have to find out. It’s early on in the season, but they have earned it so far, with some really good performances. They are clearly a good side, because they are top of the league, they are doing better than other teams, like us. I think, no, I know, they will fall away soon, because at heart they are a small club, they act like a small club, they have the mentality of a small club. No? Look at them, they don’t fill out the stadium. They know it won’t last.”
Pellegrini was then told by a reporter that he may be underestimating Southampton, but he dismissed the claims.

”Haha! Nonsense! We know that to be a big club you have to beat the big teams, so Southampton will play us, and they will lose. Just you wait. They need to show that they have moved on, that they are not an npower Championship club. Wait and see, we will play them off the park because we are a big club, not them. Watch. Just watch.”

Pellegrini has shown much arrogance here and with Southampton on great form, it looks to be a foolish move. Southampton manager Chris Kamara has practically got his team talk done already, and Pellegrini has been crucified by the media after his comments. Many have spoken out wishing Southampton luck in the game and in the following fixture against Manchester City, who find themselves in 8th.
What a nob! Nearly as annoying as Ryker ;)
Another manager doubting the Saints? Outrageous. Put him in his place! Great update there Louis
2013-05-27 20:56#105685 BeanyUnited : What a nob! Nearly as annoying as Ryker ;)
Ryker's not annoying! But yes, Pellegrini is a nob :))

2013-05-28 05:11#105732 k1rups : Another manager doubting the Saints? Outrageous. Put him in his place! Great update there Louis

Won't be the most difficult of games :P Thanks for reading and commenting :)
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
11 yearsEdited

Pellegrini: 'You stupid B*****s!'

Manel Pellegrini has slammed his Tottenham players after Spurs lost 5-2 to Southampton, in a game which supposedly should have been a walkover for the North Londoners. Spurs are lying in 6th after 11 games, but the majority of the players are unhappy at Pellegrini's comments. He said to BBC Sport:

"Bloody stupid. Easy win and we get f**king beaten 5 f**king 2. F**king hell. Stupid, absolutely stupid. We should have easily won that game, they are a crap old team, look at the squad! Can you see one top class player? NO! How the f**k do we keep losing to f**king s**t teams like them. F**k. F**king hell. 5-2? Not ever again. We will have to step up a f**king notch because that is not acceptable, it was s**t. We could do with a whole load of new players, because we cannot have players which concede 5 goals to South-f**king-hampton. South-f**king-hampton! Haha! What on Earth were we thinking? Absolutely crap."

The FA have been shocked by Pellegrini's outburst and so have Tottenham, with the FA reportedly considering giving the Chilean a hefty fine. Daniel Levy, Tottenham's owner, has called for calm as the authorities wait to see what punishment he gives. Southampton manager Chris Kamara has complained about the rant, saying:

He shouldn't get away with that, because that is disgraceful. He has insulted our club greatly,and he thinks it is OK, but it really isn't. He should be given a massive fine or a ban because you can't do that. He has deeply offended the people of Southampton.
******* ****
2013-05-28 08:44#105783 Arvind : ******* ****

Wow what a update! Great stuff as always Louis :)

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