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The JK Alphabet Challenge

Started on 6 April 2013 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 28 August 2013 by AlexSonwild
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Great work mate, cant wait for this :)
Looking good JK, Boca are one of the best teams in Argentina so that will be easy. Can't wait for the rest of it.
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2013-04-14 20:19#92539 The Czech : I'm loving this story. KEEP GOING!!!!!!!

Thank you mate!
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2013-04-14 21:13#92553 joethequin : Great work mate, cant wait for this :)

Thanks pal I've almost done the A's!!
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2013-04-14 21:46#92562 BaggiesFan4598 : Looking good JK, Boca are one of the best teams in Argentina so that will be easy. Can't wait for the rest of it.

Should be a easy ride mate, I'm hoping anyway my main contenders will be River and Velez though.
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10 yearsEdited

A intro..

So now we attempt to go to Argentina after being unemployed for a year then Boca offered me a job with a very good budget so i took it straight away! I plan to change the team around quite a lot and spend every penny i have, I want a quick season in and out here so they will more than likely be in debt by the end of it!

Squad at the start of the season

So this is my squad at the start of the season after my transfers and I'm feeling really good about what players i have brought into the squad and i think it will be a good season! I'm very excited about Felipe the guy that cost me £13m!

Transfers at the start of the season

Here are my transfers! There quite a lot of activity and i had a 12m budget without selling any players so making money from them was vital and it enabled me to spend quite freely.

Finances at the start of the season

Lost quite a bit and I'm over on my finance but hey ho I only want to be here for a season i feel i may have to resign if i don't win the title because I'll be in debt.

My key player for the season

The guy that i spent £13m on which is the most I've ever spent on a striker as i never play in the top divisions of the club, it actually hurt me.


Here are the completed fixtures for the whole season.


I've done it! The "A" nations are officially completed but boy i was closed to getting sacked mid season wasn't very good at all despite all the money i spent i still struggled massively! It's a good year for the mere fact I've completed A!

Squad at the end of the season

All of them was fantastic and once against especially the strikers, It's over now they can go on holiday in the Bahamas for 7 week!

Key player of the season

FUCKING HELL WHAT A PLAYER! as predicted Felipe was FANTASTIC, he really was! I could always rely on him to score me a goal as soon as the game arrived, 13m well spent.

Finances at the end

Riddled with debt, I'm so glad i ain't got to stay here another season because I feel sorry for the manager that will have to work with this budget and it was probably my fault.
Brilliant! You are done with As! Now let's see how you do with the Bs. Great story so far as usual.
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10 yearsEdited

"A" Complete

When a lot of you seen this challenge i know for a fact many of you thought "He will give in at "A" you was wrong! A is now complete. Some of the jobs was a delight while some of the jobs was a absolute nightmare and i didn't want to be there but i got through it and managed to finish the 1st chapter of my story. The next chapter starts at "B" with 1 less nation than "A" totaling 10 nations i have to go to. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and enjoy the following chapters to come!


So how long did it take me? It took me 17 years to complete 11 nations and all fairness that isn't bad at all, i had to be unemployed for two years out of the 17 because i couldn't get the job i wanted but eventually it all came together, I will be going into the next chapter in 2029/2030 and the next nations will be Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei.

KS Elbasani

The day i loaded this challenge up i was thinking, what have i gotten myself in to? The first club i got was in Albania and played in the division below the Premier Division so automatically it was going to be a tough challenge to win the top division with these, the first season was a amazing one finishing 1st and getting promoted, i then had life in the top flight of Albanian football where i new i needed a good season in the top flight and i managed to come out with great spirit finishing 3rd. The next season was my 3rd in Albania and i new my squad had what it takes to win the league and they managed to do exactly that, it was a great 3 years at KS Elbasini and my first nation was ticked off after 3 years there.

Toofan Harirod

My next journey was to Afghanistan and i honestly thought i was going to quite when i made my first post about the club, they was absolutely shocking yet always won the league in Afghanistan so after a few decent signings i managed to finish top of the league first time of asking and i was on that plane quicker than you know it!

Mika Ashtarak

I then was offered a job at Mika Ashtarak in Armenia and i was on a role winning my 2nd consecutive league! It wasn't easy though as i only just scraped the title Gandezscar closing behind me pretty quick and only finishing 3 points behind me but it's the final league table that matters and i had enough nation completed so i was off!

Adelaide United FC

I got offered a job in Australia where everything was better than the previous nations i was at, rep, finances, club stature, everything. I knew it was going to be a lot harder and a 3rd consecutive title was a lot to ask and i was right, i finished 3rd the first season i was there and that's what i was predicted to do. The 2nd season came and i had a great chance to win the league as last season was so tight so a few good signings and i won the A-League in the 2nd season here along with my first cup which was the Asian Confederations Cup (equivalent to the Europa)

Futbol Club Lusitans

Next was into Andorra where everything once again was a mess and the rep of the club compared to Adelaide was a huge difference so i was almost back to part-time at a Andorran club full of Portuguese players, things changed, players left and i won the league at the first time of asking which means another nation had been complete!

Xazar Lankaren

I was offered a job at Xazar Lankaren and by the looks of it one of the richest clubs I've been to there finances was ridiculous i couldn't even spend the transfer budget they gave me it was impossible due to there rep being so low and not being able to attract good enough players. The first season i struggled against Baku who had a outstanding season and i finished 2nd in my first season but the season after i overcame the wrath of FC Baku and finished 1st.

Piggotts Bullets F.C

I don't really know what to say to be honest this club was terrible and i hated every game i was managing here there name just pissed me off straight away. Luckily it was a easy league and i managed to sign the best players in the league from teams in the league because they was all amateur contracts so i was just cheeky and signed them which resulted in me finished 1st and becoming champions of Antigua.


After managing in Antigua for a season i had to have a season off to think if this is what a really want going to nations like this.

Sportvereinigung Ried

I knew some luck had to come my way at some point so i applied for a few jobs and managed to get a contract at Sportvereinigung Ried who was doing awesome in Austria the past few seasons but i didn't think I'd finish 1st in the first season as well as getting to the Europa Final it was probably my favorite nation of them all!

Entente Sportive Setifienne

Back to reality now, i went from the Europa Final to the Algerian Premier Division but this is what this challenge is about! I was at a club called Entente Sportive Setifienne who was the champions of Algeria and i was looking forward to it if I'm honest i finished 1st but only just and all in all it was a great nation with players coming through the ranks thick and fast!


1 nation left which was Argentina and i got offered a job at All Boys which was the only job going, i took it and after about 2/3 weeks i left straight away it was horrible i didn't play any games the squad was just not fitted for my tactic.

Boca Juniors

I was then offered a job at Boca Juniors after they lost out last season to Velez so there manager got sacked and i was given a contract with some very nice finances in my hand i was sure to start spending away and changing the squad around, i won the first stage and also the final stage meaning the A nations was finally complete!

Thank you

To everybody that has been following my story we have a long way to go yet but we will undoubtedly get there. Thank you again.
Great story. Keep at it mate.
Brilliant overview of the As. On to the Bs!
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2013-04-15 09:03#92601 Tellak : Great story. Keep at it mate.

Thank you Tellak!
You did an awesome job .
p.s it's not Elbasini but Elbasani
Let's hope you go to Belarus next and meet Glenn Hoddle :D

Well done finishing A so quickly!
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2013-04-15 09:09#92602 Glenn T : Brilliant overview of the As. On to the Bs!

Thank you Glenn took me a while to write haha
you've probably got tons and tons of time on your hands ....Good Luck anyway

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