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The JK Alphabet Challenge

Started on 6 April 2013 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 28 August 2013 by AlexSonwild
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ziechael: Thanks mate!

The Czech: Thank you mate.

Sonalexwild: You love it!

wellsy1498: Thanks! Means a lot.
Yay, it's back! How can you possibly manage doing this, your City story, and FMSGT?
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2013-06-05 05:11#109057 Louis O. : Yay, it's back! How can you possibly manage doing this, your City story, and FMSGT?

I did 3 updates last night within 30 mins no biggie.
im doing this story aswell but working backwards z to a
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Update commencing very soon!!
It's back! :D
Yay! Love Wellsys sig btw :P :P
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A intro..

The JK Alphabet Challenge is back, I've been off FM for a while after doing a side project but decided i didn't have enough time to maintain it. I can't exactly remember where i was until i loaded it up and i just finished Bulgaria and now moved to Bolivia at a club called Bolivar, they are very rich for that league and not just on FM but in real life too and according to one of FMScout members they are like the Man City of Bolivia which is a good thing for me as I'm hoping for only one season here. Wish me luck!

Squad at the start of the season

Here is my squad for the forthcoming season, as usual there was some activity in the transfer market as they finished 2nd last season some changes needed to be made with the money they had available to them so I've managed to bring in some new faces and give the squad a new look and tactics which will hopefully become successful at the end of the season.

Transfers at the start of the season

Here are the transfers I've made until the start of the season, I could of made a little bit of money from the transfers i released but just the fact they had quite a bit of money rather than messing around i just released the players i didn't need and managed to spend around £4m on bringing players in, if i don't finish first this season I'm definitely getting the sack. As usual i adapted the signings/releases to my tactics which involved me releasing all DMs, WBL/R, AMC's.

Finances at the start of the season

Here are my finances after all the transfer activity was complete and it's still very healthy despite a loss of £3.78m and still 20k in wages even though my highest earner is only on £2.3k per week it's pretty difficult to attract any player of a good reputation due to the fact Bolivia doesn't really stand out as a brilliant nation to attract some of the best players, but as you know by now finances don't really worry me because it's usually spend as much as possible and win the league or face the music and completely mess the club up. Hopefully it's the first one.

My key player for the season

Not 100% which player to go for as I've basically signed quite a few players and haven't really got to know many of the players so i went with a keeper i signed from Oriente Petrolero for £275k as he was the highest rated by the assistant manager so hopefully he keeps plenty of goals out this season!


Here are the fixtures.


A great season finishing on 50 points 5 points clear of The Strongest who i expected to win the league in all honestly, after quite a few friendlies i gave my new squad plenty of time to gel giving us a great start to the season and i only lost 2 games all season which was pretty good and they was both against 2nd place so all the other games was a must win. Bring on the next country!

Squad at the end of the season

Everyone above the 7.0 rating apart from the two striker who never played which was a great achievement, they've all done extremely well and i actually enjoyed playing in Bolivia but as the challenges states, I must move on to the next country!

Key player of the season

Santiago Cusicanqui, remember that name he is absolutely quality and at only 23 years old i fully expect him to move on after another year or two, i will definitely try and sign him at another club if he accepts, absolute gem of a player for that league as his season panned out he became brilliant.

Finances at the end

Even richer than when i started! Maybe it's the fact they get so many fans each game which help and only having a small wage budget.
You beat the famous 'The Strongest'!!!

Where's your Barca result? :))
Wow, the strongest's fans have a real chance at a false advertising lawsuit now as they are technically only the second strongest :P
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I usually just do the fixtures for the premier league games but just for you!
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The Job Offer

It was either go to Brazil and manage Corinthians who are predicted to finish 3rd or wait a bit longer to get a better team but in the mean time i got a job in Bahrain at Muharraq who finished champions last season so it was a no brainier to go there and get it out the way! I'm hoping for a simple season, in and out.

How are there finances?

Decent finances with some money to spend and plenty of money left to spend on wages which should give me a good chance to change the squad around and look at how they did last season and which positions they was the weakest in and try and improve.

Information on the club

They don't actually look a bad team at all, valued 4.4m and 4k season ticket holders which is a lot better than some of the clubs I've been too!

The Squad

I can already tell some of the positions i need to improve and I've got a guy valued at £575k so i obviously need to keep hold of him!

The League

Only 10 teams in the league so a pretty small league and we only play each other twice so it should be over pretty quick and should have no issue with fitness as it's over a year period!
Congrats on Bolivia, and good luck in Bahrain.

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