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[FM13] Giuseppe Bergomi - The King of Calcio

The story of an Inter Milan legend taking his club back to the top of the world.
Started on 17 April 2013 by Neal
Latest Reply on 29 October 2014 by Neal
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Denzy: Cheers bud

tbendis: I'm actually quite enjoying this. It's the first real 'plot twist' kinda thing in my story, and I'm glad you all seem to be enjoying it. And yes, how I get out of this is a mystery indeed! ;)


Could it even be more perfect? Page number 101, reply number 1500. You guys are awesome, thank you all so much for following this story and commenting so much on my updates. 1.5k..damn. Thanks guys :)
Congrats!! :D May this reach 3000 replies :)
LFC: Now that would be something :P



Ballon D'Or: Lionel Messi

1st: Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
2nd: Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
3rd: Rogerio (Inter Milan)

Astonishingly, the now 30 year old FC Barcelona superstar named Lionel Messi has taken home his record ninth straight FIFA Ballon D'Or prize, winning on every single occasion since 2009. The magical Argentinian attacker was followed closely by his countryman, Kun Aguero, who enjoyed a stellar season for a distinctly average Manchester City side. Inter Milan's Brazilian starlet Rogerio, who broke out in Europe with Benfica last season, came in a distant third.

This is the first time in history that the top 3 players in the world, according to this gala, have all been South American.

Golden Boy: Emerson Luiz

1st: Emerson Luiz (Inter Milan)

For the second time in three years, an Inter Milan youth star from Brazil has taken home the Golden Boy prize. In 2015, Ademilson took home the prestigious award, and this year his compatriot Emerson Luiz takes home the prize. The 21 year old center back has created a commanding partnership with Andrea Ranocchia at the heart of the Nerazzurri's defense, and scored both goals in Inter's last minute comeback in the Champions League final against Arsenal.

Interestingly, four of the last five Golden Boy winners have been Brazilian; Neymar, Rafinha, Ademilson, and now Emerson Luiz.

Team of the Year

A good mix of players have been picked for this year's World XI. Two from England, two from Germany, three from Spain, three from Italy, and even Alex Sandro from Portugal. Each and every one of these players enjoyed outstanding seasons with their respective clubs, and the mix of clubs and leagues shows just how even the playing field is between the big leagues of Europe.

Curiously, the dominant trend of only European players making the XI has continued this season, with every single player being based out of one of the top six leagues in the continent.


Fans' Player of the Year: Rogerio

1st: Rogerio (Inter Milan)

Voted by the wonderful fans of the Italian league, Inter Milan's mercurial midfielder Rogerio, who finished third in the FIFA Ballon D'Or voting, has taken home this accolade. Having scored 5 goals in 13 appearances in Serie A since making the switch to Inter Milan last summer from Benfica for €62M, Rogerio has been a standout performer and deserves to win this award.

This is the second year in a row an Inter Milan player has won the award, with Andrea Ranocchia winning it last year. Before him, Juventus center back Leonardo Bonucci had won thrice in a row.

Young Player of the Year: Emerson Luiz

1st: Emerson Luiz (Inter Milan)
2nd: Raheem Sterling (Inter Milan)
3rd: Ademilson (Inter Milan)

Emerson Luiz continues his collection of accolades with the Serie A version of Young Player of the Year. The Inter Milan defender, as previously stated, had a great season, and was a shoe-in to bring home this award. English winger Raheem Sterling manages to nab second place, and Ademilson takes third, all three of the lads Inter Milan players.

Never before in history have three players from a single club finished in the top 3 of this award.
Nice Neal. Respect, 101 :)!
Regens are still looking class ;) Great update.
Diazepamll: Thanks bud, huge milestone :D

LFC: Indeed they are! Sadly, no spectacular Italian regens yet :(
Neal's avatar Group Neal
9 yearsEdited


Could I prove it? Would they even believe me?

Surely, after his previous involvements in match-fixing, the FIGC could just maybe find a way to bring Conte to justice for this farce. But if they couldn't find evidence against him, what then?

Best not think about that.

It had been two days since Antonio had called me to gloat about his ruse. He'd turned quite bitter from all those second placed finishes, I supposed, so bitter to do this horrid act to me. I wasn't quite sure even now how I'd go about telling the FA; I had no proof.

I'd be damned if I was to go quietly, though. Conte was too full of himself; he never should have called me. And sure as hell, I was going to make him pay for what he'd done to me.

I checked my calendar. The appeal date had been moved to January 12th, unfortunately, which meant I'd miss the Serie A games against Fiorentina and Napoli. Hopefully Baresi would manage to motivate the boys without me.

There was a plus side, though. It was only the 30th of December now, and so I had quite a bit of time to get a proper defense together. The club's lawyers were working on some legal technicalities, but after the testimonies of the lying referees who had claimed to have been bribed by me personally, they didn't stand much of a chance.

No, the onus stood on me to fix this. Too bad I hardly knew where to start.

And then it struck me.

But no, surely he wouldn't be that stupid? Worth a chance, I suppose. And even if he didn't pick up the phone this time, I now had nearly two weeks to get this done.

I started shuffling through my drawers, frantically searching, even though I had plenty of time, and I felt the satisfaction roll over me as I found what I was looking for.

I turned on the recorder, and dialed Antonio's number. It rang for a bit. Some static on the other end. And then, quietly...

Holy shizzle man, this is one epic story
Woah, conspiracies now :P Conte watch out the King is coming for you.
Pauker: Ohaidere :P

dykie567: Thanks man, glad you're enjoying it! :D

Nathaniel: The King won't sleep until he's back atop his throne!
I found Luiz's long lost brother! :O
What is he doing in the reserves, Justice?
Justice: Damn, they must be reconnected! :P

Pauker: :))

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