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[FM13] Giuseppe Bergomi - The King of Calcio

The story of an Inter Milan legend taking his club back to the top of the world.
Started on 17 April 2013 by Neal
Latest Reply on 29 October 2014 by Neal
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Great couple of results, and an excellent monthly review.

On course for the title :P Keep it up!
2013-05-19 17:11#102803 Glenn T : Great couple of results, and an excellent monthly review.

On course for the title :P Keep it up!

Just gave you your 250th Thank You :P

Yes, this has been a great month, hopefully this continues :)
Great results, Hopefully you'll win the title
2013-05-19 17:20#102807 MarcusLFBA : Great results, Hopefully you'll win the title

Hopefully :)
Great results there but unlucky losing Coutinho to that injury! Looks like the team still carried on scoring goals without him well done!
Great start too the season! Title is yours again ;)

Important Announcement

It is my painful duty to announce to you all that this story will be put on hold for some time, perhaps indefinitely. Sadly, due to some stupid errors on my Steam which not even the black magic of Stam could fix, my Steam has ceased working utterly and completely, and so I cannot open FM13, and thus cannot play :( I still have this save, and so there is still hope this story will continue, but the hopes are little. I think I need a whole new computer, and with my current lack of riches I have, this laptop may take until later in the Summer to acquire :(

I would like to thank each and every one of my readers and regular commenters. You guys really drove me on to continue this story that I so greatly enjoyed writing and to continue playing this save that that I greatly enjoyed playing. Without you, this story would've been nothing. I know it's not quite FM Rookie, Blue, Devil., Justice, etc. quality, but I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope even more so that you will be able to continue to enjoy it if and hopefully when I do continue :)

Farewell, my friends, and FORZA INTER! :)
This is a brilliant story neal, I'm sad that this may have to go. :( Maybe though, It will continue, and in that case, I'll continue to read and comment! :)
NOOOO. It is a sad day to see a story end :( this has been awesome to follow mate and hopefully the problem can be fixed! Maybe trying to call Steam customer service could help if you get time one day!
Thanks for the early support you two :)

Krupesh, sadly I've even contacted Steam and what they suggested didn't work, so... :/
This is a sad, sad day. This has been a great story and if it can't continue, it will be a big loss. :(

I wish you all the best in your attempts to recover this, and in my eyes, this was one of the best stories I've ever read here :)
Thanks Justice, it means a lot coming from you, your story was definitely a big inspiration for me :)

I also will be sad to see this go, though hopefully in time it may be recovered. Thanks for trying to help, as well, and I must also thank Krups and Stam for trying to help. :)
Neal's avatar Group Neal
11 yearsEdited

Not Over After All!

There are three words that describe how I feel right now:


This guy just single-handedly revived my Steam out of nowhere. I will be ever in your debt Stam, I cannot believe that you could do what Steam support could not XD

Founder of this site and savior of my Steam and thus FM13, Stam, you just made my week :)

Updates will continue as usual soon :D
Great to hear this, and a big round of applause to Stam!

If there's something strange
With your Steam account
Who ya gonna call?
It always makes me happy being in position to help people, and especially our community members. Sometimes you can try and fail, but trying is what matters. I'm glad my efforts were fruitful and you can finally enjoy playing FM13 again.

Best of luck to your Inter squad winning silverware this season and the next ones ;)

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