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[FM13] Giuseppe Bergomi - The King of Calcio

The story of an Inter Milan legend taking his club back to the top of the world.
Started on 17 April 2013 by Neal
Latest Reply on 29 October 2014 by Neal
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Holy hell you know it's a sad day on FMScout when Bergomi retires :( incredible story and a style of writing that will stick in the minds of readers!
LFC: soz adam pls dnt cri

tallery1164: The sadness is real :(

ASR-PSV: yes sry yes

Josh_MU: That gif :)) I'm sorry Josh :(

pompeyblue: Thank you so much. Coming from a brilliant writer like yourself, it is astounding to hear this sort of praise, and I am glad you enjoyed experiencing this unbelievable journey with me. Long live the King! :D

Nathaniel: The cheesiness is real :P

Walter: Thank you for this brilliant tribute. It has been such an incredible rise to the top of the world with both Inter Milan and Italy, and to have been able to share it with you guys has been a wonderful experience :D

And hey, I had some good regens okay :))

edu1878: LOL :P

Griffo: Cheers buddy, on to new things now I suppose :)

fzemdegs: I'm sorry wifey, it had to be done :))

k1rups: Holy hell you know it's an important event when Krupesh returns to comment on your story!! Cheers man, we miss you :)
What an amazing story Neal. Its scary to think of what Bergomi could have accomplished if he would have carried on! I can just imagine the week before FM15 comes out that Bergomi and Totti will be sat together having a beer to celebrate being the two best managers of all time! Great job mate!
It's been a flurry week for all of us. Some started skewl (ew), but most importantly, Bergomi retired from football. His story will be up there, as the best in FMScout, because we all know it was not easy to get a debt-ridden giant to the heights you've gotten them to. This is my 3000th, post in the site, and I thought of no other person to use it on. Let Bergomi live in our hearts.
It's been a hell of a run Neal, eh? To date, the only story I've read every single post of.

See you next time ;(
Eh, I'd rate it 6/10 :P

Seriously though, while this story may have ended, The King of Calcio will live forever in our hearts. Epic conclusion to what has been a stunning accomplishment, both for the story and for the save. Your updates have pure quality that most of us wouldn't dare to dream in our stories, and to keep it going for so long, so consistently is absolutely incredible. I would keep going, but I've run out of adjectives. :P
MCox93: Two of the greatest managers of all time, and two of the greatest Italian players of all time as well. Legends, the both of them, and now one of them must sadly depart after a long journey :)

Pauker: I am honored that you bestowed your 3000th post upon this story, especially to commemorate the end of it. It was an incredible transformation this club endured, and I'm glad you enjoyed watching it unfold. Long live Bergomi in our hearts <3

tbendis: Wow, you ready every one?! That's beyond impressive, my friend. On to FM15, though ;)

TVDLC123: I'd rate ya mum 6/10 :)) Really though, thank you so much for your praise, it means a lot that a great writer as yourself enjoyed my story! That was quite a scintillating comment, too :P
ollyewest's avatar Group ollyewest
7 yearsEdited
This story was amazing imo, you won lots of things and your team was really good!
Pauker: yh ofc m8 :))

ollyewest: Thanks bud, it was amazing to achieve so much success! :D
It was fun while it lasted...

Srsly though, I have to congratulate you on how far you've come with this story. I could only dream of getting to 500 replies let alone 1800. It's not all about that amount of comments/views though, this is a very well written story and is presented thoroughly well all the way through and I would recline a read through to any new members in the future!

I know this is a late comment guys but Neal asked me to ;)

well dun u Neal :D
Oh, this ended..... Well, without Randy this story would never have started! :))

All kidding aside, you must have broken every single record an FM story could break and the only thing that could top this off is by having this story nominated for a second Story of the Year award, and maybe even win it this time!

It's been an honour to read this, bravo!
AaronHJFT96: Thanks Aaron, means a lot to hear such praise from a friend like you. For the record, I never asked him to write this, he's just making an excuse to show his love for my writing skillz ;)

Justice: Ohh Randy, what will we ever do with you. Thanks so much for the support, a Story of the Year nomination would be...brilliant. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though, plenty of good stories to compete with! I'm glad you enjoyed, my friend :D


Thank you all so, so much for this incredible achievement! It has been an incredible honor to write all of these updates and to have received so much support from you, my fans, has been amazing. This journey with Giuseppe Bergomi will forever be a dear part of me, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I know this story ended a while ago, but it deserves this one last hurrah that you have given it by voting it Story of the Year. Thank you, my friends. This is something I will not soon forget. :D
Congrats Neal, a very deserved achievement my friend :D

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