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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by TheMS99
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NO! Don't move! Try to win UEL with Randers! Then you go to BPL!
This is the Ryker Dynasty

Ryker Admits His Feelings

Very bad news for Randers fans here today. Ryker has admitted that if Werder were to approach him to take over he would find it very difficult to turn down. He is quoted as saying "They are a club with a big history and are a good team in a league I really, really admire. Next to the Premier League it is the best league in the world in my opinion. I would seriously consider my role as Randers manager if that was to happen but I am still fully commited to Randers for the mean time. Anyone who says otherwise are just trying to make a story. I have won four trophies in two years for Randers and I am still fully commited to the fans but Werder Breman are to big to turn down."
Go to Bremen!!

Chairmen Begs Ryker To Stay

The speculation surrounding Ryker Jensens future within the game has reached new heights today as the chairmen of Randers F.C released this statement.

"It saddens me to hear Ryker Jensen admit he would be intrested in the Werder Breman job. It deeply saddens me that he would openly admit this. We have been nothing but supportive to him and I openly beg him to stay. He has made this club hat it is and it would collapse if he leaves. Vestjelland is a perfect example they were Danish Cup winners and First Division winners and no they have suffered a double relegation after he has gone. He is a miracle maker and we need him. I have nothing else to say."

Ryker responded very passionantly to this statement. "I am hugely angred to read this statement. I made this club so I have the right to leave when I want and how I
want. I have not even officially said I want to go but just admitted I would consider it. The chairmen has lost all my respect."

The Twitter Debate

At 8 pm last night the news broke to Werder Bremen fans that their team is actually considering offering Ryker Jensen to take the post at their club. This sparked off a hige debate on the social networking site twitter about whether Ryker is good enough to take over their club. Many fans claimed that he was good enough a selection of tweets include.

"He has won three doubles in a row how can he make our team any worse??? #RykerIn"
"The passion this guy shows is exactly what we want at Bremen! #InRykerWeTrust"
"If I am correct he got a lot further in Europ than we did....... So why not?!?!?! #RykerForBremen"

However there are still some doubters about whether Ryker Jensen is good enough to take over their club.

"He has never done anything good in hard competitions! #F**kOfRyker!
"I would cry if he became our manager! #RykerOut"

It would appear that the majority of Bremen fans would want Jensen at the club but there are some fans Ryker will have to win over if he was to take the post. But everday this story is gathering more momentum. I don't think anyone would be suprised if this did happen.
Might have some trouble winning over the fans if you go, but that'll be easy with all the trophies you'll win ;)
Looks like a done deal.

Sad to see you leaving Denmark behind but god luck with the new challenge.

Ryker Accepts Bremen Post

Breaking News:

Ryker Jensen has accepted the managerial post at Werder Bremen. He will join with immediate effect. Randers F.C however were supposedly not part of the discussion about whether he was allowed to speak to Werder Bremen the rumours are that Ryker Jensen flew to Germany without asking the board and negotiated a contract with Wereder Bremen within twenty minutes of getting to the meeting.

Ryker has finally moved on from his native Denmark into the tough world of Bundesliga football which is a feirce competition. His first task has to be making sure Bremen get mid-table this season so the fans at least start to warm to him.

The chairmen off Werder Bremen had this to say shortly after Ryker left the building.
"Ryker is our first choice and we are delighted we got him so easily. Ofcourse there will be compensation to pay to Randers but that is not an issue. We wanted this man and we got this man with relevant ease and I am very happy that Ryker has agreed to join us. Any announcements on transfer budget and staff roles will only be announced by Ryker if and when he wants we the board will not reveal any information that Ryker does not want to. He has shown he is a world class manager and we have given him the chance to shine on the biggest stage of them all. The Bundesliga. Thank you for your time a press conference will be organised soon."

Banner was amazingly made by Louis! :)
Ryker's reign of terror in Denmark ends! Ryker's reign of terror in Germany begins!

The First Press Conference

I entered the stadium at precisely 07:56 just four minuted before the press conference was late. Even early on I was delibrately showing the people already here that I am in full control and I do what I like.... Within reason of course. My new seceratary ran over to me with a look of releif on her face as she realised that the first job she has been given as my seceratary didn't go horribly wrong. I was looking forward to the press conference I did a tice over in the nearby mirror to make sure everything was in order and then I walked out of the breifing room straight to the mic table as it was called.

Every I looked cameras were flashing. Photographers were shouting for me to turn in their direction so they can get the best pictures for their big back page splash tommorow morning. I smiled politely at the cameras and shook the chairmans hand long enough for every cameraman to take a picture. I knew how to play this game far to well. But now for the questions.


J= Hello Ryker, glad you could join us this morning we all have a few different questions about your past and your aims for this team and how you will acheive this.

R= Shoot away guys!

J= So do you honestly think you can succeed at this post or are you here for the money?

R= Stupid question how you made it in the feild of journalsim I will never know. I will answer other questions that are intellegant questions.

J= Ok Ryker, what can you do for Werder Bremen?

R= Well I have a four year contract and with in that time I can definantly bring some chance of silverware. Maybe the German Cup. As you all know I specialise in cup competitions so that is a good possibility. As for the league.... Four years is not a long time to turn everything around maybe secure mid-table place pushing for Europe. Of course it all depends. If I do well enough for a new contract then maybe we can push for the title in a few years time. But for now I am aiming to secure this club into this league.

J= Intresting. In Denmark you played very attacking football. Will you bring that philosophy here?

R= Yes I will, I will use formations that suit my new team Werder Bremen better but the philosophy will be the same.... Score.

J= Thank you. Now what about staff?

R= I have yet to make any decisions. You guys will be the first to know after I have told the staff themselves.

J= And players?

R= Well current players are all pretty good I just think the last manager was not very good so that is why they failed. I ahev evaluated the sqaud and yes places can be stregthnd but I prefere to look at youngsters. I am a huge Sir Alex fan and his class of 92' is something I admire greatly. I will try and do that here so the fans will have to be patient.

J= Thank you Ryker that will be all.
Nice interview there ;)

Ryker Announces Budget

In a short statement today Ryker Jensen has shocked all Werder Bremen fans by caliming he has been given a budget of £24million and wage budget of £948 thousand. This is way more than many Bremen fans expected but some beleive it is about time their owners put their money where their mouth is.

However Ryker has reiterated that he is only going to spend the money on youngsters who have the potential to create a unstoppable team. It is aslo beleived Jensen is going to ask the board to improve the facilities so don't be suprised if he doens't spend all of this.

That's a lot of money, spend it well :D
2013-05-27 08:39#105450 Louis O. : That's a lot of money, spend it well :D
Haha I am just going to buy loads of regens! :)

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