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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by TheMS99
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Huge Amount Of Staff

In one of Rykers famous short, breif statements he has announced that 15 new members of staff have joined him at the club. He has claimed they are all specialists in their chosen field and were only chosen becuase they buy into his idea of creating an long-term dynasty with youngsters. Ryker had nothing else to add after this.
Woah. He wins trophies and leaves :O haha good luck at Bremen mate and some excellent updates!
2013-05-27 09:15#105466 k1rups : Woah. He wins trophies and leaves :O haha good luck at Bremen mate and some excellent updates!
Haha thats how Ryker rolls ;) And cheers buddy :)

Ryker Persuades Board To Improve Youth Facilities

I sat in my office and breathed a huge sigh of releif. The stupid meeting had gone on for two hours of me trying to desperately persuade the baord to improve the youth facilities. They had relented for over a hour but finally they gave in! A four million pound investment is being made to the youth facilities so I can actually work towards my class of 15' as it has been nicknamed by the press after the famous class of 92'.

I smiled at the thought of my youth prospects becoming that good. It's things like that, that etch your name into the history books. It was a must not just for the club... But also for me!

BeanyUnited's avatar Group BeanyUnited
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The Squad and Tactics

Seven Join On The Opening Of The Transfer Window

Ryker Jensen has wased no time making a big splash in the tranfer market as seven youngsters from the ages of 17-21 have all joined Werder Bremen on the opening day of teh transfer window. They are all supposedly good enough to become the next big thing in each of their positions, this is another apparent step that Ryker Jensen is trying to build his team with youth.

Maximiliano Saavedra:

Joined for £4.5m

A striker with the potential to become the best in the world. What amazes me most is I have learnt over my FM playing years passing is an attribute that always develops a lot as players get older regardless of what position they play in. Saavedra already has 16 passing and with a PA of 5* there is a strong chance he could get 20 passing. Not bad for a striker! His physical attributes with improve with age all I need to do is make sure is natural fitness improves!

Vince Abbot:

Joined for £5.25m

A left-back with very good potential. He already has decent physical attributes and they are certain to improve with age and development. What I like the most about Abbot is he is a obvious team player exactly what you want from a full back who plays the support role. I am very looking forward to this player getting to his peak.

Leigh Short:

Joined for £4.1m

A right-back that in my opinion perfectly supplements Vince Abbot who will play on the opposite wing. They are both fast, team players and are not afraid to get stuck in. I am most impressed with his already very good speed and if that improves any more then attackers will find it very difficult to get past.

Amir Zutic:

Joined for £650k

This keeper has a very bright future ahead of him but he has been brought to be the back up keeper for another one of the youngsters I have brought and will show you later on in the update. But as for this keeper he is a steal for just £650k and is good enough to become a starter let alone a backup.

Stephen Ademola:

Joined for £650k

Here is my main keeper! At just £650k I don't think anyone can argue he is not a quality steal! Hard to point out a amazing stat about him becuase all of the keeper relevant attributes are already at a pretty good standard but they will improve in time and he can become a top, top keeper.

Grzegorz Majewski:

Joined for £1.8m

Another soon to be superstar upfront! What I also like about this player is he amazing at dribbling, very good at heading, good at passing and already got decent physical attributes. He is an all round striker who can score with head and foot. If he reaches his expected PA then he will form a unstoppable partnership with Maximiliano Saavedra.

Kevin Luna:

Joined for £8.5m

My favourite yet. He is already very good at passing so when he gets to his peak him and the strikers will be a force to say the least. Every team needs a playmaker and he will be the playmaker. He is very consistent and is a great team player. He is definantly one to look out for in the future!

All Seven Youngsters Loaned Straight Back Out

Werder Bremen have confiremd that all seven recent brought players have been laoned straight back out. Ryker Jensen has confirmed he wanted them to get first team experience and has assured the fans that all the clubs that the players have gone to have promised they will all be used as crucuial part of the first team meaning they get plenty of game time.

Good news for Bremen fans as Jensen continues to build up his class of 15'

Bremen Strengthen Strike Force

The first signing for the first team made by Ryker so far this summer. He beleives that his strike force needed improving if he is to get mid-table this season and what a way to do so. For just bargain fee of £7.5m Andrada offers pace, strength and good tecnique to form a all round good player. Bremen fans may have themselves a new hero.
I'm gone for 24 hours, and everything's green. :o

Those are some quality regens :)
2013-05-27 16:23#105620 Mickzter97 : I'm gone for 24 hours, and everything's green. :o

Those are some quality regens :)
No sleep in Bremen buddy! :)

A Bremen Hero Is Shown The Exit

Marko Arnautovic has today been sold by Werder Bremen. This is a big move for Ryker Jensen as Marko Arnautovic was a huge fan favourite woth the Bremen faithful. But Ryker supposedly did not see why he was so popular and described him as all fliar no ability. Tension was obvious between Jensen and Marko Arnautovic as soon as Jensen joined with Marko Arnautovic being the only player to not openly welcome Jensen to the club and even later claiming on twitter that Ryker Jensen was not good enough to be manager of Werder Bremen. The tweet was later deleted by Marko Arnautovic but it was to late by then Jensen had already seen the tweet and was outraged. Jensen is well known for taking no nonsense from anybody and he was not going to take any rubbish from Marko Arnautovic.

The next day at training Jensen openly confronted Marko Arnautovic about the tweet claiming that he was being unprofessional and was letting the team. He also went on to tell Marko Arnautovic that he didn't care whether he liked him or not but he either had to put up and shut up ot be shown the door. Marko Arnautovic decided on the latter. It is runoured that Marko Arnautovic looked for support from his fellow team mates but they were all on Jensen's side as they all brought into his philosophy and they were not going to jeprodise their careers for the sake of a friend.

Marko Arnautovic has moved to Reading for a fee of £2.5m. 500k more than he was valued at, so Jensen will be pleased to get some extra money from a player he thought of as deadwood. Marko Arnautovic however will be very annoyed he decided to leave as he has now been thrown into the Reading Reserves and his career at a high level may just be over.

Poor Pre-Season Does Not Bother Ryker

Jensen is supposedly happy with the pre-season despite his side losing three, drawing two and winning two. Ryker after the last friendly match which they did manage to win 3-1, he spoke to the nearby journalists.

"I am happy with this pre-season as many reserve players played. Not once was our starting 11 on the pitch together at any one time."
No man is bigger than Bremen!

Well except maybe for Jensen ;)
2013-05-27 16:50#105631 Mickzter97 : No man is bigger than Bremen!

Well except maybe for Jensen ;)
Hahaha :) Jensen is bigger than every club!

First Two Months In Charge

I sat in the managerial chair watching the players training after a good first two months. The harmony in the squad was very good. We all got on very well they were a good bunch of lads and I was certain they could over acheive this season.

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