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Manchester United FC - Moyes' Boys

Started on 11 May 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 20 June 2013 by k1rups
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Lewandowski: "Dyche Doesn't Deserve S***"

With the Capital One Cup Final around the corner, Manchester United and Poland striker Robert Lewandowski has hit back at comments made by Burnley manager Sean Dyche. Sean Dyche, who has led Burnley to the top of the Championship table, made comments in a pre-match interview about David Moyes, Manchester United, and the squad. Dyche told Sky Sports News:

"David Moyes has no skill. At Everton, he won nothing in over 10 years. Nothing! Then, he comes to Manchester United, and just because he reaches the final and is top of the league, he thinks he's a great. There's one reason he does it. Money. Without money, United are nothing, Moyes is nothing. Without money, Lewandowski, Fellaini, Baines, would all be still at their old clubs. I despise Manchester United. We will go out, and hammer them, give them what they deserve. All fans are glory hunters, they don't support a proper team like Burnley. Enjoy your night David, after all, we are the team that deserve it."

Many fans took to the internet to complain about the comments of Dyche, often now called 'Sean Dyke' across many footballing forums. However, the name is suggested to be from Blackburn Rovers fans, who have a historic rivalry with Burnley. Fans felt it was uncalled for, and that Moyes had changed Everton, and led Manchester United against teams who also had money, and in some cases, more money.

Robert Lewandowski spoke to Manchester Sport Daily after a training session, saying he felt the comments were un-needed, and not true. He told them, "I hadn't heard of Sean before this game, and there's a reason. He knows who I am, he knows who Moyes is. But I don't know him. That shows a lot. We will go out as a squad, and prove to Dyche we are the better team, we deserve it more, and that he is not worthy of being a manager, especially at Burnley. Dyche doesn't deserve s***, and I hope he gets sacked soon. I feel a ban is needed due to what he has said about others. What a w*****."

Manchester United will face Burnley in 2 days time on 24th February at Wembley Stadium, in what is expected to be a very heated game.
Oooooo Lewandowski got attituuuude haha great update mate

Transfer Targets Information Leaked

Manchester United have become the team in the news today after apparent Scout Reports have been leaked. The file, which includes the name of Manchester United's Norweigan scout Torben Aakajer was spread on the internet, after an anonymous member of the football site FM Scout attached the file and sent it to other members. We managed to get a copy of the apparent scout report at Fox Sports.

The files include the names of many players, ranging from FC Porto's James Rodriguez, a world star valued at £11 million, to Southampton's young left back Luke Shaw, valued at just £550k. However, the document also includes profiles in a lot of detail on three players, all recently transfer listed by their current clubs, who Torben Aakajaer has apparently looked at.

The first player shown in Miguel Veloso. 26 years old, currently playing for Dynamo Kyiv and Portugal. It then showed his playing history, Sporting, Genoa, all his previous sides. £6.75 million was written in bold. His value. Veloso is transfer listed, so it could also be his estimated price in order to retain his services. It showed his current wages, £35,000 p/week. Then there was the key information - his stats. Marking was down as a main strength, but athleticism his main weakness. Natural fitness was an issue, but it seems he good in important matches. All his positions were listed, and then Veloso was shown to be the fourth best player in comparison to United players in his position. Overall, he was given 2 stars out of 5.

The next player was Craig Gardner. Also 26 years old, playing for Sunderland FC, yet to break into the England side. His stats were shown from Aston Villa and Birmingham too. Valued at £1.8 million and earning £35,000 p/week. Seems like a cheaper option to Veloso. However, next to this, was £1.1 million, his asking price from Sunderland. He is shown as a team player, whose strength is bravery, but weaknesses aren't shown. He's seen as the 5th best player in his position, but at such a small fee, would be back up. Torben suggests Craig would be very interested in joining. He also received 2 stars out of 5.

The final player was Junior Hoillet. 22 years old, currently playing as a winger for QPR, who is beginning to feature for the Canada national side. Junior is valued at £3.2 million, earning £52,000 p/week. The asking price was shown too. £5.5 million. Hoilett plays either as a winger or striker, as his main strengths are shown as speed and acceleration, with his work rate and teamwork an issue. However, he would be the 2nd best player in his position according to Torben. It is suggested he would be likely in joining, so could he join.

Torben is expected to be in big trouble from Manchester United after allowing the documents to be released into the public. Some think he may be asked to mutually terminate his contract, and if not simply get sacked from his job as a scout for the Manchester side. Torben currently earns £1,500 p/week as a scout for the Reds, with a contract finishing in the summer of 2014. Aakjaer joined United in 2011, previously a scout for Hamburger SV.

Malcom Glazer and David Moyes are expected to comment on what will happen regarding this situation within the next few days.
My old tactic was to sack any random member of staff if a story got leaked and I didn't know who it was. I've passed those days now. :P
I really like that way of putting the transfer targets across tbh, + I now hate Sean Dyche-.- ;)
k1rups: Thanks pal. :P

The Special one: I used to do that. But I used him for one reason, he has the worst stats out of all my scouts. ;)

Louis O.: I'm very tempted to... :D

TCO: Thanks buddy, and I hate him too. By the way, he's Sean Dyke now.. :P
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United v Burnley - Capital One Cup Final - 24.02.13

Wembley Stadium is the venue today, as English giants Manchester United taken on Burnley FC in the Capital One Cup Final. Manchester United will certainly go in as favourites, but Burnley has already caused a few upsets in the run up to this final, and could easily cause another.

United come into the game on great form having won their last 9 games, inlcuding games against Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Barcelona, and haven't lost since early December, one of their only two losses this season. Meanwhile, Burnley haven't lost since their first leg defeat to Chelsea, which they soon overturned. They have beaten both Chelsea and Liverpool to get here, so they have shown they can beat the bigger teams.

The Line-Ups

The line-ups have now been announced for both sides:

UNITED STARTING XI - De Gea, Smalling, Vidic, Ferdinand, Rafael, Fellaini, Kagawa, Carrick, Rooney, Lewandowski, Hernandez SUBS - Lindegaard, Evans, Jones, Januzaj, Powell, Scholes, Giggs

BURNLEY STARTING XI - Grant, Mee, Shackell, Duff, Trippier, Stanilas, Edgar, Marney, McCann, Vokes, Austin SUBS - Jensen, Long, Lafferty, Richards, Paterson, Miquel, Mills

The Commentary

So they are the teams, now let's see how it goes. Commentary is from Andy Gray and Martin Tyler.

1 min: Manchester United kick-off to get the game underway.

18 min: McCann cuts across the box, plays it up to Charlie Austin, who connects with his head, but it's tipped over the bar by De Gea. Burnley have the first real chance.

32 min: Junior Stanilas goes down in pain, and it appears he may have broken his leg. A horror injury as a result of a collison with Michael Carrick. Kevin Long comes on to replace him.

44 min: Marouane Fellaini plays a great ball through to Javier Hernandez, who goes past the defender, he's one on one with the keeper. POST! Javier Hernandez hits the post.

45 min: The teams go into the break with the score at 0-0. We have confirmation that Junior Stanilas has broken his leg, and will be out for around 6 months. We will him all a speedy recovery.

58 min: Dean Marney looks very comfortable on the ball down the wing. Marney cuts inside, plays it across the goal, and GOAL! David Edgar gets on the end of it to score. Burnley could cause another upset as they lead 1-0. DYCHE GOES MAD ON THE SIDELINES!!

59 min: Shinji Kagawa is booked for a foul on Kevin Long.

83 min: Robert Lewandowski plays the ball into Wayne Rooney on the edge of the box, who shoots, CROSSBAR! But wait, Hernandez pounces onto the ball, and GOAL! Hernandez pulls one back in the dying minutes of the game. The fans go crazy!

90 min: The referee blows the whistle, meaning extra time is on the way.

106 min: Ryan Giggs, who recently came on, runs down the left wing and plays the ball into the box, Robert Lewandowski gets up, GOAL! Lewandowski has given Manchester United the lead. That could be the goal to win the match. Lewandowski runs up to Dyche and laughs surrounded by his team-mates!

110 min: Ryan Giggs runs once again down the left wing, plays it in again, and Paul Scholes rockets a volley into the back of net, GOAL! United secure the win with a great goal! Surely Moyes has done it, United could have just won it with that goal. Dyche hangs his head in shame!

120 min: FULL TIME! Manchester United have turned it around to win 3-1 against Burnley. No one will be happier than David Moyes with this, and Robert Lewandowski seemed to enjoy his actions towards Sean Dyche after his recent comments. The red side of the stadium erupts in cheers as the players celebrate on the pitch. UNITED HAVE WON THE CAPITAL ONE CUP! Full time from Wembley Stadium, Manchester United 3-1 Burnley.

Post-Match Interview

After the match, David Moyes was caught while celebrating with Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick, and said a few words about the game before the players:

"Winning a cup is the best feeling in the world as a manager, especially when it's your first at a new club! I'm so proud of the boys, they played with their hearts on their sleeves. They deserve everything, I hope they enjoy this tonight. However, we must now focus on the league, the FA Cup, and Europe. But not tonight, tonight is our night. UNITED! UNITED!"
Haha, Dyche you wanker, have it. This is the first and last time I will say this but Glory! Glory! Man United. Nice work mate.
I love how you've included a live commentary. Fantastic job!
The Special one: Love it, what a comment! ;) Thanks

Mattgullidge: Took a while though. Thanks mate :)
Nice commentary, but, more importantly, great cup win :D
Awesome stuff Kane

Scholes: "We Have Moyes To Thank"

Following their recent success in the Capital One Cup, in which Manchester United became winners, Paul Scholes has expressed his happiness at the hiring of David Moyes, and has praised how he has managed his first season in charge, building up the squad morale, acting in similar ways to Sir Alex did beforehand.

Paul Scholes rejoined Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson after a brief retirement, and many expected that Scholes would not be involved in the squad once David Moyes took over. Nevertheless, Moyes continued to play the 'Ginger Ninja', in both the league and cup. Scholes featured in the third round, starting the game, and came off the bench many times throughout, including in the final. In the final against Burnley, Scholes came off the bench at the start of extra time, and then managed to score the winner.

Scholes praised David Moyes for his use of players, rotating the squad, so both the young and older players managed to play throughout the Capital One Cup campaign. Scholes said the way Moyes handles his players is exceptional, similar to how many are used to under Sir Alex.

Paul Scholes has been the first of many to thank David Moyes for his work in this campaign, and hope both he and the players can take their new bond forwards into the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup, with Manchester United still up as a possibility to complete the quadruple, something Sir Alex never managed to achieve.

Paul Scholes may retire at the end of the year, and is due to meet up with David Moyes within the next few days to discuss his future, with coaching at the club a possibility.
'Ginger Ninja' LOL xD

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