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Juventus F.C. - The Return Of Nedved

Started on 18 May 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 17 October 2013 by Walter
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'It's Been An Incredible Journey'

As for today, Juventus have won the double this season, continuing to be unbeaten, something that has impressed the world. But, after Antonio Conte handed his resignation, many thought that their current Serie A crown would fall off their heads. However, when now former board-member Pavel Nedved took, some of the fans didn't feel secure with the appointment. But, the Czech manager has yet to taste defeat in both official and friendly games, which is an impressive record for anyone who has to fight to gain another title. Not only achieving such thing, the current Juventus manager has played some mouth-watering games at home and away, against teams such like Barcelona and Bayern Munich. With winning and drawing such matches, the fans have been ecstatic by the fact that Conte (who is a great manager) was replaced by an even better one, who has already entered the Czech Hall Of Fame. The manager had an exclusive interview along with club owner, Andrea Agnelli about the current season with Corriere delle Sport.

J: Andrea, how did you originally feel when you found out that you had the chance to appoint club idol, Pavel Nedved, after Conte's resignation?

AA: Well, I already and still do have a very close relationship with Pavel here, and we were considering offering him a coach role at the club, but after Conte resigned, he was put in the club's priority list. Already knowing the club's ways, he didn't have to settle in.

J: Haha! It seems that you had a lot of trust in Pavel, even if he didn't have some experience eh?

AA: Yes, of course. Conte who was a great manager during his stay, helped me pick and to be frank did help Pavel with some of the tactics. But, now Pavel has created his own type of football that has never been seen in this world. Beating Barcelona and Bayern Munich already in the first season has been special, especially at home.

J: Pavel, since day one, you've had a 'Cinderella' relationship with Andrea, who has been giving you whatever you have asked for.. Do you think that the club are spoiling you or doing the right thing?

PN: Definitely, the club aren't spoiling me, as I have funded some of our transfers with the departures. Plus, we practically fill our stadiums, which gives us a very good financial income. I deliver, so why not should the club deliver my requests? It's the right thing.

J: Very honest there, Pavel.. How do you feel that the incoming signings (Armero, Llorente, Ospina and Victor Andrade) will have to settle in?

PN: Definitely, it won't be a good job, but any signing I've made has been carefully looked, by the club, both financially and tactically. I believe that with Leo Bonatini in the team already, Victor Andrade will not find it very hard to settle in, with some help. Then, Ospina has some international experience and has been in France for a very long time. With Llorente, he has played plenty of time in the best national team in the world and has had a great career behind him at Bilbao. Finally, Armero has been here in Italy for over 3-4 years and knows what's up when he arrives at Turin.

J: For your first season, you are unbeaten and are becoming a favorite to win the Champions League for the club's third time in their history. Do you think that you can win the Champions League and beat Roma in the Coppa Italia?

PN: It's definitely possible, but if we lose in either competition, we would already showed the world that Juventus are definitely a team not to mess with.

J: Thank you Andrea (Agnelli) and Pavel (Nedved)!
AA & PN: No problem, anytime!

Juventus Do The Double!

Pavel Nedved's Recognition
Congrats on winning the double :)
HOERAAAAAA HOERAAAAA HOERAAAAAAAAA !! nice signings through the season, wonderfull football, chanting fans = more than one succesfull debut !! Well done Nedved, but now the pressure is to archieve even better next year !!
"Czech hall of fame? Pffffffffffffffffffffffft, you should be aiming for the WORLD HALL OF FAME!"

But a fantastic achievement nonetheless, and congrats on winning ze double. Now, where's my cut you promised you'd give me for all the match fixing I helped out with? eh? Eh? EH!?!?

Nice update ;)
Congrats on the double and nice story.
200th Reply!!
@Justice: Thanks mate :)

@Red Devil: Hahaha, definitely!

@Rablador: For just a year, it's pretty good in my opinion! I never said I wasn't aiming at the World Hall of Fame, silly. The signings did help me to the double! Shush about the match-fixing, seriously.

@Bayern America: Thanks mate, means a lot!

@Walter: 101th reply!

Champions League Quarter Finals

Juventus F.C. vs Manchester United – Champions League Quarter Final First Leg 03.03.2013

In a surprising line-up, Sir Alex Ferguson hasn't put on of his favorite players, Valencia, on the starting eleven, as they player will have to settle with a place on the bench. Whether Valencia make it to the second leg in Manchester, remains unknown. All we know that Juventus chances have boosted after these news.

We're here in Turin in the Juventus Stadium for the first Quarter Final of this year's Champions League edition. This extraordinary match will be held at the Juventus Stadium, and perhaps the biggest game of the season and the first stride at the Champions League crown for already proven manager, Pavel Nedved. The former Juventus player has taken Juventus new heights, not losing a game since he has been in charge, even in the pre-season. The team led by Sir Alex Ferguson haven't taken any chances and has put up a great team. Both line-ups are below.

Juventus however, will pose a tough task for Manchester United, but as Manchester United feature their star player, Wayne Rooney, Juventus's task has been made a lot harder.

Here are the lineups for both teams:

Juventus F.C. (3-1-4-2): Buffon, Bonucci, Chiellini, Sakho, Pirlo, Vidal, Marchisio, Lichsteiner, Asamoah, Cavani, Jovetic.

Manchester United (4-2-3-1): De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Sandro, Carrick, Young, Nani, Rooney, Van Persie.

Strong lineups for both teams here. This match could be the most exciting of the draws.

Commentary from Fabio Carressa

1': Manchester United get us underway here in the First Leg in the Quarter Final fixture of United vs Juve!

3': Juventus seem to start well into the match, intercepting the passes, and making the United team work. Cavani, touches it to Jovetic who tries to pass Ferdinand, succeeds but is brought down by the former West Ham defender.. Will it be a yellow card? Yes, a yellow-card for the English player and a potentially goal free-kick!

3' Rio Ferdinand

4': Vidal plays it to Marchisio, who plays it back to Pirlo, Pirlo makes the pass to Jovetic, who can't find an open space to shoot.. Wait, he loses Vidic and shoots! It's the post! Oh wait, Jovetic has the rebound and goal! Goal by Juventus, who round-off a beautiful play! Jovetic 1-0.

4' Stevan Jovetic

10': As Juventus fans are cheering for Jovetic and Nedved, and the game goes on, with Juventus still dominating the match. Corner-kick for Juventus as Pirlo settles the ball.. He whips in the cross, where Sandro just fouled Bonucci inside the penalty area! Penalty for Juventus! 'King' Vidal will take the penalty, hoping to forget the penalty missed earlier this season.. He sends De Gea wrong way, and it's a goal! Vidal 2-0

12' Arturo Vidal 2-0

45: Half Time here at the Juventus Stadium, where Sir Alex Ferguson's team are deeply confused! It's been an interesting match for Juventus in the first 45 minutes where we have seen the ball hit the back of the net two times!

45': Juventus start the second half.

64' A very boring second-half, as Buffon hasn't been tested once, but Juventus can't finish off the series by scoring another goal.. Will they end this game with the lucky number three number?

66' Looks like Juventus will make all their substitutions with Kwadwo Asamoah, Stephan Lichsteiner and midfield maestro, Andrea Pirlo. They will be replaced by Simone Pepe, Simone Padoin and Paul Pogba respectively.

66' Simone Padoin

66' Simone Pepe

66' Paul Pogba

85' Jovetic again with a chance after a counter.. It's only Vidic between him and the goalkeeper. He passes Vidic and De Gea as well, scoring an amazing goal to practically make it impossible for Manchester United to pass on to the Semi's! Jovetic 3-0

85' Stevan Jovetic

FT: Final time here at the Juventus Stadium where the locals, have done an amazing job at home against Sir Alex's Ferguson's Manchester United! Fantastic by Bonucci, who picked the Man Of the Match award after some crucial interceptions and tackles!

Juventus F.C. 3-0 Manchester United – Champions League Quarter Final First Leg 03.03.2013

What a rout, you pretty much three quarters of the way to the next round :D
Oah!! you send them as beaten dogs back to Manchester. Sweet
@Walter: Yeah, I was surprised by how Sir Alex Ferguson decided to play defensively on the counter, all that I can say, it defo didn't work :).

@Red Devil: Indeed, I did! I loved it since I don't like Man U.. Yeah.. let's put it in those words ;)

Derby D'Italia

Inter Milan vs Juventus F.C. – Serie A TIM - Derby D'Italia 27.03.2013

After winning the Serie A, Juventus would like to continue their unbeaten run, before they head on to know their semi-final opponents in the Champions League. However, Inter, who are with a new manager, Diego 'Cholo' Simeone, who need to pick up points at home to remain in the Champions League spot.

With Inter's goalscorer, Diego Milito, who has 19 goals in the league, facing Nedved & Co, he could find himself adding and perhaps passing Cavani, who is on 22 goals.

We're here in Milan at the [b Guissepe Meazza for the second Derby D'Italia of the year, but first under the new Inter manager Diego Simeone. This derby match will be held at the Guissepe Meazza, and the first stride at what Simeone will bring at Inter, which has been poor lately. But, Juve, who are competing on two other fronts (Champions League and Coppa Italia) will have to be at their best to beat this team. The team led by Diego Simeone haven't taken any chances and has put up a great team. Both line-ups are below.

Here are the lineups for both teams:

Juventus F.C. (3-1-4-2): Buffon, Marrone, Chiellini, Sakho, Pirlo, Vidal, Marchisio, Lichsteiner, Asamoah, Cavani, Jovetic.

Inter Milan (4-2-3-1): Handanovic, Zanetti, Juan, Silvestre, Chivu, Kuzmanovic, Gargano, Palacio, Schelotto, Stankovic, Milito.

Strong lineups for both teams here. This match could be the most exciting of the draws.

Commentary from Fabio Carressa

1': Inter get us underway here in the second Derby D'Italia of the season!

27' After some chances, Andrea Pirlo has asked to leave the pitch, as he is carrying an injury.. Pogba, who was warming up is being talked up now by Nedved. How will Nedved fare without their main man?

27' 66' Paul Pogba

33': Marrone, who is playing at an awkward centre-back position will start up the play after Milito's offside. He plays it to Marchisio, who plays it back to the substitution, Pogba who sees Jovetic losing his marker. Vidal races up in front of him and Jovetic makes the pass! Vidal fires away at the top right corner and Handanovic is beaten! Goal by Juventus which Vidal scores. Vidal 1-0.

33' Arturo Vidal

33' Inter to restart the game after Juventus scored.

36' Schelotto goes all the way to the corner flag, where he whips in the cross to Stankovic who fails to shoot, but Milito is behind him, with no marker! He shoots and Buffon can't do nothing to prevent the goal! Inter goal 1-1. Milito 1-1

36' Diego Milito

37' Jovetic and Cavani to restart the game for Juventus, who let their lead slip their hands!

45: Half Time here at the Guissepe Meazza, where Simeone's men have luckily found the back of the net! Asamoah and Jovetic seem deeply tired for Nedved's team, who are performing pretty good away at the Derby D'Italia.

45': Juventus start the second half.

66' Looks like Juventus will make their second substitution with Kwadwo Asamoah leaving the field. He will be replaced by Simone Pepe, who is in talk with Paris Saint Germain over a potential move.

66' Simone Pepe

85' Looks like Stephan Lichsteiner, who has overcome a big injury spell and counts on a yellow card, will make way for Padoin, who is speaking to his team-mates to push up higher in the pitch. Will this give Juventus the win?

85' Simone Padoin

FT: Final time here at the Guissepe Meazza where the locals, have done an amazing job at the back four against Pavel Nedved's Serie A winners Juventus! Fantastic by Inter veteran, Javier Zanetti, who picked the Man Of the Match award after some crucial interceptions and tackles!

Inter Milan 1-1 Juventus F.C. – Serie A TIM - Derby D'Italia 27.03.2013

Still can't beat my beloved Nerazzurri, can you ;) Diego Milito and Javier Zanetti coming up big :D
@Neal: Inter were lucky, the game even said it!
Jer's avatar Group Jer
10 yearsEdited

Juventus Rumour Mill

Arturo Vidal inks new deal at Juventus

In today's football world Juventus have officially confirmed that Arturo Vidal has signed a new contract, inking a new deal to stay at the Juventus Stadium until 2018. The Chilean, who was watched by Tottenham manager, Andre Villas-Boas, during Juventus' draw in the Derby D'Italia will see him add two years in his previous contract.

Rumours throughout the internet have linked Vidal have linked Vidal to the North-London side, Tottenham. For Juventus, Vidal has been key throughout the season, and with Villas-Boas admitting to the recent speculation, Nedved moved swiftly to make the Chilean player sign a new contract. Of course, Vidal, who recently stated that he 'wants to retire at Juve' agreed to sign a £97,000 per week, which sees him top a number of players on the clubs wages. The deal is rumored to be worth about £27,000,000, and after the details were released, Vidal's new contract does not hold any release clause, much to Juventus fans delight.

Arturo Vidal

Vidal announcing his new contract at the Juventus Stadium yesterday.

Juventus negotiating for Papadopoulos, Verratti and Pescara youngster Luca Savelloni

Nedved, who openly announced that he was trying to lure 'world class' players to Juventus, is rumored to be talking at Schalke 04, Paris Saint Germain and Pescara for potential Papadopoulos, Verratti and Luca Savelloni respectively.
Papadopoulos, has only played 21 times this season is said to be 'tired' with life at Schalke 04 and would like a move from Schalke 04 as soon as possible. If the young Greek stopper would swap the Bundesliga for Serie A, he would be moving to a very competitive defense, that has Caceres, Bonucci, Sakho, Chiellini, Peluso and Amorebieta in their ranks. But, Nedved who has stated that he won't sign Peluso and Amorebieta permanently, has been looking at Marco Capuano and the Greek defender as potential signings.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Papadopoulos sick of life at Schalke 04, who are trying their best to keep the highly-rated defender.

As for Pescara youngster, Savelloni, he has been impressing in the youth side, which has catched the eye of numerous clubs including Roma and Milan, who are need of young goalkeepers. Plus, with the recent call-up to the U17 Italy side, the Pescara youngster might make an impact and prepare for a move, as Pescara are almost destined to be relegated to the Serie B after a sole season at Italy's top league, Serie A. If Pescara don't sell the player and get relegated, he can be their first-choice goalkeeper, as the current keeper, Mattia Perin, will return to Genoa once his loan ends. As Nedved is a big fan of loaning their future players to their respective teams, might offer a £500k co-ownership deal which will see the player remain at Pescara for a season, which is a good deal for both teams.

Luca Savelloni

Luca Savelloni at training in Pescara.

Meanwhile, Marco Verratti has been a player Juventus have been looking at since his early years, almost getting his signature before the nouveau riche Paris Saint Germain snatched Verratti under his noses. But, with Juventus looking for someone to replace Pirlo or rotate the following season, Verratti seems to be their man. It seems that transfer-listed Simone Pepe will be used as a heavy-weight, as Paris Saint Germain want to add another former Juventus player in their ranks. As stated before, Juventus were pushing their manager, Pavel Nedved, to make a sign a relatively young and similar to Pirlo, who is set to sign a contract, according to club sources. With rumors stating that the deal will cost Juventus £5 million plus Simone Pepe, the club are interested to do that, as Simone Pepe is seen as a player that will not be missed and could be easily replaced.

Marco Verratti

Marco Verratti playing for Paris Saint Germain.

Nedved to be handed a new contract?

After a relatively successful season, (Nedved has already won the Scudetti and Coppa Italia) various clubs like Barcelona, Arsenal, Liverpool, both Manchester clubs and Real Madrid registered interested for the manager. The manager, who still remains unbeaten in all competitions, will be handed a new contract, for 5 years.

Speaking to the club's director, Guiseppe Marotta, he mentioned us some of the clauses that Nedved and the club agreed. He said,"What Juventus wants to do is bring back the days where Serie A was the best league of the world, and Juventus on the top of it." He continued,"For that to happen, we must also breed our new Italian players, which a large portion of the club does have." Finally, to end the interview with Sky Italia, the director stated,"Nedved will be offered about £41,000 p/w, which he definitely deserves."

Pavel Nedved

Nedved managing Juventus during a home match.

Giovinco and Vucinic to leave Juventus in the summer

Mirko Vucinic and Sebastian Giovinco are reported to be available for the next transfer window, as the manager wants to bring in new and fresh talent. With Giovinco not suiting Nedved's style of play, he will be definitely leaving, but as he remains one of the closest to Nedved, it will remain unknown. On the other hand, Mirko Vucinic has the most percentage of staying, as he has been a key role to Nedved's success, scoring and assisting.

For Giovinco, teams like Schalke 04, Chelsea and Benfica have openly publicized that they are interested in the player. With the move to Chelsea more likely (better club, more money and other factors), the very skillful player might be going to the Premier League, joining 'El Loco' Bielsa in his quest to re-build Chelsea after 6 disastrous months with now unemployed Rafael Benitez.

Sebastian Giovinco

The Atomic Ant posing for a club photo.

For Montegrin striker, Mirko Vucinic, he has more chances to stay, as his good work throughout the season has seen him rise over his compatriot and January signing, Jovetic and sometimes Edinson Cavani. With the player scoring 19 goals in 35 appearances, as well as assisting 11 goals. It is known to Nedved that he appreciates more players that would sacrifice themselves for the team (foul, get a yellow/red card or more) and Vucinic can sacrifice a chance of his own, to make an assist.

The Montegrin however, will turn 30 this year and will enter his final years of his career, and for Juventus, this might be their final chance to get some of the £12.75 million fee they paid Roma two years ago. If they do sell him, it will hit hard for Juventus' fans, as he has grown close to them, even getting a tattoo of 'La Vecchia Signora' in his body.

Mirko Vucinic

Vucinic silently celebrating against former club Roma.

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