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The Winning Potion

Started on 3 June 2013 by KingPadster
Latest Reply on 14 June 2013 by OnTheBallCityNCFC
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2013-06-06 16:24#109494 Rablador : Where the hell did Celtic get 13m from? o_O

You should have seen how much they spent in the summer!
Lovin the story mate. As an Arsenal fan myself I am overjoyed how well you are doing keep it up.
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10 yearsEdited
February 2013 Part 1

Arsenal 3 – 0 Stoke City
Mertesacker (74) Oxlade-Chamberlain (80) Podolski (87)

Fourth Round Replay

2 - 0
Sanogo (36) Elmohamady O.G. (53)

Wigan Athletic 1 – 3 Arsenal
Di Santo (38) - Podolski (36, 56) Koscielny (74)

0 – 2
Giroud (16, 62)
(Podolski out for 2 weeks with twisted knee)

1 – 0
Oxlade-Chamberlain (64)
(Arsenal will face Sheffield Wednesday in the Quarter Finals)
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Gary Lineker - Welcome to the BBC’s live coverage of the 2013 Capital One Cup Final in between Arsenal & West Brom. I’m Gary Lineker. Our guests, well part of the furniture really, are Liverpool legend Alan Hansen and Newcastle’s greatest goalscorer Alan Shearer.

Gary Lineker - Let’s get to it then. Alan. Arsenal are on top form into this final. How do you rate West Brom’s chances today?

Alan Hansen – Which Alan?

Gary Lineker - The uglier one

Alan Shearer – That would be you then Hansen

Gary Lineker - Hahaha

Alan Hansen – Haha good start this! Well I rate West Brom’s chances quite highly in this one. If they say cup games are a completely different matter to league games, which is true, what difference a cup final will make! There’s a lot at stake here. It’s not a regular league game, it’s a final and West Brom are expecting to pour everything into this which as we’ve seen before can stun the big boys.

Gary Lineker - Now to the not so ugly Alan but not far behind (chuckles). Arsenal have been here twice before and lost. The last time versus Birmingham City in particular is a wound that will still be fresh in the minds of fans. With pressure firmly on Arsenal to end their trophy drought, can they handle it?

Alan Shearer – It will certainly be in their heads which is a worry for Arsenal because West Brom has nothing on their backs. They aren’t expected to win; they will just go for it and give it their best shot. Arsenal are still in all competitions which is helpful but if they lose here, their confidence could crumble and with memories haunting them, there is a strong possibility they can lose here today.

Gary Lineker - It promises to be a very emotional day indeed. Well the fans are packing out Wembley as we speak.

Gary Lineker - Predictions?

Alan Hansen - I’m going for a 2 – 0 win for the favourites Arsenal. Thierry has something special about him and I think that will be just enough to galvanise the players and win this.

Alan Shearer – I will say a 1 – 0 to West Brom.

Gary Lineker - Really?

Alan Shearer – Yep. To many ghosts in the minds of Arsenal players in my opinion and when I look at their squad, I only see one man being able to rise to occasion when things turn sour and that’s Jack Wilshere. One player is not enough I’m afraid.

Gary Lineker - Certainly some interesting predictions. One to each. We will now hand it over to today’s commentators, Jonathan Pearce and Mark Lawrenson.

Jonathan Pearce - Thank you Gary and there are some anxious faces in the Arsenal half of the ground. Many of those were here two years ago when they embarrassingly lost to Birmingham City. They’ll be feeling a bit nervy here today won’t they Mark?

Mark Lawrenson – Yes. When it’s been almost eight years without a trophy for them with some finals lost along the way so they will be nervous. Albion fans seem to be having a party here but they will be nervous too. It should be a great game.

Jonathan Pearce – Indeed it should and as the players line up to exit onto the field, let’s check out the official team sheets.

Jonathan Pearce – The players are out and Howard Webb blows for kick off in front of a packed 90,000 here at Wembley.

1 – Arsenal has started brightly here as Rosicky passes it to Sterling. Rosicky again plays it simple to Oxlade-Chamberlain. The ball goes over the top of the West Brom DEFENCE!!! What a start THAT would have been for Arsenal. A great pass from Chamberlain and Sterling met it with a volley but he couldn’t steer it goalwards.

5 – Yacob seems to have gathered West Brom here. Here is the Argentinian who plays a long ball. The ball falls to Morrison’s feet who knocks it to Lukaku. Lukaku has too men on him but is fighting them off. Still LUKAKUUUUU!!!! ROMELU LUKAKU HAS GOT THE OPENER!!! The Belgian striker used his strength and smashes a great strike into the top corner from outside the box.

Mark Lawrenson – A great goal but Koscielny should cover his path. The Arsenal fans can’t bear to watch.

10 – Szczesny takes the goal kick. Bony does well to win as it falls out wide to Sterling. Sterling can’t be caught here as he cuts in. And STILL STERLING!!!! ARSENAL ARE LEVEL!!!! 18 year old Raheem Sterling goes past THREE and slots it home comfortably. He’s been lively so far.

Mark Lawrenson – Indeed he has and this is why Arsenal paid £36 million for him. He is so nimble and pacey and it is those very attributes that has given Arsenal the equaliser.

21 – There goes Sterling again and Yacob brings him down on the edge of the box. No yellow but a danger here for the Baggies.

23 – Tomas Rosicky lines it up. ROSICKYYYY!!!! WHAT A GOAL BY THE CZECH REPUBLICAN!!! 2-1 ARSENAL!

Mark Lawrenson – Yeah and that boy Sterling at the heart of things again. Rosicky does brilliantly to get that up and over from 25 yards.

27 – Morrison with the ball over the top to Lukaku! Lukaku takes it aroung the keeper AND SCORES!!! WEST BROM ARE BACK FOR MORE HERE!!! 2-2!!!

HT – Half time here at Wembley. All level and what a game it has been.

45 – Second half begins and Jack Wilshere replaces Tomas Rosicky who has picked up a knock.

52 – Bad news for Arsenal because Aaron Ramsey is requesting a sub here. Mikel Arteta is up and will be coming on.

67 – Arsenal will make their final change. Bony hasn’t had much luck today and will be replaced by the Frenchman Olivier Giroud.

END OF 90 MINUTES – And after an immense first half, we’ve been given a dull second. The game goes to extra time as the butterflies begin to kick in all around the stadium as Arsene Wenger appears on our pictures. He definitely looks a bit agitated

95 – Sagna plays a GOOD ball down the line for Sterling! His isn’t cleared WELL!!! AND ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN HAS SENT WEMBLEY CRAZY!!! Olsson tried to clear Sterling’s cross with a header but Chamberlain volleyed it home with precision. 3-2 Arsenal back in front!!!

Mark Lawrenson – Well there is no end to Sterling’s energy levels! He’s zipped down the wing and put in a decent cross. Oxlade-Chamberlain follows up brilliantly. Great hit guided into to roof of the net.

103 – Yet more misery for the Gunners as Sagna has pulled up. He’s helped off and heads straight to the tunnel, leaving Arsenal with 10 men for the rest of the game.

Mark Lawrenson – Thierry has just called Coquelin to fill in the right back position. Arteta should act as the holding midfielder with Chamberlain and Wilshere in support.

HTET – Just 15 minutes left for Arsenal to hold on. Can West Brom find that little bit extra?

106 – Sterling on another run here. He’s on his own here so he will have to keep going. STERLING WITH THE SHOT!!! Just over!!! Will Arsenal look back at that chance?

115 – Arsenal has the ball on the break once again with Sterling. Good ball in for WILSHEERREEEE!!! DENIED BY THE POST!!!

Mark Lawrenson – What a chance to seal it.

116 – Sterling down the left this time wins a corner. Arteta swings it IN!!! MY GOODNESS!!! Per Mertesacker has hit the BAR!!!

Mark Lawrenson – Unbelievable! It just won’t go in! How cruel would it be if West Brom found an equaliser now?

120 – This is it for West Brom. Seconds left and McCauley will pump this free kick deep into Arsenal box. Mertesacker wins it and COQUELIN WITH A SUPERB PASS TO STERLING! STERLING’S THROUGH ON GOAL! AND STERLING SCOOOORRRRESSS!!! RAHEEM STERLING HAS WON IT FOR ARSENAL IN THE DYING EMBERS OF THE GAME!!!

Mark Lawrenson – Absolutely fantastic!!! I have never seen such a brilliant physical performance in my entire career than this one by the 18 year old!!! He has been the difference today!!!

120 – Howard checks his watch and it’s over!!! ARSENAL’S DROUGHT HAS GONE!!! THE GUNNERS ARE CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!! 2005 SINCE A LAST TROPHY!!! 1993 SINCE A LAST LEAGUE CUP WIN!!! THIERRY HENRY HAS SUCCEEDED!!! FULL TIME 4-2!!! Dan Walker is down pitch side.

Raheem Sterling

Dan Walker – And I’m here with the man of the moment. The Man of the Match Even! Raheem, how did it feel to score here today?

Raheem Sterling – Incredible. Absolutely incredible. It’s a dream to score here at Wembley even once so to score two and win feels great.

Dan Walker – Is this why you moved to Arsenal?

Raheem Sterling – Yeah, I come here to win. Arsenal is the right club for me to develop and I’m over the moon to have won a trophy in such a short space of time.

Dan Walker – A relief to win no?

Raheem Sterling – Yes! It meant a lot to everybody so it’s great to finally win.

Dan Walker – Congratulations. You are today’s man of the match. We now have Jack Wilshere with us…

Jack Wilshere

Dan Walker – Jack, incredible scenes here for you. How does it feel?

Jack Wilshere – It’s amazing. Nobody deserves this more than the fans and the boss who has guided us. Arsene as well. I’m just so happy we pulled through.

Dan Walker – Just how much of a difference did Thierry make for Arsenal today?

Jack Wilshere – Well, we were a bit nervy in the first half as you could tell. I think some of the lads may have had demons in their heads but he assured us at half time. We made possession ours and got the better of West Brom with 10 men. We couldn’t have done it without Thierry.

Dan Walker – Thank you Jack. Thierry is walking to us as he battles the Champagne away…..

Thierry Henry

Dan Walker – Thierry. You’ve done it.

Thierry Henry – No no no! We have done it!!! Arsenal have done!!! We’ve been through years of disappointment and criticism. We’ve been called a nearly club or a feeder club. Everything by everyone and it’s not been easy for us. But we have come back every year to fight and this year we shut them up for good.

Dan Walker – Has anger spurred you on?

Thierry Henry – I think so. Even when I was a player, I played a beautiful style but it was fuelled by anger. It was something my friend Michael Jordan taught me so I we all applied that today and got what we deserve.

Dan Walker – And how can this success set you up for the rest of the season?

Thierry Henry – We are doing fantastically. Today is a testament. We have been the best team so far and we are going to go for everything in our path.

Dan Walker – Thank you Thierry.

Gary Lineker - Arsenal will continue to celebrate here as the fireworks are being released. It’s Arsenal’s day. Thierry makes history again, this time as a manager. From us, goodnight!

Great updates mate! Just caught up on some fantastic results and a cup win for Arsenal nice work :P
That cup final was amazing. It really sounded so realistic! Excellent Writing and nothing like a Liverpool player to help Arsenal get a trophy. Fantastic Story so far. One of my favourites & an inspiration
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2013-06-07 10:09#109612 KopiteAlright : That cup final was amazing. It really sounded so realistic! Excellent Writing and nothing like a Liverpool player to help Arsenal get a trophy. Fantastic Story so far. One of my favourites & an inspiration

Thanks a million pal. Glad you like it. Took blood, sweat and tears to complete that update haha.
like it? - I bloody LOVE it - Your 1 of the very best on here
Arsenal...won a trophy? Impossibru!

On a more serious note, that was a very well written update that makes me wonder why I wasn't following this story until now :/ Congrats on winning the mickey mouse cup!
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2013-06-07 12:35#109642 Arvind : Arsenal...won a trophy? Impossibru!

On a more serious note, that was a very well written update that makes me wonder why I wasn't following this story until now :/ Congrats on winning the mickey mouse cup!

What have you been doing with your life?! haha glad to have you on board anyway
Really great updates mate! You're doing a wonderful job with Arsenal! Keep it up! :)
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10 yearsEdited


Aaron Ramsey will miss the rest of the season after winning the Capital One Cup versus West Brom last Sunday.

The Welsh international hobbled off during the game and will be out with a torn calf muscle for up to four months.

Bacary Sagna also had to be helped off during the final and is likely to be out for at least two weeks with a twisted knee.

Ramsey & Sagna join a list of injured Arsenal players that include Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski.
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Just days after winning Arsenal’s first trophy since 2005, Thierry Henry has revealed he wants a new contract.

Henry was given a one year contract in the summer when he was announced as the new Gunners boss and the Arsenal hero is willing to talk sooner rather than later over a new deal for the team’s benefit.

“Here I feel comfortable, I feel at home. Arsenal is a big part of my life and I wish to stay for a long time.

“We are in a good position to win things but my contract isn’t. I don’t want my players or fans to think I’m not committed because I am. I hope to agree a deal soon.

“After winning the cup with Arsenal, I haven’t felt quite like that since the 2002 league title. I felt alive! I want more and I want it here at the Emirates.”
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February 2013 Part 2


Arsenal 2 – 0 Swansea City
Bony (34) Wilshere (59)

Barclays Premier League Table

(Tottenham are 2ND! WOW!)

Barclays Premier League Manager of the Month

Thierry Henry

Arsenal’s EA SPORTS Player of the Month

Francis Coquelin

This guy come out of nowhere! Played a few games this season but mainly in the cup or as a sub. He found his way into the team via choice and I couldn’t leave him out. Immense energy levels and his versatility helped us greatly in the cup final.

Manager Movement

Fiorentina – Vincenzo Montella – SACKED
Feyenoord – Ronald Koeman – SACKED
Marseille - Elie Baup – SACKED
Replaced by Montanier
Schalke – Guus Hiddink – NEW MANAGER

Thierry’s Verdict – What a month. Absolutely cruising and nothing can stop us. More importantly we have a trophy. Got a massive month in March. Champions’ League versus Olympiakos, the FA Cup and a huge clash against Man United who seem to be freefalling at the moment. A win against them and I tip us to win.

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