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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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GNK Dinamo 1-0 Napoli (EURO Cup 1st Knockout Rnd)

A young Dinamo side showed that you can win with kids as they came out on top against a much more experienced Napoli team on a wet evening at Maksimir.

GNK Dinamo's winner came through Domagoj Antolic as he seized on Raúl Albiol's mistake to score an incisive finish from 16 metres. GNK Dinamo's Begonja was forced off by injury in the 87th minute.

Both teams had a number of attempts at goal, which promised much, but the quality of finishing was poor throughout.

Player of the Match: Jozo Simunovic (Dinamo)
Attendance: 28,009

Nice win mate but your gonna have a tough time at Naples so best of luck
2015-04-30 12:13#212256 walkinshaw : Nice win mate but your gonna have a tough time at Naples so best of luck

I know, I will need one more wonder i guess. Thnx buddy.
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  1. Diazepam ll after Napoli

Hope there will be no too much questions, we are still all happy because off win. I also must congrats to defenders who were great today, from Hendicxs, Šimunović and others. I think that we show how "big boat" we have with young players getting out on pitch and take the game. I am also very happy for Antolić, i am sure he will never forget that and to be honest i just see ball in goal after i was checking my paper which was not off real use to me especially after that.

So what was your impression after you seen goal after match?

It was great goal and great assist by Pamić and i think that goal reminded Frank de Boer his great assist vs Italy 2004.

Board says they are very happy about your young player picks, do you think it could prove bad in next matches ahead?

Well, I think that question is little too big bullshit... We all see what they can do. Now, i do not need to say Halilovic will play every match from start but on the other hand i can say Šimunić, Prenga, Ivančić are the ones who i can put and have confidence that they will do a proffesional job. They all had chance to prove do they deserve first match and Halilovic is not always in first 11 just becaus of that. If he wants more time on pitch, he needs to prove it and us everyon can see he is having that chance.

So anyway, many did not see that Dinamo can winner there, after that we didnt see too much reactions after goal.

Well i was nerveous till end of match, but half time was did great job for my players, they went out knowing that they can continue playing like they did and they did that.

Santos crossbar?

Please, just not that question because it could prove to be crucial.

Did you were satisfied with his overall performanse?

Yes i was. I belive he will be key figure in future of Dinamo.

Another match where criticised Čop didnt find net and did not look too good.

Well if you check his and Bequiraj average rating even trough season friendlys what should i say. I do not want only quality at back but also power at forward. Very simple. I mean if you check Ivančić then you need to question yourself... I mean, score mother fucker and i give you car, no problem...

So, will you park the bus in Naples?

Fuck you, next question.

Do you belive now that maybe you could pass to next knockout phase?

I still consider us a long shot but if we will play like today in defense, yes, we have a chance.

So will you train defend over Cibalia which is next fixture to try repeat Maksimir?

Yes, if we keep result it would be great, but problem is that i do not belive that team like them can make 180 minutes not scoring.


Well what to say, i am not his manager and do not want to comment anything.

Frank de Boer, you just shake hands.

Yea, what else, he congratulates me on win and also sayed that Šimunović was really something to see. After that i went to celebrate with my team and board room so i even did not see Maradona but i am happy to see him coming too match.. I even did not call him i know he will come.

Not full stadium again.

Yea, well what to say, i comment that but i want to thanks to all who came and also i want to thanks to BBB not using rude words on match.

Do you think day of people will coming back?

Hard, its possible but it will need a time.

Cibalia next, how will you aproach a game?

Well, we must be carefull and nothing much changed in my plans before season break.

Will you enter into match with another formation or?

I will be honest, it will be same formation with little tweaks, I know De Boer and whatever i hide it will mean nothing on Naples.

So to be clear, you belive that Cibalia cannot stop you on season break over?

No way. We had quality and all team wants win every match, i just hope they will not get too much confident since it could be backward and we do not have that time in HNL 1 so i keep them under control and i belive no problem at all against Cibalia.

Ok, thank you and good luck.

Thank you.

Diazepam ll with players and boardroom ceelbrate

Mamić respect!!!

Matija Diazepam ll - I am sorry to all but in real life i have big problem with depression and other and its possible that this story will not be continued so since i was looking it like second life and art i want to thnx all for support and other. I am sorry of course but i am struggle hard and its closing me down so maybe i will not make it. Special thnx to SI and
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Diazepam ll respond "I know that i do not need to comment that but every normal citizen in Croatia knows that for Dinamo and Hajduk you die if needed, he is only look on himself, not team, and i think it can just have negative impact on his team"

Diazepam ll "I think i sayed all before even season continue but with last Vahid comment i just think he making me things more easy"

"Yes this is the match where we go for three points from start"


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*tomorow or today on twitch


live on twitch





Player of the Match

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Today is Maksimir stadium's 103rd birthday! Which one of great moments from Dinamo's history at Maksimir would you choose as the most beautiful? We chose Dinamo's every win and every title celebration!

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HNK Cibalia s.d.d. 1-3 GNK Dinamo (First Division)

One of the league's worst defences so far this season continued to struggle as Cibalia lost to Dinamo on a mild spring afternoon at Cibalia.

Striker Ivan Koledic gave HNK Cibalia s.d.d. the lead with an incisive finish from 14 metres in the 12th minute. GNK Dinamo's equaliser came through Ivica Olic as he seized on Matej Mitrovic's mistake to score a placed shot. An error from HNK Cibalia s.d.d.'s Josip Gegic allowed Olic to score a tidy finish from 15 metres. Winger Domagoj Antolic completed the scoring for GNK Dinamo with an incisive finish from 16 metres on 67 minutes.

Player of the Match: Ivica Olic (Dinamo)

Attendance: 2,231


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Happy 20th Birthday, and we wish all the best to our Marko Pjaca!

Happy 20th birthday to our Mark Placa *Piazza !

*mm... wait, this two at top are for me, not for your birthday mate, all best!"
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