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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Dinamo on tomorow in morning travels to Naples to the final second leg of UEFA Cup knockout phase leg two against Napoli with one goal advantage preparation in Spain, and the time will go 25 players . In relation to the first part of the preparations in Naples Dinamo Diazepam ll put half of team on rest and given players a freedom to check monuments and Naples "wonders/, We still do not have a information who will be in first eleven since many players are tired and also Dinamo with Hajduk help and win over Cibalia (last on table) equalized with Hajduk managed by Halilhodžić, where Halilhodzic team Hajduk didnt manage to score on Maksimir versus NK Lokomotiva .

- With many players tired Diazepam ll didnt reveal yet first eleven but from information we gathered many key players are tired and with one goal advantage many belives that Dinamo have no power to stop Napoli in Naples and with not too much comments from manager Diazepam ll he didnt wanned sayed too much about how they will play and who will play. With Prenga, Bequiraj, Jakob J. and Ivica Olić who scored two goals on his back re-debut to Modri and scoring two goals to turn around Cibalia Koledić goal in 13 minute, he fixed it right away but now he is injured too. after went back from Germany it will be for sure big disadvantage for Modri. On other hand even Napoli do not look good at all, last match they lost against rivals Milan away with Hamsik scored for Napoli in 5' Minute for the blues. In 39' Robinho even, with great defense, especially Zapata the blues fall in 87' after mistake by Maggio bad tackle on Shamakh inside area,

Gervasoven showed on spot where Balotelli scored from spot in 87' minute and with Frank de Boer again, nothing looks good so there are also many peoples who thinks that Dinamo can get trough but Dinamo Boss sayed "One goal in Naples is worth nothing there". We will need to play and not think we have lead, because in Naples no team with one goal have advantage and how could than we could have".

Dinamo boss sayed that they were looking not too much videos by Napoli play even tho he was going on Napoli matches, on that he sayed "It was not needed to lose time on that, i watched them and i agree with Hamsik,something not work there and probably no one, even De Boer cannot say why is that so...

In last match Higuain, Pandev and Insigne again didnt look good, its more like, there is no communication betwen players. Defenders did good except Maggio who was making mistakes all around and put ball on dot.

In middle no one was good and they looked very bad, giving balls or retain constantly makin errors.

Cuadaro and Cuadrado came in game after 60 minutes of game and showed nothing, Last substitution was in 99' when Boer put Hernandez in game but it was too late.

Checkin on players de Boer will need all power at Naples and after fail in Milan he will need to cheer up team and also having a slight little problem with condision of players. There is no doubt that he will need best of best in first eleven.

to be contiued...

Twitch is on

Dinamo manager Diazepam ll also added "I think we will need luck first, next, players cannot go into game thinking that we have one goal because when you play in Naples you will see old grampa fan on stadium, they live football, there are kids playing football on almost every corner on street."

Also rumors one rumor come out that Pamić will not play after talk with Diazepam ll. Diazepam ll didnt want to comment that.

--- Last match highlights ---

Dinamo manager Diazepam ll also noted after few journalist asked question of bad rotating players and weird loans plus transfers. After that story was over after he provoce them and sayed that he would say his mother for Dinamo get trough Napoli.

There was also question about fans and high risk match.

I think if they repeat what they did in Udinese could be advantage for us so i call all fans to backup Dinamo players which added more intigrue on almost whole HNL.

If you have BBB you have one more player but same stands for Naples, Fans will make big impact on this match so i call all to help us.

On this Dinamo boss sayed "They are not pesimistic at all, i do not know what stupid fuck write that, we can get trough so there is no point to write that they are pesimistic, we had one of best club on a world and for few years with this great management we will for sure be known to every club, we are full like a boat and journalist do not understeand"

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Diazepam ll open up new press conference - Ok, i see some BBB owner of his video do not like this story and clearly wants Mamić and boardroom out off club and i must add he is for sure thinks that we or i by mysellf will aprove that. Well he is wrong. Dinamo and peoples who works in club are much more than all of us which includes you and me all together, which means that from today BBB which do not support Boardroom, which includes all peoples and position in it are not alowed to come on stadium. Thank you.

From today, there will be no more using off audio BBB on this story because its clearly they want to destroy Dinamo and all what is blessed in this beautifull Country.

Diazepam ll : I can only tell that in next season all world will be looking for this golden player.

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Higuain finally scored!

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Napoli 1-4 GNK Dinamo (EURO Cup 1st Knockout Rnd)

A young Dinamo side showed that you can win with kids as they came out on top against a much more experienced Napoli team on a cold and stormy evening at San Paolo.

Napoli had an early effort ruled out for an infringement, a decision which would prove to be a considerable talking point for fans and pundits alike. Midfielder Zvonko Pamic gave GNK Dinamo the lead with a free kick from the edge of the area in the 22nd minute.

An error from Napoli's Christian Maggio allowed Pamic to score a fierce effort from 23 metres out. Begonja scored with an accurate finish in the 65th minute to extend the lead further.

Clinical striker Gonzalo Higuaín pulled one back for Napoli after 80 minutes with a close range finish which was timed impeccably. Full-back Thiago Carleto completed the rout with a fine header from point-blank range on 85 minutes.

Player of the Match: Zvonko Pamic (Dinamo)
Attendance: 35,959

Dinamo therefore win 5-1 on aggregate.

Diazepamll "Fans?"

Fans not happy with Napoli after they finished third in hard group CL, GNK Dinamo has come to Sao in great style.

Diazepam ll - I need to say truth, we won two times against team which was falling down, i watch them a lot and after so much things going on there i agree with Hamsik, this is not only about player's or to manager but much far. There were lacking fans to support them. BBB is not possible to stop and they have push players even tho they used fireworks which we will need to pay like always. Anyway i am satisfied, i agree with boardroom, we can go even trough Ajax. About Napoli, again, they will need to reorginaze everything, from boardroom to players... Frank de Boer was not guilty for this if someone ask me and he is bad situation, Napoli tihs season could have a big drop in last decade and they will need to react fast us they can,

There are rumors you are going out of club, is that true?

I do not want talk about it now, thank you.

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Blues: We wanted win, now we want break record!


We were the not better team posetion whole match but few opportunities adn great defending lead us to this great victory, we were all playing with knowing what to do and we did it,

How is moral today and did you celebrate win which no one did expect especially with si big score?

The morale was great, Diazepam ll was nerveous even tho he was trying to calming us down which did not put us in anxious state. We defended but we know from how much we watched tapes and talking with manager that even if need to close us much us possible we wanned to score goal to give us a more space and more secured play how our manager sayed after second goal where he was still nerveous.

You scored two goals, one with your speciality free kick aprox 20 meter of goal...

Yea, it was great feeling, i was training hard on shots, we also had small ball control training but mostly we were working on defense.

Your second goal, many people talk about it... how do you feel?

When i seen Antolić running toward oposition area and leave small space but enough that i try long power shot.. to be honest, i was really belive its going into net.

So, next match in UEFA cup Ajax, what do you think?

I hope it will be like from season 07/08... but we will need to be like that season players when, Mandzukic, Luka Modric, George koch and others. My personal view, if we beat Napoli, we can also win against Ajax.

Match with so big margin, and four in Viviano net... did you belive you could get so big result?

Honestly no, we wanned to score at least one to calm manager but then we seen that we can do even more.

You like a player of the match, what do you think of that?

Well to be honest, i think its not only me who deserved this. Everyone was doing their job great and i think i just wanned to show that we can shock em trough bigger distance.

Manager Diazepam ll, how he reacted on half time and aftre match.

He was nerveous even on half time and sayed that we continue how we did but he also looking from us to play more narrow and deeper.

We also seen many players tryed long shot if there would be chance...

Of corse, it was about rain and manager sayed if we can find space and knowing its better solution before someone runs into front and that is how i scored second goal.

Of course, it was not easy game even maybe to people looked like that we all need to stay aware of every oponents plan, we also know how much goal would be bad since this was Napoli last chance to stay inside outside comptetition.

Dinamo manager sayed on press that he wants try to take, match by match. How do you see on that?

Well he was mostly concetrated on HNL 1 and he still is... he is always remember us that in Croatia there is no easy game and standing that every match could be hard, especially versus Hajduk, Rijeka and Slaven Belupo.

There are big rumors coming from other sources that Dinamo manager Diazepam ll going to look another club, is that really or just rumors...

Well he is struggle, i do not want to lie but he do not want's to see Hajduk holding first place and of course, since they are our eternal rivals, one match could change everything. Also with his fight over depression he does not want to see that.

So how is writen on the other matches..

Like Diazepam ll, we players and boardroom decided, we want to end up being a professional club in any competition... We want to win everything we can.

About conditiion?

Well we are working hard and with what we and other wants we need to go trough that. We We will need to be prepared physically and mentally almost every match.

Problem is, we have most of the matches were are the better team, harder and on same that harder and take opportunity, thats not the case here. Every rival for us is hard match full of preparation.

.And only about your second goal.

- I did not watch too much attention how great was goal but how team and manager where happy, i know what i did and i was very happy that we that we cab secure next knockout phase. So yes i am very satiustfied about both goals and every player on pitch and i am sure Diazepam ll also.

Do you belive you caould take title and cup?

Yea, i belive we can and about title we even must not think to make mistake.

UEFA cup, do you think you could go all the way?

Lol. I would not right now about that. As we spoke, we will see how to get maximum we can.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Diazepam ll after match

Unexpected win and score... 4:1 away

Yes, quite hard to imagine that we beat so big club with so big score, we worked hard, having issues here and there but on the end players suprised me, i did not belive we can get so easy even tho there were much of oscillations in Napoli team which was of course reflected on stadium and even not half of fans on it.

Pamić showed a match no one expected, we seen reaction after he scored second goal but we also see you nerveous trough almost whole 90 minutes.

I was nerveous, i mean i know after Pamić scored a second goal which is for sure on best in this second leg of first knockout phase and also best match in his career from when i am Dinamo it should also focus on other players on pitch. They were all great and i really didnt know what to say after match to player's. From Waterman who was great on goal, defenders where Šimunović again showing his talent with always great Boštjan Cesar. I mean i really cannot say which player did not deserve to be praised after such win.

So now we have seen that you really wanned to put all behind the ball, and drop deeper, how do you see tactic based on fluid and very fluid defense worked.

Well i would not like to talk to much about new tactic since it can be tweaked in lot of ways like any other but with players we had i cannot be sceptic and say, match against Ajax or Hajduk or Slaven Belupo will be same because it will not. I was a lot on Sao Paolo and things there went out of control long before Zdemek was replaced by Frank de Boer.

Do you think he can get them back on track?

No, its not. This season could be worst for Napoli and i must say that every time i was there more and more fans stop coming on stadium which was of course show on game versus us.

So there were not too much closed training, we all have see there will be defensive tactic with all working together and also we have seen free kicks training with slight ball control.

Well in that match with only 1:0 advantage what could we do when we know that they are in problem Seria A, destroyed by Juventus, Roma, before that fallen against Champions Cup group stage... This was only thing which was left. So i was expecting that Frank will do more agressive aproach form start and it was but there was again something which is hard to take in details and its desire to win... they had too much mistakes but on the other hand when they found space and clear situation they did not realize it.

Higuain finally scored...

Yea, while we were taking breather.

So you are trying to push them down even after this?

And who the fuck are you? I told you what we were doing at that time.

We seen also Maradona was in shock and we know that he is your friend. Did you talk with him after match?

No. I know it was hard to see him there looking his former club going down by four goals and than one after breather. But he also know that fans there also feel very bad, Napoli has fall and i think no one can see them get back to track, in fact if you take all in one, they are beaten in every aspect and reason is unknown. Since thats not my club i wish them all best.

Are you ok Sir?

Yea, yea, pardon me... What was the question?

About tactic and result...

Oh, yea, well it would be great that i can say i was the one who beat them with tactic but in fact thats not true. We trained and needed to rest few players. I would say few thing affected that game. First we had weather in our advantage, it was rainy wet ground. with ball control we did not have problem with direct balls and we all know how Waterman deals with long kicks which needed to cut in few situation but he was show his skills of doing exactly that. We all seen that if he looks target he found him very precise.. in this match we also seen how he can from long range send great ball to Antolić feet while he needed to find himself a space. On the other hand we were also train free kicks and long shots which we used from start and Pamić again showed what he can do if you give him space and if you give him free kick from 18 to 20 meters of oponent's goal, i mean Viviano is great goalkeeper, he is a class but those shots you cannot stop and Pamić will for sure continue like that in future and he also showing that he plays for medals not for money.

"Antolić will for sure miss but he knows that he is key player and he proving that from match to match and i understeand how unhapy he is, he wants cup, he wants medals and also a bright future in head of him"

Not to forget that you playerd very narrow.... About Luka Begonja, many also sayed it was great move...

It was for sure but Napoli was down, they know this is another one game where something not works and Begonja is also one of player who showing his talent's from when he came to Dinamo. It was great goal and move but its not first time and for sure not last.

Thiago Carleto, there were many speculations who will take that left flank since it was mostly expected to be for Ibanez.

Well since Ibanez was making errors after he went back from loan and since we seen what Thiago can do without oscillations i think he deserve that place more than Ibanez for now but since we are full of fixtures with having match almost every four games he will be in game.

Many sayed that he can be great replaced by youth Petar Mamić and that it could prove great tranfer and nice boost for Dinamo financies, What you say on that?

Well i would not agree, Petar Mamić is one of youth with great future to come but we will still lack of players. Its not who can replace player but can he do what we expect from him.

You were very angry at journalist after first match and almost come with no answer to few after it was sayed that you beat them with kids.

Well, that is Italian Napoli anti fans journalist and stupid fucks from Croatia to put them and us on ground. First that was bullshit. We have youths which will win everything you can imagine here and in real life and now, you have all stars no matter years but how lets say 65% percent with 25 years can be kids? And than second, did anyone forget what Mamić did for youth facilities and other? We are one of best and in fact what is fact, we have best youth players in Europe and wider and everyone know it.

Next, Hajduk, how ...

Shut a fuck up! You know i am alergic to that club, and no i will not leave club before that match, they are shit, destroys of HNL and with people who where also lead Croatia international team, phantoms... And then they call mother fucker who is there for more. Fuck him and diamonds. We will attack them, and i will always attack them no matter cost.

Well many peoples says thats the part you cannot get trough and also people thing that this season Vahid can take title after nine years.

Fuck off moron! I know you are also one of them, you get your question, we are going there to score more than net can handle. Thank you, fuck off.

Pamić goals this season

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