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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Twitch on for about 2 hours for live stream -

Players coming on pitch.

Dinamo fans noticed on Velondrom.

Dinamo boss Diazepam hands shake with Bilić

almost all ready and waitining for referee to give sign to start. Look live stream on Twitch for few minutes.

1' Game Started

7' First Corner for Dinamo

12' Dinamo Boss has sayed something to Pinto and Pivarci - Hora do you know what he was saying.

Hora - Its hard to say but it looks for Pinto to hassle Ayew A.

15' Match Stats

Andrew A. was in real chance one by one with Krešić but hits bar, few seconds later Gignac was in real chance. Can Dinamo weather a storm?

Dinamo boss is saying to players to say deeper.

30' Match Stats

27' Andew A. scored!!! 1:0 for OM

Dinamo boss made some changes ... looks like Ademi going in DM position.

45' Rod Fanni finds net!!! 2:0 for OM! His first goal for OM in CP.

45+ One minute added on

45+ Beciraj was in chance but it goes behind.


Twitch for 15 min.

Check press on twitch.


P.S. Zvone respect!
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Journalist on Dinamo Boss asking questions

How do you and your team feel after losing 2:0 from OM and stayed out in EU competition?

We are great, we were never better. Other stupid question?

You were optimistic before match that you could take points but there was almost no single shot on target do you feel pesimistic now?

I am optimistic that you are write shit all the time...

You didn't went in game how did you say on press conference you will.

Well yeah, i had many press conference last few days and however, you can think whatever you want about my "mistakes" but right now yes i think i was too much optimistic, even more you think, so what? Want details?

Your team are in poor form lately, what can you tell us about that?

I think that you can find answers in almost all latest news from conference, press interview and other. We are not going good and everybody knows that we can better and its true but also there is some who do not following what is going on in Dinamo. I am happy how we play whatever situation right now is.

Does that means that you fear of losing against Lokomotiva on Maksimir?

It can happen... Thats all i can say.

There are rumors you send many players to rest, is that true?

Yes, they need rest becuase of tight fixtures.

How will you went in game versus Lokomotiva?

We will not change much but there will be much rotation players in game.

Who do you fear most in Lokomotiva?

Kramarić. He is a big class and sure will be one of best attackers in future.

Fans are not happy with games, you are going almost all games low turn, what do you say on that.

Do i need to answer on that question? You must ask them why they do not come and then saying that we do play poor. I mean give me a break i have too much work ahead...

Congrats on getting to 50 pages! Don't let those fool journos get to ya! :)

2014-01-16 23:53#155214 Neal : Congrats on getting to 50 pages! Don't let those fool journos get to ya! :)

Thanks mate :)
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Dinamo, and some other clubs HNL stats

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7 yearsEdited

On loan from Dinamo Andrej Kramarić goals highlights in Lokomotiva

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7 yearsEdited

omg... i dont know what to do with him...

Press Conference Live here:

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Inter Zaprešić fixtures ... Can Inter stop Rijeka with good morale in team and great Oršić?

mind games :)

We asked Dinamo boss on game Inter Zapresić vs Rijeka.

"I wouldnt be suprised at all if Inter beats Rijeka and do not favorite Rijeka at all, its gonna be hard game with not too much goals"

Some players reacted negative after you comment on Meehmed Alishpahic, its sure you want Inter defeat Rijeka right?

"you know my answer but its not only Alispahić, there is Leon Benko who was mostly on bench or not even in on bench... he does not work well in Rijeka but Continental he is showing his quality so i think its wasting of time for player who has quality, this can only slow him down... same is with Alispahic. Also do not see Rijeka is not contenders for title at all".

Ok, and what with mind games then?

Its big mess up on first HNL First division and i must try to do all defending title.

On press conference you passionate saying that your team will take title, are you sure in that or its just again mind games?

Depends, it can be backfire or counter but i am sure we will won the title with no too much problems. So even if we get in more bad situation i still belive we have too much quality to take title.

There were rumors that you do not find right language with some players is that true?

Yes, but i think its just purely humans one talks, everybody reacts different.

Do you belive that Jerko Leko and Ademi will compose with Šimunić?

Very hard.. Šimunić is here for a long time and knows what he doing but i was talking with him and he going to retirement after new year.

Soudani went on public speak saying to fans he apologize for not scoring goals and going very bad run, will you put him in key place after that?

Probably, but if he do not do it he stays rotation.

You sayed that you are afraid Kramarić, what do you sy about Tomislav Barbaric?

Tomislav Barbaric

He is hearth of defence if you ask me, but i hope we will found solution how to put him under pressure.

You sayed that you will not makin some changes in formation, is that true?

Well there will be big twitch but not in formation, only in tactic because of situation of lacking first team players and key players.

Can we know what who will play from first minute?

Yes. But it will cost you...

but i do not hav... "hey, pay or go..."


Ok. Here you go.

Till next time.


Results - Check all goals today for about 2 hours

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