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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
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Live on Twitch now

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From Kosovo Mr. Drinemralfc

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Twitch now

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Who will won golden ball?

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U19 - Dinamo vs Rijeka



63' DinamoU19 vs Rijeka U19 3:0

Leko was excellent!

I think i writed about NK Zadar but not sure so anyway here is only little info... I cannot see much on wikipedia but you can find some interesting things on NK Zadar web page.

History of Zadar and NK Zadar Football Club

The ancient capital of Dalmatia, ZADAR is one of the runaway success stories of the Croatian Adriatic, combining ancient and medieval heritage with a bustling café life, a vibrant bar scene and the kind of go-ahead architectural projects (such as the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun) that give the seafront the appearance of a contemporary art installation.

Zadar was bombed no fewer than 72 times by the Allies during World War II, and it lacks the museum-like quality of so many Adriatic towns, displaying instead a pleasant muddle of architectural styles, where lone Corinthian columns stand alongside rectangular 1950s blocks, and Romanesque churches are jostled by glass-fronted café-bars. With a population of around 75,000, the city boasts an international airport and is also the main ferry port for northern Dalmatia, and Zadar’s growing popularity with visitors ensures that the central streets are swarming with life from June to September. Outside that time, the city’s invigorating café culture is left very much to the locals.

Scars by WW II

Brief history

Long held by the Venetians (who called it Zara), Zadar was for centuries an Italian-speaking city, and its university, established by Dominican monks in 1396, claims to be the oldest in Croatia. Ceded to Italy in 1921 under the terms of the Treaty of Rapallo, the town became part of Tito’s Yugoslavia in 1947 – when most Italian families were expelled. Postwar reconstruction resulted in something of an architectural mish-mash, and further damage was meted out in 1991, when the JNA (Yugoslav People’s Army), supported by Serbian irregulars, came close to capturing the city. Despite the UN-sponsored ceasefires of 1992, Zadar remained exposed to Serbian artillery attack right up until 1995, when the Croatian offensives finally drove them back.

Zadar 1943 photo

Just to nice, Zadar is in Croatia of course and war with right now called (Serbia) has raged there and town's near so wounds will never be forgot. Even war was long time ago this is Balkan and we do not know how to forgive for that war which was not started by ordinary peoples but people at top, or better política. So its like Dinamo vs Hajduk... Ethernal Rivals. Fckn Balkan. Oh btw. there is big lie that we are Catholic peoples, we are not... just purely human one's which you can find in news etc..

If you want see or go Jadran and pass trough Zadar follow 5 :)

After spending the 1990s in the economic doldrums Zadar became an important focus for investment from around 2000 onwards, when bars and clubs mushroomed and the city’s airport became a major entry point for tourists visiting the middle Adriatic.

Towards the end of World War II the club was founded on 26 April 1945 as the Fiskulturno društvo Zadar with the departments of football, basketball and athletics. On 9 February 1949, the football department was spun off as NK Zadar.

In 1992 as Zadarkomerc the club was founding member of the Prva HNL. Since then, the club has always played up to five seasons in the first division of Croatia. Since 2001, the club is officially named NK Zadar.

Their greatest success in the Croatian Cup was achieved in the 1995–96 season when they reached the semi-finals.

In 2001, the club was returned to Prva HNL, where he spent four consecutive seasons, but was again relegated after he was heavily defeated by Dinamo Zagreb at Maksimir (7-0), which the match ended at 62 minutes after the Zadar remained with too small number of players due to red cards and injuries of players.

After two seasons the Zadar has returned to Prva HNL on 30 May 2007 after beating NK Pula in the promotion playoff, 6-2 on aggregate.

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Dinamo Boss looked happy after game but we put him question...

How did you like today's youth crushing 3:0 Rijeka?

Well i am happy, it was great match and finally win.

Was you on stadium to see possible changing U19 stuffs?

Yes, they are future for Dinamo and without results it can lead to slow morale, bad game's and many other thing's so i was there and i can only say that if they continue like today i do not see why dont take title next season.

So stuff will stay?

Yes, for now and after break of season. Later, we will see what too do if bad runs continue. T

What do you say about Leko, man of the match?

Man of the match, incredible talent if you ask me.

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