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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

New job
Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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How Napoli went into UEFA cup after finished third in Champions Cup

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He also noted that when he get back will for sure provide information about how he looks on a situation with Dinamo and other clubs, new players, new staffs but for now he just want to rest.

We just only wanned to ask him why France?

If you wanna good stuff and good fun with chicksm also royal with chess, Amsterdam is your destination but since my love is also in France and since i love France like USA. I just want to go get at least three days then get back to hard work.

About Napoli?

Miracles happen in football. Will we maybe attack, defend... dont ask me now. We all know their power in all part of pitch and we will do our best. There is no pressure on players. We will do our best and working hard.

Just one more question.. there are speculations that you could be chosen for best or at least three of managers in HNL 1. Are you excited and do you think you will get it?

Well,to be honest, i am so fucked right now that i have felling i won it already.

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U19 HNL 1 Cup

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other matches

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Never forget to save!

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Press Conference by Diazepam

End of season, break from season, not too much new names and more harder clubs before season resumes with Hajduk just a two points away from you.

Yea well. I am sure that everyone want to know every details but even me is struggle to get all i need like others in boardroom in club.

Many say's Dinamo has no chance to get trought Napoli and that should more concetrate on HNL competitions, what do you say?

Well what should you say on that? Go and forget Napoli because we have Hajduk staying two points in fron of us but then you can also see that we need to meat them two times and also they like us needs to play with other teams which can cause problems to us and them. And now that speculation's .. i think its out of mind. We did not destroy Hajduk, others did, or better they did it by themself. Not players and fans of course.

Point is that we did great job and even we do not have space like Hajduk we want more than just HNL title.

So that sounds like you will attack Napoli..

No, it means we will won HNL 1, concetrate on HNL cup and EUFA cup.

I think every manager wants to get everything they can and also i think thats normal so because of Hajduk i do not want look diferent than lets say Rijeka or Istra or cup, Uefa and Croatian Cup. We will do our best.

But also you sayed that you cannot see Hajduk takin title, is that true?

It is and i know that you will ask me will i went off club if things went wrong.

Yea, but than you see yourself as a coward?

The pride mother fucker? I mean, pardon but no its about Hajduk and Dinamo great in last decade. So fuck the pride, its about with so much power we have and look on Hajduk we are far most better than them which puts me in situation where i see myself like manager who is not good for this club and yes if that happens i will sure resign so that Mamić can find better one because he for suure knows better, he knows what is best for club and we are friends. Also you can expect that Anti Mamić huligans will attack Mamić and it happens all the time, so i will need to hold also that on soul thats why i will insist to do best i can with team no matter what competition and price.

Slaven Belopo?

Its where they i expect them and yes they are much more better than Hajduk and could even give us problem. I expected that and i am happy they are where i was expecting to be.

So, you seems positive.

Yes, but when matches starts belive me, it will be different.

Not too much new names, Chago and Šitum are back.

Well i sayed live about my think on new players, and also say to you friend that he is stupid fuck. Deal with his "non Croatian player" is out of mind.

Yea but you also sayed that you where sure he can bring success.

I was on drug, you journalist are really sometimes blind.

Fuck you.

Yea, well, sure you want talk with someone else? Work your job.

If we are fine...

I do not give a fuck about people's i do not know well.

So we also see much better teams coming on Maksimir before Napoli and resume of HNL competition.

We were talking and i wanned to get a little harder team than other's so that we can how our tweaked tactics work best for Napoli and also for HNL.

Many players also where giving comment about hard work.

Yes, i talk with them when i can and i needed to say them that we do not have luck, we need work more that luck, they can hold it.

Are you afraid of more injury's before Napoli and HNL.

Sure, but fck ir, that is part where we risk and i put it on myself.

Will you train penalty?

We work on that, it could be one of thing which can be crucial against Napoli.

Ok, many peoples see going trough Napoli impossible and you say that it will be very hard but if "miracle" happen, would you like Ajax or Wien who droped you off Championship.

Salzburg, we know how they play so i think its better pick but you remember 2007, i wouldn not hav nothing against we get them but still Napoli is first, they won UEFA last season... it will be fckin hard and everybody from boardroom, players, me, fans and other's now it.

Thre were also rumors that you will go on Napoli matches before match.

Yes, i will go on every match i will can to see is there somewhere gap where we should try to break because going into attack against that team is suicide. We will need to be very very carefull behind.

First preparation against Zagreb and legend Čiro, what do you say on that?

Well, it will be great to play against him, i know he have a solid team and great manage them, i will not look at result at all and sure it will be one of match i sure not forget. You do not forget legends.

Dinamo under 18 are going great...

Yea i was talking about that, its really something on which we are very happy and i will for sure go watch their games so i need to congrats Zoran Mamić, Cvitanović and youth's. For me they are already winners. It's shame how other manager's and clubs where stealing players all this years ... now they can see that we are "full like a boat" ... Did you get that?


Well now when you understeandm think before write. Sometime no one understend a shit what Mamić is talking. He made great job and also i need to thank him to allow better facilities for youngsters which of course you can also see in big games. With me or without me, people from all over the world will know that Dinamo is holy club. Thank you.

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Mostly every friendly Game will be played on twitch without too much information until season keeps on movin. All other live on twitch. Reason, depression.

Small about Zagreb with big name on chair







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