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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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DINAMO DINAMO ŠAMPIONE, fuck all other clubs aye!!!

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Dinamo vs Slaven Belupo - Pamic Goal 53 minutes



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Player of the match

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soon 720 HD will be rendered on youtube .. i guess ffs

Dinamo Boss leave small comment on match after he made firework but this time he will need to be charged in Croatia after he went back.

Diazepam ll "Of course we are all happy, even Real Madrid could not break defense of this players not youngsters for me but real profesionals who work very hard and we all give them suppor, from seniors, boardroom, coaches, Igor Cvitanović who works day and night with them. Facilities by Chairman Zdravko Mamić."

We heard you setup a tactic.

"Thats bullshit, i mean it was even not because of formation.. they showed that they were motivated from start till end and if you ask me, when they get into first team with at least 20 years, Dinamo will for sure be club which only wonders could beat and there is no wonders. So forget Spain, Italy, Brazil, England, Croatia... This are youths which will win everyone for a long time when they get in senior clubs, Thank you now i go take a little, you know?.

Oh, about Vahid?

Fuck Hajduk and everyone working there so this is your answer.

Are you sure you ok?

What question is that?

Well you saying that this youngster's can win any senior club...

And you are stupid and do not write how other clubs outside are good only becaus they were stealing from Dinamo? Go sleep, read history book and think logic after that. I go take a drink two, six. Bye.

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Dinamo Boss again on stadium wathing U19 but he did not give lots of information but most significant in his answer was ...

"how to not watch team which can beat any senior club on earth for two to three years?"


Things went out of control. Dinamo manager Diazepamll enter on a pitch and get yellow after saying something to Šimić.

And again, Dinamo manager Diazepam went from Stadium on pitch runnnig toward the ball which was outside and tryed to shot Šimić into head. Polic needed to react.


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Dinamo Manager after coming back from Italy where he scouting Napoli so we ask him about his view.

Well, i cannot say too much, i still consider them favorites but not lik before three week and i think that one who should b guilty for that is Zdenek Zeman.

I mean, my opinion is that when they end third in championshih cup and get into UEFA cup players, especially forwards are like not working, like they lost motivation... and then many mistakes in defence with agression, anksios players almost on every part of pitch including Viviano. Last match if you ask me get two in net by Max who didnt score for 6 match in row... what to say. And now i dont know but if i was on chairman place i would go for other manager because nothing there looks good now. Players unhappy even tho not key players but some of them also, yes. fuck it.

Do you think injured players could be key to get them back?

No, they will need a time to get into match fitness and they will be ready for but they have a four games still tho and for sure better team then Catania.

Do you already have a plan to stop them?

Well, there is still time but from my angle how things are going right now there i think that it is optimistic if i say that we can pass trough, about plan if we played this match without players missing, i belive we would have all undr control so for now to me i think it is going to be hard but if with all happening there our plan in this position would be great at least for me.

There are rumors that you will not attack by any chance, is that true.

Well yes, i mean if we check there is Canavaro on bench doing who know what ... except Zdenek but he he will need to play, i mean i do not get it, also there is Hamsik and especially Behrami who is major threat for us if you ask me and than we have Pandev and Ignie who cannot get the ball and when they get it like they cannot figure out to shot or not or they miss... all that for me its Zdenek fault so i hope boardroom will not sack him. Its obvious that he is not the man to get players back from losing late championship knockout phase and then lose against Lazio.

Goghan Ingier?

Well what to say.. all know his quality. Its just like i sayed it is going to be hard even with Zdenek and if they continue like this, we have a chance.

Will you push players?

They will be the on who will need to know that we can get trough by hard work.

Can you tell us why did you tryed to shot referre in head with ball in U19 vs U19 Rijeka?

Because he is blind and it was so obvious that he was Rijeka 12 player.

You were only once on went onto a trial.

I do not want to talk about it, thank you.

So few new names, few players on loan. Are you happy with team and tranfers?

Well i do not want to talk about many of them. I did two mistakes thnx to scout and drug... i mean, there were also some problems with talkings.. i didnt understeand a shit but they ar youngsters for third leauge. About others i think best deal which we made is Victor Zapata, Daniel Santos like good rotation but still there is time. We have a team and i am satistified more than last season and this first half.

Will there be new signings?

I think no.. i do not want to upset players and want to stay loyal. We also get fw new coaches with Šimunić who went to retirment .. so what to say, legend with legends in club.

Next match against Spartak... how will you aproach a game?

I just want players to show what they can because it will be show us how much we can and to see can we tweak somthing before Napoli.

How much do you know about them?

Not too much but i think it will not matter too much. I know morale can make bad situation for us but i want to know how much power we have against big team. Anyway i am not feeling good so thanks on press and stop write bullshit. Bye.

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