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A stranger in England

Started on 1 July 2013 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
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It seems that business is pretty good. After discussions with the players, and after working on tactics, it all started to go good well.
Unfortunately I made many draws, forward don’t scored many goals .
I looked better players, but I found nothing.
I made some calls, but unfortunately no one wants to hear about my team, even if it came as a loan.

End of month left me thinking to new acquisitions, but unfortunately have to find someone who wants to come to my team.
Got home I started looking on the internet news about new players.
Great results!
You obtained very good results so far mate! The lack of goals from the forwards seems not to have affected your results. :)

Good luck for your story and keep it up!

P.S. If I may suggest you one thing, it could be interesting to have also a screenshot of the league table, just to know where you are sitting... ;)

I noticed that unfortunately my team are attacking the problem.
Tactic did not seem to be guilty, but I studied it, and I midificat it.
Unfortunately I rely more on my midfielders.
But the problem is I can not find a good player who wants to come to me.
In the week to come, you'll schedule meetings with each attack to talk with them.
I hope to focus more and play better


I am delighted to team.But it should remain as good throughout the season.
My search still continues....
Great results! Looking forward to seeing how this develops :)
Fantastic start, keep it up :D
nice results keep it up and you could be promoted.
The game started to be better. Players concentrate more.
But this month began directly and it was time to rest, the first match was Rothreham, and the game went pretty well, unfortunately players were tired, and the team was dominated.
The second match went more beautiful, and it was a show, but unfortunately for me the way to the cup over.


The team managed to get over.
Month was just in the middle, and the players were very tired.

He attended the game in FA Trophy
The team tried to cope and this competitiveness.
He followed the match with Barrow, the team gave everything he had better.
But unfortunately fatigue was seen, and the final concentration was lost.

The penalties do not know what to do, I'm glad I saw the keeper off two balls, but unfortunately we have missed two.
So ends and November, very tiring.


Now all you need is to bring one or two players, the lot is too small, fatigue sees.
Fatigue is a problem I have with Gremio too. Very annoying

Best Month
December was my month. Everything went perfect in this month.
Team work increasingly better.

After discussions with the boys passed over tough matches in the cup.
After talking with Ben May, he started playing me well.
I asked him to focus more on the game, and be more careful because it has opportunities at the gates.

Results from this month were above my expectations.

After this month, I got home and am very happy. Work has come up on top are very happy.

December 6th was the happiest for me when I came in first place, first time.
I hope that everything will go just now.
Much better month! The new banner looks great too
After a tough month, a very good one mate! Now, the challenge becomes to stay on the top! Keep it up! :)
January, everything went perfect.
My discussions with boys apparently paying off, work is going very well.
After half a year of partnership with Coventry, they never helped with any player, although I hoped and talked to them about sending a player, but did not send anything.

So I decided that at the end of January, to go to the President, and ask him to look for another partner team.
After much talking, decided to look for another team that can help us.

Arriving home, I began to study team contracts, and noticed that the whole team has only 6 months contract. Unfortunately it will be difficult to renew contracts, as players will now higher salaries.

Results from this month made ??me very happy.
Scored 3 goals very important, and do a good job in defense.
This month we witnessed the two super goals.

Dali Gomez sadly told me that you can not accommodate this, and he wants to go. I talked to him and I told him that I will let her go at the end of the championship, and I asked him to focus on his game now.

January was a good month for me, I'll see how the rest will go further.
Bebero, this is a good start for a first story! If there is one thing I would personally liked changed is better grammar but I think you are from Moldova so I understand it will be hard but you have the potential to be a superb story writer/
PS Accept my Private Chat
Fantastic Results again, well done

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