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A stranger in England

Started on 1 July 2013 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
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Just make sure that Mohamed Tchite is not advising the young players on their hairstyles.

How he manage to combine those three hairstyles in to one is a mystery?
Congratulations on another promotion, Tchite is quality and his experience should be a massive boost.
He be promotin!!!:D

First two months

The first two months were great, I started the championship matches against good teams, but with larger teams. We had a great match with Watford, but unfortunately cup stopped again because I met Newcastle .
Guys feel good, and increasingly many are called to the national team . That and I always enjoy talking with them, to play as well and national.

Duve was the first player in my team who played for his national team .I hope to continue the same, and the remaining players to play as well.


In the first month was Duve team player, and kept defending very well.
And in the second month Vito was very good scoring more goals.
Good results :)
Nice start to the season :)
Splendid results mate!!! Keep at it.

Other two months superb


Two months full of football, unfortunately I left a cup, our course is very small. There's only FA Cup, we can go through.
The results were good, and because of this glory in November I met first.


Best match in October

A superb match, I entered the second chance guys had guts. And they played great. They concentrated their attacks very well completed.

Best match in November

Another superb match with an opponent ranked much better than me, guys gave everything they could.

We received outstanding news.

I am glad that the President is thinking team. I hope to do that in continue.

Best player of October

Best player of November

The new and improved youth facilities will work wonders.
Congratulations on getting new youth facilities! Youth is always important.
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December and January

Two months have been pretty tough, I had many bad games .. Morga in December played poorly all .
I hope to recover as quickly as I need it because there is more work.


Best player of January

After talking with him and began to play, and in the last two matches of the round has done wonders.

A return match in which we were led 1-0 at halftime, gave three assists decisive.
And in the last match gave 2 goals and 1 pass away.
Good updates , keep it up.
I read the last couple pages of your story. Your offseason acquisitions have been good, and your results so far have been, as well. Don't let a losing streak discourage you! You'll turn it around soon.

February and March

Two months superb strikers have played perfect. My group of Italians is perfect.
Guys have scored three consecutive Hattricks.

Unfortunately end brought an injury to Morga, that keeps the bar 2-3 months.
The attack will suffer a lot because there's only Vito.


Player of the Month, was Vito managed to do more for his team. There is one month to find out the promotion. A very tough month.
Like the new style mate some decent results.

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